Pakistan tour of England, 1st T20I: England v Pakistan at Cardiff, Sep 5, 2010
England won by 5 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)
5 September 2010 (20-over match)

Hello everybody, Liam Brickhill here to take you through the first half of Pakistan's innings. The match ball has just been parachuted in by Royal Air Force parachutists, and play is minutes away. Paul Collingwood is leading his own troops out onto the field, and Shahzaib Hasan and Kamran Akmal follow close behind them. Ryan Sidebottom will open the bowling from the River Taff end for England.

2.40pm England have won the toss and will bowl. Collingwood knows more than most that when Duckworth and Lewis are lurking, you're better off chasing. He confirms that Stuart Broad is fit enough to play and Ryan Sidebottom holds his place ahead of James Anderson. Afridi seems as cheerful as ever and has good news that Umar Gul and Wahab Riaz have also recovered in time so the teams line up like this:

England 1 Craig Kieswetter, 2 Steve Davies (wk), 3 Ravi Bopara, 4 Paul Collingwood, 5 Eoin Morgan, 6 Luke Wright, 7 Tim Bresnan, 8 Michael Yardy, 9 Graeme Swann, 10 Stuart Broad, 11 Ryan Sidebottom.

Pakistan 1 Shahzaib Hasan, 2 Kamran Akmal (wk), 3 Mohammad Yousuf, 4 Umar Akmal 5 Fawad Alam, 6 Shahid Afridi (capt), 7 Abdul Razzak, 8 Umar Gul, 9 Wahab Riaz, 10 Saeed Ajmal, 11 Shoaib Akhtar.

2.30pm Another update, the toss has been delayed by 10 minutes but don't worry folks, it won't affect the start time.

2.20pm News from Miller: "England are in a bit of a huddle, but no sign of any warming-up from the Pakistanis. They are rumoured to have taken up residence in the indoor school... Afridi has now appeared to bowl some legbreaks on the edge of the square, but that's about as public as they intend to go for the moment."

"Time for some hard-core press-up action from England, who are putting on a display of intense professionalism. "This [puff] is [grunt] just [urgh] a [puff] nother [hup] match ..." They are the World Twenty20 champions after all.

Miller is clearly on warm-up watch. "Some desultory efforts at warming-up now going on from Pakistan. In fairness, they are probably no more or less desultory than they have been all series, but it somehow stands out more right now."

2.15pm The main cover is off the field and Shahid Afridi is bounding around the pitch excitedly, talking with coach Waqar and the umpires. There is a brilliant energy about Shahid. Huzzah! Toss at 2.30pm and play will start at 3.00pm.

2.05pm Right, news is we have an inspection at 2.15pm in about 10 minutes and Nick Knight on Sky reckons we'll have cricket around 3.00pm. There is a back-up extra hour scheduled so at this stage we could see a full 20 overs a side.

2.00pm Breaking news, of sorts: Kevin Pietersen, renowned as one of the finest Tweeters in the game, has just chirped this: "Good luck today lads... Do the business!!" Aw, he's still in a good mood after his century yesterday clearly.

1.45pm Our Pakistan editor Osman Samiuddin has been a busy man of late. He found time to script this together and it's highly worth reading. Meanwhile, the groundstaff are beginning to win their war with the weather - the sun is coming out and everything.

1.30pm I wonder what they thought of the apology offered by Shahid Afridi yesterday, not much by the sounds of things. In brighter news, it has stopped raining in Cardiff.

Okay, we all need something to smile about so how about this. Buried in all the scandal was news that the giant paceman Mohammad Irfan is due to join Pakistan's squad for the ODI series. The man is already a YouTube sensation, which should be all you need to earn an international call up.

1.20pm Hello and welcome. Apparently there is a cricket match happening today in Cardiff but focus remains off the field following further revelations about the alleged spot-fixing scandal.

Sahil Dutta here and I'll be joined by Liam Brickhill and Andrew McGlashan to bring tell you all about today's game. The Welsh weather has captured the mood perfectly and is duly dank, grey and raining. The covers are spread far and wide and the groundstaff are fighting valiantly and, at this stage, fruitlessly to clear things up.

An early shout from Andrew Miller, who is at the ground: "Just been speaking to some fans. Three Pakistanis in green wigs, and carrying banners. One of them read: "Floods killing people in Pakistan. Pakistan cricket team killing fans," and while we were speaking it was confiscated by a steward. They've been allowed to keep the other one: "We're only here because we bought our tickets two months ago"...

