India tour of England, 1st Test: England v India at Lord's, Jul 21-25, 2011
Pataudi Trophy - 1st Test
England won by 196 runs
Played at Lord's, London
21,22,23,24,25 July 2011 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100

Anderson to Gambhir, FOUR, Gambhir is away straight away. Confident start, eased into a square drive and it needed a diving stop from Trott to just about haul the ball back in time? Ah, no. It's given four

India 5/0   G Gambhir 4* (1b 1x4)   JM Anderson 0.2-0-5-0

Anderson to Mukund, FOUR, flashed through gully! This was full, wide and just too tempting for Mukund, who stepped forward and sliced the ball in the air but in the gap behind the wicket. Close ...

India 37/0   A Mukund 21* (48b 1x4)   JM Anderson 6.3-3-21-0

Broad to Mukund, FOUR, well, it's pitched up, yes, but it's on the leg stump and Mukund eases the ball to the boundary with a wristy flick.

India 44/0   A Mukund 27* (55b 2x4)   SCJ Broad 0.3-0-5-0

Tremlett to Mukund, FOUR, flicked off the pads, the ball coming right out of the middle and racing to the midwicket boundary. He didn't try to hit it too hard, the shot was all timing. Reminiscent of the shot Trott plays an awful lot

India 49/0   A Mukund 31* (59b 3x4)   CT Tremlett 7.4-2-20-0

Tremlett to Mukund, (no ball) FOUR, Mukund takes the opening stand to fifty with another well-timed whip to the leg-side boundary - square leg this time

India 54/0   A Mukund 35* (60b 4x4)   CT Tremlett 7.4-2-25-0

Broad to Mukund, FOUR, Broad is in the midst of a probing spell, but Mukund has a great response to a full, swinging ball - driving it firmly down the ground for four

India 68/1   A Mukund 46* (74b 5x4)   SCJ Broad 3.3-1-13-1

Anderson to Dravid, FOUR, classical drive through cover! Dravid is off the mark in great style. Anderson pitched it right up to him and he leaned into a supple drive. A pleasure to see

India 74/1   R Dravid 4* (14b 1x4)   JM Anderson 9.5-3-32-0

Tremlett to Tendulkar, FOUR, there are replays of this shot from Sachin's Manchester century in 1990. The back-foot punch that he plays like no one else can. This was not even that short, and he had almost no room to work with. Yet Sachin stood tall and managed to generate bat speed that defies the laws of physics. A thing of beauty, and brutality, at the same time.

India 96/2   SR Tendulkar 10* (11b 1x4)   CT Tremlett 9-2-32-0

Broad to Dravid, FOUR, trademark Sachin two balls ago, and now trademark Dravid. Over-pitched and swinging away, but Dravid is a master at moving into line and covering the deviation. The then opens the wrists even as he flows into the drive and the ball purrs through covers. India reach 100.

India 100/2   R Dravid 14* (31b 2x4)   SCJ Broad 7.2-2-25-2

Anderson to Tendulkar, FOUR, Sachin starts off with a boundary, part edged, part steered past the slips, with complete control. Anderson moved it away as he always does, Sachin covered it and got it away through third man.

India 106/2   SR Tendulkar 14* (22b 2x4)   JM Anderson 12.1-3-42-0

Anderson to Tendulkar, FOUR, poor ball, sublime shot. Anderson drops it on his pads, perhaps losing his line due to the slope, and Sachin wrists him away off the pads off the back foot. No one in place to cut it off.

India 110/2   SR Tendulkar 18* (26b 3x4)   JM Anderson 12.5-3-46-0

Tremlett to Tendulkar, FOUR, Beauty. Sachin laces Tremlett on the up through covers, just purrs into position like a well-calibrated Rolls Royce engine and coaxes the length ball through the covers. He opened the wrists while driving to ensure he found the gap.

India 115/2   SR Tendulkar 22* (29b 4x4)   CT Tremlett 11.4-3-37-0

Anderson to Dravid, FOUR, nicely done by Dravid, he picks up a four through third man, with a completely assured dab off the back foot. Short ball well outside off, once Dravid saw it wasn't bouncing too much, he just tapped it with soft hands to the right of the second slip. Still no third man in place.

India 120/2   R Dravid 19* (48b 3x4)   JM Anderson 13.2-3-50-0

Tremlett to Tendulkar, FOUR, time to bring a third man in. Sachin guides Tremlett from the off stump line past the cordon for another boundary. Short of a length, not much bounce, and Sachin had no problems in angling the face and sending it scurrying through.

India 124/2   SR Tendulkar 26* (34b 5x4)   CT Tremlett 12.2-3-42-0

Anderson to Tendulkar, FOUR, the second time he's done this today, Sachin stands as tall as he can and redirects a slightly short ball, slightly wide of off stump through cover-point. How does he do it?

India 129/2   SR Tendulkar 31* (36b 6x4)   JM Anderson 14.1-3-54-0

Tremlett to Dravid, FOUR, The Third Man is not one of Andrew Strauss' favourite movies. Four more leaked through that area, as Dravid expertly hangs back, stays beside the line and steers past the cordon. Played it down almost compulsively.

