Faisalabad Wolves v Sialkot Stallions, final, Lahore

Critics wrong to question my approach - Misbah

Umar Farooq

April 1, 2013

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Misbah-ul-Haq goes after one, Faisalabad Wolves v Sialkot Stallions, Faysal Bank Super Eight T20 Cup final, Lahore, March 31, 2013
Misbah: "My approach to play according to the team's requirement was misunderstood as my weakness" © Pakistan Cricket Board

After leading Faisalabad Wolves to victory in the Faysal Bank Super Eight T20, captain Misbah-ul-Haq criticised those who had questioned his approach to captaincy and batting as being defensive. Misbah scored an unbeaten 38 off 25 balls against Sialkot Stallions in the final in Lahore on Sunday night and ended the tournament as the leading run-scorer with 206 runs at a strike-rate of 140.13 and an average of 103. He also 12 sixes in the competition, the most by any player.

"My approach to play according to the team's requirement was misunderstood as my weakness but I will continue to play like this, whether or not I achieve success," said Misbah about his new aggressive approach to captaincy and batting.

Before the ODI series in South Africa, Misbah averaged 36.60 at a strike-rate of 66.25 in his last 20 games but in his last five games, he has 227 runs at a strike-rate of 80.21.

Misbah stepped down as Pakistan T20 captain last May, handing over to Mohammad Hafeez, and was subsequently dropped from the T20 squad, though he remains captain of the Test and ODI sides. He took over the leadership in 2010 at the age of 36, shortly after the spot-fixing controversy had damaged the reputation of the team. He was instrumental in bringing back stability to the team and restoring lost pride, but over time was criticised by the Pakistan media for his defensive approach and fans too have been vocal about his slow batting in international matches.

However, Misbah insists that he would rather win matches than worry about his strike-rate. "Everyone should think twice before making a comment," Misbah told a reporter after the final. "Players have always gone through lean patches but that doesn't mean they should be written off. I have been playing merely according to the requirements of the team.

"Whatever has been said and done (against me) is useless. Criticism is always healthy but never doubt one's potential rather than looking for negative angles to mow down a player. I think my role has been misunderstood and I always try to play for the team, for the game and for my reputation. Cricket is my passion and I am enjoying it more than ever, otherwise playing cricket without passion is pointless."

Despite his recent success with the Wolves, he ruled out making a return to international T20s, though he will continue to play domestically. "This is how I will be playing but I have no plans to return," Misbah said.

He said the T20 title for Faisalabad was an "important" breakthrough for the regional team. "The way the players have been performing over the years, they deserved the title. We played in a number of finals but didn't make it. But this time, I knew something special is coming and everything we did here turned to gold.

"We first beat Karachi (Dolphins) and later on thumped the top side (Lahore Lions) in the semi-final, that boosted the team's confidence and if you are brimming with confidence, nothing is impossible. Every player played his part, gave his best and ended with a brilliant and important victory in such a pressure game."

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Posted by Crick_Expert on (April 3, 2013, 19:18 GMT)

Misbah, Younis and Asad Safiq has not capability to face ODI/T20 fast games. Misbah should accept his weak batting was a major factor that PAK lost T20 and then ODI worldcup. If PCB wanted to see PAK team on winning track, they should add fast younger players. PAK is full of talented players who can play better than Mr TukTuk.

Posted by HRZV on (April 3, 2013, 12:11 GMT)

Mr. Fraz Waraich, If Misbah he comes in when the wickets of top order batsmen go down in no time, then why can't he prevent that from happening by coming up the order? Fair question????? Remember a guy called Imran Khan, he came to bat on No. 3 in the final which we happen to win.

Posted by HennopsRiverEnd on (April 3, 2013, 9:16 GMT)

Most Pakistani's here are ungreatful. Misbah and Khan's cricketing brains and experience are all you have at the moment in that batting line-up, but all you can do is criticise. Misbah cant carry the innings to get you closer to the target and then get you home by himself. There aren't any batsmen supoorting. Whats the use of coming in, smashing 2 6's then getting out. Afridi is undoubtedly a match winner in the shorter formats but a quick-fire 30-50 in ODI's and Tests is not always enough(never enough in Tests). It's definitely not enough if you do it once in 20 games.

Posted by   on (April 3, 2013, 9:15 GMT)

Mr. Misbah have taken the responsibility of slowing down the pace during many of matches viz WC T20 league match & final match which eventually cost pakistan both the matches. Another instance in ODI WC Semi where he batted so slow to stretch the run rate beyond reach. Does responsibility calls for to bog down under pressure always. Spectators always follow international cricket where he never taken the responsibility to be aggressive and be selfless; even his body language does not show any sign when he comes in.

