No need for 'a whole host of clones' November 21, 2006

Chris Broad slams England's bowling coach

Cricinfo staff

Stuart Broad: slight changes in his action suggested © Getty Images
Former England batsman turned ICC match referee Chris Broad has laid into Kevin Shine, England's bowling coach, accusing him of trying to turn his son Stuart into a "bowling clone".

Speaking to BBC Leicester, Broad lambasted Shine after suggestions were made to Stuart Broad that he should make some changes to his action.

The aim was to try to lessen the chances of injury, but Broad senior was unimpressed. "I don't believe you should have a whole host of clones playing in an England side so that they don't get injured.

"I can understand where Kevin Shine is coming from in that biomechanics are saying as far as injuries go you have to open up a little bit more save your back," he continued. "But Stuart's is a very natural action, it's a very easy action and it's a wicket-taking action. Injury is part and parcel of any game. A coach should work with the talent they have got in front of them, not change them into something that we see in a coaching manual.

"I hope Stuart sticks to his guns and I hope the England set-up realise the talent they have and work with it."