England v South Africa, 3rd Investec Test, Lord's, 1st day

England on top despite Duminy rally

The Report by David Hopps

August 16, 2012

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South Africa 262 for 7 (Duminy 61, Philander 46*) v England
Scorecard and ball-by-ball details

James Anderson celebrates removing Graeme Smith, England v South Africa, 3rd Investec Test, Lord's, 1st day, August 16, 2012
James Anderson was the pick of England's bowlers after South Africa chose to bat first © Getty Images

England put the brouhaha with Kevin Pietersen behind them, temporarily at least, with the third Test initially taking shape in their favour at Lord's as they fought for the series-levelling victory that they need to prevent South Africa seizing their position as the No 1-ranked Test side in the world.

England's captain, Andrew Strauss, whose statistical achievement in reaching his 100th Test had been largely submerged by the daily Pietersen soap opera, found comfort the moment that he donned his whites and took to the field again in a Lord's milieu that gives him a powerful sense of belonging. He was even caught laughing before the start of play with his coach, Andy Flower, and in recent days that has been a novelty.

This was not an England resurgence, but it was an England recovery of sorts, in which James Anderson led ther way on a day offering encouraging degrees of swing. South Africa lost half their side for 105, but they resisted gamely thereafter and Vernon Philander, whose reputation as an allrounder had previously permeated only South African domestic cricket, will resume the second day only four runs short of his maiden Test half-century. The day finished 14 balls early because of a floodlight failure - extensive enough for Lord's to be deemed innocent.

Were England eventually to succeed at Lord's, the rush to victory would be accompanied by an even greater rush to conclusions. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the Pietersen rumpus, England's pre-match assertions of the team ethic and the need for unity in his absence had an immediate effect. For the first time in the series, England had purpose in the field.

That they prospered, though, owed much to good fortune - including the most inexplicable umpiring decision of the summer; Steven Finn's dismissal of Jacques Kallis, a not-out decision that was reversed after England made use of the DRS system, understandably left South Africa aghast.

Kallis had made 3 when Finn's appeal for a catch down the leg side was turned down by umpire Kumar Dharmasena. England referred and their suspicions that the ball had flicked the glove were upheld. But Rod Tucker, the third umpire, overlooked the fact that Kallis' bottom hand had been withdrawn from the bat when the ball made contact with his glove.

The fault was not with DRS, which seemed to give Tucker all the evidence he needed to uphold Dharmasena's not-out decision, but with what seemed to be a defective conclusion based on the clear evidence available. There was no cause to override Dharmasena's decision. To interpret this as proof of technology's inadequacies is a wilful misinterpretation.

South Africa's frustrations over Kallis' dismissal were deepened by the fact that Alviro Petersen had fallen in similar fashion in Finn's previous over. Again the ball strayed down the leg side, again Finn had the good fortune to brush the glove, but again the bottom hand had been withdrawn from the bat by the time contact was made. The only difference on this occasion was that Petersen did not have the presence of mind to review the decision - an oversight he recognised as he saw the big-screen replay as he left the field.

Finn, preferred to Tim Bresnan on his home turf, had 3 for 22 in seven overs by lunch, but he operated below the standards he set in the ODI series against Australia and West Indies. His best moment came when he brought one back down the slope to bowl Hashim Amla between bat and pad.

It was a good toss for England to lose. They would not have dared to insert South Africa, but the weather was unsettled enough to encourage their fast bowlers. As Yohan Blake, Jamaica's silver medallist over 100 and 200m in the London Olympics, rang the five-minute bell, there was cause to expect England to be fast out of the blocks.

England had won six of their last seven Tests at Lord's. South Africa, however, have not lost here since their readmission to Test cricket and had dominated England with disciplined percentage cricket in the first two Tests.

Graeme Smith, South Africa's rock, fell in the ninth over, another complex decision as England needed to review Dharmasena's not-out decision to prove that the ball had struck Smith's outside edge as well as his bat scratching the ground.

Only AB de Villiers fell between lunch and tea. England lost their second umpiring review when de Villiers was 27, James Anderson failing with a marginal lbw decision as the ball did not quite hit in line, but de Villiers had not added to his score when he drove at Anderson and was held by Alastair Cook at third slip.

Graeme Swann, left out at Headingley, had bowled 52 overs against South Africa in the first Test at The Oval without reward, hindered by a long-standing elbow complaint. He returned, initially at the Nursery End, which did not help his turn, with a Jim Laker hairstyle and, uncharacteristically, a Jim Laker solemnity. The wicket of Jacques Rudolph for 42 in the third over after tea, a poor stroke as he tried to work the ball into the leg side, left him four wickets adrift of England's most celebrated offspinner.

JP Duminy grew from cautious beginnings to continue South Africa's resistance. There are times when a new ball takes wickets merely by the size of its reputation and his demise was one of those moments. He was 61 when England took the second new ball immediately at 235 for 6 and failed to add to that score as he fell to the third delivery, by Anderson.

It was a wide trundler, a ball of such little consequence that the shabbiest ball in a club kit bag could not have performed more inadequately and Duminy stretched to under-edge it to the wicketkeeper. It was a stretch was so unforgiveable that his next stretch should have been in Wormwood Scrubs.

Even Lord's itself then turned on South Africa, to no avail. The failure of two of the floodlights made batting conditions a little murkier (it also removed power for the media, which the ECB has yearned to do for more than a week) and MCC members variously stood up behind the arm to straighten a copy of The Guardian and don a lightweight jacket in a crafty bid for late wickets. When Steyn was struck on the chest, failing to pick up a short ball from Finn, and protested vehemently, enough was enough.

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Posted by JG2704 on (August 18, 2012, 8:14 GMT)

@Meety on (August 17 2012, 23:06 PM GMT) Yeah , maybe you're right. Obviously different levels. I'd have had him in my side and as I said before all but 1 (caught at 1st slip) of his wickets were bowled or lbw which says about his accuracy/consistency.

Posted by Meety on (August 17, 2012, 23:06 GMT)

@JG2704 - re: Onions, yes I posted on the article. It had shades of Hadlee v Oz in the 80s. Whilst I'm not 100% convinced with him, what a riposte! Can't do any better than that!

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 21:38 GMT)

@John Duchaussee on (August 17 2012, 19:08 PM GMT) Mate , check his comms on the story FORTUNE FINALLY TURNS http://www.espncricinfo.com/england-v-south-africa-2012/content/story/577727.html . You'll be even more confused

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 19:08 GMT)

@Cpt.Meanster. You have still not answered the question. What does your nationality have to do with your SUPPORTING or OPPOSING the DRS. That is the main issue. Don't lose the point.

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 15:32 GMT)

@cricky_lover on (August 17 2012, 10:49 AM GMT) Pieterson walked. Surely when you have the technology it is up to the batsman to review it if for whatever reason he thinks it's not out. So are you also saying by the same token that if a bowler does not review a close LBW decision and replay shows it was hitting the stumps then the bowler should get the wicket? Or that if a batsman fails to review an LBW decision where the ball is marginally missing he should remain? That's what the review system is all about. AP should have reviewed his dismissal , he didn't , his responsibility end of. As I said Kallis was a bad one as the 3rd umpire , based on the DRS technology got it badly wrong. That's an issue where the 3rd umpires capabilities need to be reviewed

Posted by bobmartin on (August 17, 2012, 11:58 GMT)

@Posted by Sun25 on (August 17 2012, 09:23 AM GMT)

"Kallis's dismissal has been wrongly recorded in the scorecard. The third umpire actually gave hem out "Handled the Ball"!!" You must be joking.. According to Law 33... to be out Handled the Ball the handling must be wilful... and no-one in their right mind could claim Kallis handled the ball wilfully...

Posted by DeathKnell on (August 17, 2012, 10:49 GMT)

@JG2704 on (August 17 2012, 08:53 AM GMT) - thats the whole point I am trying to make... why this blame game.. when u have technology & when u can spot what exactly is an incorrect decision, then why not correct it.. these rules are made by men (not by someone from heaven), so why not make it robust to take out the chances of human error.. on-field umpire made an error (as Petersen's glove was not in contact) and the technology captures this long before the play is resumed.. so why is nt the rule allowing the batsman to continue...to me, u can minimise human errors to a bigger extent by tuning these rules..else it is nothing but a mockery and not in the right spirit...

Posted by ashes61 on (August 17, 2012, 9:43 GMT)

Further to my post a minute ago (if published) not only may the onfield umpire have made two mistakes in one ball (rather than getting such a difficult decision right against the odds), Tucker's conversation with the onfield ump was heard and described (but not relayed in detail) by the TMS team at the time.They never indicated Tucker even mentioned the detached glove, nor did it ever occur to them.This might be considered all the more remarkable, as when that ball was about to be bowled they were still ruminating over the dismissal a few minutes earlier of Alviro Peterson, in which the glove may have been off the bat. In over 50 years of playing (still!) & watching cricket, although knowing the rule, the only similar incident I can recall was the Kaprowicz dismissal in 2005.Yet here we had two identical controversies just a few minutes apart! Regardless of how important the match or how unlucky the batsman feels, his duty is to march off promptly without the SLIGHTEST demur. Fine him.

Posted by ashes61 on (August 17, 2012, 9:31 GMT)

Still haven't had a chance to see the incident, but heard it live on TMS.They watched the replays from every angle in slo-mo & saw the negative hotpsot result According to the TMS team at the time, some camera angles gave no indication of it hitting the glove, but just ONE did. They felt the 3rd umpire would give it on the strength of that one, as it was fairly clear, even though they were puzzled (& had reservations about) the lack of a hotspot mark. They recognised it was a huge (but right) decision to overturn the onfield ump. However, they ONLY ever considered & discussed whether the ball had touched glove or not. At NO stage - even after reviewing umpteen slo-mos - did anyone even consider the possibility the glove was off the bat. If they could miss this after so many attempts, was Tucker's error so glaring?And, from 22 yds, surely the onfield ump's decision was due to believing there was no glove contact at all, rather than seeing both contact & detached glove?Wrong twice?

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 9:25 GMT)

How come, no one is commenting on the match referee. He is sitting in the same cabin as the third umpire. Being a Senior professional, can he not guide the blundering / floundering third umpires, before they dish out such obviously ridiculous decisions, which even a school level cricketer can see with naked eyes? What are these guys being paid for? Some times such foolhardy can affect the ultimate result of a match / series / or something bigger the teams are playing for. Are they not bothered?

Posted by Sun25 on (August 17, 2012, 9:23 GMT)

Kallis's dismissal has been wrongly recorded in the scorecard. The third umpire actually gave hem out "Handled the Ball"!!

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 9:19 GMT)

@frontfootlunge judging by your assessment of the dismissal you are at the same level as Mr Tucker.....

Posted by etekwini on (August 17, 2012, 9:17 GMT)

yeah right - England on top - who are your'll kidding - had SA 104/5 and could not finish them off - how in earth do your'll deduce that they are on top. Watch Steyn make a 50 - then talk!!

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 9:14 GMT)

@RandyOz. Tucker is an Australian. Does he live anywhere near your neighborhood. Educate him. If he can't be educated, give him an ear-full. Do it for me, please.

Posted by Chris_P on (August 17, 2012, 8:59 GMT)

@TheJester79. Just shakes my head. Tucker made the decision based on what he thought was right, the fact is, he stuffed up in our opinion. Again I will repeat, human error is a natural occurrence! DRS far outweighs the negatives with a myriad of correct decisions, That is what is to be considered. The use of DRS brings us closer to total correct decisions. Think about it, man. All the positives of DRS vs. the rare negative. Is it that hard to comprehend?

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 8:55 GMT)

@SurlyCynic on (August 16 2012, 20:10 PM GMT) It was just a post to say that these things often even themselves out.

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 8:55 GMT)

@Cpt.Meanster on (August 16 2012, 20:01 PM GMT) Taylor would stay, Prior would bat at 6 , Woakes at 7 ,then Broad,Swann,Jimmy (Finn or Onions). I'd love to get Onions in there and maybe would have had him in there instead of Finn. I'd even have been tempted to go all out and have Broad at 7 and squeeze both Onions and Finn in there which would weaken the batting but considerably strengthen bowling.

