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I think it's pretty silly of Marcus Trescothick to come out and say it, but obviously he's trying to sell some books... I'll think you find that bowlers have been doing things to the ball since cocky was an egg.

Ian Chappell on the revelation by Marcus Trescothick that he used mint-induced saliva to retain the shine on the ball, during the 2005 Ashes

Aug 26, 2008 Tweet | Share

People have said it must be disappointing to be involved in some one-sided Test wins after the excitement of the series in England, but I'm not sure I'll ever be disappointed about not being involved in a competitive series after the Ashes experience.

Ricky Ponting admits to liking that winning feeling

Nov 19, 2005 Tweet | Share

It was a mixture of bad bowling, good shots and arse.

Jason Gillespie eloquently sums up his Ashes series

Oct 25, 2005 Tweet | Share

I thought it would come across as a joke and it's come across the wrong way.

Nathan Bracken learns that ball-tampering is no laughing matter. He was quoted as claiming that English bowlers polished the ball with breath-freshening mints to achieve reverse swing

Oct 20, 2005 Tweet | Share

I finished the Ashes physically and emotionally drained. Looking back, I ought not to have retreated into myself the way I did.

With a new contract in the bag, John Buchanan accepts that mistakes were made in the planning of Australia's Ashes campaign

Oct 18, 2005 Tweet | Share

The only drinks on offer were pineapple juice and water. At the prime minister's house! Anyway, someone obviously had a quiet word and soon enough some white wine appeared. It was a bit warm, but you can't have everything I suppose.

Matthew Hoggard on the reception at No. 10 Downing Street

Sep 15, 2005 Tweet | Share

I was a bit worried that it would be embarrassing and that there would be only three men and a dog out on the streets to see us.

Matthew Hoggard needn't have fretted. Tens of thousands lined the street of London for England's post-Ashes open-top bus procession

Sep 15, 2005 Tweet | Share

You can have your rugby tests, you can have international soccer, but this is what matters and there has been a frittering away of the spirit and he [Mr Beazley] holds that weasel [Mr Howard] responsible for it. He's [Howard] lost it for us, we will never forget. it's a crime

A spokesman for Kim Beazley, Australia's leader of the opposition, makes it clear where his boss thinks the blame for the Ashes defeat lies

Sep 14, 2005 Tweet | Share

A strong England side is the best thing that could have happened for the Ashes and world cricket.

Bill Brown, Australia's oldest living Test cricketer, is convinced the Ashes series was the most exciting he has ever witnessed

Sep 12, 2005 Tweet | Share

I doubt if I'll be feeling very well, though. If I am then something will have gone seriously wrong with the celebrations.

Ashley Giles looks forward to the morning after the Ashes wins

Sep 12, 2005 Tweet | Share

At eight minutes past three came the worst moment of the Ashes summer so far. Matthew Hayden smiled.

Simon Barnes, chief sports writer of the Times, spots a seminal moment

Sep 9, 2005 Tweet | Share

There should be workplace flexibility and that means where it's possible there should be flexible arrangements so people could watch the boys, and I say to [captain] Ricky [Ponting], good luck.

John Howard, the prime minister of Australia, tells bosses to lighten up on their workers during the Ashes

Sep 8, 2005 Tweet | Share

It would be nice if I could win a toss. Or if I don't, it would be nice if England is not 1 for 130 at lunch like it was at Edgbaston and Trent Bridge.

Ricky Ponting presents his wishlist ahead of the decider at The Oval

Sep 7, 2005 Tweet | Share

This is the first time the Oval Test match actually counts for something in my time, and this is my fourth tour.

Shane Warne on the biggest Test of his 127-match career

Sep 7, 2005 Tweet | Share

We've probably over-analysed our game on this tour. Cricket is a one-ball game, but sometimes players think too much about what's gone before and what the consequences of their actions will be.

John Buchanan finally realises where they went wrong in this series

Sep 6, 2005 Tweet | Share

Whether we win or lose, we relish creating a bit of an arse-nipper.

Ashley Giles on the Test series that has been a little too close for comfort

Aug 25, 2005 Tweet | Share

Find a way to get back in to the game, find a way to build a partnership, find a way to get bowling partnerships, find a way to catch a ball, find a way to stop it.

Shane Warne outlines what he thinks Australia's new slogan should be as they prepare for the Trent Bridge Test

Aug 21, 2005 Tweet | Share

"I'm not a big cricket man myself, but even I found myself watching it, watching how tense it was, down to the last ball.

David Beckham joins the cricket fever that is sweeping the nation. Shame his football team couldn't ride the wave, as they were thrashed 4-1 by Denmark.

Aug 17, 2005 Tweet | Share

We were brought up watching opening batsmen score nine before lunch. If Geoffrey Boycott flashed at a ball outside off stump in the first over of a Test match, questions were asked in Parliament. If he flashed at two, the ravens abandoned the Tower of London.

