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Charles Caine      

Full name Charles Stuart Caine

Born October 28, 1871, Portsmouth

Died April 15, 1934 (aged 62 years 169 days)

Other Journalist, Author

Education Stationers' School


Editor of Wisden's Almanack for eight years, Charles Stewart Caine died on April 15, almost on the eve of the cricket season. Just as in the case of his two predecessors, Charles and Sydney Pardon, his passing left a gap in the ranks of sporting journalism almost impossible to fill. The Pardons were both more brilliant writers about cricket, but it is questionable if either of them was so universally loved by his fellow pressmen, not only in Fleet Street, but throughout the whole of the newspaper community, or was regarded with quite the same measure of esteem as Stewart Caine. It could be said without question that Caine was one of the last surviving sporting writers of the old school who thought out their opinions knowing that their views appearing in print might influence the mind of the public. He did not possess in such a marked and happy degree that wonderful faculty so lavishly bestowed upon Sydney Pardon of expressing in a few simple well-chosen words exactly his meaning and what he desired to convey to his readers. But, like his life-long colleague, he was a great stickler for correct grammatical writing, and in just a similar degree he had a great abhorrence of saying anything unkind about anyone of whom he had to write.

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3rd ODI: England v Sri Lanka at Bristol - Jun 26
Sri Lanka 248/9 England 1/1 (0.5/50 ov)
Durham v Sri Lanka A at Chester-le-Street - Jun 26-29
Sri Lanka A 204/6 (67 ov)
Hampshire v Somerset at Southampton - Jun 26-29
Hampshire 200/9 (59 ov)
Kent v Derbyshire at Canterbury - Jun 26-29
Kent 178/6 (55.4 ov)
Middlesex v Lancashire at Lord's - Jun 26-29
Lancashire 166/2 (61.4 ov)
Warwickshire v Notts at Birmingham - Jun 26-29
Notts 125/6 (61 ov)
Yorkshire v Pakistan A at Leeds - Jun 26-29
Yorkshire 175/5 (54 ov)
North Group: Northants v Leics at Northampton - Jun 26
Leics 139/4 (18.1/20 ov)
South Group: Sussex v Gloucs at Arundel - Jun 26
Gloucs 171/3 (19.1/20 ov)
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