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 8:55 GMT)

@CSKftw on (August 16 2012, 21:28 PM GMT) It is surely also up to the teams to use them more wisely if they use them up early and that includes England. The 1 thing I would change is on umpires call on LBWs where the umpire gives the batsman not out is if it's clipping the stumps the umpires call remains but the bowling team does not lose a review as it's unfair on the bowling side if the ball is actually clipping the stumps. The other problem with multiple reviews is it eats more into the game and they can be used tactically. I mean a batting side trying to save a game could just review decisions purely to eat into the time and likewise a bowling side defending a target in a tight finish

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 8:54 GMT)

@Meety on (August 16 2012, 23:48 PM GMT) Thanks bud. Yes the 2 wkts were lucks but at the same time that's sometimes the way it goes. Finn deserved AB's wkt after the working over he gave him but Jimmy got him. Swann was lucky with Rudolph's dismissal but how many times did our seamers beat the edge in the last session? Swings and roundabouts. PS I see we have a new junkster from your neck of the woods. PPS did you see what Onions did at Durham yesterday? GRRRRRH

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 8:54 GMT)

@Chris_P on (August 17 2012, 01:43 AM GMT) Thanks bud. If our batting line up looked as good as it did last year I'd be happier. If we were facing the Indian bowlers from last year I'd be happier. And - this is probably my biggest point - if we had the momentum I'd be happier. SA have gone from 54-4/105-5/163-6 to 262-6. If it had been the case of SA GOING FROM 100-0 T0 175-2 TO 262-7 then I'd say it was more a case of England's day.

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 8:54 GMT)

@satish619chandar on (August 17 2012, 03:01 AM GMT) Did I read somewhere that he was the same guy who had a bad time in SL/Pak series?

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 8:53 GMT)

@sweet2hrme on (August 17 2012, 03:51 AM GMT) Re Gayle decision - absolute rubbish. From most angles it looked indecipherable and from 1 or 2 it looked as if it hit the pad slightly before the bat. Because there was not clear evidence to overturn it the umpires decision stayed.

Posted by JG2704 on (August 17, 2012, 8:53 GMT)

@cricky_lover on (August 17 2012, 08:12 AM GMT) Kallis was a bad one - no hiding from that. Pieterson was different in that it was given out by the umpire and he did not review it. If he does not review it and try to use DRS to his advantage then he has no one but himself to blame

Posted by bobmartin on (August 17, 2012, 8:47 GMT)

@Posted by IndiaNumeroUno on (August 17 2012, 06:21 AM GMT)

@bobmartin: why waste time and money on DRS when humans can make an error directly!

I see... things have changed then from "technology is not 100%" to the third umpire can make mistakes too... Keep going... you'll eventually find an excuse for India's refusal to adopt the system that can stand up to 100% scutiny..

Posted by mthi4life on (August 17, 2012, 8:39 GMT)

The Kallis decision was a shocker,South Africa must prove how good they are by bowling England out bellow 400.If they can do that,then they can win the Series.

Posted by t20-2007 on (August 17, 2012, 8:38 GMT)

England hav conspired to make a swinging wicket and coupled with some faulty decision...they r feeling to be on top on day 1 but take my words these things will bite them back.My prediction..... Eng 1st innings bundled under 100.

Posted by rickyvoncanterbury on (August 17, 2012, 8:38 GMT)

why is it that South Africans The English and Australians like the drs, yet all of india are making comments about the drs in a game between SA V Eng, I do not think it should be a problem for indian supporters as i am sure one day cartwheeling stumps will smash the cameras.

Posted by mthi4life on (August 17, 2012, 8:38 GMT)

The Kallis decision was a shocker,South Africa must prove how good they are by bowling England out bellow 400.If they can do that,then they can win the Series.

Posted by keptalittlelow on (August 17, 2012, 8:37 GMT)

No one has any justification in pointing a finger at DRS, it worked superbly. No doubt It was really very sad to see Two SA top batsmen given out in this manner, by human error. I suppose this is the only manner England could have dominated this Test.

Posted by yoohoo on (August 17, 2012, 8:19 GMT)

M S Dhoni about DRS - "Adulteration of technology with human thinking is bad"

BTW, those saying there was no fault of DRS. DRS includes both the technology and the process. It is the "Decision Review System", and not the "Decision Review Technology". So, in this case the system was at fault. This has been the problem with DRS from day-1. The technology might have been usable if it wan't for its numb-headed implementation in DRS.

Posted by DeathKnell on (August 17, 2012, 8:12 GMT)

@Front-Foot-Lunge - yes, Kallis was clearly out, if only his thumb was 20cm long..... what about Petersen? why not the rule & technology say that he is not out & allow him play..the rules are so much tweaked that it only adds frustration & not sportsmanship.. DRS or No-DRS or whatever, no incorrect decisions should be entertained..there is so much hullabaloo when a player commits error (inten or unint), but whats the yardstick for umpires..they make (stupid) decisions that change the result of the game..

Posted by rickyvoncanterbury on (August 17, 2012, 8:10 GMT)

@Front-Foot-Lunge its your lucky day mate, one of those mediocre teams will be batting at lords today.

Posted by bouncedout on (August 17, 2012, 8:06 GMT)


You are a funny guy albeit somewhat out of touch with reality.

The aus team are very poor at the moment and have been for some time. the chances of them beating either SA or Eng are no existent.

You keep on supporting SA as it is the only way you will taste success for the next ten years.

have you seen the Aus squad for the T20 world cup!! ha ha Cameron White arf arf

Posted by Smithie on (August 17, 2012, 7:52 GMT)

As the DRS controversy continues to rage how about an update from the ICC on their presentation of the Cambridge UNI based study on ball tracking to Mr Srinivasan and the BCCI?. This was supposed to occur recently but it has gone eerily quiet. ( has he not found a slot in his diary like the time a few years ago when he agreed to visit Aus during the Indian tour to see DRS in operation but then was a "no show") Why has the ICC not given the role of checking for a front foot no ball to the 3rd umpire for every delivery. That may improve umpires overall decision making and reduce the need for DRS reviews. Application of some basic logic can assist the cricket community through this DRS maze to have results decided by player skills rather than umpires errors.

Posted by Brenton1 on (August 17, 2012, 7:50 GMT)

@Front-Foot-Lunge: I agree that Kallis glove was touching the bat. Just a pity the ball hit his other hand that wasnt holding the bat. SA has plenty on the board. If England get good batting and good bowling conditions when SA bat again then the game will be competitive. If they get poor batting conditions SA will wrap this up by day 4.

Posted by jmcilhinney on (August 17, 2012, 7:30 GMT)

akpy on (August 17 2012, 06:24 AM GMT), because it's not an inconsistency. It's an acknowledgement of the need for a margin of error in predicted paths. It's saying "this is where the ball would have gone, +/- half the width of the ball". If less than half of the ball is shown to be hitting the stumps by HawkEye then you cannot say, within that margin of error, that the ball would definitely have hit the stumps so you have no definitive evidence to overrule the on-field umpire. If at least half the ball is shown to be hitting the stumps by HawkEye then, even if it is half the width of the ball off the real path, you still know that some part of the ball would have hit the stumps so you do have definitive evidence to overrule. This has been explained over and over on TV (although maybe not on Indian TV) and in these comments so, if you don't already understand that it's perfectly logical then I doubt that you will now either.

Posted by MKV_Assessment on (August 17, 2012, 7:26 GMT)

Still its a long way to go for English Batting Line Up. Remember no KP. and Friday is mostly humid and cloud. So if ENG bowl out SA early by lunch say, and if SA can bring 7 down by end of 2nd day's play (assuming the clouds and humidity and skills of Philander, Morkel and Steyn fire).. then on Saturday SA can capitalize.... As Saturday seems the best day for batting.... Test match seems nicely poised at this time... SA have to break Cook, Strauss & Trott... if these three go, then ENG looks vulnerable.

Posted by Chesty-la-roux on (August 17, 2012, 7:11 GMT)

Perhaps Graham Smith and Alan Donald should have gone into the England dressing room at lunch time and asked Strauss to withdraw the appeal against Kallis. I am sure that is something Strauss would appreciate and commend them for. Or perhaps Smith and Donald prefer to play cricket in the correct spirit and accept the umpires decisions, even the bad ones, and get on with it, .

Posted by cric_fan123 on (August 17, 2012, 7:10 GMT)

People saying BCCI is against it forget the reason they are doing so: 1. Dhoni said DRS is adulteration of human and technology. Even with all what Hotspot/Hawkeye gives out; it is open to intepretation of the umpire.Something which is evident with this decision. 2. India suffered Mendis during the SL tour. Something which the Poms got a taste of in UAE. Margina LBW decisions go against the batsman cause "everything falls in line". It was the Poms commentators saying "umpire dint used give these marginal decisions but now they do. Reason: they know DRS will back them up." So how is BCCI wrong in wanting to having a good system.

Posted by cric_fan123 on (August 17, 2012, 7:04 GMT)

I find it funny when people say that Tucker's decision is not a reflection on DRS. They completely forget DRS is a Review System wherein Umpire is a part too. It is not a program which gives out/not out decision on its own. If the reviewer cannot effectively "review" decisions, the system is a failure. As said in the article "To interpret this as proof of technology's inadequacies is a wilful misinterpretation"; completely agree to it (my interpretation: technology: Hotspot/Hawkeye). There is no question that technoloy is correct/adqeuate. Rather DRS system failure stems from "reviewers" themselves. Either they don't understand what is expected out of them/they are not completely aware how to use it.

Posted by vibhs2327 on (August 17, 2012, 6:43 GMT)

u talk about accepting all theww decisions as a part of game then may i know who ran to dhoni and fletcher when IAN BELL was run out and accepted his mistakes tht he was not aware and dhoni displayed rite sportsman spirit and u say tht eng accepts everything but really umpires should be taught to use drs and must b punished like players if they make a mistake

Posted by Hira1 on (August 17, 2012, 6:33 GMT)

kallis is very lucky to have that much attention though its not necessary he would have played a long innings if he some how survived that decision as the ball was swinging a lot that time plus we seen AB survived an lbw call just because umpire gave him not out but didn't stayed for long .....luck, is what you need in cricket and its one day favors you but favors other the next day, good team are those who rise above it and make out against any opportunities they get ....all said and done England against all odds are in a position to wrap up SA under 275 in the morning but still long way to go for them, for us England need to loose in 4 day time to have KP back in the side for T20 world cup

Posted by karthik_raja on (August 17, 2012, 6:26 GMT)

Many here, seems to misunderstand BCCI stand on DRS. BCCI never opposed DRS. They oppose it only in its current format. Esp, the hawkeye predicting the path. If they r very much opposed to DRS, they wudnt hv accepted for DRS 4 Eng tour. BCCI is very clear in its stance. Like Dhoni said, its an adulteration of human brain & technology. Either u go by technology r go by human thinking. There hv been many instances in DRS history wr technology is not evident and still onfield decision in overturned(like today's). So, if u r not going to believe tech, wts the use in investing so much on it.? Btw, I am not completely against Review system. Review system is not must(system was gud even b4 DRS) bt, certainly a value addition. All i need is some logical changes in DRS. Use just normal replays(may b high resolution cameras) and almost all certain howlers will b eradicated. I am sure BCCI will be up for it too.

Posted by akpy on (August 17, 2012, 6:24 GMT)

Rod Tucker was hailed as the bravest umpire by Nasser Hussain, etc on air when he gave sachin LBW on 91 at Oval and replays showed the ball just clipping the stumps..they said things like 'he cant walk streets of mumbai safely, etc' in jest or as a banter surely, but i am sure indians were not thrilled...and yet, if tucker had said not out, then it would have stayed not out as per the way 'clipping of stumps' is decided in DRS...so, one batsman can be out but other may not be, when both balls were shown as clipping the stumps...yet, DRS is hailed...what is wrong if BCCI does not want to accept it with such inconsistencies?

Posted by Jack_Tka on (August 17, 2012, 6:23 GMT)

If a team is 55/4 and then goes on to 262/7, then I believe that the bowling hasn't done its job preperly. Add to that Philander's 40 and Kallis's OUT. Surely, luck has favoured the English in the beginning. But its not all luck: Finn and Anderson bowled beautifully. Most probably SA would reach 300 max, and then England's struggle would start batting against Steyn and co.. I think post the second session of Day 2, the swing factor will be out(by that time SA will be all out), and SA could get some quick wickets only on Day 3. This test will have a result other than a Draw.

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 6:22 GMT)

Love how Cricinfo decides to dedicate one full paragraph to defend DRS. If Srinivasan is proved right, and there indeed are beneficiaries of the use of this technology, Cricinfo and ESPN might be one of those.

Posted by India_ANY_track_bully on (August 17, 2012, 6:21 GMT)

@bobmartin: why waste time and money on DRS when humans can make an error directly!

Posted by India_ANY_track_bully on (August 17, 2012, 6:21 GMT)

DRS is supposed to eliminate howlers not create them. What a waste of time and money!

Posted by Front-Foot-Lunge on (August 17, 2012, 6:15 GMT)

Those vanquished and whitewashed by England remain ever jealous of their success. Kallis's glove was clearly touching the bat. South Africa shouldn't stoop to the levels of the likes of Australia on the whining front. When your back's against the wall, kicking, screaming, moaning or whinging does your cause no good. Kallis was clearly out.

