India tour of England, 3rd Test: England v India at Birmingham, Aug 10-13, 2011
Pataudi Trophy - 3rd Test
England won by an innings and 242 runs
10,11,12,13 August 2011 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100

Swann to Dhoni, no run, full, around off, Dhoni defends this back to Swann


Swann to Dhoni, no run, comes right forward to play this defensively back to Swann


Swann to Dhoni, no run, the quicker, flatter offbreak, Dhoni is caught deep in the crease, but the bat comes down in time


Swann to Dhoni, no run, tossed up outside off, makes him play away from the body, but there is no silly point


Swann to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni gets to fifty, and in style, with a drive against the turn, away from the body, all along the gorund, past short cover. Not much of a celebration. Just a mild raise of the bat


Swann to Dhoni, no run, the arm ball, Dhoni goes deep into the crease to push this to cover

End of over 51 (4 runs) India 181/7

    • MS Dhoni 52 (63b 7x4 2x6)
    • P Kumar 20 (27b 4x4)
    • GP Swann 3-0-15-0
    • TT Bresnan 17-4-56-3

"Is India's tail about to "do an England" and get them out of trouble?" asks Mike H. Funny that when England did come back, it was said they had "done an India". The point of reference being the last two years obviously


Bresnan to Kumar, no run, first rash shot from Kumar, backs away and pulls, but it falls safe towards mid-on


Bresnan to Kumar, no run, gets under this bouncer

Short leg and a short square cover in now for that uppish fend from Kumar


Bresnan to Kumar, no run, gets inside the line of this short delivery, plays it towards where leg slip would be. Came off the thigh I think


Bresnan to Kumar, 1 leg bye, gets inside the line again, gets a leg-bye to fine leg


Bresnan to Dhoni, 1 run, Dhoni mis-hits this pull, gets a single to midwicket


Bresnan to Kumar, no run, short ball, too far down the leg side

End of over 52 (2 runs) India 183/7

    • P Kumar 20 (32b 4x4)
    • MS Dhoni 53 (64b 7x4 2x6)
    • TT Bresnan 18-4-57-3
    • GP Swann 3-0-15-0

Swann to Dhoni, 1 run, offbreak, tossed up outside off, pushed with the turn, gets a single wide of midwicket


Swann to Kumar, no run, Kumar is itching to come down the wicket, is not close to it, but lets it hit the pad


Swann to Kumar, SIX, He has cleared long-on! England on the back foot here, and this partnership is hurting them. Swings at this with the turn, makes sweet connection, and the long-on is just a spectator


Swann to Kumar, no run, sharp offbreak, beats Pk, but is headed down the leg side


Swann to Kumar, no run, pushed to cover


Swann to Kumar, no run, stretches right forward to defend this to off

End of over 53 (7 runs) India 190/7

    • P Kumar 26 (37b 4x4 1x6)
    • MS Dhoni 54 (65b 7x4 2x6)
    • GP Swann 4-0-22-0
    • TT Bresnan 18-4-57-3

Bresnan to Dhoni, 1 run, back of a length, pushed in front of his body, gets a single to cover

Now. Bresnan has been more focussed with the short ball here. He has got the right field for it. Short leg and short square cover


Bresnan to Kumar, 4 byes, just as I say that, he bowls a horror delivery for Prior. From wide of the crease, short down the crease, going away and away


Bresnan to Kumar, OUT, Review time. And Strauss has made a second excellent review today. Kumar makes a belated decision to hook this one, gets a faint faint edge that the umpire doesn't pick. Prior is convinced, and Strauss makes the time-out signal. Rightly, the decision is overturned. Kumar has played an important hand, though

P Kumar c †Prior b Bresnan 26 (55m 39b 4x4 1x6) SR: 66.66

"It wags! It wags! Guys look, the Indian tail wags." Ankit can't hide his joy. In comes Ishant Sharma now. He will get short ones too, but because of his height he seems to handle them okay


Bresnan to Sharma, no run, Bresnan gives him the full one, good thinking from him... Sharma pokes at it, and is beaten


Bresnan to Sharma, no run, short, into the body, Sharma gets inside the line


Bresnan to Sharma, no run, full outside off, left alone now

End of over 54 (5 runs) India 195/8

    • I Sharma 0 (3b)
    • MS Dhoni 55 (66b 7x4 2x6)
    • TT Bresnan 19-4-58-4
    • GP Swann 4-0-22-0

"India will have a defendable score now no matter how good a start England get off to. They need to stick to keep bowling the same deliveries no matter what, if its good enough for the Wall, Tendulka and VVS it has to be good enough for an out of form Dhoni and the rest of the tail!!" says Graham S

Almost everybody at the boundary now, Except for the two slips. Anderson replaces Swann


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, short ball, around off, defended


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, short and wide, cut away in front of square, Dhoni turns down the single


Anderson to Dhoni, 2 runs, superb running between the wicket, plays with soft hands, into the on side, and he is desperate to come back for two. Sharma responds


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, cut away powerfully, doesn't take the single

