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Pietersen not awarded central contract

George Dobell

September 7, 2012

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Kevin Pietersen drives for four down the ground, Surrey v Nottinghamshire, County Championship, Division One, The Oval, September, 4, 2012
Kevin Pietersen has not been awarded an ECB central contract for 2012-13 © PA Photos
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Kevin Pietersen is notable by his absence from the list of players awarded central contracts for the 2012-13 season by the ECB.

Pietersen has been left out of the England team since the Leeds Test against South Africa following the revelation that he sent messages containing derogatory remarks about the England captain, Andrew Strauss, to members of the South Africa touring squad. It later emerged that Pietersen's relationship with several members of the England squad had deteriorated to an unhealthy level.

In releasing a statement containing the names of the ten centrally contracted players, the ECB said: "In respect to Kevin Pietersen discussions are ongoing and they remain private." It is understood that Andy Flower, the England coach, and Pietersen met last weekend, but that there is some way to go before a resolution to the issue is found.

While the ECB can add to the list of centrally contracted players at any point, time is running out before the Test squad to India is announced. The ECB originally hoped to announce the squad before the team depart for the World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka in about a week's time, though they could delay it to allow Pietersen and Flower to continue their discussions during the tournament. Pietersen is due to be in Sri Lanka working for ESPN STAR as a summariser.

There is also some doubt as to Pietersen's desire to sign a central contract. While he recently reaffirmed his commitment to England in all forms of cricket, not signing a central contract would allow him to perform in the whole IPL and other T20 leagues such as Australia's BBL. It is also understood that Pietersen remains underwhelmed about the parody Twitter account that he feels may have been more directly influenced by some England team-mates than is thought by the ECB.

Chris Tremlett, who has been injured for almost the entire season and Strauss, who has retired, are also omitted from the list of players awarded contracts last year.

Eoin Morgan retains a central contract despite having not featured in the Test side since the series against Pakistan in the UAE, while Graham Onions is the one player added to the list of those players awarded incremental contracts. Morgan's inclusion may also provide encouragement to him ahead of the announcement of the Test squad to India.

Geoff Miller, the national selector, said: "Congratulations to Graham Onions who is the one addition to the list of players who have been awarded increment contracts and is in recognition of the effort he has put in since his return from injury in 2011 and an indication that we feel he has plenty to offer England in the coming months."

"Contracts are on-going recognition for those players who have regularly been selected for England and have performed consistently as well as players who we feel could play an important role for England over the next 12 months."

England central contracts James Anderson (Lancashire), Ian Bell (Warwickshire), Tim Bresnan (Yorkshire), Stuart Broad (Nottinghamshire), Alastair Cook (Essex), Steven Finn (Middlesex), Eoin Morgan (Middlesex), Matt Prior (Sussex), Graeme Swann (Nottinghamshire), Jonathan Trott (Warwickshire)

England incremental contracts Jonny Bairstow (Yorkshire), Ravi Bopara (Essex), Craig Kieswetter (Somerset), Graham Onions (Durham)

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Posted by ashes61 on (September 9, 2012, 21:15 GMT)

Cpl Meanster: I always enjoy the passion of your debate but I do wonder sometmes about the substance behind your points. Firstly, let me agree that KP has, at times, been a very destructive batsman, and that - at times - that's exactly what a team needs. But your assessment of his worth to the ENG team is way in excess of the reality. His dominating, destructive innings are NOT the norm. They are not even reasonably common. If they aren't rare, then they are certainly pretty uncommon, both in Tests & ODIs. (Yes, he had a good WC T20, but that format is a lottery & anyone can come out on top on different days). Overall, he has a fairly goodish record in Tests, a record punctuated by deep disappointment at least as often as success. Even allowing for the fact that attacking batsmen generally have more lower scores, he has been dismissed early and ignominiously by average bowlers far too often. Please desist from calling him our "stand-out batsman." He wasn't & isn't - not nearly.