Posted by ganesh1024 on (August 17, 2012, 6:13 GMT)

it is really interesting,when the on-field umpire rules as not out,and when the t v umpire does not see any evidence how on the earth do you dare to give that out? this is not the first time it has happened in recent times.now-a-days,openly speaking,the umpires are making many mind-based calculations.this incident is thinkable as the umpire telling"mates are you happy with my decision?" .one country in sorrow ,one enjoying the wildcard decision maker's luxury.the umpire gives his own decision to soothe relationship between his and his rival country.very cool for a native fan,very bad for cricket.in my view,time and again there are a lot of interesting umpiring decisions made.there is technology but is there integrity for an on-field or off field umpire to give un-biased decisions?forget and forgive all-the match is evenly poised now because both teams have got their best players out of the scene.one not playing,one suffering a mysterious decision.

Posted by bobmartin on (August 17, 2012, 5:49 GMT)

One more thought about DRS.. Don't you find it strange that the opponents of the system state that they are quite prepared to accept human errors by the on-field umpires .. yet raise hell when a human makes an error in interpreting the evidence in a DRS situation.. Talk about hypocrisy.

Posted by IndiaNeedsBowlers on (August 17, 2012, 5:49 GMT)

@Marcio - Since you have observed a lot of things, how come you missed the miss use of DRS in England. Twice it is the Third umpire and not technology that has lead DRS down and both times it has happened in England. The problem is when those who call themselves fair (cheat) in the guise of fearness. I honestly believe that when you don't want people to complain about wrong decisions with DRS, why do you want to have DRS. Just live with the decisions of the Umpires.

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 5:44 GMT)

I thought umpires also have primitive technologies like a 2 way radio. Are they not supposed to consult? Can Dharmasena not told tucker that he did not give it out, as the hand was off the bat? Or, Tucker does not know the law well enough?

Posted by CustomKid on (August 17, 2012, 5:35 GMT)

Have to say it was a great day's cricket baring some horrid umpiring. I must say that when an umpire makes a call like that, they really need to face a review panel and be made to miss test matches or be demoted to first class level for a period of time. Under performing players face that situation why not umpires? Tucker & Davis are shocking and that is coming from an Aussie.

A very even day with ENG perhaps marginally in front. They really let the foot of the South Africans throat at 105/5. If conditions remain as they are for the ENG batting they'll have an equally tough time of it with the stick in their hands.

This position reminds me of the SA tour of AU in 2008/9 when they won a series for the first time on AU shores. We had them on toast at the MCG step up Steyn 76 and JP Duminy 166 to steal the game away from us and putting on 200+ I think it was. ENG will want to wrap the tail up very quickly or they're in for a world of pain.

Game on and come on you SAFFAS.

Posted by jonesy2 on (August 17, 2012, 5:22 GMT)

oh and i forgot to mention they are only in the game because of the umpire stuff ups (plural). kallis and peterson should still be batting

Posted by Harry_Kool on (August 17, 2012, 5:22 GMT)

@Jarryd Hale, The whole idea of cricket is when you get a chance, whether it is a dropped catch or a review system go your way, you try to make the best of it!

Posted by jonesy2 on (August 17, 2012, 5:18 GMT)

south africa's day no question. smith should have bowled first those conditions dont get better for bowling. how poor are england especially their bowling couldnt even bowl the side out if SA had bowled first england would have been all out by tea at the latest. the next 2 ashes series are going to be at least 6-0 combined to australia if england cant find some bowlers who bowl over medium pace

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 5:17 GMT)

Shall we just say that DRS is an expensive and time-consuming way of making human errors? Ironically, only the richest board is opposing it.

Posted by Ulcer on (August 17, 2012, 5:06 GMT)

After a brilliant start England have now lost it. They should have bowled SA under 200. Instead SA are 262/7 and i am sure that they will get well over 300 by lunch today. Starting from the third test against WI they have not been able to clean up the tail cheaply and it has cost them dearly. Same thing will happen in this match as well.

Posted by robheinen on (August 17, 2012, 5:05 GMT)

Again 'the machine' as we may well call the complete effort England put to work to win matches has operated smoothly. An on field umpire making a wrong call. A third umpire making a wrong call. How can you win matches in this way? It's starting to look like the matches I played in, where the batting team supplies the umpires. Man, they were tough matches, but at least both teams got their turn at umpiring. Here the forces are too big to overcome.

Posted by Crick.lover on (August 17, 2012, 5:05 GMT)

DRS has to be used in test cricket and the sooner the BCCI accept it the better! With high def TV, ultra slo mo, snicko, hawkeye and hotspot, every mistake the on-field umpires make gets seen by everyone watching and instead of the odd howler via DRS, there would possibly be half a dozen every test! In the past the umpires decisions could not have been scrutinised so closely, so nobody really knew how many bad decisions were made - today, not so. MattyP1979 - do you have to constantly make such spiteful comments?? Am I happy Kallis was incorrectly give out - NO - I personally would have loved to watch this great cricketer post a big score.

Posted by TheJester79 on (August 17, 2012, 4:38 GMT)

@Chris_P "Everyone focusses on one error, yet no one states all the incorrect ones that have been righted" Fact is Chris there shouldnt have been an error, thats what the DRS system is for right? Its an action replay for crying out loud, my blind gran could made the right decision!

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 4:34 GMT)

@bobmartin If Indians were opposed to technology in cricket then they would try and make sure that every series that they play in does not have a 3rd umpire. What the BCCI feels is probably that the way the evidence is interpreted should be standardized. The BCCI would welcome on-field umpires checking in with the 3rd umpire to confirm whether or not a decision they make is correct / wrong. I feel that decisions should be taken ONLY by an umpire, WITHOUT the interference of players.

Posted by csr11 on (August 17, 2012, 4:10 GMT)

"They don't make excuses, & know that 'bad luck' & decisions going against you are just part of the game." @marcio.. remember flower and straus running with a petition to the indian team room to overturn the decision on baby bell..

Posted by jmcilhinney on (August 17, 2012, 3:55 GMT)

I'd say honours for the day to England on balance but SA are in a much stronger position that it looked like they might be at one stage. Excellent rear-guard action from Rudolph, Duminy and Philander. England bowled generally well and deserved most of those wickets, even if it wasn't always the best deliveries that got them. Despite the diabolical decision going against Kallis, this innings shows that the SA batsmen are not the immovable objects that some would have had us believe. Whether or not the SA bowlers are an irresistible force remains to be seen.

Posted by rahul0486 on (August 17, 2012, 3:52 GMT)

It's strange how even veteran writers have become so over-defensive for DRS...."To interpret this as proof of technology's inadequacies is a wilful misinterpretation"...a clarification well in advance before anybody could say anything about DRS...my concern is not India opposing DRS...they'll always do it unless and until they feel technology is 100% accurate.....my concern is why the boards of the other teams are behaving like spineless organizations....if u can't stand against a problem...don't crib about it...it doesn't get simple than that...

Posted by sweet2hrme on (August 17, 2012, 3:51 GMT)

@DRS vs Third Umpire. The mistake is not the first time. If you remember the ODI match b/w Eng vs W Indies, Mr Kumar Dharamsena was third umpire and he gave Chris Gayle out. On replay it is clear that ball hit bat first than pat but he thought otherwise. So they do give poor decision time to time. I think ICC need to think on that ????? Before giving such controversal decision if they can take expert commentators opinion that will help. I think ICC should give voting rites to expert commentators also.

Posted by phaedrus81 on (August 17, 2012, 3:29 GMT)

"They don't make excuses, & know that 'bad luck' & decisions going against you are just part of the game."

@Marcio -- Ohh you mean just like when England's captain caused a minor crisis in Pakistan? I agree that was him explaining in a calm and collected manner that he was accepting that decisions going against you are just part of the game :D

Posted by phaedrus81 on (August 17, 2012, 3:21 GMT)

"Only 1 regressive cricketing country is holding back the game by opposing it - b/c it thinks it is above the game & other playing nations"

@Marcio- Yes, Only one cricketing country is actually questioning a new system and asking for proper vetting before being introduced at the highest level.. a fairly reasonable request I would say.

If the BCCI thinks it is above the game, that would be stupid, but it is better than ECB who have just in the last few days delivered a masterclass in double standards, deceit and discrimination if I have ever seen it. I doubt even the BCCI could have reached this level of incompetence and vindictiveness. The picture of judge, jury and executioner all come to mind. Now I have a glimpse of what the back room politics must have been in the 80s and the early 90s when the world game was run by the stuffies at the ECB. Thank god the BCCI now has the financial muscle to chart its own course.

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 3:17 GMT)

England making the best of umpiring decision as always. England rely too much on pretty boys that attend the right schools these days.

Posted by Ashish_514 on (August 17, 2012, 3:16 GMT)

So now we are going to have a DRS for DRS. 1 review for each team please.

Posted by Marcio on (August 17, 2012, 3:11 GMT)

Those saying SA choked obviously didn't watch the game. This is a good score in the conditions, which were perfect for the Eng seamers. SA did well to keep fighting when the chips were down, & after the dreadul Kallis decision. Bad teams/players with a victim mentality (e.g. Kohli's antics on the Australian tour) would just spit the dummy, with equally immature supporters screaming "cheats!". That's what I like about SA/ENG/AUS. They don't make excuses, & know that 'bad luck' & decisions going against you are just part of the game. Take the 1st test in India vs AUS two years ago. AUS said nothing, even though they lost a test by one wicket they deserved to win because of poor umpiring & Laxman being allowed a runner in both innings when he came into the game injured - he won the game b/c he was able to sit at the crease & score without exerting himself. But someone noticed (nobody in India, that's for sure), as the administrators changed the rule for runnners not long after.

Posted by MattyP1979 on (August 17, 2012, 3:04 GMT)

RandyOZ. The only joke in cricket is the Aus batting card. And their bowling.....and fielding. The biggest joke in sport is Aus collection of Olympic medals lol.

Posted by adkashish on (August 17, 2012, 3:01 GMT)

Indeed, this has nothing to do with DRS technology. Kumar Dharmasena must have thought that the ball hadnt touched the gloves on the way to the keeper, thus gave a not out decision, but as it got reviewed, 3rd umpire Tucker simply looked at the evidence and found it otherwise and hence overturned it. On field umpires often rely on the sound and also batsman's gesture for most caught behind decisions, Kallis never looked like he had nicked and also Dharmasena didnt have any means to figure if the ball had indeed touched the glove at the time of appeal (he's got to be superhuman if he saw the glove leaving the handle while the ball touched it)

Posted by satish619chandar on (August 17, 2012, 3:01 GMT)

Well.. A good day of cricket.. SA's perseverance to play 7 batsmen saved them mostly and also, allowing their lower order to practice well in the warmup's also helped a bit.. For England, it is a very good day but they wouldn't be that happy like they were at lunch at the end of the day.. Would have taken 262-7 at the start of the day but certainly not at the lunch time.. If Philander and Steyn can pass them through 300, it would be a good score on this track.. We did see some sort of assistance to the bowlers but usually in England, it assists bowlers in good condition and if sun is out, it turns out flat.. The lucky team will get favorable condition for them.. No point in commenting on the misuse of DRS.. Time for ICC to step up and provide the guidelines and punish the umpire.. If Gibson/Bravo can be punished for commenting on DRS, why not umpire for not using the tech properly?

Posted by Marcio on (August 17, 2012, 2:59 GMT)

While this was the most ridicuous mistake ever using DRS, DRS is obviously an important part of the game, & only 1 regressive cricketing country is holding back the game by opposing it - b/c it thinks it is above the game & other playing nations. You don't judge the success of something by taking its worst example & declaring that it exemplifies the entirety of the thing. If so, we'd ban plane flights because planes crash once in a blue moon. As for the game, it is evenly poised. 300 would be a good score in these conditions, which were extremely difficult. Why SA batted is beyond me. Anyone who has followed the Eng team recently can see that the attack depends heavily on weather conditions: great when its cloudy/drizzling, mostly impotent when its dry. The SA attack would have had a field day bowling. Much will now depend on the weather tomorrow. This could be like the 2009 Ashes, with Eng outplayed 75% of the series, but somehow winning (drawing in this case).

Posted by TheIndiaRockers on (August 17, 2012, 2:58 GMT)

Oh man this is the way england can win the match... It is very itight discision even a small doubt should be favoured to the batsman here it is totally opposite. 1st give the proper training to umpires. Even a common man can give a proper decision by watich TV. It is a match turning decision some how tailender saved the day.......Come Saffers still i have a hope SA can give a fightback strongly in their bowling dept....Best wishes to SA...