India 137/2   R Dravid 23* (60b 4x4)   CT Tremlett 13.3-3-47-0

Anderson to Dravid, FOUR, Dravid gets four, and without much trouble, but he might still not be happy with that shot. Full and wide, swinging away, Dravid reached for it and played a well controlled square drive, albeit away from the body. Morgan at point dives over it.

India 142/2   R Dravid 28* (64b 5x4)   JM Anderson 15.3-3-59-0

Anderson to Dravid, FOUR, nice variation from Anderson, gets this to snake in the way Praveen Kumar did yesterday several times, but it ended up as cannon fodder on Dravid's pads. He saw it coming in early, waited and worked it beautifully off the pads.

India 146/2   R Dravid 32* (66b 6x4)   JM Anderson 15.5-3-63-0

Anderson to Dravid, FOUR, super shot. India are doing really well here after the break. Dravid perfects the square drive this time, sends it more in front of square than he did previously, and that is always an indication of how close to the pitch he is getting. Full and going away, he commits well to the shot, reaches across and threads the covers. Splendid.

India 150/2   R Dravid 36* (67b 7x4)   JM Anderson 16-3-67-0

Swann to Dravid, FOUR, supreme from Dravid, he pounces on what can't be defined as a short ball for normal batsman, but he is back in a flash and unfurls a wristy cut that whistles through for four.

India 158/2   R Dravid 42* (76b 8x4)   GP Swann 1.4-0-5-0

Swann to Dravid, FOUR, much better footwork from Dravid this time, finds the ball to play back to, and latches onto it as soon as it comes. Short outside off and turning in, he hangs back and cuts well through point. Broad nearly slides to stop it, but the ball rolls over.

India 164/3   R Dravid 46* (94b 9x4)   GP Swann 4-1-9-0

Swann to Dravid, FOUR, had the practice the shot before but this time cleared the infield with a wonderful shot to bring up 50. Down the wicket just a fraction and flicking it past midwicket, all along the ground to the boundary. Takes him ahead of Ponting in the list of all-time run-scorers. Sits behind only Tendulkar

India 168/3   R Dravid 50* (98b 10x4)   GP Swann 4.4-1-13-0

Swann to Laxman, FOUR, ah, lovely batting. Intricate placement, as Laxman just opened the face on a drive to beat the infield. Perfect timing made it into four

India 175/3   VVS Laxman 5* (25b 1x4)   GP Swann 6.5-2-18-0

Tremlett to Laxman, FOUR, anywhere near the pads and Laxman gets to unleash his perfect timing. Barely touched it and it pinged to the boundary at midwicket

India 182/3   VVS Laxman 10* (34b 2x4)   CT Tremlett 16.3-4-55-0

Swann to Dhoni, FOUR, now he's away and away in style. Hangs back and laces a cut through the infield and away for four

India 187/5   MS Dhoni 4* (10b 1x4)   GP Swann 10-3-24-1

Swann to Dravid, FOUR, lovely shot, really good from Dravid. Presses forward before rocking back and easing a cut shot through cover for four. Swann doesn't nod his respect, he's very annoyed

India 193/5   R Dravid 59* (129b 11x4)   GP Swann 10.5-3-28-1

Swann to Dhoni, FOUR, flighted up outside off, Dhoni steps to it and pushes his hands powerfully through the line of the ball to send it racing through cover. Ungainly, but effective

India 211/5   MS Dhoni 15* (49b 2x4)   GP Swann 14.4-3-42-1

Trott to Dravid, FOUR, shot! This is real classy stuff from Dravid. He stepped right to the pitch of a wobbly, floaty half-volley and threaded the ball perfectly through the gap at cover

India 219/5   R Dravid 70* (151b 12x4)   IJL Trott 1.2-0-5-0

Anderson to Dravid, FOUR, top shot. It was there for it but Dravid just waited at the last moment to make sure his cut shot went behind point for four

India 245/7   R Dravid 84* (181b 13x4)   JM Anderson 19.2-5-73-0

Anderson to Kumar, FOUR, haha, oh dear. Kumar wonders what all the fuss is about. Stand still, eases his hands through the ball and sends it over mid-off for four. Simple

India 250/7   P Kumar 4* (2b 1x4)   JM Anderson 19.4-5-78-0

Tremlett to Dravid, FOUR, hacking at one end, complete style at the other. Dravid on-drives a full ball all along the carpet, past mid-on for four. Takes him into the 90s

India 264/7   R Dravid 91* (185b 14x4)   CT Tremlett 21.5-5-71-3

Anderson to Kumar, FOUR, wow, what a shot from Kumar to finish Anderson's over. Full ball swinging away but Kumar leant forward and flicked his wrists with a Sachin-like flourish, pinging it to the midwicket fence

India 272/7   P Kumar 15* (10b 2x4)   JM Anderson 21-5-86-0

Tremlett to Dravid, (no ball) FOUR, Dravid hops, the ball does not get up that much, he adjusts, he crouches, he puts it away with a punch through extra cover, in the air all the time, it is a no-ball as well

India 281/8   R Dravid 98* (198b 15x4)   CT Tremlett 23-5-78-3
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Hours of play (local time) 11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.30

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