Posted by ashes61 on (September 9, 2012, 20:58 GMT)

testcricketbestcricket: I certainly agree with the sentiment behind your cricinfo forum name! However, I'm often baffled by comments from contributors here, & your point that IPL is the envy of the world is the latest. Why would a sensible contributor say such a thing? Don't know how IPL looks from India (but from most - not all - IND comments I can guess) nor even from countries such as AUS, SA or WI. However, as a very active player & watcher in ENG I think I've a fair idea of how it's viewed in ENG. It's just not on the radar!!! I think it's televised on some UK channel somewhere but must admit to never having seen a ball bowled. I'm therefore not in a position to judge it, but am in a position to gauge its profile over here. I've rarely heard ANYONE even mention it in the years it has been going, & I see several dozen (at least) active cricketers (from county down to village) a week. If KP was restricted to T20 (say IPL & BB) alone, his profile would simply vanish overnight.

Posted by bumsonseats on (September 9, 2012, 15:47 GMT)

JG2704 i agree if he had kept his mouth shut i think it could have been soothed out. but the guy just cannot do that. who in their right mind would just go on and on. sometimes keeping stum is the best defence. he could have voiced his thoughts when he retired which in turn people could buy his book, or those who gave a dam.

Posted by bumsonseats on (September 9, 2012, 13:09 GMT)

StraightHit. could not agree more, he may get his present problems sorted. but im afraid the brits will not forget this past month.i also think he will find it a problem living in the uk even with an english wife. down the road in about 5/6 years after he retires i can see him thinking why the hell did i do that. whats in the future for him perhaps tv pundit in SA or god forbid Australia just think of him and tony sitting in the commentary box.

Posted by Hammond on (September 9, 2012, 12:20 GMT)

Good, now let's move on to players that are actually loyal to the team.

Posted by vrn59 on (September 9, 2012, 11:18 GMT)

ENG LINEUP WITHOUT PIETERSEN: Kieswetter (wk), Hales, Bopara, Morgan, Bairstow, Buttler, Patel, Broad (C), Swann, Finn, Dernbach. ENG LINEUP WITH PIETERSEN: Pietersen, Hales, Bopara/Wright, Morgan, Bairstow, Kieswetter (C), Patel/Bresnan, Broad (C), Swann, Finn, Dernbach/Tredwell. The difference is obvious. My ENG TEAM: Kevin Pietersen, Alex Hales, Luke Wright, Eoin Morgan, Jonny Bairstow, Craig Kieswetter, Samit Patel, Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, Steven Finn, James Tredwell. Yes, the side is spin-heavy: maybe Tim Bresnan could be brought in instead of Patel.

Posted by JG2704 on (September 9, 2012, 8:49 GMT)

@ puroniks on (September 08 2012, 04:06 AM GMT) before his latest rant I'd have said probably . Since his latest outburst I'd definitely say yes. A shame

Posted by JG2704 on (September 9, 2012, 8:48 GMT)

@ Si Baker on (September 08 2012, 10:10 AM GMT) I'm not sure it is great that Morgan is a centrally contracted player. To me he has not done enough in the 1st class game to merit being a test player - even with the current crop's standards. I've not noticed him putting in any outstanding performances since the UAE series.

Posted by Aristotle01 on (September 9, 2012, 7:11 GMT)

TONTONZLOAMOUKOLO: The difference is that the Individual from India is one of the greatest batsmen of all time. The individual from England(South Africa) is only a very good batsman.

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 21:39 GMT)

@Ian Burnett Didn't see him smash Herath then?

Posted by ilovecricket1234 on (September 8, 2012, 20:36 GMT)

The coach will lose his job because of losing without KP, and the captains will do horrible but they stubbornly will not bring back KP! Well, I hope they don't just so that India has a better chance of winning against England.

Posted by saguni on (September 8, 2012, 20:03 GMT)

To the extent a team is made up of individual players, key players are important if a team wants to win. KP is a key player though he may not be a team player. A team without key players will not be able to perform. The whole situation was not handled properly by the team management and captain. Instead, KP has been made the big villain here. If the team is more important than any individual player, same can be said about the individual as well - his right to earn a decent living is more important than subordinating his rights to the team.

Posted by timus6778 on (September 8, 2012, 19:32 GMT)

Sachin looks vulnerable to left arm spinners , so what??? so is KP no problem on that

and still out of all other mediocre players , he is the only one who was BRILLIANT in england

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 18:58 GMT)

@Cpt.Meanster...."KP is one of Englands better players of spin...." You haven't noticed his problems against left arm spinners then ?