"The three of them paid £55 a head for their tickets. "Never again," adds Younis, the eldest of the trio. "I read in the newspaper, pick the bad apples and throw them out. I say pull the tree up at the roots, and throw the tree out. Pick a new team with a new board, new management, everything new ..." That rather sums up the mood at a miserable ground today..."


Sidebottom to Kamran Akmal, 3 runs, Kamran goes over cover first ball! It was a back of a length delivery but Kamran just slashed through the line to lift the ball over the infield. Not the best timing, but it lands safely and they've run three


Sidebottom to Shahzaib Hasan, FOUR, classically square-driven by Shahzaib! Just a checked drive with a high left elbow and the ball races away through cover point

"Wasn't there a cheaper way of delivering the ball?" asks austerity Phill. Cheaper, probably. More awesome? Unlikely


Sidebottom to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, shy at the stumps! The throw misses but Kamran was home anyway. The ball was tapped to short fine leg and they set off, sharp single


Sidebottom to Kamran Akmal, 3 runs, cracking pull out to deep square leg where Craig Kieswetter - who is not keeping wicket today - does really well to chase the ball down, slide and stop it


Sidebottom to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, nudged down to short third man, still just a touch short of a good length from Sidebottom


Sidebottom to Kamran Akmal, no run, a touch fuller, but still not full enough to get the ball swinging. Nice and straight though, and Kamran can only push the ball to backward point

End of over 1 (12 runs) Pakistan 12/0 (RR: 12.00)

    • Kamran Akmal 6 (3b)
    • Shahzaib Hasan 6 (3b 1x4)
    • RJ Sidebottom 1-0-12-0

Bresnan will share the new ball from the Cathedral Road end. Slight delay as the 30-yard markers are fiddled with, for some reason


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, full and straight to start, a touch of movement in off the seam. Shahzaib taps just wide of mid-on and they sprint through

Thanks Liam. Goodness, the ball is turning absolute miles. Imagine Warne on this. Imagine a Test match on this! "Pakistan are going nowhere," declares Nasser on Sky.


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, OUT, Kamran goes early, Bresnan strikes! An ugly swipe across the line from Kamran, trying to slog a pull to a ball that just wasn't short enough for the shot and his nightmare summer with the bat continues

Kamran Akmal c Yardy b Bresnan 6 (5m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 150.00

In comes Mohammad Yousuf, who is playing just his second T20I at the tender age of 36


Bresnan to Mohammad Yousuf, 1 run, and he's off straight away, staying deep in the crease and waiting on a back of a length delivery, running it off the face down to third man


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, tickled down the leg side, but short fine leg charges round to stop the single


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, Bresnan pushes this one slightly wider and holds the ball across the seam, getting it to move away off the pitch slightly and beat the outside edge of Shahzaib's slash


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, edged again, but it's a thick edge and goes well wide of the slip and down to third man

End of over 2 (3 runs) Pakistan 15/1 (RR: 7.50)

    • Shahzaib Hasan 8 (7b 1x4)
    • Mohammad Yousuf 1 (1b)
    • TT Bresnan 1-0-3-1
    • RJ Sidebottom 1-0-12-0

A one-over, 12-run spell for Sidebottom as he's replaced by Stuart Broad. One very wide slip still in place for him


Broad to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, full, fast and straight from Broad, but hardly any movement through the air or off the pitch and he's easily tapped into the leg side for one


Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, no run, dug in a touch shorter by Broad, decent bounce but it's not quite the bouncer. Yousuf hops into defence


Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, 2 runs, short again from Broad, Yousuf pushes his weight back and pulls in the air to midwicket. He's not middled that at all, though, the ball rushed on to him and struck high on the bat


Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, no run, dug in again, this time Yousuf tries to guide the ball to third man but a diving Swann at third slip cuts it off


Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, 2 runs, sliced over backward point! Yousuf is known for his elegance with the bat but this was a bit of a hack and he's lucky to get away with it


Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, 1 run, searingly quick bouncer from Broad, but it's a touch predictable and Yousuf is back in his crease and waiting for it. Again, though, he doesn't quite time the shot and chips the ball just over midwicket

End of over 3 (6 runs) Pakistan 21/1 (RR: 7.00)

