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Former New Zealand captain and Canterbury player Walter Hadlee (left) chats with members of the winning St Albans third grade women's team after they received their trophy. Canterbury Cricket Association Awards 2002/03 at the Canterbury Horticultural Society Hall at Christchurch, 10 April 2003. © Canterbury Cricket Association

  • Nov 2, 2001

    Former Australian and New Zealand captains at the Captains Luncheon, 2001/02 © Getty Images

  • 2001

    Walter Hadlee and Bill Brown chat, November 2001 © Getty Images

  • Dec 9, 2000

    Walter Hadlee presents the player of the match cheque on behalf of Cricinfo to White Fern Anna O'Leary © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

  • Aug 13, 1949

    New Zealand captain Walter Hadlee watches as England captain Freddie Brown tosses the coin © Getty Images

  • 1949

    Walter Hadlee portrait © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

  • 1949

    Walter Hadlee on the attack © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

  • 1949

    Walter Hadlee on the attack against England © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

  • 1949

    George Mann and Walter Hadlee toss ahead of the Lord's Test © The Cricketer International

  • Mar 29, 1946

    Keith Miller displays great agility to catch Walter Hadlee at leg slip © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

  • Jul 26, 1937

    Walter Hadlee treads on his wicket when on 93 © ESPNcricinfo Ltd