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (September 8, 2012, 18:52 GMT)

@TontonZolaMoukoko: First of all.. hope I got your name right :D. Secondly, what you said about Indians is only partly true. We don't support EVERY individual from a team. If a player like Broad was removed from England, we won't give a damn. But it's KP... for God sakes.. KP ! He's been pretty much the ONLY stand out performer for England over these last 5-6 years in all formats. A player who can dominate any bowling attack in any condition anywhere in the world. My sentiments were shared by Nasser Hussain, David Lloyd on commentary on Sky today. England just look 'weak' without KP. I know it's a team game but it IS the team that loses out without its good players. So yeah.. some brilliant individuals like KP deserve all the adulation and adoration from fans.

Posted by CricketChat on (September 8, 2012, 18:28 GMT)

I think KP's saga is turning out to be similar to Chris Gayle of WI. WI had no choice but to pick him as their batting was in shambles unlike Eng. KP should focus the rest of his playing career as a freelance T20 player. It is unlikely either ECB or English fans will forgive him before his time is up.

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 18:10 GMT)

cme on KP go and join SAF team and shift ur family to SAF... this is the best chance and players like u needed in south african middle order... what a option do u have... go away from english :)

Posted by TontonZolaMoukoko on (September 8, 2012, 18:05 GMT)

The comments on here just show the difference between English and Indian fans. The English support the team, the Indians support the individual.

Posted by meetagod on (September 8, 2012, 16:58 GMT)

Are u nuts ECB. I m a doctor. I made some silly comments for that I loose my license to practice. Does it make any sense? Cricket is KP s profession. He must be given warning at the worst not a death sentence folks. Wake up ECB.

Posted by CaptainKool on (September 8, 2012, 16:57 GMT)

BAD CHOICE. KP, feel sorry for you.

Posted by sachin_vvsfan on (September 8, 2012, 16:45 GMT)

@A_Vacant_Slip Chill mate. You should know that not every one commenting against England is indian fan :) But can't blame you when these articles(slightly irrelevant) appear on our home page. That said i do miss KP in india. But missing a central contract doesn't mean he is out of the squad yet right?

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 16:25 GMT)

hmmm no wonder why KP is so self centered.Fresh contracts have been announced and Eng have tough tour to India in 2 months.and the headline is about KP and not about the ones who have made it and will fight it out in the middle.Eng media's obsession for KP related headlines should end first.dont we already have enough football players' and their WAGs to fill tabloids......

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 16:05 GMT)

what a decision by ECB, really a message for all cricket boards that no player is bigger than authorities. great!

Posted by baranasai on (September 8, 2012, 15:22 GMT)

It s time the ECB shake hands with KP and move on/ To lose a player of the calibre of KP is too much for England at this juncture as KP has such a good experience and England needs him now more than before. Let both parties forget the past and move on/ KP has done a lot and he is in very good touch

Posted by sridhar8 on (September 8, 2012, 15:14 GMT)

Bad move. England hasn't produced a world class player since Botham/Gooch era. KP is probably in the top 5 in the world. Remember what AUS did with Shane Warne ?? ECB must have worked it out with KP. KP rocks and England is going to miss him dearly. KP is one of the very few players in the world that can play all three formats with aggression and poise. Silly England, it's your loss !

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (September 8, 2012, 15:11 GMT)

VERY SAD, VERY SAD !! No KP.... not much hope for England in India. Having said that, this is the perfect situation for some youngsters like Bairstow, Taylor etc to cement their places in the test team. KP was easily the most successful player for England in ALL conditions. Especially in India, it is doubly vital that England have some attacking player at no.3 in all formats. Without KP they will surely struggle for momentum. KP is also one of England's better players of spin bowling. England MUST be ready for some 'spin music' in India. India will bomb England with spinners and slowish pitches. It's up to England to adapt to those conditions. How do they do that ? Quite simple, pick KP in the squad for some added aggression and experience. Otherwise it will be more of the same old story for England in India. I really wish KP is on that plane to India.

