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Australia denied first look at Finn

Cricinfo staff

Australia are to be denied the chance to have a look at Steven Finn ahead of the Ashes this winter. He will have a break from cricket after playing a leading role with the ball in England's 2-0 series win over Bangladesh and is set to undertake a strengthening programme similar to that performed by Stuart Broad. As such, he will not take part in domestic cricket or any of the ODIs ahead of England's Test series against Pakistan.

"Steven Finn has had an impressive start to the summer and will now undertake a strengthening programme similar to that recently undertaken by Stuart Broad," said Geoff Miller, England's national selector. "This will also rule Steven out of the NatWest Series against Australia and Bangladesh before his preparation for the npower Test series against Pakistan."

However, England coach Andy Flower insisted the move had nothing to do with hiding Finn ahead of the winter's Ashes tour and preventing Australia make early notes about the tall quick bowler. "It does not have anything to do with Australia, or the Australian [ODI] series," he said.

"I would be very strong in the description that this is definitely not rest," he added. "He will not be resting; he will be doing a very intensive strengthening programme. He is a young man that needs to develop more physically, and there is a window of opportunity to do that. The reason he is being pulled out of Twenty20 is he needs this in the same way Stuart Broad did.

"It is the responsible thing to do for him personally and in the best interests, medium and long term, of the English cricket side."

Andrew Strauss and Graeme Swann are also going to be rested ahead of England's upcoming one-day internationals against Scotland, Australia and Bangladesh and will be unavailable for any Friends Provident domestic Twenty20 games before their international engagements.

Miller explained that while Twenty20 cricket gives the players the chance to switch from a Test to a limited-overs mindset, it is important to be mindful of regulating player workloads.

"The coming rounds of the Friend's Provident t20 matches are an ideal opportunity for several England players to switch their focus from Test cricket to limited-overs cricket as we look ahead to the forthcoming one-day International against Scotland and the NatWest Series against Australia and Bangladesh," he said.

"We must be mindful of the management of the players' workload and their desire to play in what is a hugely exciting Twenty20 competition. Graeme Swann is in need of a well earned break and as a result won't play any cricket during this period. We believe the best preparation for Andrew Strauss's build up to the NatWest series does not involve the Friend's Provident t20 fixtures and as such he won't be available for these matches during this period."

James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Paul Collingwood, and Kevin Pietersen will have a week's rest but will be available to play domestic Twenty20s from June 13. Alastair Cook will receive treatment for an ongoing back injury later this week before returning for Essex on the same date.

"I feel for the counties when we make these decisions on players and pull them out of county games," Flower said. "The directors of cricket and coaches and captains are under their own pressure with results.

"When you pull their best players out of competitive matches it is quite a hit for them. I realise it requires a lot of understanding from them, and we very much appreciate it."

Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Ajmal Shahzad, Ryan Sidebottom, Matt Prior and Jonathan Trott will be available for all county fixtures until June 15. England play Scotland in Edinburgh on June 19 before five ODIs against Australia, starting on June 22, and three against Bangladesh.

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  • Dummy4 on June 10, 2010, 8:42 GMT

    "Finn won't last long. The problem with Englan selectors is that they let new players come in, play a few tests and then their career finishes. where's Harmison, Hoggard, Giles, Panesar, Onions, Mahmood etc, etc, etc. None of these have been able to have a lenghty career to be able to get 400-500 wickets unlike Mcgrath and Warne from Australia, Wasim and Waqar from Pakistan Murli from Sri Lanka Or Walsh and Ambrose from the West Indies"

    What a stupid comment. Why compare them to the greatest bowlers of the modern era? Except for Mahmood, each of those players played much more than a "few" Tests. Harmison has been in and out due to poor England form, Hoggard lost a yard of pace, Giles retired due to injury, Panesar lost his bottle, Onions is currently injured so not in the squad, and Mahmood is far too expensive. Hardly illogical non-pickings. As long as Finn is good enough, he will play. Unless you think that once a player makes his debut, he should keep on playing until he's 40?

  • Rue on June 10, 2010, 5:52 GMT

    Stummped, what are you talking about? Harmison, Hoggard and Panesar where dropped due to not taking wickets. Giles retired because of injury, Onions injured and mahmood was hardly ever a regular England bowler. Great thinking on England management to protect a promising bowler and prepare him for hopefully a long carear in the national side. Hopefully 400 wickets!

