West Indies tour of England, 1st Test: England v West Indies at Lord's, May 6-8, 2009
England won by 10 wickets
Played at Lord's, London
6,7,8 May 2009 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100
  • Overs 101-150

Taylor to Strauss, FOUR, the first boundary of the day comes from a positive straight drive by Strauss, leans into a full delivery from Taylor and sends it runs across a fairly quick outfield

England 15/0   AJ Strauss 10* (14b 1x4)   JE Taylor 2.3-0-9-0

Taylor to Strauss, FOUR, the bowler tries to compensate by pulling his length back, but Strauss rocks onto the back foot and cracks him square through the off side...good batting

England 19/0   AJ Strauss 14* (15b 2x4)   JE Taylor 2.4-0-13-0

Edwards to Cook, FOUR, cracking pull from Cook, dropped in short but it just sits up and is creamed away to the square-leg boundary...that's how gentle this pitch is

England 25/0   AN Cook 8* (15b 1x4)   FH Edwards 2.4-0-11-0

Edwards to Bopara, FOUR, nicely played, drifts onto leg stump and flicked away through square leg to get Bopara up and running...that will make him feel better

England 34/1   RS Bopara 4* (6b 1x4)   FH Edwards 3.5-0-18-0

Taylor to Cook, FOUR, full outside off and elegantly driven through the off side by Cook who finds the big gap at cover

England 38/1   AN Cook 15* (22b 2x4)   JE Taylor 4.3-0-20-1

Taylor to Cook, FOUR, well played again, tucked off middle stump past midwicket and a sprawling dive on the boundary by Lionel Baker can't prevent a boundary

England 42/1   AN Cook 19* (23b 3x4)   JE Taylor 4.4-0-24-1

Baker to Cook, FOUR, well, maybe it was a plan, this one was closer to Cook and draws him into a drive with the outside going along the ground and beating gully...that's what the bowler is looking for

England 47/1   AN Cook 23* (34b 4x4)   LS Baker 1.5-1-5-0

Baker to Bopara, FOUR, beautifully driven straight down the ground

England 68/1   RS Bopara 21* (28b 2x4)   LS Baker 4.3-1-13-0

Benn to Bopara, FOUR, an actual boundary - and a beauty by Bopara. Rocks back, gives himself room outside leg and flashes it through the extra-cover region for four. Timed it very well

England 82/1   RS Bopara 27* (59b 3x4)   SJ Benn 7-2-19-0

Benn to Bopara, FOUR, outside edge just wide of first slip! That spun out of nowhere and Bopara misread it, coming tentatively forward

England 88/1   RS Bopara 33* (64b 4x4)   SJ Benn 7.5-2-25-0

Taylor to Bopara, FOUR, top shot from Bopara, full outside off and driven handsomly between cover and mid-off for a welcome boundary...brings up England's 100

England 100/3   RS Bopara 40* (85b 5x4)   JE Taylor 8.2-1-37-1

Edwards to Collingwood, FOUR, positive response from Collingwood, dropped in short and he was quickly onto the pull and the ball races to the square leg boundary

England 105/3   PD Collingwood 7* (10b 1x4)   FH Edwards 7.1-2-25-2

Edwards to Prior, (no ball) FOUR, loses his line down the leg side, a rare bad ball, and flicked away down to fine leg for a boundary...and it was a no-ball to boot

England 118/4   MJ Prior 6* (6b 1x4)   FH Edwards 9.2-2-33-3

Benn to Bopara, FOUR, tossed up too much, comes out as a full toss which is flicked through midwicket to take Bopara to fifty off 102 balls...a great start to his time at the No. 3 berth, but England need him to carry on

England 124/4   RS Bopara 50* (102b 6x4)   SJ Benn 11-2-36-0

Baker to Prior, FOUR, down the leg side again but Prior gets a bat on it this time, flicking it down to fine leg for four. Neat, confident, urgent stroke