Brian Viner writes about the frenetic pace of the current Ashes series and wonders what happened to Test cricket as he knew it

Aug 16, 2005 Tweet | Share

This Australian side has more cart horses than a Victorian mail coach ... suddenly this team is looking its age. Sometimes, when the end comes, it is quick. It's been a wonderful run. Harder days lie ahead.

Peter Roebuck on the end of an era

Aug 15, 2005 Tweet | Share

England are playing pretty well, but I'm just not sure they know how to win yet

Former Australian medium-pacer Paul Reiffel zeroes in on the problem

Aug 14, 2005 Tweet | Share

Test match series involving our lads [Australia] became utterly joyless processions of boarish triumphalism. Ugly affairs conducted by increasingly arrogant, ugly people.

Jonathan Green feels Australia's über confidence, and lack of a challenge in the past decade, has been their undoing in this year's Ashes

Aug 14, 2005 Tweet | Share

It's not doing much for my street cred.

Andrew Strauss, with a bandaged ear and tintinnitus, reflects on the regularity with which Brett Lee has been clattering him on the helmet in the Ashes

Aug 12, 2005 Tweet | Share

Our blokes could go back and play the rest of the Test countries over the next two or three years and still average 55, and they'd do that standing on their head because there is no other decent attack

Kim Hughes blames the poor bowling attacks around the world for Australia's ineptness against the pace of England

Aug 12, 2005 Tweet | Share

My prediction is 2-1 to England so I'm still on course for that

David Graveney's optimism is still sky high despite England's first Test drubbing against Australia

Aug 8, 2005 Tweet | Share

Both sets of players are sick and tired of talking about the Ashes ..."

Michael Vaughan on the eve of the first Test

Jul 21, 2005 Tweet | Share

I wouldn't nick it."

Adam Gilchrist's response to whether he would walk if Australia were two short of victory in the final Ashes Test with one wicket at hand

Jul 19, 2005 Tweet | Share

This England attack is a really nasty mob - and they mean business.

Rodney Hogg, another Australian hard man, on the current England side

Jul 18, 2005 Tweet | Share

We find it both amusing and amazing how they always talk it up with about 12 months to go, telling everyone that they've finally got the team to beat us.

Glenn McGraths on the unsurprisingly enormous hype before the Ashes

Jul 17, 2005 Tweet | Share

I think England will win a Test. My concern is Australia will probably win two.

Geoffrey Boycott reveals his deepest fears

Jun 28, 2005 Tweet | Share

We're sick of getting beaten and we are looking forward to getting our first win on the board.

Michael Clarke utters words we never thought we would hear from an Australian

Jun 23, 2005 Tweet | Share

"The kindest thing you can say about their performance is that it was shoddy but you can think of many stronger words to use.

Richie Benaud on Australia's shambolic start to their England tour

Jun 20, 2005 Tweet | Share

England talk themselves up every time and obviously they've got a bit better this year but our side's still proven.

Tennis star Lleyton Hewitt backs his Aussie mates to bounce back

Jun 20, 2005 Tweet | Share

The number of fumbles, misfields and grabs at thin air brought to mind some England performances of the past ... a team full of dobbers and crap fielders? It has been said about every England touring team to Australia in the past 15 years. It's nice to be able to return the compliment.

Michael Atherton, so often on the losing end, turns the knife

Jun 18, 2005 Tweet | Share

We'll have our work cut out against Bangladesh the way we're playing. We'll have a good long hard look at ourselves,

Ricky Ponting after Australia's second defeat on their Ashes tour

Jun 16, 2005 Tweet | Share

I definitely believe if any of our batsmen get out to Giles in the Tests they should go and hang themselves. But I'm confident that won't happen.

Terry Alderman, the former Australian swing bowler, states quite unequivocally what he thinks of Ashley Giles

Jun 13, 2005 Tweet | Share

The Barmy Army are an intelligent crowd and I'd be disappointed if they don't have a song ready for me for the start of the series.

Shane Warne clearly respects English audiences

Jun 13, 2005 Tweet | Share

Four years down the track, if I'm still playing I might need to be knocked on the head.

Glenn McGrath gears up for what he thinks will be his last England tour

Jun 4, 2005 Tweet | Share

We are more than happy to be talking to opposition players out on the field as long as it's not personal or abusive. I'm sure it will happen on this tour."

Ricky Ponting plans England's mental disintegration

Jun 3, 2005 Tweet | Share

The Australians certainly enjoy throwing around those soundbites. They like to have a little war of words before the series. But deep down they probably find it quite amusing.

Andrew Strauss gets into the mind of the Aussies

May 23, 2005 Tweet | Share

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Tour Results
England v Australia at The Oval - Sep 8-12, 2005
Match drawn
Essex v Australians at Chelmsford - Sep 3-4, 2005
Match drawn
England v Australia at Nottingham - Aug 25-28, 2005
England won by 3 wickets
Northants v Australians at Northampton - Aug 20-21, 2005
Match drawn
Scotland v Australians at Edinburgh - Aug 18, 2005
Match abandoned without a ball bowled
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