India tour of England, Only T20I: England v India at Manchester, Aug 31, 2011
England won by 6 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
31 August 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Dernbach to Dravid, no run, short of a length outside off, Dravid taps into the off side from the crease.


Dernbach to Dravid, 1 run, whoa, Dravid gets his first T20 runs in ungainly fashion as Dernbach gets one to jump up viciously from a length. He gloves it away from the slip for a single.

India 40/1   R Dravid 1* (2b)

Broad to Dravid, no run, and he cramps Dravid for room as he looks to drive into the off side. Played defensively into the covers.


Broad to Dravid, no run, Dravid tries to swing one away to the leg side, but it is through him.


Broad to Dravid, 1 run, he's played four Tests, all beautiful shots, and in five T20 balls, he's produced three ugly shots already. He looks to hoick into the leg side again, and inner edges it to short fine leg.

India 41/1   R Dravid 2* (5b)

Patel to Dravid, no run, tight line on middle and leg, Dravid can't get the cut away


Patel to Dravid, 1 run, tossed up, Dravid drives to long-on for a single. India have 50


Patel to Dravid, 1 run, Dravid comes out of the crease, but isn't to the pitch. He still gets the single away through mid-on.

India 52/1   R Dravid 4* (8b)

Swann to Dravid, 1 run, turns into Dravid from outside off and he guides the cut into the deep for one more.


Swann to Dravid, 1 run, Kieswetter fluffs a straight forward stumping! Dravid charges out, and is beaten by the floater that drifts away outside off. The keeper can't collect.

India 65/1   R Dravid 6* (10b)

Patel to Dravid, 1 run, this time Dravid gets bat on it as he jumps out and drives down the grounf. He's not timing them too well so far, but a single this time.


Patel to Dravid, 1 run, Dravid advances again and gets close to the flight, but not quite. He chips it intentionally short of the man at long-off for a single

India 68/1   R Dravid 8* (12b)

Swann to Dravid, 1 run, Dravid looking like a fish in a desert here. Looks to slog through the leg side, it doesn't come off and they get a single.


Swann to Dravid, 1 run, Dravid's timing has been so poor he can't even mis-hit properly. Another leg side hoick goes wrong, and it doesn't carry to the man at deep midwicket.

India 79/1   R Dravid 10* (14b)

Patel to Dravid, 1 run, fired in on the pads, Dravid again looks to go big over the leg side and inside edges it to short third man for one.


Patel to Dravid, 2 runs, finally Dravid gets a bit of bat on one of these swipes, but still can't find the boundary. Couple taken to midwicket.


Patel to Dravid, SIX, Dravid's hit one of the mightiest sixes he has ever hit! That was in the slot, he has had a few sighters and he just bangs it miles over midwicket.


Patel to Dravid, SIX, the timing is coming back! Dravid trots out this time and exquisitely launches Samit over long-on for six more.


Patel to Dravid, SIX, Dravid's hit three consecutive sixes. I am pinching myself hard. Ouch. I am not dreaming. Bosh! Another flat nothign ball from Russel Peters, and he sure is getting hurt a real bad here. Slg-swept into the crowd behind midwicket again.

India 101/1   R Dravid 31* (19b 3x6)

Bopara to Dravid, no run, Dravid looks to drive into the covers, but picks out the man at cover. The throw is wide, but they can't get the overthrow.


Bopara to Dravid, OUT, Dravid's T20 batting career began scratchily, slowly got better, climaxed in three stunning sixes, and ends with a catch at cover. Full and there for the butchering, Dravid hits it really well but straight to cover.

R Dravid c Morgan b Bopara 31 (23m 21b 0x4 3x6) SR: 147.61

India 104/2   R Dravid 31 (21b 3x6)





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