Posted by binojpeter on (August 17, 2012, 2:57 GMT)

This is got to be the funniest joke I have ever heard. On field umpire make a split decision that batsman is not out. TV umpire after looking multiple times on TV overturns the on-field umpire's decision only to find that his decision was wrong.

Posted by phaedrus81 on (August 17, 2012, 2:34 GMT)

"And Finn looks awesome, a future great"

LOLZZZ ... One of the more funnier comments in here.

Posted by abdulahadjawaid on (August 17, 2012, 2:32 GMT)

DRS is there to give a review to dismissal. If third umpire turns it down, it's obviously the umpire's fault not DRS'. Umpires' performances should be strictly reviewed as I don't see any level of umpiring these days as it used to be

Posted by phaedrus81 on (August 17, 2012, 2:29 GMT)


Indeed.. it shows us that we probably need a DR-DRS to monitor the DRS system as well. I think teams should get 2 reviews to ask for a review of the review. Once the third umpire gives the verdict, that should be reviewable too. That would definitely eliminate all these howlers. This is not the only one, I forget which match and which teams were involved but someone was given incorrectly stumped despite clear evidence.

Posted by RandyOZ on (August 17, 2012, 2:26 GMT)

England saved by the umpires yet again. It seriously is beyond a joke now

Posted by phaedrus81 on (August 17, 2012, 2:16 GMT)

"To interpret this as proof of technology's inadequacies is a wilful misinterpretation."

Woahhh.. A solid front foot defence if there ever was one :D Hopps is trying to smother the ball before it even gets a chance to spin ehh. And I see it isn't just Hoppsy but the other English writers are mounting a solid defence of the howler.

DRS stands for the entire system. This was a howler if there ever was one and is a failure for the DRS system as a whole regardless of the spin put on it. Let's not dress it up one way or the other. If it wasn't for the DRS in the case of Kallis the correct decision would have stayed. Similarly, if it wasn't for the DRS the incorrect decision w.r.t Smith would have stayed. One howler averted and another one created. Brilliant !!

Posted by Sunil_Batra on (August 17, 2012, 2:15 GMT)

Macca_mac is correct, please take Rod Tucker out of the international panel, terrible umpiring

Posted by MattyP1979 on (August 17, 2012, 2:14 GMT)

I will not say the choke word because saying choke could lead chokely choke SA to choke. Choking now might lead to more choking later.

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 2:06 GMT)

It is a disgrace that the third umpire made that unbelievably bad call on Kallis- what is the purpose of the third umpire? Surely to review the call with the aid of the video- what was he looking at? He should be removed from this Test match and any future tests

Posted by Chris_P on (August 17, 2012, 1:43 GMT)

@ JG2704. Pretty good summary, Am waiting for day 2 play which should define the way the match will progress. The Boks can do anything from here, but their history in these situations should be encouraging for you guys. I hope wombats is recovering well & the result perks him up, all the best to you old boy, if you're reading this.

Posted by Chris_P on (August 17, 2012, 1:38 GMT)

@RogerC. Lucky you don't run a betting agency, you would be broke. DRS is here to stay, every country has it except India, so it's only a matter of time. As stated earlier, DRS has corrected dozens of incorrect decisions over its own failings by a huge number. Everyone focusses on one error, yet no one states all the incorrect ones that have been righted.And no human, not one, has the capacity to be correct every time, even cricket umpires! Yes, it's true! Unbelievable isn't it? Not one human being can be correct every time! I am in awe that so many can comment on cricket when they have had little to no indulgence in having played it.

Posted by MattyP1979 on (August 17, 2012, 1:18 GMT)

Eng day no doubt. Weather looks good for tommorow and although it should still swing, Eng after day 1 are in front. Although it is always early to comment until both sides have a bat, if SA lower order can produce the goods it bodes well. As for the DRS decision it is unlucky, but 62000 plays and misses are also deemed unlucky so....

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 1:17 GMT)

Kallis decision, exemplifies what Dhoni aptly described as "Technology adulterated by human judgement". Incidentally, it is not Dhoni, but a much bigger player in his team, who is against the use of DRS. Of course, the Board and the rest of the players will go along with him! Since, his stature is SO big. After he retires, things may change. But.... what is the use... if we get umpires like the one who took the Kallis decision.

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 1:14 GMT)

Half of the below are idiots.......Kallis decision has nothing to do with DRS.....these people are missing a thing known as common sense....

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 1:09 GMT)

3 Cheers to Middlesex, 3 Cheers to Lancashire and 1 Cheer to Nottinghamshire! Well done English-boys! Half in jest, let me ask, would Starussy allow his opposite number to relaxer Imran Tahir with Kevin Pietersen, at this stage?

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 1:02 GMT)

What a support for DRS an veiled attack at those who oppose it. Indeed no one in his right mind would reject DRS totally but these errors show that the game is better of without them. If DRS is to erase umpiring errors, who will correct the erring third umpire? Why cant we use an UMPIRE's DRS? "Wilfull misinterpretation" of the inadequacy of the DRS? Please realise that the DR system is not yet foll proof. The use of technology and still decisions like these leave a more annoying lump in the throat rather than a human error or even blunder. The game is better of without these awful technologies and the way in which they are implemented. If you are in the wrong end of the decisions, so be it. The course of this match could depend on these decisions and that may determine who is No. 1. Do we need such controversies to the game? Well, some obviously think so.

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 1:01 GMT)

i wish nz could bat out a day

Posted by unregisteredalien on (August 17, 2012, 0:51 GMT)

@CrickFan82, I can't believe I have to point this out, but if we had that system Tendulkar would remain not out for the rest of his career.

Posted by jr1972 on (August 17, 2012, 0:37 GMT)

@CrickFan82, give credit where credit is due. Everybody on this blog has stated that the decision was poor at best and many of the comments have been posted by England fans. Did you hear the comments made by the Sky team? They all panned the decision. Once again and for your benefit mate, human error and not technology were to blame. Despite obvious bias and allegiances true cricket fans want the correct decision made regardless of who benefits and I too was disappointed that Kallis was given out.

Posted by legsidewide on (August 17, 2012, 0:17 GMT)

3rd umpires tend to favour England. Just look at what Billy Bowden did in their series against Pakistan in the UAE

Posted by subbass on (August 17, 2012, 0:14 GMT)

We'd have got him out soon enough anyway, his Lords batting record is woeful.

Posted by thebrotherswaugh on (August 17, 2012, 0:13 GMT)

You can pencil in a few more 'marginal' decisions when the Poms finally get their chance to bat (after the record partnership by twin centurions Philander & Steyn), decisions that will be to the detriment of the Saffers, of course. But they'll overcome this adversity & show the Barmy Army (aka the Cricketing Illiterate Contingent) how a #1 side plays, by relentlessly dominating their opponent. In hindsight, it couldn't have played out better, reminds me a lot of day 1 after the 1st test, ENG had 'their tail up' before falling into a screaming heap on days 2-5. Steyn & co will show the Poms how to bowl on that wicket - Bairstow & Taylor will need straight-jackets by the time he's finished working them over - it'll be cruel to watch. It will come down to Prior - the only 'Pom' with any ticker. A fighting lone hand, he'll be getting used to it after more of the same in IND later this year. @Meety - some good stats there, showing the top sides (SA & AUS, of course) will triumph vs. ENG.

Posted by   on (August 17, 2012, 0:00 GMT)

I am not sure how the first day is being considered an English day, SAhave managed a score of 250+ on a seaming & swinging wicket and with a bit of luck can push it closer to 300, which is not bad! They have a better bowling attack and will bowl out the Poms for less than 200. SA to win inside 4 days! It's funny how the English press & commentators were praising this team as the best ever after the Indian test series! They have been found wanting ever since, could not hang on to the No 1 rating for an year even!

Posted by dalboy12 on (August 16, 2012, 23:55 GMT)

This has nothing to do with technology or DRS this was a simple case of the 3rd umpiring not knowing the rules - for which there needs to be some accountability. Be interesting to see how/or if South Africa fights back from this ---- day one has set up a great test match.

Posted by Meety on (August 16, 2012, 23:48 GMT)

@Munkeymomo - yes, without a shred of evidence, it still was an intriguing yarn! I should be reporter! @JG2704 - good comments as usual. Anytime a team is 7/260ish, you'd say the fielding team had the better. However, with England's fickle weather, I would assume that there will be plenty of opportunities on Day 2 for the Saffas to strike back & with Steyn in the attack, you can't discount the possibility that the Saffas MAY already have a match winning score. I would hope that Day 2 offers similar conditions to Day 1. Either way a good response from England. On the topic of Finn, he will be credited for 3 wickets on Day 1 & ripping thru the top order, I saw very little of the day & can only go on the commentry - 2 wickets down the legside is a bit lucky do you think? @ashes61 - be interested to know how you researched that! (genuinely)! @The_bowlers_Holding - I think there'll be a fair bit of pressure on the batsmen you named, with the rookies in behind!

Posted by Meety on (August 16, 2012, 23:35 GMT)

Great days play. Advantage England, but..... Interesting points #1 - Oz have TWICE won here in the last 10yrs with scores LESS than what the Saffas currently have. #2 England's highest 2nd match innings score since 2000 against a team other than (WI, Zim, NZ or Bang) is 275 against SL. #3 Since Saffas readmission, England's scores in the 2nd match innings against the Saffas are 180 & 110. So I would say the match is evenly poised, but a tail wag from the Saffas can easily sway things their way. I imagine that SHOULD the Saffas get early wickets on Day 2 & get a glimpse of the middle order rookies, it will be a hell of a learning curve for the young batsmen. Looking fwd to Day 2!

Posted by RogerC on (August 16, 2012, 23:33 GMT)

DRS is supposed to reduce human errors, but it still ends up creating other types human errors. In coming days, only England will be using DRS because its their creation.

Posted by CrickFan82 on (August 16, 2012, 23:10 GMT)

i guess the difference is that we as fans are watching the match whereas they as third umpires are just doing a job. we could do a better job than them by reviewing. the only other part is that there should be some one out there scrolling shots in various angles.. :) sounds funny but possible.

Posted by CrickFan82 on (August 16, 2012, 23:08 GMT)

haha, i remember the UAE series when all the sky sports commentators and poms were winging about the LBW decisions going against them because of DRS. Its not too noisy because its kallis.. if it were an english batsman i cant imagine this noise, it could be heard in the buckingham palace. :) anyway i think DRS is ok, it needs some changes especially with the 2.5 m rule on LBW's. third umpires need some training on how to approach the DR, it could be a checklist kind of approach and so on. Imagine third umpires sitting there just like that all day and suddenly forced to give out important decsions, its a bit humanly tough because of concentration. I have a great idea to solve this issue, remove third umpires and get the viewers polling feedback from reviews,, there would be 100s of reviews and am sure this would be successfull. unless a major party of supporters give a biased system. The reason why i am saying this is because, i have always got my decision correct sitting front of TV

Posted by The_bowlers_Holding on (August 16, 2012, 22:57 GMT)

Rod Tucker is Australian for those who don't know and have suggested the umpires (all non-English I believe) ared doing England favours. Finn looked good if a little expensive and Jimmy was again far better than his figures suggest. Marginally England's day as Smith would have expected more after winning the toss, lets see how England bat Bell, Trott and the captain are due runs and a first innings lead would be priceless. This is test cricket of course, and high quality at that, anything could happen in the next 4 days (forecast is not bad.

Posted by Chris_P on (August 16, 2012, 22:27 GMT)

I think it's better to wait until England bat before claiming this game guys. The Boks have a fair bowling attack themselves. As far as DRS is concerned, those who enjoy keeping your heads in the ground & not acknowledging the obvious advantages of DRS, continue to do so & prepare yourself for reminiscence in future for it will go that way. No one has stated it is 100% clear cut, but it is certainly far more accurate than leaving it to the onfield umpires. Once in this series has it been wrong, yet how many decisions have been over turned due to its use? We forget about how many times it has been used to correct a wrong decision haven't we?

Posted by jr1972 on (August 16, 2012, 22:21 GMT)

Poor decision from the 3rd umpire. So the DRS nae-sayers come out of the closet once again and take a pot-shot. Please, give it a rest. This was human error and nothing to do with technology. As for the comments about England doing better on day 1 without KP, of course we did. KP is definitely not in the side for his fielding and with Swann back he would not be bowling on a seamer friendly surface. I think a little context needs to be applied to the situation once in a while. Will we miss KP when it comes to our turn to bat? Of course we will, but the England cricket team and the game of cricket is much bigger than any individual and even slightly bigger than KP's ego. He's not playing so park it!