    • Mohammad Yousuf 6 (6b)
    • Shahzaib Hasan 9 (8b 1x4)
    • SCJ Broad 1-0-6-0
    • TT Bresnan 1-0-3-1

Bresnan to Mohammad Yousuf, no run, chopped down towards gully, and there's no single on offer there


Bresnan to Mohammad Yousuf, 3 runs, Yousuf comes down the track and lofts down the ground ... but that's got much more height than distance and the ball plugs in the outfield when it lands


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, Shahzaib tries to go over cover, but a thick edge takes the ball down to third man


Bresnan to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, shot! Great innovation from Yousuf, he walked across to the off side but didn't go too far and, importantly, kept his eye on the ball to paddle-pull it past the man at short fine leg. First one he's hit out the middle


Bresnan to Mohammad Yousuf, 1 run, slower ball from Bresnan, offcutter, but wily old Yousuf spots it early and just guides the ball behind square


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, shorter and quicker from Bresnan, Shahzaib tries to repeat Yousuf's shot but he's beaten once again by a touch of extra bounce

End of over 4 (9 runs) Pakistan 30/1 (RR: 7.50)

    • Shahzaib Hasan 10 (10b 1x4)
    • Mohammad Yousuf 14 (10b 1x4)
    • TT Bresnan 2-0-12-1
    • SCJ Broad 1-0-6-0

Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, no run, banged in by Broad, Yousuf looks for the single to third man but can't beat gully


Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, another good shot from Yousuf, and this one wouldn't have been out of place in a Test match! It was a cutter from Broad, but he slipped in to Yousuf's pads and was eased away past a diving Ryan Sidebottom at short fine leg


Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, he didn't know all that much about that one! A short, fast bouncer from Broad that rushes on to Yousuf. He tried to uppercut it but it just followed him, taking a thick top edge to evade a leaping Davies behind the stumps. Broad has a word, Yousuf has a word back


Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, 2 runs, chipped to long-off, again Yousuf got right underneath this one, the ball lands in the outfield and just stops


Broad to Mohammad Yousuf, 1 run, nudged into the leg side


Broad to Shahzaib Hasan, 2 runs, pace and bounce from Broad, the leaps rises off a length and takes the shoulder of Shahzaib's bat, bouncing away to third man

End of over 5 (13 runs) Pakistan 43/1 (RR: 8.60)

    • Shahzaib Hasan 12 (11b 1x4)
    • Mohammad Yousuf 25 (15b 3x4)
    • SCJ Broad 2-0-19-0
    • TT Bresnan 2-0-12-1

Bresnan to Mohammad Yousuf, 1 run, Yousuf charges down the track and almost yorks himself in the process! He jams the bat down in time though, calling Shahzaib through for a very sharp single as Bresnan fires in a throw in his follow through

Bumble's just spotted Umar Akmal in the dugout, already in his lumo-green lip balm. And now's he's wondering which cricketers he'd like to see in lipstick...


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, flat-footed, wafty drive from Shahzaib, and he's beaten on the outside edge!


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, this one slips under the bat! It was a yorker from Bresnan, but well wide of off


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, Bresnan is giving Shahzaib a good working over here! This time he goes short - Shahzaib had pushed onto the front foot, expecting a full ball - and whistles one past the batsman's grille


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, FOUR, this time he was expecting the short ball, and hammers a pull away to long leg! First boundary for Shahzaib


Bresnan to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, Shahzaib walks across to the off side, trying to flick the ball past Sidebottom at short fine leg, but the fielder pulls off a good, diving stop to keep them to just one

End of over 6 (6 runs) Pakistan 49/1 (RR: 8.16)

    • Shahzaib Hasan 17 (16b 2x4)
    • Mohammad Yousuf 26 (16b 3x4)
    • TT Bresnan 3-0-18-1
    • SCJ Broad 2-0-19-0

Right, spin for the first time today as Graeme Swann is brought on from the River Taff end. There hasn't been much in this wicket for the fast bowlers - some encouraging pace and bounce perhaps - but will Swann find some purchase?


Swann to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, a touch of turn straight away, it's slightly short though and Shahzaib works easily into the leg side


Swann to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, quicker, straighter one from Swann and Shahzaib is slightly squared up as he tries to work it away


Swann to Shahzaib Hasan, 1 run, desperate swish from Shahzaib, and the ball drops safely between two fielders!