Posted by Theavalanche on (September 8, 2012, 14:49 GMT)

without Petersen English team will be joke in subcontinent. they are not able to play Botha in England...it will be interesting to see how they gonna play spinners in subcontinent. I am sure Petersen will be in English Team after T20 world cup.

Posted by nck483 on (September 8, 2012, 14:42 GMT)

Do not worry KP. You have still chance to go back and play for SouthAfrica. Any way there is a vaccency in SA line up for all formats. Its because of you, England won a major ICC tournament. We all are with you. Now u announce retirement from all formats of game and take NOC from ECB. and go and join SA. All the best

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 14:29 GMT)

congrates Kevin, you gave them Ashes, world cup, And All English team jealous from you. THIS IS VERY MUCH TRUE

Posted by Dharaka on (September 8, 2012, 14:16 GMT)

What a loss to World Cricket...We will miss Pietersen in Sri Lanka

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 12:28 GMT)

interesting... without KP they can't win a single test match in india... lets think of draw later

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 11:45 GMT)

Morgan did not played well against Pakistan earlier this year in UAE. He is good player for TEST outside Sub-continent. In India, Bopara or James Taylor will be vital at #6 spot.

Posted by Sachin316 on (September 8, 2012, 11:22 GMT)

disaster for england. They will regret this

Posted by FredBoycott on (September 8, 2012, 11:11 GMT)

Pietersen is not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy.

Posted by johnson49 on (September 8, 2012, 11:06 GMT)

I'd like to see England playing six batsmen this winter against India and five bowlers, with Tredwell or Panesar acting as second spinner. Strauss retiring and Pietersen going makes it easy to select a side. 1. Cook, 2.Bell, 3.Trott, 4. Morgan, 5. Bairstow, 6. Prior, 7. Broad, 8. Swann, 9. Tredwell/Panesar 10. Finn 11. Anderson would be my team

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 10:59 GMT)

coming to india without Kevin Pietersen there may lose the test series with a big margin

Posted by arvindcc on (September 8, 2012, 10:31 GMT)

without KP, england u cant defend ur title!!

Posted by himohan007 on (September 8, 2012, 10:11 GMT)

@A_Vacant_Slip "the self proclaimed "best side that ever played cricket " - India." when did Indian media raised that statement.I accept we Indian fans do over rate certain players because of the love we show to them. But not like English media England team is equall to WI of 70-80s and Aus of 90-2000.BTW how to spell your team England Xl or United Xl(Even this also dont suite bcos of jealousy among players) LOLZ.

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 10:10 GMT)

@JG2704: the inclusion of Morgan among the centrally contracted players is a sure sign he'll be on the plane to India: excellent news, I'd say, as he has more experience (even if most of it was against net bowlers during the 2012 IPL season) of sub-continental conditions than any of our current batsmen. Although I'd love to see KP in India as well, if he's not it'll be a fantastic opportunity to blood Bairstow, Taylor & possibly Root or Hales in sub-continental conditions. Very few people seem to regard Hales as a potential Test successor to Strauss, yet his inclusion in England's World Cup T20 squad will provide an ideal springboard for him to be included in the Test squad for India, as he'll have mastered the vagaries of sub-continental pitches by the time our business is concluded in Sri Lanka.

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 9:48 GMT)

To all Anti KP English fans: Dont forget KP was the only established English batsmen to play all 3 formats of the game last year and the only English batsmen to reach no.1 in all 3 formats. Just show us one established batsmen who can replace KP in all 3 formats??? you cant!!! you need 3 diff players to replace KP in 3 diff formats. I wont be proud of my team if my team requires 3 players to replace ONE player KP.

Posted by The_bowlers_Holding on (September 8, 2012, 9:05 GMT)

tommytucker on (September 08 2012, 05:55 AM GMT)- I can't believe it but I agree with your post. Also the Gayle scenario did not have the text message issues just IPL v test,( what is going to happen when the IPL starts again). He was never going to get a contract with talks at the early stage and with the T20 world cup approaching although he would probably like to be the headline story. Last week I was asking a few friends if they wanted him back and everyone resoundingly said NO. Personally I think it would be sad to end like this and the main problem is Kevin is a big talent/bloke with a small IQ which is evident by his actions/comments.

