West Indies tour of England, 1st Test: England v West Indies at Lord's, May 6-8, 2009
England won by 10 wickets
Played at Lord's, London
6,7,8 May 2009 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100
  • Overs 101-150

Edwards to Bopara, 1 run, sweetly struck backfoot drive - a resounding crack of ball-on-bat rings around Lord's - but there's a deep extra cover sweeping merrily on the boundary


Edwards to Swann, no run, ducks beneath a slowish bouncer


Edwards to Swann, 1 no ball, ooh a much quicker bouncer that Swann again tried to hook, and again missed. But it's a no-ball


Edwards to Swann, FOUR, too straight, Swann swivels onto this attempted bouncer and gets enough on it for the ball to scorch down to fine leg for four


Edwards to Swann, no run, plays and misses outside off


Edwards to Swann, 1 run, gorgeous backfoot drive from Swann - he looks increasingly composed as an international cricketer


Edwards to Bopara, no run, wide and left alone by Bopara

End of over 101 (7 runs) England 346/7

    • RS Bopara 133 (265b 16x4)
    • GP Swann 45 (65b 8x4)
    • FH Edwards 24-4-85-4
    • LS Baker 20-5-63-0

Have England found their replacement for Gilo? Discuss.


Baker to Swann, 1 leg bye, a bit too straight, Swann just clips it through midwicket off the pad


Baker to Bopara, no run, far too wide, swinging wider still


Baker to Bopara, no run, wide of the off stump and left alone


Baker to Bopara, no run, ah, that's better - tighter line on off stump and draws Bopara into a fishy waft


Baker to Bopara, no run, that's well bowled - moving it up the slope, cutting it jaggedly away from the batsman


Baker to Bopara, 1 run, uppishly driven short of deep extra cover and he steals the strike

End of over 102 (2 runs) England 348/7

    • RS Bopara 134 (270b 16x4)
    • GP Swann 45 (66b 8x4)
    • LS Baker 21-5-64-0
    • FH Edwards 24-4-85-4

"Poor old Monty," says Mark, apropos of not much at all. "That's all I can say." Ah - you're referring to Swann being England's new Gilo.


Edwards to Bopara, FOUR, beautifully clipped off his toes for four. There's something timeless about flicked-fours through midwicket. Batsmen have been playing that shot since the year dot


Edwards to Bopara, no run, forward onto the front foot and he defends very solidly indeed


Edwards to Bopara, 1 run, skewed square drive which flies down to third man


Edwards to Swann, no run, too straight and worked off his pads


Edwards to Swann, no run, very full and timed excellently, but mid-off is in the way

"Why would you want another incompetent pseudo-spin bowling 'allrounder'?" asks Gabe. "Harsh call on Swann."


Edwards to Swann, 1 run, square driven crisply

End of over 103 (6 runs) England 354/7

    • GP Swann 46 (69b 8x4)
    • RS Bopara 139 (273b 17x4)
    • FH Edwards 25-4-91-4
    • LS Baker 21-5-64-0

Baker to Swann, 1 run, neatly played - just outside off and Swann cuts it, jabbing down late on the ball and opening the face nicely


Baker to Bopara, 1 run, stroked calmly to mid-off. Urgent running and snoozy fielding brings him a jogged single


Baker to Swann, no run, cuts back into Swann who presents a solid defensive

Anton from the Netherlands: "Swann may be the new Gilo batting-wise, but looks like he's more of a wicket-taker than the old one," he ponders. "And if Swann is the new Giles, then Monty surely was the new Tuffers?" Can. Worms. Worms everywhere.


Baker to Swann, no run, ooh very nicely driven once again, driving firmly on the up, but it reaches mid-off but no further


Baker to Swann, SIX, fantastic pull for six to bring up a memorable and important 50 from 73 balls. Short of a length, he swivelled onto it quickly and pulled it in front of square much like a No.6 might

Seriously good knock, that


Baker to Swann, no run, and he matches the pull with a crowd-pleasing defensive

End of over 104 (8 runs) England 362/7

    • GP Swann 53 (74b 8x4 1x6)
    • RS Bopara 140 (274b 17x4)
    • LS Baker 22-5-72-0
    • FH Edwards 25-4-91-4

Taylor to Bopara, no run, wide of the off stump, cutting wider still


Taylor to Bopara, 1 run, nice shape away from the right-hander but it's dropped out to cover for a hasty single


Taylor to Swann, no run, lovely shape - nice and full too - and it's left alone

"How do you jog a single urgently?" asks Jerry from France. Pedants unite. A very good point, Jerry.


