Spot-fixing controversy September 5, 2010

Yasir Hameed statement

Cricinfo staff

Following the latest match-fixing allegations to emerge on Sunday, Yasir Hameed attended the Pakistan High Commission in London to explain his comments. He spent four hours with officials before issuing this statement

I would like to respond to comments attributed to me by the News of the World today. I wish to stress I have never been approached by the NOTW and neither did I approach anyone connected with the News of the World to disclose any allegations concerning the Pakistan cricket team or any other players.

The incident which was largely inaccurately reported in the News of the World today was when I was having dinner with a friend at the Holiday Inn Nottingham on the evening of Monday 30th August 2010. I was then approached by a man who introduced himself as Abid Khan and offered that he would arrange a sponsorship deal for me with ETIHAD Airways. I have now seen a photograph of the so called Abid Khan and have discovered that he is Mazhar Mahmood.

Naturally I was interested in what he had to say and we began conversation. He offered me at least £50,000 for the deal, which was for 6"x3" ETIHAD sticker at the back of the cricket bat plus TV and billboard advertisements in the UAE. He also asked me for names of 4 more players who may be interested in a similar deal I thought of Umar Gul, Shahid Afridi, Umar Akmal and Fawad Alam.

I also called Umar Gul during this conversation to tell him about this potential contract deal and he agreed that I should continue with the negotiations. Then Abid Khan started asking about the current match fixing allegations and as I saw him as a friend and a potential agent I naively started to answer his questions. He asked me about the match fixing allegations against the current 3 Pakistani players and if I had any further knowledge. As far as I can recall I only told him whatever I had already read in the newspapers about this matter.

It seems that Abid had a hidden camera which I was totally unaware of. I then left the hotel with my friend and came back to where I was staying. Two days later Abid then called me and offered me £25,000 to give a statement against the 3 current players under investigation, which I immediately refused and put the phone down. I neither called nor answered any calls from Abid after this conversation. When News of the World released my conversation, which Abid Khan recorded without me knowing about it, I was contacted by the media in Pakistan to confirm if I gave the statement to the NOTW, I denied categorically as explained above that this was not the case. Subsequently, I received a text message from Abid Khan from his number 0** **** ***6, which I found to be intimidating as reflected in his message reproduced below:

"Pls call me. Incidentally you are in video drinking wine and saying
all the quotes attributed to you. Denying it is just stupid as we will
be releasing the video to tv. Better that you stand up and speak the

However, I decided not to respond or react. I brought the matter to the attention of PCB.