India tour of England, 4th ODI: England v India at Lord's, Sep 11, 2011
Match tied (D/L method)
Played at Lord's, London
11 September 2011 (50-over match)

Finn to Rahane, no run, a decent start, the ball rising quite sharply off a length. Rahane raises his arms high to leave


Finn to Rahane, no run, great line, great length. Finn sends the ball in on the angle, Rahane plays the line and is beaten as it hits the seam and leaves him


Finn to Rahane, no run, an uncharacteristically tentative defensive poke from Rahane, the ball taking the inner half of the bat and rolling back down the track


Finn to Rahane, no run, good wheels from Finn as he aims one full and straight. Dug out just wide of mid on


Finn to Rahane, 1 run, Rahane looks to drive on the up, and ends up slicing it down to third man. Finn has his hands in the air as the ball doesn't go to hand


Finn to PA Patel, no run, slanted across the left-hander, who steps across to cover his off stump and leaves alone

India 7/0   ST Finn 1-0-1-0

Finn to PA Patel, no run, past the outside edge! Bounce and carry from Finn, and Parthiv plays and misses outside off, stepping half forward


Finn to PA Patel, 1 wide, pushed down the leg side, Parthiv shuffling across to let it pass


Finn to PA Patel, no run, probing delivery on middle and off, the ball taking the inside edge of a hurried defensive push


Finn to PA Patel, no run, good pace from Finn, but the line is wide enough outside off for Parthiv to safely leave alone


Finn to PA Patel, no run, the bowler straightens up and Parthiv nurdles to straight midwicket


Finn to PA Patel, no run, this is quality new ball bowling from Finn, who is working up a good head of steam and generally maintaining a strict line. Parthiv guides this one to gully, playing a little away from the body


Finn to PA Patel, no run, and a tight finish to the over, Finn giving Parthiv nothing to work with as the final delivery is defended back down the track

India 8/0   ST Finn 2-0-2-0

Finn to Rahane, no run, Finn thunders to the crease and hurls down a low full toss just outside off, Rahane - perhaps taken a little by surprise - can only tap it to mid-off


Finn to Rahane, 2 runs, leading edge! Finn's pace, bounce and movement got the better of Rahane as he looked to turn the ball into the leg side. Fortunately for the batsman, the ball looped safely up and over gully


Finn to Rahane, no run, aggressive from Rahane! But the execution is lacking, as he charges out at the bowler and flails wildly towards leg, the ball fizzing past the outside edge


Finn to Rahane, 1 run, another big shot from Rahane as Finn pitches up on middle and leg, the ball flying down to fine leg


Finn to PA Patel, 1 run, good running as Parthiv drops the ball in close and they set off immediately


Finn to Rahane, 1 run, Finn is looking really threatening here, as now he finds the outside edge of a forward press, the ball flying through a vacant fourth slip and down to third man

India 14/0   ST Finn 3-0-7-0

Finn to Rahane, no run, Rahane's quiet start continues, as this is nudged into the leg side


Finn to Rahane, no run, Rahane is starting to look a little fidgety out there, he's searching for a calming boundary. This is pulled off the front foot, the ball going straight to mid-on


Finn to Rahane, FOUR, edged! Neither slip nor keeper go for it as the ball flies right between them. Well, Finn is in the midst of a penetrative spell but he's not getting his just rewards


Finn to Rahane, no run, Finn hurls this down with vim and vigour on a good length, the ball hitting the seam and spitting in towards Rahane's midriff


Finn to Rahane, no run, beaten outside off! Finn is really making a statement with this spell, beating Rahane's outside edge


Finn to Rahane, FOUR, nothing wrong with the ball, but that's a fantastic shot from Rahane, who seizes on the hint of width and punches powerfully through cover point

India 33/0   ST Finn 4-0-15-0

Finn to PA Patel, no run, a yorker is speared down just outside off at good pace, Parthiv opening the face on the bat as he digs it out


Finn to PA Patel, 1 run, leading edge again! Finn is finding really disconcerting bounce off a great length. Parthiv was looking to turn this one to midwicket but it went in the opposite direction and - fortunately for him - dropped short of the point fielder


Finn to Rahane, no run, a splice-jarring delivery is fended into the leg side, Rahane taking the bottom hand off the bat as he looks to protect his ribs


Finn to Rahane, no run, Wild. Rahane is looking rattled out there. Another Finn lifter bursts past the outside edge as Rahane aims an almighty heave to leg, and Finn jogs down the wicket to let Rahane know exactly what he thinks of the stroke


Finn to Rahane, 1 run, fuller and straighter from Finn, Rahane gives himself a little room and tries to manufacture a drive, the ball taking the inside half of the bat and rolling into space on the leg side


Finn to PA Patel, no run, great finish from Finn. He's bowling with superb rhythm, the left-hand/right-hand combination doing nothing to upset him. This one really zings off the good length, beating the outside edge of Parthiv's forward poke

India 38/0   ST Finn 5-0-17-0

Finn to Rahane, no run, seam, bounce and pace are too much for Rahane as the ball fizzes past a defensive push and strikes him on the body


Finn to Rahane, no run, once again Finn finds sharp movement back in off the pitch, the ball stinging Rahane on the left thigh


Finn to Rahane, SIX, a top edged scoop flies for six! Rahane didn't look in control of this at all. He was trying to pull the ball up and over square leg, but seemed to have got more height than distance in the shot. Nevertheless, it carries all the way!