Posted by Sanjiyan on (September 8, 2012, 8:54 GMT)

@ Ian Burnett i believe the english bowling coach stated that the current bowling attack is on par with the aussie attack which had Shane Warne, Mcgrath and Gillespie in it. We all saw how 'potent' they were in the test series against South Africa.

Posted by ktic on (September 8, 2012, 8:49 GMT)

tommytucker: almost half of the English team is made of saffa... poor you!!!

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (September 8, 2012, 8:47 GMT)


Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 8:18 GMT)

ECB nd Geoff Miller wht happend u man,ths 100% wrong way 2 take out KP,plz think more guys :))

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 8:18 GMT)

@jasonpete....care to give some hard evidence for those "best side that ever played cricket" remarks you say were apparently made by the "English journals" ?

Posted by ktic on (September 8, 2012, 8:00 GMT)

It was just KP if there was any reason I was watching England playing... nothing for us to lose anyway, there is always IPL & BIG BASH where he can continue amusing us...

Posted by UdayP on (September 8, 2012, 7:30 GMT)

I have to put 25 characters in but all I really want to say is: About time!!

Posted by ashankar on (September 8, 2012, 7:20 GMT)

@tommytucker - Okay what about Eoin Morgan and Jonathan Trott!?

Posted by JG2704 on (September 8, 2012, 6:30 GMT)

Not commenting on KP. What I am surprised about is that Morgan has been awarded a central contract when guys like Bairstow , Ravi and Taylor (who all have been included above Morgan for tests) have not?

Posted by Ian_65 on (September 8, 2012, 6:23 GMT)

Oh common ECB, pls don't act like a 3rd world cricket boards, we all love to watch Kev play his different brand of cricket.......I love watch him play & he is a nice lad a fighter by him self & don't forget he is a part of this English squad who have bought glory to the world & the English team & fans.....pls act with restraint give him a another chance will you.

Posted by tommytucker on (September 8, 2012, 5:55 GMT)

@linjean this is very different from Chris Gale and WICB. ECB contracts are very lucrative and English contracted players are paid far more that West Indies Contracted players. Gale wanted to get fair wage for his talent, KP is just greedy.

KP shouldnt get an ECB contract anyway, isnt he a saffa...???

Many Eng fans are happy he has been dropped, no one should be bigger than the team.

Posted by jasonpete on (September 8, 2012, 5:00 GMT)

@ vacant_slip, " self proclaimed "best side that ever played cricket",you meant to say England? When England reached no.1 mostly the English journals were claming this statement not the other way round.Even they placed this team who lost 6 out of 11 tests along with great west indies and mighty Australia.I think that's was the real joke ,even you can add few England fans as well . And Maximum 6 is an England supporter and if he crticises England ,in your word by default he becomes an indan fan.Hilarious.

Posted by sweetspot on (September 8, 2012, 4:32 GMT)

@maximum6 - "One who chooses to throw in his lot with a country is no less a participant in that country as one who was born there. Indeed he may feel more.Furthermore it shows more weakness by an organisation like ECB to flex its authority in this pathetic way than strength which some confuse it with. Strength is shown in not reacting thus." Truer words have rarely been spoken. Kudos! ECB sucking its thumb, feeling all warm right now?

Posted by Akshita29 on (September 8, 2012, 4:24 GMT)

@fully agree mOse . KP will earn much more money than any of these contracted players only by playing a full season for ipl and he has a six figure offer from big bash too . And he is a part of champions league this winter for the daredevil team. Kp certainly don't need England to survive as a professional . Its only his fans would miss him badly and Kp haters would be happy for now . But I have a feeling he will be back for India series. All the best Kp . We will miss you.

Posted by Aristotle01 on (September 8, 2012, 4:06 GMT)

All my English friends... JB63, JG2804 YORKSHIRE PUDDING etc... Does this mean that KP is highly unlikely to tour India? Is the England Contract system like the Aussie one, where in because katich wasnt offered a contract, it was assumed that his career was over? How does this work out guys now? Is KP out of the England scene atm Becuase he isn't centrally contracted?

Posted by Jose on (September 8, 2012, 3:30 GMT)

Good Job. Now England will begin to understand how ordinary they are without KP.