Posted by Cricket_Live on (April 3, 2013, 8:15 GMT)

Time to state some facts: Misbah became captain after he successfully made Pakistan lose WC semi-final. Misbah, the reason we lost WC T-20 Semi-final also & in both cases to India. Is Misbah in the league of players like Hussey, Bevan, Mehala, Kallis, Dhoni, ??? the list goes on while he only stops the balls and that also in ODI. He was pathetic in SA test matches and in fact caused us to lose the test match with his very smart sweep shot. He is dependable, how is that? Dependable are the ones who win games for you and not the other way around. If staying at wicket is cricket then play a cement block instead of Misbah and place it in front of wickets. Misbah is out dated, out classed and out of place cricketer. He kept losing games in SA and didn't learn anything and left the young player in the hut (Umer, Shehzad, Jamshed) Our cricket has been so poor lately (S.Anwer, Yousif, Inzi) that the likes of Misbah seems blessing of GOD now. Misbah has earned ChaCha Tuk Tuk and he deserves it

Posted by shiraz210 on (April 3, 2013, 7:04 GMT)

I think MISBAH is a good player but will he continue next 3 years till 2015 WC. and i think azhar ali and asad shafiq are ready to replace both of them misbah and younis. they both are good player but we have to move on. afridi and malik too hafeez can come at malik's number and Ahmed Shehzad can open with Nasir Jamshaid. Umer Akmal Azar and Asad can be 3,4 and 5.

Posted by   on (April 3, 2013, 6:10 GMT)

Misbha can not play in such aggressive manner in INternational Cricket ...i bet on it ...Becuase he does not possess the skills to hit the ball and to rotate th strike ...He onjly can hit the domestic Bowlers ...cHAMPIONS TROPHY IS COMING ...WE WILL watch his performance in it but i guarntee that he will play extremely slowly like Imran Farhat ....Selfish Innings....and just forget about 4 matches...2 against scotland and 2 agianst Ireland....Every Batsman can hit such teams ....so if Misbha plays aggresively against such teams so plz people dont impress ...Lets see him in Champions Trophy ..!

Posted by   on (April 3, 2013, 5:16 GMT)

Misbha can not play in such aggressive manner in INternational Cricket ...i bet on it ...Becuase he does not possess the skills to hit the ball and to rotate th strike ...He onjly can hit the domestic Bowlers ...cHAMPIONS TROPHY IS COMING ...WE WILL watch his performance in it but i guarntee that he will play extremely slowly like Imran Farhat ....Selfish Innings....and just forget about 4 matches...2 against scotland and 2 agianst Ireland....Every Batsman can hit such teams ....so if Misbha plays aggresively against such teams so plz people dont impress ...Lets see him in Champions Trophy ..!

Posted by   on (April 3, 2013, 3:05 GMT)

All Pakistanis want to see Misbah the batsman we saw in South Africa! Misbah bhai the only problem in your batting is your rotation of strike. You have all the makings of a great batsman. Forget the age. He is extremely fit and i don't mind him playing another 10 years if he plays this new way he has begun. Indeed Misbah is one good player in a team of poor ones. Once the likes of Malik, Afridi, Hafeez and Kamran are rid of this team AND Proper players like Asad Shafiq, Umar AMin, Naved Yasin, Ali Waqas, Fawad Alam, Khurram Manzoor, Mohammad Rizwan, etc. are given a proper opportunity, we shall see a better Misbah and a better, more successful team. You don't believe me? Look at our test team. Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq are 2 proper players, picked on merit given a proper chance and now form a strong middle order. Misbah's defensive field is partially due to our erratic bowlers. He actually gives better fields to Ajmal, Junaid and Irfan due to their discipline.

Posted by   on (April 3, 2013, 1:03 GMT)

For God sake for once give the man credit. He comes in when the wickets of top order batsmen go down in no time. Had a team with only one superstar bower i.e. Ajmal. And still took Pakistan to respectability in the cricketing world. In which ICC tournament Pakistan didn't perform well? He atleast holds one end and gives chance to Malik, Afridi etc to hit out. He has all those big hop shots in his bag but keeps them a surprised package. Remember we don't have Saeed Anwar and Aamir Sohail as openers. There is no Inzamam or Yousaf in the middle. Akmal is not trust worthy at all. Waqar, Wasim, Aamir and Asif.are all history. So be sensible and admire him atleast a bit. He is like Pervez Musharraf of the team which is also only admired by the intelligent people only.But still delivered in the dire times and has his own ways of doing stuff but is not a cheat atleast and does it humbly and honestly with no show offing.

