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Sydney Southerton      

Full name Sydney James Southerton

Born July 7, 1874, Mitcham, Surrey

Died March 12, 1935, The Oval, Kennington, London (aged 60 years 248 days)

Other Journalist, Author

Education Whitgift School

Relation Father - J Southerton


The third Editor of Wisden's Almanack to die in the course of less than ten years Sydney James Southerton passed away on March 12, 1935. His end came even more suddenly than that of each of his predecessors. Sydney H. Pardon collapsed in his office and died the next morning, November 20, 1925; Charles Stewart Caine, after fighting the trouble of a weak heart for many months, went to sleep in his chair at home and did not wake again; Southerton having proposed the toast of "Cricket" at the dinner of The Ferrets Club at the Oval, sank down and a few minutes later his life ebbed away.

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