  • rob on June 10, 2010, 0:52 GMT

    @Rooboy. Deary, deary me, surely you must of heard of the institute of sport and the cricket academy. This is a strange country where a talented sportsman is paid (by the taxpayer) to do sport and yet, should someone wish to be a doctor they pay for the privilege to study. Yes, pouring money into sport (or nuclear weapons) does yield results. East Germany had a very similar sport ethos.

    Whilst I am not denying the enormous talents of McGrath, Gilly and many many more, I believe Warnie attended the Institute of Sport.

    As for your, somewhat offensive, "nice statement of the bleeding obvious!" I was simply making a reference to earlier comments that the series outcome would be 5-0. Could I suggest you read more carefully before making "bleeding" silly statements.

    As for natural talent, both academic and sporting, I'll plum for Charles Burgess Fry.

  • Adnan on June 9, 2010, 13:52 GMT

    Finn won't last long. The problem with Englan selectors is that they let new players come in, play a few tests and then their career finishes. where's Harmison, Hoggard, Giles, Panesar, Onions, Mahmood etc, etc, etc. None of these have been able to have a lenghty career to be able to get 400-500 wickets unlike Mcgrath and Warne from Australia, Wasim and Waqar from Pakistan Murli from Sri Lanka Or Walsh and Ambrose from the West Indies. So all I can say is Finn is only an outpatient for the team so enjoy the short stay and good luck because Pakistan and Australia won't take you as light as Bangladesh.

  • Rakesh on June 9, 2010, 12:28 GMT

    Is this really necessary? If this is really a way to shield Finn from some early bashing from the Aussies then so be it - but is a 'Strengthening Program' realyl required. Did the quicks of yesteryear need this? Couldn't see someone pulling a young Ambrose/Walsh or even Beefy for that matter from a series and telling them they needed to go to the gym? This is the problem with the ECB (or Big Mother)- Finn has had a good series against weak opposition and now they're grooming him for greatness. Surely the lad just needs to bowl and bowl and understand his game and 'Stregthen his body and mind' from, erm, playing cricket!? Like Broad, Finn will be over coached, over hyped and probably become a mediocre first or second change bowler. Poor lad... For what it's worth, no matter what Aus team plays in the Ashes this winter-Eng will lose the series. Other than 2/3 players, England's 'Test players' are mentally inept in the face of real pressure-which Aus will no doubt apply in great measure!

  • Drew on June 9, 2010, 10:40 GMT

    SettingSun's argument that England have more cricketing depth than Australia is weak and requires immediate strengthening; just like the "new McGrath".

  • Martin on June 9, 2010, 9:56 GMT

    May I remind those Aussie ockers that we have a four-Test series against Pakistan before the Ashes? Plenty of time for Finn to build experience and the England selectors to finalise their Ashes attack. We have plenty of capable seamers for the upcoming ODIs.

  • qazi on June 9, 2010, 8:39 GMT

    England has no chance to win a single test. They may drew a test or so which is very unlikely. There happy journey will be over in the Ashes. I can see another english disaster in the Ashes series. After all, getting 20 wickets in two innigs ....too much for them.

  • Steve on June 9, 2010, 7:52 GMT

    @jomesh - it was a strengthening programme, not an 'invulnerability to injuries' programme. I'd love to know how much county cricket and Lions cricket all these Aussies mocking our superior pace bowling stocks have seen recently to make such remarks. I should have pointed out we also have superior spin, keeping and batting back-ups as well, but I didn't want you to feel too dejected ahead of the ODIs and The Ashes, especially after the whole T20 World Cup and last Ashes thing. You really can have Pattinson back if you need him!

  • ARUN on June 9, 2010, 6:56 GMT

    THIS IS TOO MUCH HYPE for this new kid (FINN) to the TEST format. i dont think he will hinder the aussies.. and 1 thing is sure.. for the loss in t20 final. aussies will make the england cry and run out oF australia.. i predict this tour of ENGLAND TO AUSTRALIA is GNG TO BE a winless series.. there will b indvidual performance from swann & peterson ..nothing more.. AUSTRALIA GENRALLY DONT LIKE LOSING IN A MATCH .. to add to that in their home they will demolish the opposition. ENGLAND keep your towels ready to wipe the tears.. ha ha ha.. aussies 5-0 .

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