Sri Lanka tour of England and Scotland, 1st ODI: England v Sri Lanka at The Oval, Jun 28, 2011
England won by 110 runs (D/L method)
28 June 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Mendis to Morgan, no run, was this the wrong 'un? Definitely didn't come back in to Morgan as he lunged out in defence


Mendis to Morgan, no run, immediately the reverse sweep is in use, but he picks out short third man


Mendis to Morgan, FOUR, almost another wicket! It was another filthy long-hop, Morgan tried to smack it out of the park but looked to have picked out Mathew at deep midwicket ... the fielder couldn't quite judge the catch though, coming forward and then stopping and ultimately diving forward in vain as the ball bounced in front of him. Close!


Mendis to Morgan, no run, driven to cover


Mendis to Morgan, FOUR, slapped hard to the cover boundary! The bottom hand powers Morgan's drive, but his power and placement are perfect

England 117/3   EJG Morgan 8* (5b 2x4)

Jayasuriya to Morgan, 3 runs, and now Morgan targets the third man boundary, slicing a late cut down to that region. Some tag-team fielding by the rope ensures there's no boundary


Jayasuriya to Morgan, 2 runs, a touch of width offered, Morgan stays back and bends his knees to cut to deep backward point

England 128/3   EJG Morgan 13* (7b 2x4)

Mendis to Morgan, FOUR, there's a man at short third man to stop Morgan's reverse sweep, but this has sailed right over his head! Deliberately hit in the air by Morgan, great technique


Mendis to Morgan, FOUR, Mendis is all over the place here, attempting another googly but it bounces halfway down the track and is smashed to deep midwicket


Mendis to Morgan, no run, flat on off stump, Morgan gives himself room but toe-ends the cut


Mendis to Morgan, 1 run, a controlled chip is aimed towards long-off, bouncing well in front of the fielder

England 138/3   EJG Morgan 22* (11b 4x4)

Lakmal to Morgan, 1 run, he starts with a slower ball - it looked like an offcutter - that Morgan taps to long-off


Lakmal to Morgan, 1 run, another full toss - this one low and dipping towards the toes - but Morgan just flicks his wrists at the ball to send it rocketing out to deep square, with one bounce before reaching the fielder


Lakmal to Morgan, no run, Lakmal forgets about the yorker plan and instead hits a good length on off stump. Morgan defends.


Lakmal to Morgan, no run, full and fast on the toes, real pinpoint stuff. Morgan can't lay bat on it, and there's an appeal, but that was definitely going well down the leg side

England 142/3   EJG Morgan 24* (15b 4x4)

Randiv to Morgan, 1 run, flat and fast, Morgan steps back and nudges to midwicket


Randiv to Morgan, 1 run, and Morgan returns the favour, tapping to midwicket for one

England 145/4   EJG Morgan 26* (17b 4x4)

Kulasekara to Morgan, no run, he's full and straight to start, and Morgan just watchfully lays bat on ball


Kulasekara to Morgan, 1 run, full again, this time Morgan drives down the ground to bring up England's 150


Kulasekara to Morgan, no run, this looked like a slower one, and a good one it is as Morgan can't get it away


Kulasekara to Morgan, no run, width offered outside off, but Morgan's cut goes straight to point


Kulasekara to Morgan, 1 run, full on off stump, Morgan opens his wrists into the drive to pick the gap in front of point and picks up a single

England 152/4   EJG Morgan 28* (22b 4x4)

Malinga to Morgan, 1 run, he's full and fast to start, Morgan digging the ball out into the off side


Malinga to Morgan, no run, again the edge! But has Morgan hit this into the ground? Has he hit it at all? There's a huge appeal from keeper and bowler, but Umpire Illingworth says no. And rightfully so, he hit that straight into the ground


Malinga to Morgan, no run, sharp yorker, and Morgan does well just to keep it out


Malinga to Morgan, 1 run, a low full toss, quite wide outside off, is cracked into the covers for a single

England 155/4   EJG Morgan 30* (26b 4x4)

Randiv to Morgan, 3 leg byes, not a great start, a long-hop fired down the leg side and the ball rebounds off Morgan's like as he tries to smash it away ... ah, and great work by Jeevan Mendis down at fine leg saves the boundary


Randiv to Morgan, FOUR, another full toss, this time to Morgan who had jumped out of his crease and proceeded to smash it to wide long-off


Randiv to Morgan, FOUR, Morgan is using his feet so well. The ball before he danced out, this time he stays really deep and cuts behind square for yet another boundary


Randiv to Morgan, 1 run, flat on middle and leg, Morgan shovels to leg for a single

England 168/4   EJG Morgan 39* (30b 6x4)

Jayasuriya to Morgan, 2 runs, long-hop to start, but the ball doesn't bounce much and Morgan has to jab down at it ... but still picks up two to midwicket


Jayasuriya to Morgan, 2 runs, fired at the pads from round the wicket, Morgan glances to the right of fine leg and sprints back for two more


Jayasuriya to Morgan, 1 run, bunted down to long-on for one


Jayasuriya to Morgan, 1 run, slapped out to deep cover off the back foot

England 175/4   EJG Morgan 45* (34b 6x4)

Lakmal to Morgan, OUT, Lakmal's slower ball does for Morgan. Picked it too late but went through with a lofted drive, only succeeded in lifting it to long-off. Ends a dazzling little innings and a crucial strike for Sri Lanka

EJG Morgan c Kandamby b Lakmal 45 (34m 35b 6x4 0x6) SR: 128.57

England 175/5   EJG Morgan 45 (35b 6x4)





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