England 128/4   MJ Prior 11* (15b 2x4)   LS Baker 10.2-4-19-0

Baker to Prior, FOUR, four more, but by no means was Prior in control of that. Really well pitched-up and it swung late away from the right hander who jabbed down on it, got a thick outside edge past the slips

England 132/4   MJ Prior 15* (16b 3x4)   LS Baker 10.3-4-23-0

Baker to Prior, FOUR, majestic! That's Prior's strength - wideish delivery and he fairly thumped it with the most convincing of cover drives. He does play that shot magnificently

England 136/4   MJ Prior 19* (19b 4x4)   LS Baker 11-4-27-0

Benn to Bopara, FOUR, a waste from Benn, down the leg side and it's off the pads for four. In fact, it's off the bat, according to the umpire...

England 142/4   RS Bopara 55* (112b 7x4)   SJ Benn 13-2-42-0

Benn to Bopara, FOUR, oh, that's class and sheer confidence from Bopara. It was there to be hit, just outside off, but he committed to it completely, cover-driving and opening the face at the last moment. Really good shot

England 150/4   RS Bopara 62* (128b 8x4)   SJ Benn 14.4-2-47-0

Taylor to Prior, FOUR, top shot. He is so, so strong on anything short and wide. He almost seemed to guide it instead of cutting it - played it right up on his toes. Smart stuff from Prior - he looks in fine touch

England 156/4   MJ Prior 25* (37b 5x4)   JE Taylor 13-2-45-1

Simmons to Prior, FOUR, Prior's nearly thrown away his wicket here, toe-ending it over cover-point for four

England 165/4   MJ Prior 30* (41b 6x4)   LMP Simmons 1-0-6-0

Benn to Prior, FOUR, on the sweep, Prior paddles it very, very fine for four

England 170/4   MJ Prior 34* (42b 7x4)   SJ Benn 16.5-2-56-0

Simmons to Prior, FOUR, nicely bowled, that, finding the outside edge of Prior's bat for four

England 179/4   MJ Prior 40* (51b 8x4)   LMP Simmons 2.5-1-12-0

Edwards to Bopara, FOUR, top shot, waited for it to swing late and drilled it down the on side of the pitch...a really elegant shot, one of his best today

England 186/4   RS Bopara 76* (158b 9x4)   FH Edwards 10.2-2-37-3

Simmons to Bopara, FOUR, neatly flicked off leg stump, Bopara turns his wrists and sends it very fine past the wicketkeeper

England 191/4   RS Bopara 81* (165b 10x4)   LMP Simmons 3.3-1-16-0

Simmons to Broad, FOUR, lovely shot by Broad, forces with super timing off the back foot through cover and it beats the fielders to the boundary...that was a shot of a top-order batsman

England 199/5   SCJ Broad 5* (7b 1x4)   LMP Simmons 4.5-1-23-0

Edwards to Broad, FOUR, top shot, another cracker from Broad as he drives off the front foot this time and it races through cover

England 205/5   SCJ Broad 9* (11b 2x4)   FH Edwards 12.5-2-44-4

Baker to Bopara, FOUR, flicked off leg stump, poor line again and Bopara picks off another boundary

England 217/5   RS Bopara 92* (192b 11x4)   LS Baker 13.5-4-39-0

Baker to Bopara, FOUR, outside edge this time, along the ground and wide of second slip...Bopara moves to 96

England 221/5   RS Bopara 96* (193b 12x4)   LS Baker 14-4-43-0

Edwards to Broad, FOUR, low full toss outside off, eased between cover and mid-off by Broad for another boundary

England 230/5   SCJ Broad 20* (33b 3x4)   FH Edwards 16.3-4-51-4

Benn to Broad, FOUR, shot! That's an emphatically crunched off-drive for four. He lined up and just hit through the line, absolutely smacking it

