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Geoff Griffin resorts to underarm bowling after being no-balled

Don't shed tears for chuckers

The ICC's decision to take a stricter view of throwing is an important step forward in eliminating the problem of illegal actions

India v England, 2nd Test, Mumbai, 4th day

Hymn to England's spin twins

The performance by Monty Panesar and Graeme Swann in Mumbai was one of the greatest slow-bowling double acts in England's history

India v England, 2nd Test, Mumbai, 4th day

India's middle-order meltdown

Stats highlights from an incredible England victory, their second in successive Tests at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai

1956: Laker's 19 for 90

Climbing Everest in a short-sleeved sweater

It is 50 years since Jim Laker took all but one Australian wicket at Old Trafford. Stephen Chalke recalls the greatest of all bowling performances

Cricinfo XI

A question of degree

Throughout the game's history - from the days of round-arm to the modern era of 15-degree flexibility - bowling actions have stirred passionate debate and caused trouble for those accused of having suspect styles. This week we look at some of those who ha

England v Australia, 5th Test, The Oval, 1953

Cricket as a situations game

Trevor Bailey recalls the day that England won the Ashes in 1953