September 13, 2002

David Morgan to become new ECB chairman

Subject to ratification, the current vice-chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board, David Morgan, will succeed Lord MacLaurin as chairman. The former chairman of Glamorgan has been nominated by the First Class Forum, gaining 11 votes to the eight of his one opponent, Surrey's Michael Soper.

Commenting after the announcement, Morgan said: "Whilst I recognise that the result of the ballot has yet to be endorsed by the 39 members of the ECB, I am nevertheless delighted to have received the backing of the FCF.

"Michael Soper has clearly gained a significant amount of support, and it will be important for the Board to embrace some of his ideas, especially about the further popularisation of cricket. If my nomination is endorsed, I look forward to working with Michael and others to build on the very positive foundations for the game that have been laid during Ian MacLaurin's tenure of office."

Soper issued the following statement through Surrey:

"Although I am naturally disappointed not to have won the election, I wish David Morgan every success in this most challenging role. If there are any ways in which I can help in the future, then I will be always pleased to do so.

"I have absolutely no regrets in standing and was never afraid of putting my head on the block. I believe that I have been able to highlight some of the real concerns and challenges facing cricket in the coming years. If I have been able to bring forward the immense passion I have for the game, then I have achieved what I wanted to. Cricket must remain at the very top of the agenda and I want to devote the rest of my life to ensuring it is. We need to act quickly and decisively if we are to preserve and build on all the things which are good in the game.

"Nothing will give me more pleasure than being at my Club and with its members on Wednesday when we are presented with the Frizzell County Championship trophy."

Providing he receives the backing of the full ECB consisting of the 18 first-class counties, 20 minor counties and the MCC, Morgan will officially take up his new post on January 1st, 2003.