Posted by yorkshirematt on (August 16, 2012, 22:06 GMT)

A promising start but nothing more. England had the luck with some decisions today but it could easily go the other way on another day. Despite their bad luck, SA fought, like the very best teams do, and will think that they are in a decent position as well, especially with two inexperienced batsmen in the England side.

Posted by letsgoproteas on (August 16, 2012, 22:04 GMT)

262/7 ... pfft why are the english getting so excited. thats enough runs on the board.

Lets see how well their batting line up do. If average bowlers can do that much damage, imagine what pure class bowlers can do.

Kallis' dismissal was disgusting.

Posted by BigDataIsAHoax on (August 16, 2012, 21:58 GMT)

DRS needs to be scrapped. The system turns a fantastic on-field decision upside down. Need I say more about it? Obviously DRS confused the 3rd umpire to the extent that this happened. Lucky England.

Posted by Mary_786 on (August 16, 2012, 21:50 GMT)

Terrible umpiring by Rod Tucker, how did he ever become an international umpire. That decision by him on Kallis changed the game.

Posted by CSKftw on (August 16, 2012, 21:38 GMT)

Another thing that bugs me about the DRS is that unless there is enough evidence in the footage to show that the decision made by the on-field umpire was wrong, the original decision stands. This is just wrong in my opinion, once someone decides to review something the decision must be based purely on the evidence rather than giving priority to the original decision. If a decision cannot be reached the batsman should be given the benefit of the doubt as has always been the case. Having said that, since I only watch India's matches I haven't seen much of DRS since the world cup so I do not know if this rule is still followed.

Posted by jb633 on (August 16, 2012, 21:31 GMT)

This is hilarious, if it was an Indian bowler getting Cook out you would all be up in raptures congratulating the bowler. Truth is the decision was not clear cut at all, personally I felt there was still a little finger in contact with the bat but the benefit should go to the batsman. @ Richard Mazidume- aww the whole world is against South Africa again. The Austalian side used to smoke your average side time and again because they were far far better than you. Umpires are not biased based on preference they simply are prone to human error. Please don't kid yourself thinking that SA were anything more than cannon fodder for the Aus side of the 90's an 00's.

Posted by CSKftw on (August 16, 2012, 21:28 GMT)

Couple of things that always bothered me about the DRS are the fact that each team only gets to use 2 or 3 referrals per innings which I think is simply not enough. I understand that allowing unlimited referrals would lead to teams exploiting them to slow over rates or in the case of test matches, burn some valuable time which could well mean the difference between a loss and a draw but they should seriously consider increasing the number of referrals allowed to at least 5 per innings for each team because while rare, there are indeed matches where several howlers are committed such as the infamous Sydney Test between India and Australia few years ago.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 21:26 GMT)

"The fault was not with DRS, which seemed to give Tucker all the evidence he needed to uphold Dharmasena's not-out decision, but with what seemed to be a defective conclusion based on the clear evidence available. There was no cause to override Dharmasena's decision. To interpret this as proof of technology's inadequacies is a wilful misinterpretation." Exactly the same point is raised by Dhoni to a different conclusion. The need of the hour is not more technology, but good umpires. Bad umpires can mess up with any amount of technology at their disposal. Get good umpires and there is no need for all these gimmicks. Even last year at Lord's Pietersen's out decision (Dhoni's bowling) was overturned on review inspite of the lack of conclusive proof... however a test later under similar circumstances Dravid was given out, again overturning the on-field umpires decision. The need of the hour is consistent good umpires who understand the laws of the game. Not revamping the laws of the game.

Posted by ashes61 on (August 16, 2012, 21:24 GMT)

Gandabhai: Very good point! I have therefore spent the evening analysing my ACS stats supported by the excellent figures produced by CricketArchive & Cricinfo, and compute that there were 43 decisions in which technology or hindsight revealed as completely incorrect - and 8 of these were considered genuine "howlers." Over those 10 years of ENG Tests, of the 43 decisions, 11 wrongly favoured India, 7 Pakistan, 7 Australia, 5 Sri lanka, 4 Sth Africa, 3 NZ, 2 England, 2 WI & 2 Bangladesh. So out of 43 errors, 41 wrongly went against ENG and only two in their favour, which seems rather unfair to me, but I won't labour the point as it is water under the bridge now and it would be very unsportsmanlike to claim restitution for those two. Wouldn't you agree? By all means complain about this injustice and take the matter further though, if you feel there is a point to be made. Perhaps you'd also take up the cudgels on behalf of those denied by the figures at the other end of the spectrum?

Posted by CSKftw on (August 16, 2012, 21:16 GMT)

To be honest it's kind of embarrassing to see so many fellow Indian fans use the Kallis dismissal as an excuse to bash DRS when in fact all it shows us is how incompetent the ICC's third umpires are and why Cricket desperately needs a review system. I can well imagine how hard it must be for on-field umpires to make decisions since they have to make them spontaneously but there's no excuse whatsoever for a guy who sits in an air conditioned room and gets to watch replays of what happened from a wide range of angles at different frame rates as many times as he wants. Third umpiring is probably the easiest job in Cricket, I bet I'd have done a better job as a third umpire than this Rod Tucker. This is not the first time I've seen this happening, I remember something similar happening in the world cup last year and Dhoni fuming over it in a press conference, rightly so. Anyone with less than 100% success rate as a third umpire should be kicked out of the elite panel, it's ridiculous.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 21:13 GMT)

Am I the only one concerned at stuart broad's pace,or lack thereof? He normally bowls in the 82-87 mph range,now it's 76-82,not much quicker than a good clubbie! As for kallis's dismissal,complete disgrace!!

Posted by Front-Foot-Lunge on (August 16, 2012, 21:03 GMT)

The English bowlers got their lengths right and bowled like no.1 in the world bowlers. Economical, consistently threatening; unlucky, but not disheartened: The old England are back again. Which is good news for England fans. And will, no doubt, only ramp up several notches the envious elements that haunt the dark, lower-echelons of the contemporary Zeitgeist of cricketing opinion.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 20:59 GMT)

I strongly believe either the third umpire forgot that rule or just did not know that particular rule. He took so long to give the dicision, apparently he wasn't sure. Doesn't the basman get the benefit of the doubt when the umpire is not certain? Let's see how crucial this mistake will be for South Africa.

Posted by cool2cool on (August 16, 2012, 20:57 GMT)

Any chance that Strauss had called back Kallis?

Posted by cool2cool on (August 16, 2012, 20:54 GMT)

What if DRS is made mandatory and the umpire keeps on doing the mistakes like Kallis/Dravid dismissal? May be review to review third umpire's decision? :-)

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 20:52 GMT)

If any component of the DRS is incompetent, time to replace it or him. Wonder how these third umpires are selected. Is there a course an an examination? Are there recertification exams?

Posted by JG2704 on (August 16, 2012, 20:47 GMT)

@cricraz on (August 16 2012, 19:39 PM GMT) Of course there would have been no howler in this instance without DRS but then there have been plenty of bad decisions reversed because of DRS where the batsman has got a reprieve when wrongly given out and the bowler got a wicket when the batsman was wrongly given not out.

Posted by Newlandsfaithful on (August 16, 2012, 20:38 GMT)

Review pending...yes, there it is... Tucker is out!!!

Posted by JerryV on (August 16, 2012, 20:36 GMT)

We got lucky with Kallis. I don't know what the third umpire was thinking but I am glad we weren't treated to a characteristic grind out from him.

Posted by poms_have_short_memories on (August 16, 2012, 20:30 GMT)

It is not uncommon for touring teams to get stooged by the umpires in England,who will ever forget the the amount of absolute howlers Australia got in 2009?

Posted by Rally_Windies on (August 16, 2012, 20:27 GMT)

honestly, on a lively wicket, with 2 umpiring mistakes in your favor ... 262 /7 puts SA in control .....

England have not gone into bat yet ... 250 might be a mountain on this pitch .. you will never know until the 2nd team bats ...

England's commentators are getting ahead of themselves, just as they did in the 1st innings of the 1st Test ..

400 is not a good score if the team batting 2nd scores 550 and 250 is a wonderful score if the team batting second scores 150-175 ...

Styn to 5 on some drab pitches ... I am waiting to see how England stand up to SA's bowling on the pitch ...

SA scoring 290+ would put England in jeopardy of losing the series 2-0

Posted by PACERONE on (August 16, 2012, 20:24 GMT)

Well like I said after the last test that England will get help from the umpires.I never thought that it would be the third umpire making the big error.After all the decisions that seem to go England's way it might be past the error stage.I used to think that the third umpire too so long because he was listening to the commentators before he made his judgement.The runs are on the board for SA.Maybe SA will have the bad decisions evened out.Then there will be lots of howling.What good bowling?More like poor stoke play .

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas_Atheist on (August 16, 2012, 20:21 GMT)

If DRS apparently is not at fault, then are we to believe that the decision maker is not part of DRS? Nuff said.

Posted by SumitRavi on (August 16, 2012, 20:20 GMT)

@John Duchaussee , read again what @Cpt.Meanster.was saying, he says "Being an Indian, I strongly support DRS", not 'oppose'. Your mistake exposes your own colored view of Indians. Its hilarious, you're doing exactly what you're venting against.

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (August 16, 2012, 20:19 GMT)

@John Duchaussee: Read my comment once again. I said " I SUPPORT DRS". Why do you guys find a reason to pick fights with Indian supporters here ? Read my comment fully and properly before pointing fingers at me.

Posted by grizzle on (August 16, 2012, 20:19 GMT)

Aha finally the Guardian finds a role it is suited to! :D @John Duchaussee: I think Cpt. Meanster said that he supports DRS, not opposes it. Though what it has to do with him being an Indian, I have no idea. I am a right thinking person, and therefore I support DRS (I am Indian too, but that is besides the point). Anyone who saw how Smith was correctly adjudged caught behind because of Hotspot despite his bat hitting the pitch at almost exactly the same time as it hit the ball would be mad to question the efficacy of the system. Tucker made a howler, but such human errors are always going to exist (though we should try to eliminate them also). Technology has nothing to do with that Kallis decision.

Posted by Adoh on (August 16, 2012, 20:11 GMT)

People make mistakes, they miss things, like the ball - or if you're Mitchell Johnson - the pitch! The point is people are not perfect, umpires are people - even the third umpire believe it or not. The techonolgy provides images to be interpreted by our brains, just like our eyes do, but the DRS images are higher resolution and reproducable - but still require interpretation. Unlucky for SA, but luck is present always, the umpire simply made a mistake. The point made on this forum, over and over again, with seemingly little acceptance and more than a little stubborn ignorance is that the DRS has been shown to improve the accuracy of umpiring decisions by about 2 or 3 percent. I can understand that some nations may find it difficult to cover the costs of the DRS, but when they can afford it, why anyone would want inferior accuracy by not utilising the technology is beyond rational thought.

Posted by SurlyCynic on (August 16, 2012, 20:10 GMT)

JG2704: If you have a problem with Kallis not 'walking' in the past, then I guess you also have a problem with the English batsmen who don't walk (ie all of them) - Mike Atherton in his battle with Donald to give just one example. No? Just Kallis then? Thought so.

Posted by Supa_SAFFA on (August 16, 2012, 20:05 GMT)

The Kallis decision just shows that DRS needs to be continually improved and refined. Next is for the 3rd umpire to phone a friend or conduct a snap internet opinion poll.

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (August 16, 2012, 20:01 GMT)

@JG2704: I kinda agree with you on the 5 bowler theory. England wouldn't have lost anything by playing 5 genuine bowlers including Swann because they have to win this game to retain the no.1 ranking. However, who would you choose between Taylor and Bairstow and where would Prior bat ? I guess Strauss and Flower took the standard approach having a lot of faith in their 4 main bowlers which is good to see along with 7 specialist batsmen.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 19:56 GMT)

It seems people are only commenting about one wicket , that of Kallis, but in fact it was 2 wickets, including that of Alviro Petersen to fall in similar fashion as Kallis. So who says DRS is accurate ? Come on guys dont blame India for being against the system which is faulty and makes the third umpire look like a Gr8 Joker holding the Red/Green button ( here it is electronical to that of jokers bobbing on the head ).

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 19:46 GMT)

I have notice the longer it takes the 3rd umpire the more likely for the wrong decision . I think the 3rd umpire should have a time period just like the batsman and the fielding team have to asked for a review. My reason for this there should be clare evidence in 1 or 2 replay to stay or overturn the on field decision not 10 replays looking for anything.

Posted by KTiwari on (August 16, 2012, 19:41 GMT)

Why is England on the beneficial of most DRS decision MISTAKES........if they are on the wrong side then ofcourse WHOLE WORLD will know.