Swann to Mohammad Yousuf, no run, attempted reverse-sweep from Yousuf, but Swann held this one back and the ball gripped and turned quite sharply to beat the bat


Swann to Mohammad Yousuf, OUT, gone! Yousuf falls! This time he tried to whip the ball away in the air with the turn, but succeeds only in giving Morgan an easy catch running in from the midwicket boundary. A good start from him, especially once he settled against Broad, but he's gone now

Mohammad Yousuf c Morgan b Swann 26 (21m 18b 3x4 0x6) SR: 144.44


Swann to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, Shahzaib tries to nudge this round the corner, but the ball spins in and beats the bat to strike him on the pad. No lbw shout though, that was going well down leg

End of over 7 (1 run) Pakistan 50/2 (RR: 7.14)

    • Shahzaib Hasan 18 (20b 2x4)
    • Fawad Alam 0 (0b)
    • GP Swann 1-0-1-1
    • TT Bresnan 3-0-18-1

Spin from both ends, Michael Yardy comes on from the Cathedral Road end


Yardy to Fawad Alam, no run, full and speared in on off stump, Alam looks to push the ball into space on the off side but can't get it away

"Lasith malinga would look great in lipsticks !! to go with his hair jewelery ..." dreams Tausif.


Yardy to Fawad Alam, no run, beaten outside off! Alam was expecting turn where there was none as he tried to glance to third man


Yardy to Fawad Alam, 1 run, now there is some turn! Big turn in to the left-hander as Alam tries to make room. If Yardy's turning them there must be something in this pitch for the spinners!


Yardy to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, much quicker and a touch shorter as well, Shahzaib is beaten on the pull and wears this one in the midriff


Yardy to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, quick again, a touch fuller this time and again Shahzaib can't do anything with it


Yardy to Shahzaib Hasan, no run, that's very quick indeed! A medium-pace delivery, really fired in from round the wicket and Shahzaib still can't get him away

End of over 8 (1 run) Pakistan 51/2 (RR: 6.37)

    • Shahzaib Hasan 18 (23b 2x4)
    • Fawad Alam 1 (3b)
    • MH Yardy 1-0-1-0
    • GP Swann 1-0-1-1

Swann to Fawad Alam, 1 run, full on off stump from round the wicket, Alam pushes into the covers and they set off straight away


Swann to Shahzaib Hasan, 3 runs, cover drive, smashed just over a leaping fielder at extra cover. Bopara charges round on the ropes and cuts that off, good fielding


Swann to Fawad Alam, no run, held back a touch by Swann, this really bites into the turf and spins away from Alam's bat sharply to beat the outside edge. It's definitely spinning people!


Swann to Fawad Alam, 1 run, this time Alam stays deep in the crease and chops down behind square on the off side for one


Swann to Shahzaib Hasan, OUT, Shahzaib goes, paying the price for impatience! He was looking increasingly frenetic at the crease, trying to hit everything too hard. This time he charged down the track, head in the air, and flailed at a flighted delivery from Swann. Unsurprisingly, he got nowhere near it, the ball spinning in sharply, and Davies has the bails off in a flash

Shahzaib Hasan st †Davies b Swann 21 (35m 25b 2x4 0x6) SR: 84.00

Here's Umar in his green lipstick. He won't waste any time here


Swann to Umar Akmal, no run, that has ripped square! Pitching well wide of off, this would have spun far down the leg side had it not crashed into Umar's pad

End of over 9 (5 runs) Pakistan 56/3 (RR: 6.22)

    • Umar Akmal 0 (1b)
    • Fawad Alam 3 (6b)
    • GP Swann 2-0-6-2
    • MH Yardy 1-0-1-0

Yardy to Fawad Alam, no run, speared in, this one doesn't turn but Alam isn't yet looking settled at the crease and doesn't really know where to hit this


Yardy to Fawad Alam, 2 runs, slapped out to deep cover point for a couple


Yardy to Fawad Alam, no run, full on middle stump, nothing to be done with it though, another dot ball


Yardy to Fawad Alam, 2 runs, much quicker through the air! But Yardy's also pulled this down a bit too short, and Alam slashes it away behind square on the off side for two more


Yardy to Fawad Alam, no run, appeal for lbw as Alam bends into an optimistic slog sweep and is struck on the body! Replays suggest it would have hit the top of middle, but struck him perhaps just outside off


Yardy to Fawad Alam, 1 run, chopped away for one

And here's Sahil

End of over 10 (5 runs) Pakistan 61/3 (RR: 6.10)

    • Fawad Alam 8 (12b)
    • Umar Akmal 0 (1b)
    • MH Yardy 2-0-6-0
    • GP Swann 2-0-6-2

Thanks Liam. Goodness, the ball is turning absolute miles. Imagine Warne on this. Imagine a Test match on this! "Pakistan are going nowhere," declares Nasser on Sky.