What will the filed be for the last two balls of the over? One of the slips comes out to save the single. Mid-off, mid-on, cover, point all come up


Anderson to Dhoni, FOUR, swat-pull, like it was a fly in his face... Backs away and pulls this out of his face, in front of square. Good way to bring up the 200


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, Anderson succeeds in keeping Dhoni away from the strike, cramping him up with a shortish delivery

End of over 55 (6 runs) India 201/8

    • MS Dhoni 61 (72b 8x4 2x6)
    • I Sharma 0 (3b)
    • JM Anderson 18-3-59-1
    • TT Bresnan 19-4-58-4

Last over before tea


Bresnan to Sharma, no run, back of a length, outside off, pushed towards silly point, which is slightly deeper


Bresnan to Sharma, no run, bouncer into the chest, Sharma gets tall, and fends it down, well short of Bell at short leg


Bresnan to Sharma, no run, short again, Sharma gets inside the line of the ball


Bresnan to Sharma, no run, fuller, Sharma is deep in the crease, across him stumps, but defends well


Bresnan to Sharma, FOUR, short, poor line down the leg side, Sharma gets inside the line, tucks it around the corner for four


Bresnan to Sharma, no run, short ball again, around off, Sharma keeps it down without trouble

That's tea. Dhoni and Anderson have a friendly chat walking off. Strauss has a smile on his face too, but wonder if he is concerned? Dhoni and Kumar added a vital 84 for the eighth wicket, reminiscent of the Swann-Broad stand from Trent Bridge. It had similar features too: the bowlers were too short, the captain too defensive. Two fended shots from Kumar fell in the vacant short leg and gully region. Why wouldn't you have those fielders in if you are going to bounce the batsmen out? Swann bowled with long-on and long-off to Kumar at 150 for 7. It didn't matter. Long-on was cleared with ease. What is it that lower-order batsmen do to the minds of the captains? You could wonder about that while having tea, and this is Sidharth Monga who will hop over to the live chat during the break.

End of over 56 (4 runs) India 205/8

    • I Sharma 4 (9b 1x4)
    • MS Dhoni 61 (72b 8x4 2x6)
    • TT Bresnan 20-4-62-4
    • JM Anderson 18-3-59-1

Cheers Monga, evening all, Sahil here. What would India be happy with? 250 would be grand really. Mind you, as Miller puts it: "Good fightback from India, but what on earth were they doing shipping so many wickets so cheaply?" James Anderson will start things off after tea and he has Dhoni in his sights. Two slips and, er, seven men on the boundary. Strauss on the attack!


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, Dhoni shuffles down straight away and bottom-hand shoves this to deep cover. Doesn't bother with a single at this stage


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, Anderson shoves this one full and wide. Too wide for Dhoni to swipe at


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, touch flat-footed from the India captain. Inside edge flew past the stumps and down to fine leg but still the single is rejected


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, righty, that might be the last delivery with the field up. Dhoni defends off his pads

Slips have disappeared and the field remains quite deep.


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, slipped down the leg side. That will do nicely for Anderson


Anderson to Dhoni, FOUR, lovely shot! Just what Dhoni would want. Shuffles leg side and guides back-foot drive through point. Morgan dives manfully but fruitlessly

End of over 57 (4 runs) India 209/8

    • MS Dhoni 65 (78b 9x4 2x6)
    • I Sharma 4 (9b 1x4)
    • JM Anderson 19-3-63-1
    • TT Bresnan 20-4-62-4

Right, this is more like it. Broad on. Silly mid off, short leg and plenty of slips.


Broad to Sharma, no run, slammed down short, Ishant looks fairly comfortable as he dobs it onto the leg side


Broad to Sharma, no run, that's very easy for Ishant. His whole game is set for short bowling and this half-tracker was patted back quietly to Broad


Broad to Sharma, no run, shall he play at this wide one, no Ishant


Broad to Sharma, no run, again Ishant is happy to flag it through to Prior


Broad to Sharma, no run, ah, much better from Broad. Fuller, around off stump, forces Ishant to defend carefully


Broad to Sharma, no run, Ishant sees out the over with solid defence. He got squared up a touch I guess but it looked fairly comfortable

End of over 58 (maiden) India 209/8

    • I Sharma 4 (15b 1x4)
    • MS Dhoni 65 (78b 9x4 2x6)
    • SCJ Broad 15-5-47-3
    • JM Anderson 19-3-63-1

The umpires have sent for the heavy bails, quite windy out there. The pitch, I have to say, looks very quiet indeed.


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, Dhoni shuffles up the crease and shoves a drive back at the bowler


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, when Dhoni cracked this out to deep point he might have thought he could get two. Alas. So he settles for nothing


Anderson to Dhoni, 2 leg byes, good running this time. Anderson's delivery angles down to fine leg via a pad which allows the couple to be taken


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, patted back to the bowler very easily


Anderson to Dhoni, FOUR, four more! Whipped off the pads very fine and collects another boundary. Poor bowling but that's been created by Dhoni's positivity


Anderson to Dhoni, 1 run, Dhoni wanders leg side and Anderson follows but somehow Dhoni gets low and wheels a pull shot away to get his single to keep the strike

End of over 59 (7 runs) India 216/8

    • MS Dhoni 70 (84b 10x4 2x6)
    • I Sharma 4 (15b 1x4)
    • JM Anderson 20-3-68-1
    • SCJ Broad 15-5-47-3

Apart from the slips, everyone is miles away. No pressure on Dhoni at all.