Posted by cricraz on (August 16, 2012, 19:39 GMT)

The defenders of DRS seem to be saying that the "Howler" of a decision was not due to DRS but the person interpreting it. If there was no DRS, the onfield umpire decision was "Not out" and right decision would have been delivered. The DRS system includes the cameras and the interpreting 3rd umpire and that is the total DRS package! Basically DRS got it wrong. The system designed to prevent "Howler" got a massive "howler" On the other hand, Alviro Peterson was given out caught behind when his hand was off the bat. This could have been corrected by DRS if the 3rd umpire was going to interpret it right. We will never know how Tucker would have ruled on Peterson's decision. The 3rd Umpire is definitely part of the DRS.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 19:36 GMT)

@Cpt.Meanster. Exactly what do you mean by your statement "Being an Indian, I strongly oppose DRS" Is the verdict on DRS or no DRS going to be based on race. I always felt that cricket supporters world wide would be able to individually judge for themselves and make up their own minds about the Decision Review System. Guess I was wrong.

Posted by benecampbell on (August 16, 2012, 19:30 GMT)

Its complete garbage to say that the Kallis decision error is not DRSs fault. The system of DRS includes the people that run it. Any weakness anywhere in the system may lead to an error; if there is an error then it doesn't matter if its human or technology- simple fact: WITHOUT DRS = right, WITH DRS = WRONG. It is garbage. Get rid of it.

Posted by QingdaoXI on (August 16, 2012, 19:29 GMT)

So England was better on Day 1 without KP, so will like to see how England will handle in batting, with bowling condition remains same England are in Danger and may start there second innings to tommorrow. Actually England miss the plot i thought South Africa was ready to choke at one stage but England gave away the momentum in next 2 seesion. Thanks god for South Africa Rudolf, Duminy and Philiander came to rescue.

Posted by ian45 on (August 16, 2012, 19:28 GMT)

oh please england, you had us and you choked, you wont get close to that score

Posted by JG2704 on (August 16, 2012, 19:21 GMT)

I'm not sure it is England's day.It certainly was Eng's morning but while 262-7 might look good we have to bear in mind that SA were 54-4 and 105-5 so momentum is possibly with SA.Also right now I would not back our batsmen inc 2 inexperienced guys to score much over 300 (if at all).I still wish we had played a 5th bowler and I'd like to have seen Onions involved too. I thought Broad looked pretty unthreatening today too.Obviously credit must go to JR,JPD and VP for digging SA out of trouble.Bad decision re Kallis but I'm sorry I can't feel sorry for him as I still have installed a memory from yesteryear when Chris Adams caught him and he didn't walk. I know the batsmen doesn't have to if the umpire doesn't give him but it still sticks with me.

Posted by JG2704 on (August 16, 2012, 19:20 GMT)

@Spelele on (August 16 2012, 16:08 PM GMT) To be fair to Smith , the conditions looked ideal for batting when they won the toss but worsened in that half an hour between the toss being won and the game starting.Also the side who wins the toss at Lords often bats 1st but I suppose if he was more thorough he could have had an up to date weather forecast etc. Strauss said at the time it was a good toss to lose and I wondered if it was mind games , but maybe it wasn't such a bad toss to lose. I still feel SA must be favourites for this match as they have some momentum after being 54 -4 and 105-5 they'll be happy with 262-7 and Eng have 2 juniors in their batting line up too. Bad decision re Kallis.

Posted by JG2704 on (August 16, 2012, 19:20 GMT)

@akpy - Very balanced I see . I think I can speak for most England fans here. If a decision like that went against England I'd not be happy at all esp in such a crucial match. However I'd be no more peeved with India celebrating a wicket that should not have been than I would if it was any team. My anger/frustration level would depend on the match situation,who the batsman was, what sort of form he was in at the crease and how bad the decision was - probably in that order. Who the team is would be irrelevant. Re DRS - It's the same for both sides. I think a fair compromise would be that if a ball is clipping the stumps after batsman reviews it , it stay with the umpire and if it clips on bowler review it stays not out but the bowling team lose no reviews. Re Kallis - as others indicated , it was not DRS' fault but 3rd umpire.

Posted by The_bowlers_Holding on (August 16, 2012, 19:18 GMT)

I thought so England have a decent day depite all the media circus distracting players and the conspiracy theorists come out, as usual predominantly from our Indian friends, love it!

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (August 16, 2012, 19:16 GMT)

An interesting day of test cricket. I feel the game should move on. Kallis is gone ! There is nothing anyone can do about it. Being an Indian, I strongly support DRS. It's better than basic human error in judgement. It was unfortunate Kallis got out like that but that shouldn't be a talking point any more. The game is poised tantalizingly. If SA can some how get to 350, then they can trouble the English batting. On the other hand, well bowled by Finn and co. England will be looking to wrap things up quickly and dominate proceedings with the bat. Should be an exciting day II.

Posted by loke_cricfan on (August 16, 2012, 19:15 GMT)

I think it is time to fine the umpires for their mistakes isn't it... There were too many bad decisions in the concluded Ind vs Sl series, Sl vs Pak series, and now in Eng-SA series... I totally agree with @Sakiv's comments..

Posted by bobmartin on (August 16, 2012, 19:12 GMT)

With regards to the Kallis decision ... all those saying it was a shocker, especially Indian supporters who are vehemently opposed to the DRS anyway, are leaping on the bandwagon and using it to justify the BCCI's aka Dhoni and Tundulkar's decision not to use it. If... and I use the word advisedly... if the decision was incorrect it was not the fault of the DRS... it was a fault in the interpretation of the DRS evidence by the third umpire. To blame that on DRS is like blaming a road traffic accident on the car... it's a useful scapegoat and nothing more.. The pros and cons of the DRS will rumble on. and I've no doubt Kallis, who has previously expressed reservations about it, will now be even more anti it..

Posted by spanishwestindian on (August 16, 2012, 19:10 GMT)

Probably the third umpire didn't know the rule. I was listening to the commentary, and Nasser Hussain had to check the rule about the hand holding the bat because he wasn't sure.

Posted by scritty on (August 16, 2012, 18:50 GMT)

Nothing to do with DRS - all to do with the unpire. Proof if anything that we need MORE automation of decisions not less. Slow mo provided the exact proof required. 3rd umpire (who is a PERSON not a COMPUTER) got it wrong..BADLY wrong. Probably the worst decision I have seen since the Shakoor Rana days 25 years ago.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 18:48 GMT)

@sakiv, Artificial intelligence is created by human beings' intelligence. It is the intelligence of the programmer. It is no less error prone than its programmer.

Posted by Bobchamp on (August 16, 2012, 18:41 GMT)

I have absolutely no problem with DRS, I only have a problem about the person deciphering the evidence before him. Like a intoxicated Judge, on Rob Tucker screwed up today, if you don't know the "Rules of cricket", then you should be retired from the ICC Umpires panel, a bit like his country man Daryl Hare.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 18:33 GMT)

Every one should just chill the heck out.. 262-7 might not be ideal, but it isnt a train-smash as well.. Fact is Eng still have to get 3 more wickets and with this tail looking to dig in, SA will get a competitive score and bowl ENG out without been shut out of the game.. Ball is swinging and Dale + Co will do us proud. PURE PROTEA.

Posted by Crick.lover on (August 16, 2012, 18:29 GMT)

I think we would all love to hear the reason Rod Tucker made his decision. Why are they never interviewed?

Posted by bigwonder on (August 16, 2012, 18:26 GMT)

Hmmm... Kallis's wicket prove why ECB strongly advocates DRS. They clearly know no matter how much data DRS provides, they can still rely on mistakes of Umpires to win test matches.

Posted by punter-gilly-haydos-mcgrath-warne on (August 16, 2012, 18:06 GMT)

I think the DRS is a good thing but it has to be played on the field screen so that the on-field umpire can explain his reason to the third umpire and that way you have 3 third umpire and not one which will almost eliminate errors!

Posted by the_blue_android on (August 16, 2012, 18:03 GMT)

So now the Commonwealth XI need the umpires to win them test matches?

Posted by jackthelad on (August 16, 2012, 18:02 GMT)

Well, of course, now that the Good Ship Pietersen has been put to bed in the face of some real cricket, we need more shock/horror/probe stories, so bring on Kallis's glove, Finn's knee and Smith's Edge (sound like campaigns from the Boer War, don't they?}. Honestly - there is more to Test cricket than this hour's "gasp in amazemen" blurb - ie, some neat bowling, a couple of sound but ultimately not productive innings, a jockeying for position on the first day of an important match ... no, sorry - I was dreaming.

Posted by Stark62 on (August 16, 2012, 17:53 GMT)

Tucker had a shambolic Pak-SL series but has been selected for this match? o.O

This match will determine the outcome of the no. 1 ranked team in the world and your telling me, the icc couldn't hire the best in the business?!?!

Where are Dar and Bowden? The trio of Dar, Taufel and Bowden is a great combination and they are the best.

Posted by ARDjango on (August 16, 2012, 17:39 GMT)

"The fault was not with DRS" - So for Mr. David, Mr. Tucker eye balling the Flat Screen TV and giving a wrong "decision" is not part of DRS.

Posted by binojpeter on (August 16, 2012, 17:35 GMT)

England had an excellent first session even though they may have got some assistance from the pitch. But did they leave SA off the hook? I hope not. We will know only at the end of England's innings. But if England dismisses SA within 300 (which I hope they will), I still think that bowlers have set a platform for batters to gain advantage in the Test. Looking forward for a good Test match.

Posted by Syed_imran_abbas on (August 16, 2012, 17:32 GMT)

umpiring standered is getting v poor as we saw srilanka took a series 1-0 just because of dozons umpiring decesions against pakistan in first test. DRS is better than nothing.

Posted by sweet2hrme on (August 16, 2012, 17:31 GMT)

That's why Indians dont like this DRS !! Clearly, Kallis was NOt out. But Third Umpire was sleeping. He cant see what we all see. That was totally blind decision. If Field umpires do mistake its understand, What happen if Third Umpire is making us fool! I think ICC need to think ???

Posted by Front-Foot-Lunge on (August 16, 2012, 17:28 GMT)

Edge Edge Edge....How can one team score so many runs (not for the 1st time this series by any means) without even hitting the middle of the bat? England re-assert their dominance at the top of he tree again. Anyone know how the other middle-ranked, average teams are getting on these days?

Posted by dabhand on (August 16, 2012, 17:27 GMT)

sakiv - only trouble is artificial intelligence requires human beings to create the models - a flawed model, flawed decisions - again.

something you have to accept in life - nothing is perfect - except of course, 20/20 hindsight

Posted by sakiv on (August 16, 2012, 16:56 GMT)

My biggest problem with DRS is that it does not give you decision. It provides data to a human being who in turn interprets the data. Human as we have all seen are highly error prone, they can be biased and vindictive. Unless we have have a DRS with artificial intelligence it will not be accepted by all

Posted by Bicazian on (August 16, 2012, 16:45 GMT)

@gandabhai I would love to see those stats think you are on to something here

Posted by Spelele on (August 16, 2012, 16:08 GMT)

What a ridiculous Test match this starting out as! First Smith's ridiculous decision to bat in bowler friendly conditions, and then the Kallis saga! The decision to bat was very negative from Smith (typical 'we can't lose it if we bat them out of the game' mentality which only reveals that SA are already playing for a draw!). What rubbish! Why not attack and insert the weakened English batting line-up to face the music against Steyn and Co.? As for the Kallis decision, what a shocker! I back this SA team to come back into this Test match though :)

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 16:07 GMT)

@Smithie you need drs to for that? naked eye is enough to rule Kallis not out.

Posted by Tlotoxl on (August 16, 2012, 15:58 GMT)

for every 1 decision that DRS turns from a good decision to a bad decision you can easily find 50 decisions that DRS turned from bad to good - see the Smith decision earlier in the day being a perfect example.

Posted by jezzastyles on (August 16, 2012, 15:51 GMT)

So the Technology debate will rage on. Those opposed to DRS will use this as an excuse to derail it. The irony of it all is totally lost on them - HOW do they know Kallis' hand was off the bat when the ball contacted it - THAT would be due to technology, wouldn't it? Without the umpteen-dozen TV replays, snickometer, and everything else that is available, you'd only be guessing at best. It's the use of media technology that has brought undue pressure onto the umpires in modern times - only seems fair that technology can be used to help them as well. Yes, the 3rd umpire got it wrong - but that was human error, the DRS technology showed the original decision should not have been overturned; and you can bet that Rod Tucker will receive a grilling over it. England have been the better team on day 1 thus far, that much is obvious, with or without a little help from the umpires. @Smithie, you made the right call earlier!!

