Sri Lanka tour of England, 5th ODI: England v Sri Lanka at Leeds, Jul 1, 2006
Sri Lanka won by 8 wickets (with 75 balls remaining)
Played at Headingley, Leeds
1 July 2006 (50-over match)

Ali to Jayasuriya, (no ball) SIX, fuller in length and slightly wide outside the off stump, Jayasuriya lines it up quickly and lofts it over the cover fence for the first six of the innings, nicely opened the face of the bat at the point of impact to keep it square, it's a no-ball as well - England under pressure here

Sri Lanka 35/0   ST Jayasuriya 28* (11b 5x4 1x6)   Kabir Ali 1.1-0-13-0

Plunkett to Tharanga, SIX, and the carnage continues! pitched up outside the off stump, Tharanga steps forward to the pitch of the delivery and hammers it over the extra cover fence, another clean hit

Sri Lanka 75/0   WU Tharanga 36* (22b 6x4 1x6)   LE Plunkett 2-0-25-0

Ali to Jayasuriya, (no ball) SIX, again bit of width offered outside the off stump and Jayasuriya flays it over the cover fence, it's a no-ball as well so seven more added to the total. At this rate this won't last long

Sri Lanka 127/0   ST Jayasuriya 64* (29b 11x4 2x6)   Kabir Ali 2.3-0-43-0

Harmison to Jayasuriya, SIX, fuller length ball on the leg stump, Jayasuriya flicks it away high and over mid-wicket fence, Jayasuriya's trademark shot!

Sri Lanka 233/0   ST Jayasuriya 112* (78b 14x4 3x6)   SJ Harmison 7-0-61-0

Harmison to Jayasuriya, SIX, Max! short ball on the middle stump, Jayasuriya picks it up, rocks back and pulls it high over the square leg fence, just the usual!

Sri Lanka 258/0   ST Jayasuriya 133* (84b 17x4 4x6)   SJ Harmison 7.3-0-74-0





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