Player behaviour November 12, 2008

ECB and MCC to discuss yellow cards

Cricinfo staff

Yellow cards could be introduced to English first-class cricket for abusing umpires or excessive sledging if trials at minor county level prove a success. The subject will be discussed by ECB chairman Giles Clarke and the MCC at a meeting at Lord's on Wednesday night.

"Jack Simmons and Mike Griffith, the chairmen of the ECB and MCC cricket committees, are very concerned and, if the trials work, would want this as part of the first-class game, although much cricket at that level is self-policed," Clarke told The Times.

Dennis Amiss, the deputy chairman of the ECB, added his weight to the suggestion. "I would not be against introducing yellow cards in first-class cricket," he said. "I would listen to the players' view and it would have to be a bad misdemeanour but we have to move the game forward. Red cards? I hope not, but it would all add to the drama of a match."

Player behaviour is a hot topic globally so any use of a card innovation in England would be closely watched around the world. The recent series between India and Australia again raised the issue after Gautam Gambhir was banned for one Test for elbowing Shane Watson.

John Buchanan, the former Australia coach, has called for the introduction of a cards system to combat slow over-rates. During the final Test at Nagpur, Ricky Ponting was nine overs behind at one stage and forced to use part-time bowlers.