Posted by Nerav on (August 16, 2012, 15:50 GMT)

DRS is used to overturn blatant wrong decisions (or howlers as referred to by the commentators). What happened here was a the right decision was overturned to a wrong one. Argue all u want but that a massive failure of the DRS. All these people slagging off the BCCI simply don't understand their reason they oppose it. It is that uniform rules on the DRS and not adhered to and 'umpires call' is not acceptable when u have questioned the umpire in the first place. I'm 50/50 on the DRS -i'd rather have the system where the umpire can review if he cant make his mind up like we have in run outs.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 15:46 GMT)

And the chokers choke....... What else is new?

Posted by Naresh28 on (August 16, 2012, 15:45 GMT)

India had similar problems when batting first and the conditions are just so good for the English bolwers to exploit. Still Eng do have a great bowling attack. Anyway I hope SA can show some fight and rescue their bad situation they find themselves in. 3rd Umpire should have points dedicated for errors he let thru.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 15:45 GMT)

It looks as if an Australian has to be involved in our down-fall like it happened before the advent of neutral umpires. Whenever we competed against Australia Darrell Hair would become Australia's "special twelfth player".

Posted by Newlandsfaithful on (August 16, 2012, 15:42 GMT)

No excuse for an umpire that doesn't know the rules. Needs to go. Do we need a referral for the referral now.

Posted by R_U_4_REAL_NICK on (August 16, 2012, 15:33 GMT)

With so many rules going in favour of batsmen lately, I think the rules should be changed to state that a batsman is OUT if caught off glove, regardless of whether it's touching bat or not. After all, isn't the bat just considered an extension of the hands anyway? And before people comment, I'm not just saying this because England got the benefit against Kallis... The decision today was wrong, wrong, wrong, just like THAT one against Michael Kasprowicz in THAT ashes game! I agree with the comments that say it's the 3rd umpires that need shaking up, not the DRS system!

Posted by emile70 on (August 16, 2012, 15:22 GMT)

Even with dodgy decisions I can't see England winning at Lords, they have lost their best Sth. African player...

Posted by kh1902 on (August 16, 2012, 15:21 GMT)

Great to see England put the distractions behind them and put in a strong performance. However I think South Africa will have the character to fight back, particularly with the ball. As for the Kallis decision, it doesn't really make a difference. As his performance in the second test shows, he never really performs when the bowling is actually up to the mark. At least Kallis has a bad umpiring decision to hide behind now.

Posted by R_U_4_REAL_NICK on (August 16, 2012, 15:16 GMT)

5 Wickets for Onions against Nottinghamshire... See, if England had gone 5-1-5 here we could have blasted SA away already!

Posted by tommytucker on (August 16, 2012, 15:15 GMT)

All indian fans relax, as a saffs DRS is the right thing and must continue to develope in correct. Kallis's wicket wasnt due to the fault of DRS but very poor knowledge of the rules of cricket by a 3rd umpire. Duminy and Ruldolph playing for their careers, after this tour SA will use a specialist keeper which means one of them gets dropped. Cricinfo, stop being lazy and start posting my posts, thanks.

Posted by Aryian007 on (August 16, 2012, 15:09 GMT)

This is ridiculous. This further goes to prove that unacceptability of DRS. Batmen makes mistake or else they will not be out, bowlers does the same or else there will be no wide or no - ball, and so does the fielders. One thing common between all these are the fact that they are human - and to err is human! So why cant the umpire - who as per as I understand are human too! One would argue that real time decisions are never perfect, agreed! But when u have the luxary to sit in air conditioned room, watch replay for # of times, and yet you make a stupid decision like this - it raises the question, do we really need DRS. Is it really helping us? I remember Rahul Darvid on India's horrid tour of England was given out based on DRS. He later out-spoke that he never nicked it - and there wasn't enough evidence to prove that he did. A man of his stature wont be lying. DRS is FAR from perfect, and rightfully it shouldn't be mandatory in bilateral series.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 15:04 GMT)

This doesnt prove or disprove anything about DRS. It just proves that to get Decision Review System right, you need a camera that sees right AND an umpire that KNOWS right. So DRS as implemented here was wrong this time because of the Ump.

On a general note, as long as DRS is used to merely view what happened - did ball touch bat first or pad, did ball touch glove while on the bat or off it, did ball pitch outside leg or not, did it hit the batsman at a height above stumps or not etc. we are helping matters. Its only when DRS starts to predict (hawkeye) and then umpires have to base it on prediction that one has to believe the algorithm and trust no one's tampered with it. In this day and age, I would rather it was used just as a replay aid and all the 'judgement' good or bad, come from the umpires.

Posted by i.love.ice.creams on (August 16, 2012, 15:01 GMT)

It is undigested that despite UDRS, several reviews over the past couple of years have been controversial. ICC must set out strict guidelines as to what decision to be taken under peculiar conditions. . This also demonstrates that besides effort, you also need a fortunate hand to turn things around your way. I wish SA the best, lest they shouldn't be proven 'Chokers' this time.

Posted by akpy on (August 16, 2012, 14:57 GMT)

if india was the bowling team and english batsman given out in this manner, the english fans would have taken offence at the indian team celebrating the dismissal like English team did today....basically anything to put BCCI/India down. Kallis himself was critical of DRS in NZL, Simon Taufel was critical of it when Aus toured SL last and it always tests the knowledgeable cricket fan with its version of lbw decisions, ball-tracking, hawk-eye. Worst is the clipping of the stumps staying with on-field umpire, which means one batsman may be given out but other batsman may stay in, though DRS shows both are clipping stumps !!! Technology is needed for sure but why cant we remove some of these issues and then implement it? what is the hurry as we still have umpires around. Football is taking time to introduce goal-line technology, arent they?

Posted by ddnw on (August 16, 2012, 14:57 GMT)

I think we are missing something in absolving DRS. DRS is not the video replay technology alone - DRS is a combination of technology and the third umpire. For successful DRS both have to work as intended - if one fails the system fails. So far we have noticed a number of instances where either the technology has failed or the umpire has failed - when both work, DRS looks great otherwise not so much.

Posted by PACERONE on (August 16, 2012, 14:53 GMT)

If one checks the tests that England have won all the poor decisions by umpires favored them.Today is no difference.There were 5 reviews against W.I in 2009 and they all went England's way and should not have been.Today's decision by the 3rd umpire was terrible.I remember an umpire at square leg advising the standing umpire that the hand was not on the bat when the ball hit the glove,and the umpire changed his decision.That was long before all these tv cameras and DRS.SA will be acccused of choking and no one will remember that they had 2 bad decisions against them.England should of been w ithout any more reviews and still had one.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 14:49 GMT)

@CSKftw - and would you assert that after this series England deserve to be number 1?

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 14:45 GMT)

@jontycodes, kasprovicz was plumb lbw by flintoff when they still needed 50 runs was not given earlier.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 14:41 GMT)

It's too early to say bat but SA have a habit of taking their eyes of the ball and assuming they will win before they actually win a series. They did that recently vs Australia and have done so many times against England in England with the exception of 2008. Should be an interesting match but I think England will win. Haven't seen the Kallis dismissal but sounds as though it was a shocker. The DRS system lacks common sense. What you want to see is the correct decision irrespective of the on field umpire's decision. Why is it that you can have 2 outcomes for the same dismissal on DRS based on the on field umpire's decision of out/ not out? In this particular case I suspect the on field umpire asked the 3rd umpire whether the ball touched the glove. Instead of acting like an umpire and reviewing the decision the 3rd umpire simply relayed that the ball had touched the glove.

Posted by BlackInWhites on (August 16, 2012, 14:40 GMT)

What is the use of having the DRS if the person sitting behind it does not fully understand the rules/law????

Posted by woodhaven on (August 16, 2012, 14:39 GMT)

Bad umpiring happens in every match against bangladesh, otherwise bangladesh would have atleast 7 win next to their name

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 14:39 GMT)

this game is far from over mates runs on the board is already there so lets wait and see england still have to bat we will see styn and company philander will love this wicket to bowl on so emglish fans dont be carried away what happen so far

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 14:37 GMT)

DRS was never the answer it was the interpretation of any camera reviews and that's where the human element comes in , Incompetence or opinion still makes it a bad system.

Posted by gandabhai on (August 16, 2012, 14:27 GMT)

Someone do an analysis for the last 10 English summers to see what % of the wrong decisions have gone to which teams in international tests V England .

Posted by sawifan on (August 16, 2012, 14:21 GMT)

It appears that most of the supporters of the BCCI et al that are opposed to the DRS have little understanding of it. As many have already said. This decision was 'human error', nothing to do with inefficiencies with DRS technology. If a certain SRT had been given out on the field by Dharmasena, with no DRS involved, the (irrational) Indian supporters would be calling for his head, and calling for more, umm, technology to eradicate such mistake. Kind of like what happened in Sydney '08... The BCCI and its supporters, the biggest advocates of having their cake and eating it too, EVER!

Posted by Gazzypops on (August 16, 2012, 14:18 GMT)

Kallis decision did seem odd but, according to some quarters, there's a suggestion that his glove was off the bat but touching his other glove (which is out). This suggestion was caveated by the did-Tucker-have-this-information-available-to-overturn-the-onfield-umpire. Who knows. Dare I say this makes up for Smith's not-out LBW at Edgbaston in the last series, which denied England the series.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 14:18 GMT)

and just think this count against the umpire (Dharmasena) who made the CORRECT DECISION)

Posted by gandabhai on (August 16, 2012, 14:16 GMT)

Someone do an analysis for the last 10 English summers to see what % of the wrong decisions have gone to which teams in international tests V England .

Posted by BRUTALANALYST on (August 16, 2012, 14:15 GMT)

WELL WELL WELL 5 DOWN ALREADY !!! I knew it, worst toss ever chokers in action why why why did they bat ? all the pressure was on England in particular the batsman and youngsters Bairstow and Taylor instead you played into their strong hand to give them confidence early on terrible decision going to have to work very hard to get on top now S.A. Saying that KALLIS was an outrageous decision even worse than the GAYLE 1 terrible again huge call goes England way in England on DRS ! shame cos these decisions are going to make more people will start to agree with Inidia . . .

Posted by DeathKnell on (August 16, 2012, 14:09 GMT)

@Chris_Howard - This third-umpire's mistake proves that we need.................fourth umpire ha ha ha......clowns sitting over there...

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 14:06 GMT)

Kallis's dismissal was/is an absolute joke!!!...and a clear example of the DRS NOT working correctly as there was no clear, irrefutable, evidence to overrule Dharmasensa's on field decision. In fact the replays proved completely the opposite - Kallis under cricket law was NOT OUT and shouldn't have been given OUT on review from I take it another ICC elite panel official acting as a third umpire who I assume knows that you can't be given out caught behind if your hand (glove) is not holding or in contact with the bat???? Kallis has had reason/occasion to challenge the accuracy and legitimacy of DRS before and on this evidence he has every reason to feel a) mistrustful/suspicious of and b) aggrieved by it. In these situations where there is prolonged uncertainty about the safety of a dismissal or an obvious misinterpretation of law then the batsman and not the bowler MUST have the benefit of the doubt.

Posted by Selassie-I on (August 16, 2012, 13:51 GMT)

That decision is very harsh on Kallis, but to be honest I think it evens out the Smith not out stinker by Harper in Johannesburg, where he went on to score 100 and put us out the test. this test looks full of excitement, to the commenters who are saying that SA should have bowled first? are you kidding me? this is Lords mate, the key is to bat first, survive the morning session and see the tinge off and then you will have the best of the pitch. unfortunatley you can lose wickets as SA did and it becomes tough, they need ABDV to get 3 figures now to even it up.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 13:43 GMT)

DRS works. It's the umpire working as 3rd official that should use the rulebook.

Posted by Chris_Howard on (August 16, 2012, 13:43 GMT)

This third-umpire's mistake proves we need DRS. If an umpire with technology gets it wrong sometimes, then the onfield umpires with no technology will get it wrong even more. Whatever system they use will always be fallible, but DRS is still much less fallible than the field umpires. As I saw a commenter here say once, we all put our lives in the hands of fallible technology (e.g. planes, cars), yet some expect DRS technology to be infallible!

Posted by Smithie on (August 16, 2012, 13:37 GMT)

@phaedrus81, @rahulcricket007 et al - DRS clearly showed the ball hitting the glove with hand off the bat - pity the umpire did not apply the rule correctly since he had all the information necessary courtesy of the technology. All the more of an argument for DRS because it further shows up the capacity for umpiring errors.

Posted by LokeshDebnath on (August 16, 2012, 13:35 GMT)

rod tucker should be demolished to club cricket umpiring

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 13:34 GMT)

Pietersen v/s Strauss+ ECB v/s Kallis v/s Rod Tucker v/s DRS v/s MS+BCCI. Hmm Can I twitter this parody??

