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Dexter elected as Sussex President

Ted Dexter has been elected as the next President of Sussex and will succeed Robin Marlar. He comes into the role as the club prepares to defend the Championship title and C&G Trophy

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'Is the microphone live?'

Dean Jones's recent on-air gaffe about Hashim Amla was not the first time a player or commentator has said something on-air they have instantly regretted, and nor will it be the last

Andrew Miller and Martin Williamson

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Digging their heels in

Andrew Miller and Martin Williamson recall 11 memorable nightwatchman performances

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MCC president stirs up trouble

Marlar outraged at women playing with the men

Incoming MCC president Robin Marlar has attacked the idea that two girls will play for Brighton College 1st XI as being 'absolutely outrageous'

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Robin Marlar will take up position in October

MCC announce new president

The MCC has announced that its next president will be Robin Marlar