Taylor to Swann, 1 leg bye, defended on the front foot

"The genius of Gilo," says Andrew Miller, "was the consistency with which he made starts, and hence was there to hang around with the last recognised batsman. He was dismissed in single figures in only 10 of his last 56 innings. Swann, so far, has fallen cheaply in three innings out of six ... Therefore, in an entirely spurious twisting of the stats, he is not fit to lace Gilo's boots. Also, he takes far too many wickets." So there.


Taylor to Bopara, 1 run, down the leg side and clipped to fine leg


Taylor to Swann, no run, swinging away and left alone

End of over 105 (3 runs) England 365/7

    • GP Swann 53 (77b 8x4 1x6)
    • RS Bopara 142 (277b 17x4)
    • JE Taylor 21-2-75-1
    • LS Baker 22-5-72-0

Baker to Bopara, no run, moves back into the right-hander off the pitch and it's defended


Baker to Bopara, no run, on-driven elegantly to mid-on, but straight to mid-on

West Indies look really peeved and fed-up in the field. Hands in pockets, arms crossed, occasional turf-kicking going on. They're a bit stunned. And the weather's rubbish, too


Baker to Bopara, no run, cuts back into the right-hander who defends


Baker to Bopara, no run, driven out to mid-off


Baker to Bopara, 1 run, flicked to leg


Baker to Swann, 1 run, punchily driven off the back foot

End of over 106 (2 runs) England 367/7

    • GP Swann 54 (78b 8x4 1x6)
    • RS Bopara 143 (282b 17x4)
    • LS Baker 23-5-74-0
    • JE Taylor 21-2-75-1

Geek alert: "Assuming Bopara makes it to 146, then both these batsmen will have made half of their total career Test runs in this innings," geeks the oddly named Jimmers. "And yes, I am pleased with myself, thank you for wondering." We needn't have wondered, Jimmers. Outstanding stattery from that man (or girl).


Taylor to Swann, no run, speared into his pads and it balloons off them out to cover


Taylor to Swann, 1 run, good line but too short, allowing Swann to drop it out beyond point for an easy single


Taylor to Bopara, no run, crisply driven straight to cover

"All Hail the New King of Spain....the King is Dead...Long live the King!" roars Dunk, in relation to Swann's fifty. Given Swann's musical aspirations, I think it's important he never reads this.


Taylor to Bopara, OUT, got him! A floaty half-volley which he drives while rather misbalanced, the ball scooting straight to mid-off where Nash holds a fine catch

RS Bopara c Nash b Taylor 143 (437m 284b 17x4 0x6) SR: 50.35

Bopara looks gutted at that stroke, but he's played beautifully otherwise, and has virtually sealed his No.3 spot for the medium-term future.

Reward for West Indies at long last. They really need to believe they can knock over England's tail here. Plenty of time before lunch.


Taylor to Anderson, no run, Anderson does a Jack Russell to his first delivery, fishing and missing before withdrawing his bat


Taylor to Anderson, no run, beaten outside off. A nibbly little feel to one which held its line

Good and successful over

End of over 107 (1 run) England 368/8

    • JM Anderson 0 (2b)
    • GP Swann 55 (80b 8x4 1x6)
    • JE Taylor 22-2-76-2
    • LS Baker 23-5-74-0

Baker to Swann, 1 run, oh well bowled, a brilliant slower ball that Swann didn't pick up, and he squirted it out to gully for a quick single


Baker to Anderson, no run, down the leg side


Baker to Anderson, no run, left alone outside off


Baker to Anderson, no run, just outside off, Anderson again nibbles. Or did he? It's hard to tell whether he's fishing or leaving


Baker to Anderson, no run, a good slower ball which deceives and beats Anderson's attempt to cover-drive it - too full and loopy


Baker to Anderson, no run, shapes back into Anderson who finally gets bat on it, and the Lord's crowd all acknowledge it with drearily ironic applause and droll clapping

End of over 108 (1 run) England 369/8

    • JM Anderson 0 (7b)
    • GP Swann 56 (81b 8x4 1x6)
    • LS Baker 24-5-75-0
    • JE Taylor 22-2-76-2

Taylor to Swann, no run, wide of the off stump and left alone


Taylor to Swann, FOUR, stands tall and utterly delivers! What a shot. A thumping drive on-the-up past mid-off. Spanking shot


Taylor to Swann, 1 run, clipped neatly through midwicket


Taylor to Anderson, no run, angled out to point


Taylor to Anderson, no run, excellent delivery which holds its line, angling across Anderson who is beaten once more


Taylor to Anderson, no run, plays and misses once more. He looks horribly out of touch

End of over 109 (5 runs) England 374/8

    • JM Anderson 0 (10b)
    • GP Swann 61 (84b 9x4 1x6)
    • JE Taylor 23-2-81-2
    • LS Baker 24-5-75-0

Edwards from the Pavilion End now. This could be fun


Edwards to Swann, 1 run, ooh that rises nastily on Swann - he looks quite hapless against anything short - and he somehow swats it off his chest to the leg side

Right. Fidel v Anderson. Pitch it up...


