India tour of England, 4th ODI: England v India at Lord's, Sep 11, 2011
Match tied (D/L method)
Played at Lord's, London
11 September 2011 (50-over match)

Anderson to PA Patel, no run, he finds good shape back in towards Parthiv straight away, the diminutive left-hander getting back and across to defend his first ball


Anderson to PA Patel, 2 runs, confident start! Just the one sighter for Parthiv, who rocks back and pulls the second delivery in the air to deep midwicket ... It's chased all the way to the boundary, and Ben Stokes does really well to claw it back just before the rope


Anderson to PA Patel, 1 leg bye, a better length from Anderson, but as the ball curls from off to leg the line is a little off and they pick up a single off the bat/pad to fine leg

India 3/0   PA Patel 2* (3b)

Finn to PA Patel, no run, slanted across the left-hander, who steps across to cover his off stump and leaves alone

India 7/0   PA Patel 2* (4b)

Finn to PA Patel, no run, past the outside edge! Bounce and carry from Finn, and Parthiv plays and misses outside off, stepping half forward


Finn to PA Patel, 1 wide, pushed down the leg side, Parthiv shuffling across to let it pass


Finn to PA Patel, no run, probing delivery on middle and off, the ball taking the inside edge of a hurried defensive push


Finn to PA Patel, no run, good pace from Finn, but the line is wide enough outside off for Parthiv to safely leave alone


Finn to PA Patel, no run, the bowler straightens up and Parthiv nurdles to straight midwicket


Finn to PA Patel, no run, this is quality new ball bowling from Finn, who is working up a good head of steam and generally maintaining a strict line. Parthiv guides this one to gully, playing a little away from the body


Finn to PA Patel, no run, and a tight finish to the over, Finn giving Parthiv nothing to work with as the final delivery is defended back down the track

India 8/0   PA Patel 2* (10b)

Finn to PA Patel, 1 run, good running as Parthiv drops the ball in close and they set off immediately

India 13/0   PA Patel 3* (11b)

Anderson to PA Patel, SIX, shot! Parthiv plays the pick-up pull really well, lifting this off a length and in front of square on the leg side. The ball lands just over the boundary marker, so that's six


Anderson to PA Patel, no run, good response from Anderson! This one bursts off the seam past Parthiv's outside edge


Anderson to PA Patel, FOUR, top-edged! But it rockets up and over Kieswetter and bounces down to the boundary. He was looking for that pick-up shot again, but the length wasn't quite there this time. India are looking to push on after a quiet start


Anderson to PA Patel, no run, great lines once more from Anderson. Parthiv isn't quite sure whether to come forward or back, and is beaten swishing outside off

India 25/0   PA Patel 13* (15b 1x4 1x6)

Anderson to PA Patel, no run, Anderson pitches up, searching for swing, and Parthiv drives to mid-on


Anderson to PA Patel, no run, flashing outside off! This was shorter and a little wider from Anderson. Parthiv attempted to make the most of it, but couldn't find the connection


Anderson to PA Patel, 1 run, driven just wide of mid-off, and there's just enough time for a scampered single

India 34/0   PA Patel 14* (18b 1x4 1x6)

Finn to PA Patel, no run, a yorker is speared down just outside off at good pace, Parthiv opening the face on the bat as he digs it out


Finn to PA Patel, 1 run, leading edge again! Finn is finding really disconcerting bounce off a great length. Parthiv was looking to turn this one to midwicket but it went in the opposite direction and - fortunately for him - dropped short of the point fielder


Finn to PA Patel, no run, great finish from Finn. He's bowling with superb rhythm, the left-hand/right-hand combination doing nothing to upset him. This one really zings off the good length, beating the outside edge of Parthiv's forward poke

India 38/0   PA Patel 15* (21b 1x4 1x6)

Bresnan to PA Patel, no run, Parthiv looks to be aggressive, walking down at Bresnan, but the bowler re-adjusts well and there's no run to be had

India 43/0   PA Patel 15* (22b 1x4 1x6)

Bresnan to PA Patel, 1 run, Parthiv has been fairly anonymous after his fluent start, tapping this quietly off his legs for a single


Bresnan to PA Patel, no run, Bresnan has quickly settled into a rhythm, zoning in on off stump to keep Parthiv quiet


Bresnan to PA Patel, FOUR, slapped! Parthiv won't be kept quiet for long, stepping down the wicket and seizing on a short delivery, an explosive pull arcing away in front of square. Great shot


Bresnan to PA Patel, 1 run, flashed behind square on the off side as Bresnan offers width, third man sprinting round to cut it off

India 64/0   PA Patel 21* (26b 2x4 1x6)

Broad to PA Patel, no run, Broad is full to start, Parthiv's flat-footed drive going to mid-off


Broad to PA Patel, 1 run, guided down to third man, an easy single taken

India 65/0   PA Patel 22* (28b 2x4 1x6)

Bresnan to PA Patel, FOUR, chipped in the air, but wide of a leaping midwicket fielder and he connected well enough to pick up a boundary


Bresnan to PA Patel, 1 run, Parthiv is up on one leg to whip a pull out into the deep. He seems to be moving alright at the crease

India 70/1   PA Patel 27* (30b 3x4 1x6)

Broad to PA Patel, no run, full of length from Broad, Parthiv defending off middle


Broad to PA Patel, OUT, Broad strikes again! Parthiv had profited from the pull shot in this innings, but it has now led to his dismissal. This wasn't quite short enough for the shot, but he went through with it, looking to mow the ball in the air over midwicket. Bopara got himself underneath the swirling chance, tumbling to the ground as he took the chance

PA Patel c Bopara b Broad 27 (69m 32b 3x4 1x6) SR: 84.37

India 70/2   PA Patel 27 (32b 3x4 1x6)





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