Swann to Fawad Alam, no run, big spin again, looped up before ripping past the outside edge


Swann to Fawad Alam, no run, edged, Alam closes the face and it skews off the outside edge to short third man


Swann to Fawad Alam, 1 run, Alam has had an almighty fling at this and has lost his bat in the process. Really throwing the bat against it as it slides out of his hands


Swann to Umar Akmal, 1 run, the time the sweep is completed with the bat still firmly in hands and a single is taken to deep backwards square


Swann to Fawad Alam, no run, Alam getting very twitchy here, he pokes another to point and is desperate to get off strike but can't


Swann to Fawad Alam, no run, swing and a miss! Alam is clueless poor fellow, huge mow from outside off stump but the ball bounces and spins well past the bat

End of over 11 (2 runs) Pakistan 63/3 (RR: 5.72)

    • Fawad Alam 9 (17b)
    • Umar Akmal 1 (2b)
    • GP Swann 3-0-8-2
    • MH Yardy 2-0-6-0

England's captain, who bowls dobbing off cutters, has brought himself on. I imagine he will also find some purchase.


Collingwood to Umar Akmal, FOUR, runs, and four of them! Not a great delivery it must be said, very short and wide and Umar crashes a cut to the third man boundary


Collingwood to Umar Akmal, no run, dropped! Tim Bresnan puts down a fairly simple chance, short from Collingwood, Umar launched into a pull shot that burst through Bresnan's hands at short midwicket and ended up crashing into his cap


Collingwood to Umar Akmal, no run, played and missed this time, outside off, Umar is trying to smack the ball out of Wales, and misses


Collingwood to Umar Akmal, 1 run, once again Umar tries to hit it too hard and loses his shape on a pull shot, trickles into the leg side for a single


Collingwood to Fawad Alam, 2 runs, dilscoop, in a way, not a great way, Alam down on one knee and trying to flap it over his head, doesn't connect very well but picks up a couple


Collingwood to Fawad Alam, 1 run, cripes, Alam has not got close to timing a single shot this innings, this ends up being bunted down the ground off the toe end to keep the strike

End of over 12 (8 runs) Pakistan 71/3 (RR: 5.91)

    • Fawad Alam 12 (19b)
    • Umar Akmal 6 (6b 1x4)
    • PD Collingwood 1-0-8-0
    • GP Swann 3-0-8-2

Last over for Swann, that's a relief for Pakistan.


Swann to Fawad Alam, 2 runs, decent shot this time from Alam, upper-cutting to point crisply for a couple


Swann to Fawad Alam, 2 runs, this is probably his best shot yet, waiting on the ball nicely before cutting to point


Swann to Fawad Alam, no run, fuller from Swann, lovely bowling, Alam had committed to play off the back foot and could't connect because of the change of length


Swann to Fawad Alam, 1 run, full once more, chipped down the ground for a single


Swann to Umar Akmal, no run, wow, this spins a huge distance as well and Umar is completely cramped for room as he tries to cut


Swann to Umar Akmal, 1 run, slightly quicker ball to finish, deflected into the leg side for a single to end a brilliant spell from Swann

End of over 13 (6 runs) Pakistan 77/3 (RR: 5.92)

    • Umar Akmal 7 (8b 1x4)
    • Fawad Alam 17 (23b)
    • GP Swann 4-0-14-2
    • PD Collingwood 1-0-8-0

Collingwood has had enough and recalled Yardy into the attack.