Broad to Dhoni, SIX, Broad shoves it short and Dhoni's response is emphatic! Smashes a hook shot away a long way into the stands over fine leg


Broad to Dhoni, no run, fuller now and Dhoni drives hard but doesn't bother with the single

Trouble with setting fields like this is that you achieve neither run blocking or wicket taking.


Broad to Dhoni, no run, left all alone outside off stump


Broad to Dhoni, no run, good delivery from Broad, heading for the top of off stump before Dhoni defends solidly

Field up now...


Broad to Dhoni, 1 leg bye, thuds off Dhoni's thigh, trickles to deep square and leaves Broad just a single delivery to Ishant


Broad to Sharma, no run, Ishant is solid in defence. Dhoni working this well and England seem rather frustrated. A lot of short balls being slapped down at the moment

End of over 60 (7 runs) India 223/8

    • I Sharma 4 (16b 1x4)
    • MS Dhoni 76 (89b 10x4 3x6)
    • SCJ Broad 16-5-53-3
    • JM Anderson 20-3-68-1

Anderson to Dhoni, no run, Dhoni drives into the off side. Played it well too


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, always feels a bit odd watching singles being rejected and bowlers not really trying to get batsmen out


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, bunted down the ground but again the single is denied


Anderson to Dhoni, no run, Dhoni shuffles down the wicket but only to pat back to Anderson. Field should come up now


Anderson to Dhoni, 1 run, good delivery as Anderson follows Dhoni leg side. But the single is taken which means Anderson has just one delivery at Ishant

Whatever England's strategy is supposed to be at present, it isn't working," writes James. "111 for 7 to 222 for 8 is a bit of a let off. Try the original plan." To be fair, the pitch has really flattened out since lunch.


Anderson to Sharma, no run, Ishant easily pats a shortish delivery to point. He's doing his job very well

End of over 61 (1 run) India 224/8

    • I Sharma 4 (17b 1x4)
    • MS Dhoni 77 (94b 10x4 3x6)
    • JM Anderson 21-3-69-1
    • SCJ Broad 16-5-53-3

"Dhoni was a big fan of in/ out fields as a captain. But now he would know how this can back fire ..." Good point, Srinivas, although I doubt there'll be any epiphanic conversions in Dhoni's field placings.


Broad to Dhoni, no run, short of a length outside off stump. Dhoni easily enough into line to defend


Broad to Dhoni, OUT, gone now! Pitched-up delivery that Dhoni tried to hack to the cover boundary, in a way he was unlucky because the edge found the one slip in Strauss, who took a decent catch. That said, given the field was deep was there a need to go so hard at it? Anyway, it has been an excellent counter-attacking innings that has lifted his team's mood and total up towards respectability

MS Dhoni c Strauss b Broad 77 (119m 96b 10x4 3x6) SR: 80.20

Excitingly Sreesanth is the new man. This won't be quiet.


Broad to Sreesanth, no run, excellent stuff from the new man. Boycott's the most straight-batted defence possible back to the bowler


Broad to Sreesanth, no run, short and shoved down the leg side. Sreesanth tucked out of the way


Broad to Sreesanth, no run, fuller this time and it found the pads. Heading a mile down leg but Broad appealed


Broad to Sreesanth, no run, banged down short to end the over, sending Prior tumbling to collect

End of over 62 (wicket maiden) India 224/9

    • S Sreesanth 0 (4b)
    • I Sharma 4 (17b 1x4)
    • SCJ Broad 17-6-53-4
    • JM Anderson 21-3-69-1

Anderson to Sharma, no run, Ishant is always the same. Shuffling across his stumps, getting very square on and defending


Anderson to Sharma, OUT, wow, that's a ridiculous catch from Cook! Nobody can believe it. He's at silly point and Ishant drove straight at him, somehow the ball lodged in his arm-pit and he ended up hugging the ball to take the catch

I Sharma c Cook b Anderson 4 (37m 19b 1x4 0x6) SR: 21.05

India 224 all out Something of a recovery from the tourists but that's still a mighty fine display from the England bowlers. Yet again India unable to reach 300 and this pitch is hardly a minefield. The quicks did the damage, with Bresnan and Broad taking four each. At one stage India were 111 for 7 but MS Dhoni counter-attacked with 77 to drag his team over 200. It should be a tricky session for England's openers, who have endured a miserable series so far, and with Morgan and Bopara at No. 5 and No. 6 there is a possible opening for India. That said, it's England who yet again are much the happier of the two teams.

  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100





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Hours of play (local time) 11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00

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