India tour of England, Only T20I: England v India at Manchester, Aug 31, 2011
England won by 6 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
31 August 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Broad to Raina, 1 wide, almost saw it coming. Bouncer, but Broad whangs it in too short. Called wide for height.


Broad to Raina, 1 run, Raina plays the periscope pull. Another really short ball, Raina gingerly flaps it across to fine leg, on the bounce.

India 110/4   SK Raina 1* (1b)

Swann to Raina, FOUR, he got out to Swann 3 times in the Tests, including for a pair at the Oval, but he's hit him for four straight away here. Lovely shot too, he chips out, gets to the flight and drives him inside out through cover.


Swann to Raina, 1 run, fuller ball on middle and leg, Raina drives down the ground for one.


Swann to Raina, 1 run, tossed up juicily outside off, Raina looks to drive, but can't quite time it. Single down the ground, nevertheless.

India 117/4   SK Raina 7* (4b 1x4)

Broad to Raina, SIX, what's that? I can't play the bouncer? Take that. You can almost hear Raina muttering those words as he launches a short ball from Broad miles over the deep square leg boundary. Stunning timing on that.


Broad to Raina, no run, short of a length outside off, Raina taps it into the off side.


Broad to Raina, no run, he's still stuck on the back foot, always concerned about the pacy bumper. He walks inside the line and looks to nudge down the leg side, but the keeper stops it.


Broad to Raina, FOUR, lovely little dab from Raina. Short ball outside off, he waits for it, opens the face and guides it expertly to third man.


Broad to Raina, 2 runs, he doesn't time it, but does well enough to clear mid-on and steal a couple. Looks to muscle a fullish ball down the ground, and mows it over the top. The slip and leg gully have gone away.


Broad to Raina, no run, fullish ball outside off to end the over, Raina will be disappointed he could not connect with the steer.

India 129/5   SK Raina 19* (10b 2x4 1x6)

Swann to Raina, no run, flighted outside off, Raina drives straight to mid-off.


Swann to Raina, no run, again finds the fielder as he drives a full ball into the covers.


Swann to Raina, 1 run, Raina pitches tent and goes for the good old heave-ho through the leg side. Doesn't middle it, but he gets a single to deep midwicket.

India 131/5   SK Raina 20* (13b 2x4 1x6)

Bresnan to Raina, SIX, Give him the blue jersey (or the yellow one) and Raina becomes Superman. Doesn't quite like it when he's in whites. Length ball, in the region, Raina just whacks the leather off it. Tremendous cross-batted clobbering.


Bresnan to Raina, SIX, even bigger. Visceral. Slower ball on middle and leg, full and in the slot, Raina bombards it over wide long-on. Boy, he's connecting these.


Bresnan to Raina, 1 run, goes very full this time does Bresnan, Raina punches down the ground for one more.

India 147/5   SK Raina 33* (16b 2x4 3x6)

Dernbach to Raina, 4 leg byes, what a poor ball. Angled down the leg side, Raina looks to pull and gets some pad on it and it runs away to fine leg. David Lloyd reckons India will win this easy, given the nature of the track.


Dernbach to Raina, 1 leg bye, speared into the pads, Raina misses one of those swings to the leg side and they get a leg bye to the leg side.

India 154/5   SK Raina 33* (18b 2x4 3x6)

Bresnan to Raina, OUT, Another mini-collapse for India. Raina is gone now, and they are eight down. He's played a superb hand though. It was a back of length ball angling across Raina, who tried to launch it over the leg side, but ended up slicing it off the outside edge into the covers.

SK Raina c Broad b Bresnan 33 (26m 19b 2x4 3x6) SR: 173.68

India 162/8   SK Raina 33 (19b 2x4 3x6)





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