Yardy to Umar Akmal, 2 runs, slung in quickly towards the legs, turned round the corner neatly by Umar


Yardy to Umar Akmal, no run, much slower from Yardy, left Umar waiting and waiting on the back foot and he can't work it away


Yardy to Umar Akmal, no run, slightly shorter and Umar can't get enough room to cut


Yardy to Umar Akmal, 2 runs, top shot and top fielding too, Umar got down on one knee early and flicked it over his head towards fine leg where Stuart Broad ran around, dived full length and pulled off an excellent save


Yardy to Umar Akmal, 2 runs, this time Umar gets to cut, he's always looking for the shot, and connects well enough to find deep cover


Yardy to Umar Akmal, 1 run, quicker from Yardy to finish, it's on to Umar in a flash and he dabs towards square leg for a strike-stealing single

End of over 14 (7 runs) Pakistan 84/3 (RR: 6.00)

    • Umar Akmal 14 (14b 1x4)
    • Fawad Alam 17 (23b)
    • MH Yardy 3-0-13-0
    • GP Swann 4-0-14-2

Ryan Sidebottom gets another chance after his expensive opening over that went for 12. He's added an untidy beard to his curly locks and looks thoroughly silly as a result.


Sidebottom to Umar Akmal, 1 run, Umar runs well outside off stump and gets down on one knee to try and dink it to fine leg but Sidebottom follows him and Umar can't time the shot at all. Good bowling that


Sidebottom to Fawad Alam, no run, good slower ball this time, he's a canny operator, big swish from Alam but he never looked like connecting


Sidebottom to Fawad Alam, no run, excellent stuff from Sidebottom, not so good from Alam, so bad in fact that Razzak has his head in his hands in the dug out


Sidebottom to Fawad Alam, no run, this won't make Razzak any happier, poor old Alam has absolutely lost it, he ran down the wicket with his head in the clouds and tried to smash this miles, but missed by further


Sidebottom to Fawad Alam, 2 runs, finally he connects, swinging a pull shot away, he looks surprised to find the bat on the ball


Sidebottom to Fawad Alam, 1 run, another short ball, slower too, Alam has to fetch it from high outside off stump and manages to get a single for the effort. Excellent over from Sidebottom

End of over 15 (4 runs) Pakistan 88/3 (RR: 5.86)

    • Fawad Alam 20 (28b)
    • Umar Akmal 15 (15b 1x4)
    • RJ Sidebottom 2-0-16-0
    • MH Yardy 3-0-13-0

Yardy to Fawad Alam, OUT, finally the torture is over, it's been a truly awful innings and England may be disappointed to see him go, shortish ball that he ends up chipping back off the leading edge to gift Yardy a wicket. Big roar from the crowd it's BoomBoom time!

Fawad Alam c & b Yardy 20 (29m 29b 0x4 0x6) SR: 68.96


Yardy to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, no bluster from Afridi here, just stands tall and very correctly punches a cover drive through the off side


Yardy to Umar Akmal, no run, is this Bishan Bedi!? Yardy has ripped this off a length beating Umar's outside edge


Yardy to Umar Akmal, 1 run, quicker ball this time that Umar deflects into the leg side for a single


Yardy to Shahid Afridi, 2 runs, Afridi stands very still and clumps this towards the deep midwicket boundary for a couple


Yardy to Shahid Afridi, FOUR, shot! Afridi jumps down the leg side to give him room and aims an expansive back-foot cover drive, really launching his arms at the ball but he times it well and the placement is excellent, beating the boundary riders

End of over 16 (8 runs) Pakistan 96/4 (RR: 6.00)

    • Shahid Afridi 7 (3b 1x4)
    • Umar Akmal 16 (17b 1x4)
    • MH Yardy 4-0-21-1
    • RJ Sidebottom 2-0-16-0

Sidebottom to Umar Akmal, 1 run, slower ball from Sidebottom, short as well, Umar has no pace to work with and ends up wheeling a pull shot for a single


Sidebottom to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, fuller ball from Sidebottom that Afridi tries to smash down the ground, lots of movement from the batsman but no timing and only a single down the ground


Sidebottom to Umar Akmal, 1 run, Umar this time runs outside off to try and beat the keeper but Sidebottom follows him, excellent bowling


Sidebottom to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, yorker this time, good one too, jabbed down the ground and it's only a single


Sidebottom to Umar Akmal, 1 run, big grunt from Sidebottom and it's helped him delivery another excellent delivery, giving Umar nothing to work with and it can only be pushed down the ground for a single


Sidebottom to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, slower ball bouncer that Afridi has to wait an age to swat down the ground, again not timed at all, but it lands short of the man at the long-on boundary

End of over 17 (6 runs) Pakistan 102/4 (RR: 6.00)

    • Shahid Afridi 10 (6b 1x4)
    • Umar Akmal 19 (20b 1x4)
    • RJ Sidebottom 3-0-22-0
    • MH Yardy 4-0-21-1

Vibhash hasn't been impressed by what he's seen: "I have never seen pakistani batsmen bat so unelegantly especially against if they are playing everything off the pitch...even England looked better in their 93 india tour." Here's Stuart Broad...