Posted by   on (September 8, 2012, 3:09 GMT)

poooor ecb!! this take long time to build new england team!! Also You Will Out from 1st round in wt20!!

Posted by testcricketbestcricket on (September 8, 2012, 2:57 GMT)

Looks like there are many who are happy for KP as they feel that he can play in all the assorted leagues of the world...IMO if that is what KP wants, there is no point in continuing to talk to Flower and Cook. KP can do a Flintoff and everybody can go about their business with one less issue in their mind. If KP is indeed serious about his career as an England player, he has to approach it with the respect and dignity that playing for one's country deserves.

Let us be fair. I am an Indian, but when BCCI does not allow its contracted players to play in any league other than the IPL, why should we complain about ECB's stand vis-a-vis the IPL? WRT KP-gate, it is a straight forward question of priorities. Only KP can have an answer to that. IPL without a doubt is the envy of the cricketing world. But let us not use it as a means to undermine other cricketing nations.

Posted by Ms.Cricket on (September 8, 2012, 1:31 GMT)

ECB is being stupid. They have no right to take the high moral ground being in several injudicous decisions themselves like the Stamford affair, Moores saga, EPL etc. Kevin has made a mistake, don't hang him out to dry, MATURELY COUNSEL him and treat this English matchwinner respectfully. Remember only point the finger at another if you without sin yourself.

Posted by stalefresh on (September 8, 2012, 1:24 GMT)

Selecting him would really mean that ecb is setting the wrong precedence and that one player is bigger than the game. This is perfect decision for now. I don't see how he can send those text messages and get away with it. Great player but not very mature in his dealings. What a shame as would have loved to see him play spin in India in upcoming test series.

Posted by babowls on (September 8, 2012, 0:53 GMT)

Pieterson we'll miss you?Please back to England squed! Need to see u in every format of cricket

Posted by jmcilhinney on (September 8, 2012, 0:45 GMT)

I'm not sure that anything can be made of the fact that KP wasn't offered a contract at this stage. The fact that talks are still ongoing regarding whether or not KP will return to the team means that it would be stupid to offer him a contract yet. If the ECB accept him back and he commits to either just Test cricket or all three forms, then it would make sense to offer him a contract. If he was to refuse to sign a central contract then that would make a mockery of some of the things he's said, e.g. he no longer insists on play a full IPL season and will be available for selection for England at all times. If that was to happen then I'd expect that to be the end of his England career. The way I see it, KP must apologise for what he's done and commit to mending fences and also sign a central contract and abide by its conditions, otherwise we won't see him in England colours again. That doesn't mean that others don't have to make an effort too, but the first move is KP's to make.

Posted by 2.14istherunrate on (September 8, 2012, 0:09 GMT)

" Now they are ringing their bells but soon they will be wringing their hands". Wm Pitt The Younger on the outbrealk of war with France c1797. The 'hang him high' lobby of anti KP reactionaries are so cockahoop because it is not just KP who may not be playing but the whole spirit of multiculturalism and ecvonomic migration. One sees the argument aboyut place of birth too often not to be very suspicious about the involvemnt of narrow nationalism in this. When it is targetted at Strauss for instance it is just scarey. it is not plqace of birth which is so important but where you are now and where you are headed. One who chooses to throw in his lot witha country is no less a participant in that country as one who was born there. Indeed he may feel more.Furthermore it shows more weakness by an organisation like ECB to flex its authority in this pathetic way than strength which some confuse it with. Strength is shown in not reacting thus.

Posted by   on (September 7, 2012, 23:36 GMT)

We in Australia we love a full season of KP in the Big Bash League!! Come on down!

Posted by fuddu on (September 7, 2012, 23:24 GMT)

Does anyone know how much do these contracted players earn annually?

Posted by   on (September 7, 2012, 23:14 GMT)

The entire recent KP saga has been about his negotiations for a central contract - there was no way he could be given one until the negotiations are complete. This announcement makes no difference whatsoever to the situation.

Posted by m0se on (September 7, 2012, 23:06 GMT)

KP should bide his time, England will come crawling back to him - just like the Windies did for Gayle. He should play T20 leagues around the world and make tons of money and get plenty of rest. England meanwhile will lose their T20 cup and then the Ashes. When the Ashes is gone, then the media will start screaming for heads and inclusion of KP. He can then play a few more years for England, set some national records, force an IPL window then retire to Dubai and milk a few more years off the IPL.