England 245/5   SCJ Broad 32* (49b 4x4)   SJ Benn 20.1-2-67-0

Benn to Broad, FOUR, magnificent blow from Broad! A thumping clumping smash over wide mid-on

England 252/5   SCJ Broad 36* (56b 5x4)   SJ Benn 21.2-2-71-0

Baker to Bopara, FOUR, elegantly played. Short, wide and Bopara just used the pace of the ball to angle it past point - beautifully played

England 260/5   RS Bopara 109* (221b 13x4)   LS Baker 17.4-4-59-0

Benn to Bresnan, FOUR, hammered with Yorkshire guts through cover for four. Tossed up outside off and he fairly smacked it

England 268/6   TT Bresnan 5* (5b 1x4)   SJ Benn 24.2-4-77-1

Gayle to Bopara, FOUR, that's proper disdain, though. A smash over midwicket for four

England 283/7   RS Bopara 117* (236b 14x4)   CH Gayle 2.3-0-11-0

Taylor to Swann, FOUR, thwack! No feet movement from Swann who just flays it over point for four. That's the spirit. Give it some humpty

England 288/7   GP Swann 7* (12b 1x4)   JE Taylor 16.5-2-57-1

Edwards to Swann, FOUR, crack, take that, a full delivery which Swann drives straight back down the ground, it went past Edwards in the air but that was travelling and a good way to bring up 300

England 302/7   GP Swann 15* (26b 2x4)   FH Edwards 19.4-4-59-4

Edwards to Swann, FOUR, goes wider this time, driven between mid-off and cover...that's an even better shot, it was in the air again but was well struck

England 306/7   GP Swann 19* (27b 3x4)   FH Edwards 19.5-4-63-4

Taylor to Swann, FOUR, great start by Swann, full outside off and he leans into a pleasing cover drive which races to the boundary...so maybe he hasn't lost any momentum

England 317/7   GP Swann 27* (41b 4x4)   JE Taylor 19.1-2-65-1

Taylor to Swann, FOUR, and another, on the up this time as he he threads it through cover...West Indies haven't come out with any greater enthusiasm

England 321/7   GP Swann 31* (42b 5x4)   JE Taylor 19.2-2-69-1

Taylor to Swann, FOUR, third boundary of the over, very full outside off and Swann punches it firmly through the off side...he's looking in great touch, but a poor over from Taylor

England 325/7   GP Swann 35* (46b 6x4)   JE Taylor 20-2-73-1

Baker to Swann, FOUR, cracking shot, wide outside off and Swann was able to throw the kitchen sink at that as he drives it on the up through the covers...no holding back on that one, but more poor stuff from West Indies

England 331/7   GP Swann 40* (51b 7x4)   LS Baker 18.3-4-63-0

Edwards to Bopara, FOUR, top shot, short outside off, Bopara goes up and over point with the timing and placement to beat the cover sweeper

England 335/7   RS Bopara 128* (262b 15x4)   FH Edwards 22.5-4-74-4

Edwards to Bopara, FOUR, elegance, grace and timing...a brilliant on drive from Bopara that races past mid-on, that's one of his best

England 339/7   RS Bopara 132* (263b 16x4)   FH Edwards 23-4-78-4

Edwards to Swann, FOUR, too straight, Swann swivels onto this attempted bouncer and gets enough on it for the ball to scorch down to fine leg for four

England 345/7   GP Swann 44* (63b 8x4)   FH Edwards 23.3-4-84-4

Edwards to Bopara, FOUR, beautifully clipped off his toes for four. There's something timeless about flicked-fours through midwicket. Batsmen have been playing that shot since the year dot

England 352/7   RS Bopara 138* (271b 17x4)   FH Edwards 24.1-4-89-4

Taylor to Swann, FOUR, stands tall and utterly delivers! What a shot. A thumping drive on-the-up past mid-off. Spanking shot

England 373/8   GP Swann 60* (83b 9x4 1x6)   JE Taylor 22.2-2-80-2
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