Posted by johntycodes on (August 16, 2012, 13:33 GMT)

Australia lost the ashes when kasporawiz was given out for the last wicket caught down leg side by it hitting his glove that wasn't touching the bat.

Posted by raj_24 on (August 16, 2012, 13:33 GMT)

most comments ridiculing drs do not understand that the person making the tv reference i.e 3rd umpire got it wrong rather than fault of drs.

Only thing they need is some ridiculous way to support srt dhoni srinivasn bcci.

Posted by hersheybar on (August 16, 2012, 13:32 GMT)

I have a suspicion that Rob Tucker just doesn't know the rules... He wasn't checking if Kallis' hand was touching the bat. He gave him out because he was just looking for signs of the ball touching his glove. Terrible decision!

Posted by CSKftw on (August 16, 2012, 13:29 GMT)

Here we go again, I had a sneaky feeling SA would choke again and that's exactly what seems to be happening right now. Despite their consistency over the years, if they go on to lose this match they definitely don't deserve to be called no.1. It's not that they're unlucky, coupled with their dismal world cup record it only highlights their inability to perform on the big stage. Everything was in their favor, all they had to do was draw and England were missing one of their best players. As much as I dislike the England team and their supporters, if they manage to win this game I think they very well deserve to be no.1. There was immense pressure on them to win this and they lost their best player from the previous match.

Posted by StatisticsRocks on (August 16, 2012, 13:26 GMT)

.DRS was right but it was Tucker who failed to see what had hapenned. We need fourth umpire to review third umpires decision..

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 13:21 GMT)

to face the destructive bowling attack of south africa,will be a crucial task for strauss & co. wothout the back bone of english cricket kevin peiterson.

Posted by streetblader on (August 16, 2012, 13:20 GMT)

No need to feel all pumped up english fans... the saffers will do worse to you..

On hindsight, if, by some chance, england wins, it might mean the end of pathetic pietersen for good....

Posted by Munkeymomo on (August 16, 2012, 13:13 GMT)

@Meety: Considering how the rest of this soap opera has panned out, that would not surprise me one bit!

Posted by Bigizzy on (August 16, 2012, 13:13 GMT)

@ Smithie - What do you have to say about the Kallis decision?

Posted by Naksh on (August 16, 2012, 13:11 GMT)

Mr Srinivasan, SRT and Dhoni are right in opposing DRS. Either there is shortcoming in the system or the personnel handling the system. Kallis dismissal today and Bell's v India in the world cup are conclusive proof of the same.

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (August 16, 2012, 13:06 GMT)


Posted by rahulcricket007 on (August 16, 2012, 12:56 GMT)


Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 12:55 GMT)

DRS cannot override human stupidity.

Posted by gunner35 on (August 16, 2012, 12:49 GMT)

@Smithie -DRS quickly shows its value with Kallis dismissal. Hopefully Mr Srinivasan, SRT and Dhoni were watching. NO chance for upcoming England tour of India ?

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 12:35 GMT)

How would we assess Trott's part-time bowling? Strictly someone to eat up garbage overs while waiting for (tea, a weather change, the new ball, the front-line bowlers to rest up, or whatever), or someone with maybe an outside chance of taking a wicket?

I sort of thought Pietersen's bowling was just eating-up-overs level, until he took so many wickets that last time.

Just trying to figure out how much of a downgrade Pieterson-to-Trott-as-a-fifth-bowler is so I know how worried to be about having new batsmen in at 5 and 6 and four bowlers, instead of a new batsman at 5, Prior at 6, and Bresnan as a fifth bowler at 7.

Posted by phaedrus81 on (August 16, 2012, 12:26 GMT)

DRS quickly shows its no-value with Kallis dismissal. Hopefully Mr Srinivasan, SRT and Dhoni were watching. No chance for upcoming England tour of Indi

Posted by Last_ride on (August 16, 2012, 12:21 GMT)

@Smithie Jacques kallis may have something to say about that.

Posted by UmpirezCall on (August 16, 2012, 12:20 GMT)

As an Englishman (albeit living in Aus for the last 34 years) I am embarrassed at the 3rd umpire's decision to give Kallis out. What was Rod Taylor thinking?

Posted by DeathKnell on (August 16, 2012, 12:19 GMT)

Clean play please.. not with umpires who dont know the rules...Kallis is NOT out...

Posted by deena.leo on (August 16, 2012, 12:19 GMT)

@Smithie ofcourse SRT MSD srinivasan are watching the decision of kallis and worth of the DRS for england. they also saw its worth for england in dismissal of dravid in india's last tour to england.

Posted by Greatest_Game on (August 16, 2012, 12:18 GMT)

England well on top in the morning with SA on 65 for 4 at lunch, and Smith's decision to bat looking pretty questionable. Finn certainly justified his inclusion, completely bamboozling Amla, but the Kallis decision was worse than a shocker. DRS is supposed to prevent obviously terrible decisions, not create them. Tucker needs an optometrist and a new job, having set DRS back by several years. BCCI would give him a job after that howler. Looks set for an interesting day's play!

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 12:17 GMT)

@Smithie:^And it showed it flaws as well,with the decision of Kallis.

Posted by creekeetman on (August 16, 2012, 12:16 GMT)

spoke a bit to soon there smithie, im fully behind drs, but after what happened to kallis all the doubters are going to have their arguments strengthened.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 12:13 GMT)

I'm truly gutted with the bowling approach from England.They cant take positive good cricket wickets and the only way to "dismiss" is down leg caught behinds.Amla was n great wicket non the less. Kallis dismissal was a disgrace even after it went for a review.That is just unforgiving to happen at such a level.

Posted by jezzastyles on (August 16, 2012, 12:11 GMT)

@Smithie - I fully agree with your sentiment. In this day and age, the DRS should be MANDATORY in all international games, no excuses or whining about the costs, lack of infrastructure, and so forth. It's the best option available at the moment; there will always be errors in judgement, but it definitely narrows the margins of error. @Spalding Town CricketClub - spot on, at the end of the day, it is a team sport, and the future integrity of the team must come first. Courageous decision by the ECB (I could understand KP's point of view, but he was far too childish in the way he addressed the issue), and it seems the players are rallying around their highly under-rated captain (yep, I've read some of the posts recently and just shake my head at the level of ignorance that some of the comments display) and giving a 100%. Long way to go in this game, but England are looking a far better team. If they manage a win, one the greatest comebacks in Test cricket history.

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 12:08 GMT)

The score reads 56 for 4..... Should have read 56 for 2. Sad day when with the help of the third umpire review, the right decisions can't be made.... Why then do we use the technology!!!

Posted by mmraja on (August 16, 2012, 12:08 GMT)

One of the poorest, ugliest, harshest and most non-sensical decision by TV umpire to over-rule on-field umpires giving Kallis not out. It has to be CONCLUSIVE evidence that when the ball hit the glove, it was in contact with the bat (directly or otherwise); instead the TV footage proves the opposite.

Posted by codegreen on (August 16, 2012, 12:06 GMT)

Finn is the best bowler in England right now and He is Effective anywhere in the World Unlike Anderson , Good bowler is always better than an Average All rounder,,,,,,,,,,,,, good decision

Posted by Crick.lover on (August 16, 2012, 12:02 GMT)

Unfortunately, decisions like this with DRS backs India's stance!

Posted by Hammond on (August 16, 2012, 12:01 GMT)

England on a roll. Just wish this was the first innings of the first test. South Africa look all at sea now the Duke is actually moving in the air. And Finn looks awesome, a future great.

Posted by Meety on (August 16, 2012, 11:59 GMT)

Well just before Lunch - I wonder what the main topic of coversation? I want to start a rumour, I believe that KP was so desperate to get back into his teammates goodbooks & get one back on Kallis for leaking the txt scandal, that he held Tucker hostage in the Umpire room. See KP is a team man!

Posted by jezzastyles on (August 16, 2012, 11:58 GMT)

A great start for England! I didn't give them much chance of winning this one, but anything can happen from here (3 for 54). Feel sorry for Bresnan, but them's the breaks. He'll just have to fight his way back into the team. It looks as if a lot of people, myself included, could end up with egg on their faces. Now we'll see how South Africa respond to the pressure. Early days yet, but looks like it may be a cracker of a game. Cook will score a hundred in the 1st innings, and it would be good to see Prior get one as well. Good luck to both teams and may the better side win.

Posted by BRUTALANALYST on (August 16, 2012, 11:55 GMT)

The HAND was CLEARLY off the handle that was unacceptable I thought it was a joke to overrule on field umpire as well WOW England and Strauss should of called that back cos even if they win now everyone is going to come back to this especially it being KALLIS what a sham !

Posted by kallis_01 on (August 16, 2012, 11:54 GMT)

I have never seen a more ridiculous decision in my life. Kallis' hand was clearly off the bat - the commentators were astounded, the players were astounded, Kumar Dhamarasena seemed shocked. I have never seen a worse decision with technology before - there was no conclusive evidence

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 11:39 GMT)

Agreed that not picking Bresnan could be a mistake. But since SA is batting first and Eng has taken 2 wickets already , I cant see why we need Tim Bresana for first innings. The key is how England bowls second innings whihc will decide if they did the right thing by dropping Bresnan. Come on Bairstow, show your worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by R_U_4_REAL_NICK on (August 16, 2012, 11:34 GMT)

It sounded like Onions was almost in there instead of Finn, but hey... tomAItoes tomAAtoes I guess. Predictable, boring team choice as usual from England. Must win game and they've gone for a top-heavy order, with only 4 bowlers. Bowlers really have to fire today or it's all over on day 1 IMO. And look at that: just as I type Finn gets two in an over! SHUT ME UP QUICK!

Posted by AnSen1984 on (August 16, 2012, 11:26 GMT)

Bairstow is a tremendous player and he will one day break all records. Good to see him included in the England test side. I see him in the mould of Tendulkar. His Straight Drive and punch through the covers is an absolute treat to watch. Bairstow should feel he has let himself down unless he ends his career with more than 15000 test runs. All the best Bairstow!

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 11:14 GMT)

I think England have somehow taken the number.1 spot for controversies from Pakistan, i wish KP was playing, then SA would really have to work hard, i cannot believe he got dropped when it was finally looking to get his form back.

Posted by BRUTALANALYST on (August 16, 2012, 10:50 GMT)

JUST CALLING IT NOW early despite what happens but i think batting first was a huge mistake for Smith and SA here ! YES it is regulation to win and bat but all the pressure on England coming into this Test is on their batting with TAYLOR and Bairstow SA should of backed their bowlers and got stuck in day1 if they got early wickets England would find themselves in very troubled position.

Posted by Smithie on (August 16, 2012, 10:46 GMT)

DRS quickly shows its value with Smith dismissal. Hopefully Mr Srinivasan, SRT and Dhoni were watching. Any chance for upcoming England tour of India ?

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 10:43 GMT)

batting first.hmmm.this could be a mistake by the skipper

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 10:32 GMT)

I think playing Bairstow over Bresnan is a mistake. How we can expect to bowl out a class side like SA with 4 bowlers is beyond me as with no Pietersen there is no 5th bowler anywhere.

Posted by Hira1 on (August 16, 2012, 10:31 GMT)

Good for Bresnan he was praising Bairstow a lot in last couple of days and finally Bairstow is preferred over Bresnan..........well in any case it wouldn't have made much difference, the result is known to many without the match having started and team selected

Posted by Front-Foot-Lunge on (August 16, 2012, 10:26 GMT)

Bresnan: the bowler who destroyed India and Australia has clearly been affected by his shoulder surgery and it's right he makes way until he recovers properly. Good luck in his recoup.

Posted by JG2704 on (August 16, 2012, 10:17 GMT)

Thought that Eng should maybe have opened the bowling with Finn above Broad. Can't realistically see us winning with this team/team formation but hope I'm proved wrong

Posted by AnthonyNo1 on (August 16, 2012, 10:09 GMT)

The SA bowling looks very strong and the England batting line up looks weak - if we loose Cook and Trott early - it could be all over in 4 days....

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 10:02 GMT)

But shame about Bressy but hes not perfomed this series

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 10:01 GMT)

Great team , No egos get down to some proper cricket and lets level the series

Posted by   on (August 16, 2012, 9:57 GMT)

Batting under overcast skies is risky, is Smith doing a Ricky Ponting here?

Posted by jmcilhinney on (August 16, 2012, 9:52 GMT)

I guess many thought Bresnan would get the nod because seem to appreciate his batting and they will need all the firepower they can get given that they have lost KP. He hasn't done much with the bat so far though and I guess they figure that Finn is likely to contribute more with the ball than Bresnan would with the bat. I guess it could be a close game in the end but, if they're relying on runs from Bresnan, the game may well be lost already. The top order need to fire and that's all there is to it.

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