Finn to Rahane, FOUR, well, we've praised Rahane for the purity of his strokeplay in this series, but he's playing some agricultural shots at the moment. This is fetched off the stumps and creamed through sqaure leg, the bat swinging right across the line


Finn to Rahane, FOUR, and another! Rahane charges Finn and heaves, the ball taking the edge and flying over the slip to third man. India's supporters don't mind that at all, and happily cheer the runs


Finn to Rahane, no run, again Rahane jumps out, but this is short from Finn and rises up and over his attempted uppercut. Finn extends his follow through down the wicket, giving Rahane a right earful

India 57/0   ST Finn 6-0-31-0

Finn to Dhoni, no run, the loosener is hurled down outside off, Dhoni stepping across to leave alone


Finn to Dhoni, 2 runs, Dhoni pushes one past backward point, on the walk, and they push hard for the second


Finn to Dhoni, FOUR, edged! No slip in place, Kieswetter leaps to his left but he can't even get a glove to it. Still no luck for Finn, who is still finding movement off the surface with this older ball. Dhoni was late coming forward to this full delivery, and the edge would've landed in first slip's lap


Finn to Dhoni, no run, this went like a legcutter from Finn, seaming sharply away off a short-ish length to zip past Dhoni's outside edge


Finn to Dhoni, 1 run, a touch straighter from Finn, and Dhoni is able to work him into the leg side for one


Finn to Raina, no run, slanted across Raina, who covers his off stump and shoulders arms

India 128/4   ST Finn 7-0-38-0

Finn to Raina, 1 run, Raina backs away as Finn thunders to the crease, looking to open up the off side. The bowler follows him, but he finds a single to cover


Finn to Dhoni, no run, probing stuff from Finn, who seams one off a length to take the inside edge of Dhoni's tentative forward push


Finn to Dhoni, no run, nicely full once more, this one a little wider of off as Dhoni gets forward and across to drive softly to extra cover


Finn to Dhoni, 1 run, Dhoni spots the chance for a quick single as the ball takes the inside half of a defensive bat and rolls just wide of midwicket. Quick calling, fast running. But still no boundaries


Finn to Raina, 2 runs, rising off a length, Raina gets across to off and clips off the hip to long leg. The placement is good, and they rush back for the second


Finn to Raina, 1 run, there's a hint of top edge on the cut as the ball flies down to third man, but no major drama

India 135/4   ST Finn 8-0-43-0

Finn to Raina, no run, Raina looks to be aggressive, slapping a length delivery back at Finn, the bowler stopping it in his follow through


Finn to Raina, no run, Raina angles the ball towards gully with a hop


Finn to Raina, FOUR, hoicked out to deep midwicket! Raina held nothing back as he flung himself into the stroke, but didn't get the greatest connection. Still, he did enough to find the boundary despite Trott's diving effort, and break the shackles somewhat


Finn to Raina, FOUR, shot! Again there's not much culture in the stroke, Raina clearing the left leg and slicing the drive through cover, but this one was out of the middle and threaded the the off side field


Finn to Raina, no run, well, this wasn't too far away from the leg stump. Raina got right across to off stump and tried to glance it fine, but the ball just bounced on him and went over leg stump.


Finn to Raina, no run, good response from Finn after the boundaries, digging this one in on middle and off. Raina gave himself room for the uppercut, but didn't get a touch on it

India 148/4   ST Finn 9-0-51-0

Finn to Raina, 2 runs, good start from a man who wouldn't have been expecting to bowl. The ball was nicely full and Raina slapped it down the ground, the batsmen pushing hard for the second run


Finn to Raina, OUT, what a catch from Stokes! Raina chipped a drive inside out over cover, the ball pinging right out of the middle. Stokes initially moved to his left, looking to protect the boundary, but then sensed that it was a catchable chance and sprinted forward, diving to hold the ball inches from the turf. Finn finally finds some reward!

SK Raina c Stokes b Finn 84 (111m 75b 7x4 2x6) SR: 112.00


Finn to Dhoni, no run, Dhoni tries to make the most of a yorker, swinging it to leg, but he finds a fielder and turns down the single, believing he's the one most likely to find a boundary from the last ball


Finn to Dhoni, 1 run, helicopter shot to end the innings, but it flies down to long-on and they can only get a single

India 280/5   ST Finn 9.4-0-54-1





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