Edwards to Anderson, no run, short of a length, Anderson tries to play it off the back foot but misses it entirely


Edwards to Anderson, no run, ouch - Anderson's hit on the helmet and he's on the deck. A bouncer which he appeared to have lined up well, but he could get his head out of the way and, as he turned his head to the left, it whacked him on the back of his helmet. A piece of blue plastic flies off, and on comes the physio. "The helmet gives too many people a false sense of security," says Mikey Holding. Anderson just took his eye off the ball.

The physio is taking a very close and cautious look at Anderson, checking his responses and making sure he can see okay. He's now on his feet, which is good news, and is now victim of Graeme Swann's jokes ... so all is well. On comes a new helmet and Anderson plonks it on his head, and the crowd applaud as play is ready to get underway again. Everyone loves a fighter.

Right, Fidel. Pitch it up. The sucker-punch


Edwards to Anderson, no run, short but wide and easily handled by Anderson


Edwards to Anderson, no run, nasty one but very well played. A bouncer rising into Anderson's chest who jumps back and drops it down leg. As he does so, his head again snaps away - understandably so given the thwacking he received just now. He's fighting with every ounce of concentration to keep an eye on the ball


Edwards to Anderson, no run, great ball, swinging away from Anderson's wafty bat

End of over 110 (1 run) England 375/8

    • JM Anderson 0 (15b)
    • GP Swann 62 (85b 9x4 1x6)
    • FH Edwards 26-4-92-4
    • JE Taylor 23-2-81-2

Swann pats Anderson on the bat for surviving those post-decking deliveries from Edwards. This pair have a bit of history. Anderson v Edwards later in the Test will be enthralling viewing (or reading, for you lot)


Taylor to Swann, no run, straight and Swann nudges to leg


Taylor to Swann, no run, a pretty slow bouncer, ducked with ease by Swann


Taylor to Swann, no run, spanked on the up - he does play that shot well. Reminds me of a more accomplished version of Andy Caddick. Standing tall and swinging through the line


Taylor to Swann, 1 run, on his legs, flicked through midwicket

Anderson to face the final two balls before lunch


Taylor to Anderson, no run, fuller outside off, Anderson tries to scorch it through the covers but misses

Last ball before lunch


Taylor to Anderson, 1 run, and he's off the mark! That's his 47th innings without making a duck. Monstrous effort - and that's lunch.

Excellent session for England, especially for Swann who played a majestic innings - he batted beautifully and aggressively throughout, and really put West Indies on the back foot early. England will be eyeing 400, no doubt, perhaps even a little bit more, and West Indies have plenty to ponder over their lunch. They've bowled like drains this morning. Join us in 40 for the resumption.

End of over 111 (2 runs) England 377/8

    • JM Anderson 1 (17b)
    • GP Swann 63 (89b 9x4 1x6)
    • JE Taylor 24-2-83-2
    • FH Edwards 26-4-92-4

Welcome back to the afternoon session, Andrew here to see how many more England can add before having a bowl. It was a great morning for them as Graeme Swann played a blinder. James Anderson, with a new helmet, takes strike...


Edwards to Anderson, no run, cuts and misses outside off...Edwards still searching for his fifth wicket


Edwards to Anderson, OUT, and there it is, Edwards has five as Anderson cuts again and gets a regulation top edge through to Ramdin...a great moment for Edwards who salutes his team-mates and soaks up the moment

JM Anderson c †Ramdin b Edwards 1 (24m 19b 0x4 0x6) SR: 5.26

Graham Onions comes out on his debut...can he help edge the total to 400?


Edwards to Onions, OUT, well, that was brief...a low full toss crashes through Onions' defences to make a mess of the stumps. He didn't seem too keen to get in line.

G Onions b Edwards 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Edwards finishes with 6 for 92 and Swann is unbeaten on 63. It took West Indies just three balls after lunch to wrap up the innings, but they'll be wishing they could have done that this morning. Anyway 377 it is for England, a very workable total if not quite at the levels of recent Lord's Tests. Now all eyes will be on how the young attack perform in favourable conditions that should offer some swing. We'll be back in five minutes with all the action

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  • Overs 51-100
  • Overs 101-150





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