Broad to Shahid Afridi, no run, dropped tough chance back to the bowler in his follow through, Afridi clattered a slog off the toe-end back to Broad and it just hit his hands


Broad to Shahid Afridi, 2 runs, top fielding this! Luke Wright, bustling around the long-on boundary, dives and palms the ball back from the boundary edge after Afridi connected with an enormous mow


Broad to Shahid Afridi, no run, short and sharp from Broad, Afridi aimed another massive swish but missed


Broad to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, dropped! again, this time it was an easy chance, Afridi mistimed a slog down the ground and Luke Wright raced it and spilled the take


Broad to Umar Akmal, 2 runs, good shot by Umar this time, swatting it away for a couple


Broad to Umar Akmal, 1 run, well timed here again from Umar, getting deep into his crease and cutting firmly down to deep point

End of over 18 (6 runs) Pakistan 108/4 (RR: 6.00)

    • Umar Akmal 22 (22b 1x4)
    • Shahid Afridi 13 (10b 1x4)
    • SCJ Broad 3-0-25-0
    • RJ Sidebottom 3-0-22-0

Sidebottom to Umar Akmal, 1 run, Umar keeps trying the shot and can't quite pull it off, running outside off stump and trying to dink it round the corner, he connects well this time but picks out short fine leg


Sidebottom to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, these slower-ball bouncers are demon, Afridi again mistimes an attempted pull, ending up with an ugly mow that trickles away for one


Sidebottom to Umar Akmal, 1 run, Umar at it again, and it's similarly ineffective, ends up dobbing it looping one-bounce to short fine leg


Sidebottom to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, fuller ball, yorker length and this is actually timed very well down the ground for a single


Sidebottom to Umar Akmal, FOUR, shot! More conventional from Umar and it's paid dividends, skipping down the wicket and flicking to deep midwicket for a boundary, only the eighth of the innings


Sidebottom to Umar Akmal, 1 wide, very short, too short for the umpires' liking and that is the first extra of the innings, good work England


Sidebottom to Umar Akmal, 1 run, single to finish the over, banged in short and it skews away for one

End of over 19 (10 runs) Pakistan 118/4 (RR: 6.21)

    • Umar Akmal 29 (26b 2x4)
    • Shahid Afridi 15 (12b 1x4)
    • RJ Sidebottom 4-0-32-0
    • SCJ Broad 3-0-25-0

Broad to Umar Akmal, 2 runs, short ball that Umar manages to bully down the ground, some very good running from the captain means they get back for a second


Broad to Umar Akmal, 1 run, just a single this time as Umar times a cut shot well to deep cover


Broad to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, short again from Broad, into the body and cramping Afridi for room, he shoves down the ground for a single


Broad to Umar Akmal, 1 run, only a single here again, slugged away down the ground


Broad to Shahid Afridi, 1 leg bye, excellent over from Broad, he's completely sure of what he's trying to do, short and into Afridi's body, no room to swing his big arms and it comes off his back and squirts into the off side for a single


Broad to Umar Akmal, 2 runs, couple to finish, Umar getting deep into his crease and heaving to deep midwicket to finish the innings

Hard work that for Pakistan, they are probably 10 runs short of what they would have wanted but with the ball spinning a long way and getting a bit stuck in the pitch 126 is not as small a total as it looks first up. Gnasher has popped up with this gem of a stat: "First time Pakistan haven't hit a six in a Twenty20 International innings."

While I go in search of a cuppa Liam will takeover comms for the first half of England's chase.

End of over 20 (8 runs) Pakistan 126/4

    • Umar Akmal 35 (30b 2x4)
    • Shahid Afridi 16 (14b 1x4)
    • SCJ Broad 4-0-32-0
    • RJ Sidebottom 4-0-32-0





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