Posted by Manush on (September 7, 2012, 22:57 GMT)

It will be a big loss for England if KP is omitted and a big lesson for KP for having fretted away his golden position However there is time still to repair the damages caused and should end in favour of KP. India can easily win and run down England if they travel without him

Posted by Pratik_vodka on (September 7, 2012, 22:46 GMT)

Well Good News for Delhi Daredevil Fans (me included) unfortunate cant see KP play in tests no more (the only sad bit.. dont care much about Englands test team) But as a Daredevil fan we now have him for the full season .. KP you will get and has got more respect and love from Delhi fans that he will ever get scoring those great runs for England ! Welcome back to Delhi Sir! CLt20 is more a reality now that KP will be there ! And if any one doubts it watch a game of DD in IPL KP got as much love & support as Viru .. and now thats not an easy thing to do specially in Delhi .. the only one that has come close is of course Sachin himself.

Posted by Lmaotsetung on (September 7, 2012, 22:42 GMT)

This is news? Ofcourse he's not gonna be awarded a contract since the issue is not resolved yet and there are on going meeting. Move along people...nothing to see here.

Posted by Long-Leg on (September 7, 2012, 22:17 GMT)

Pleased to see that Chris Tremlett got a mention. He has been an excellent performer for England and (in contrast to KP) always gave his all for the team. Unfortunately his career has been blighted by injury and he's missed much of the present season. Hope he recovers soon and gets to wear an England shirt again.

Posted by SanjivAwesome on (September 7, 2012, 22:01 GMT)

I have to say this was entirely expected. Will there be a Gayle style turnaround for ECB?

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (September 7, 2012, 21:49 GMT)

now KP can relax and play IPL and his life is set. ECB has lost one of the most entertaining cricketers in the world. what a loss. No body is bigger than the game it self so move on KP and play T2020 leagues and enjoy.

Posted by PACERONE on (September 7, 2012, 21:24 GMT)

Why has no one come out and said exactly what Pietersen tweeted to the S.A players is it that bad? Administrators and commentators are allowed to comment on everything that happens,but players get fined for speaking the truth.Pietersen is an outsider to the English born players and he is more popular and better than they are.look at how they comment on Bopara and Panaseer.Tredwell and Bell dropped easy catches and they are not banished from the team.Bairstow,Morgan and Prior are the only batsmen worth watching on this team.Witness the fans sleeping during the matches when England is batting.

Posted by linjean on (September 7, 2012, 21:21 GMT)

Is this so different from what happened to Chris Gayle and the West Indies board? Can someone instruct me.

Posted by JerryV on (September 7, 2012, 21:18 GMT)

@xylo. Pietersen could return to South Africa and play for them provided he is willing to wait for 5 years without any international cricket.

By then, it would be time for him to retire.

Posted by 200ondebut on (September 7, 2012, 21:12 GMT)

Sounds to me they are still trying to get him to sign a contract. After the way he has been treated I wouldn't blame him if he told Flower, Clarke and Morris (i.e the ECB) where to go. Just a shame we would then never see his genius once again in an England shirt.

Posted by A_Vacant_Slip on (September 7, 2012, 21:05 GMT)

@maximum6 on (September 07 2012, 19:39 PM GMT) This is a joke comment from you. This same England management team assembled a Test side that thrashed Australia in Australia, and whitewashed the self proclaimed "best side that ever played cricket " - India. It is India that have the joke XI, not England. Rich-picking await England in India. India follower vastly over-rate their team and their own self importance. BTW - KP will never be seen for England again. He crossed the line.

Posted by kc69 on (September 7, 2012, 21:04 GMT)

@xyl: good question mate,but i guess there is no place in SA team for KP.

Posted by cricraz on (September 7, 2012, 21:04 GMT)

Great news for Indian fans. KP will not be touring India and England can hope to get brownwashed because KP is only player capable of destroying Indian spinners. The good news extends to Delhi Daredevils because KP will be available for the whole season. ECB and Andy flower, keep up the good work!!

Posted by TheGreatestGameEverPlayed on (September 7, 2012, 20:59 GMT)

As far as I can see, It's not even about Cricket or the team. It's all about settling their personal disputes. KP's been the anchor of team England. Let's see how they r gonna do it in Sri Lanka with out him. I'm a Sri Lankan 'n Sri Lankans love only 2 englishmen. 1. Tony Greig 2. KP we love ya both !!!!!!!!

Posted by simon_w on (September 7, 2012, 20:42 GMT)

This is hardly a surprise, the central contracts list is exactly as expected. If KP can satisfy the ECB and the England dressing room that he's ready to be a team player and put the team first, then adding him to the central contracts list at that time won't be a problem, so his omission is not particularly significant.

Posted by   on (September 7, 2012, 20:40 GMT)

Lol -- Tim Bresnan got a central contract. He is not even for first class cricket.

Posted by AshesErnie on (September 7, 2012, 20:36 GMT)

phoenixsteve, get your head out of the ashes. Masses of England fans are absolutely cock-a-hoop that KP has bitten the dust. The team should always be bigger than the individual so he had to go. Remember 30 Dec 2010 when England won the Ashes in Melbourne? KP did a press conference claiming the credit because it wouldn't have happened without him ousting Moores and losing the captaincy. Unbelievable. Boycott was disliked by team mates as a player, but KP has taken the concept to a new level. Please, people in authority, never invite him back.

Posted by threeslipsandagully on (September 7, 2012, 20:34 GMT)

@maximum6 Quite an overreaction. It's basically the same England side as before, minus Pietersen and Strauss. I'm personally more concerned with this persistence with Ravi Bopara when he's proved time and time again that he can't cut it at international level.

Posted by TRIN999 on (September 7, 2012, 20:32 GMT)

Now then the real test of characters.Future will only tell whether K.P will be in team or not ,but cant imagine England visiting Inidia without KP .Thrashing is sure but without KP it will be more humiliating...Be prepared

Posted by   on (September 7, 2012, 20:30 GMT)

what a pity!!its cricket dat is wat ultimately suffering...as a kp fan i wud really luv 2 see him facing d likes of steyn in swinging conditions..cricket at its zenith....which i am nt sure i'll ever see again..

Posted by   on (September 7, 2012, 20:19 GMT)

That makes ten central contracts. Room for one "belated" one!

Posted by Hira1 on (September 7, 2012, 20:03 GMT)

and the drama continues....I dont know when will we see the final episode of this drama, what ECB is negotiating with KP, just let him play IPL, Big Bash and all the T20 championship this year and see if they can cope up without him, if not, then call him next year on KPs' terms..............I am sure KP has nothing to loose from this he will make lot of money this year since he is in prime form and return back with his own terms and condition as surely we all know what Eng is capable of performing without him.

Posted by 2.14istherunrate on (September 7, 2012, 19:39 GMT)

Is this a serious England side or is it just a list of Swann and Anderson's mates and people whom they think may fit in? England joke XI in the pipeline-watch out India -there are rich pickings ahead for you!!! The England management are a lot sillier than I could ever give them credit for

Posted by   on (September 7, 2012, 19:22 GMT)

Woakes???Crosft and Davies should be back up

Posted by djdrastic on (September 7, 2012, 19:18 GMT)

Couldn't have happened to a nicer fella.

Posted by xylo on (September 7, 2012, 19:17 GMT)

Can a cricinfo staff help me out with this - can KP 'return' to South Africa, and play for them?

Posted by phoenixsteve on (September 7, 2012, 19:17 GMT)

Of course KP hasn't got a central contract YET! He's still outcast from the England scene. The ECB aren't going to give in by giving him a contract when it's apparent (at present) that he's not welcome! I for one am hoping that they all patch things up, shake hands and behave like adults. Me and most other cricket suppporters whether they follow England or not? KP is good for the game but bad for the dinosaur administrators! Andrew Strauss has paved the way for reconciliation it's now up to "them". COME ON ENGLAND!!!

Posted by   on (September 7, 2012, 18:55 GMT)

well that is it, Kevin Pietersen will NEVER don an England shirt again. That is a major shame because Kevin is such a great batsman.

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