Posted by Crick_Expert on (April 2, 2013, 22:33 GMT)

Mr. TukTuk should think about retirement not about batting. PCB should arrange a goodbye party for Mr. TukTuk/Misbah, and others; Younis Khan, Asad Safiq, Sohail Tanvir, Yasir Arfat, Gul. PCB must include fast players in ODI squad for UK tour etc. Abdul Razzak, Imran Nazir, Awais Zia. Hamaad otherwise will face a huge defeat in UK.

Posted by RANA1610 on (April 2, 2013, 19:08 GMT)

Everyone is talking about Misbah, but Hafeez becomes out of sight doing continually bad performance over last two years. His last two years average is approx. 15.

Posted by Captain_Tuk_Tuk on (April 2, 2013, 19:08 GMT)

He can play aggressively against domestic bowlers but lets see how he performs at International level. We will see that in Champion's Trophy Mr. Misbah.

Posted by AdilKhans on (April 2, 2013, 17:48 GMT)

@cisco420, It seems u haven't read my comments or failed 2 understand what i.am trying 2 say. I'm not criticizing misbah solely for 2011 semifinal defeat, yes ur right that all d other batsmen played irresponsible shots but d thing that irritates me he gets bogged down at crucial moments of d game look at MS DHONI he always comes out 2 bat when his team has lost 5 wickets and still he plays his shots and look 4 runs.if ur sent at no. 5 or 6 you should be able rotate strike and take calculative risks when needed in which misbah fails. a few years ago michael bevan used 2 finish off d game even when the required rate was around 8 to 9. So why can't misbah do d same it's not that he can't slog he can he's such a seasoned campaigner after all. And please stop blaming umer akmal pak needs players like him to intimidate the opposition u have 2 take d fight to opposition's camp which he was trying against india that day.even inzamam used 2 take calculative risks while chasing targets and 2 keep the required run rate under check. Pak batsmen played those reckless shot because they knew that attack was the best way to get on top of indians that's another thing that they failed that day. It seems u don't watch how the australians play their success mantra lies in their aggressive attitude in which pak batsmen and misbah fail misreably.Go watch ur misbah play!!!

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 17:22 GMT)

Misbah is only good for domestic competition. No good to face international quality bowlers. It's the time for him to throw the towel in.

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 17:16 GMT)

Misbah is the back bone of Pakistan Cricket team

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 16:36 GMT)

i like misbah bcoz he is the only player in ODIs who have more than 40 average in pak squad. he is the one we believe that he can stay on pitch and provide stability to the team

Posted by timtom on (April 2, 2013, 16:29 GMT)

There is no smoke without fire.. No doubt Misbah is most commit-ed player and enjoying a good run as captain but there are many matches when situation demanded quick runs irrespective of wickets left, Misbah either blocked or took singles.. I have seen that in many matches... Others have performed even worse in those matches but that does not absolve or justify his actions. TUK TUK action is not without a reason. But you are still the best thing to happen to PAK cricket in recent times.

Posted by cisco420 on (April 2, 2013, 15:05 GMT)

@ AdilKhans , Don't even talk about 2011 world cup, before you blame Misbah go watch what Hafeez did to get out. Tell me how Younis was playing under pressure? Tell me why Umer Akmal was hitting sixes when there were 15 overs remaining and dont even get me started on Afridi the most irresponsible player in the world. Yes Misbah did not win it for us but he was not the sole reason we lost that day. All the drop catches and i bet you if any other of your batsman would have stayed with Mishbah for just 5 overs we could have won the match. Afridi the captain did not take the power play than hit an idiotic shot and got out. You know how may overs were left at that time ? Around 9 overs ? Go watch the match again and stop blaming Misbah for everything. For god sake when you guys watch cricket stop thinking like Afridi and Umer Akmal!!!

Posted by umar.khalil on (April 2, 2013, 15:00 GMT)

Misbah ul Haq is one player in this Pakistani batting line up who always plays for the team. The likes of Shahid Afridi have basically destroyed the structure cricket in Pakistan. Misbah has led Pakistan consistently since 2010 wining the Asia Cup, beating England 3-0 in a Test series and many more wins. He has led a team that is minus match winners like Wasim, Waqar, Inzi or Yousaf. His presence in the dressing roam has helped groom youngsters. He has been Pakistan's most consistant batsman for the last 3 years (just check the stats) and his batting has played a super role in many Pakistani victories. There is no doubt he is the best. We love you Misbah..!! Just keep playing your cricket and do not listen to those who have no knowledge about cricket and watch gallery players like Afridi, Umar Akmal and Imran Nazir.

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 14:07 GMT)

If we accept he plays according to team situation while batting but what happens when he is fielding and other team looses some quick wickets??????

Instead of attacking then, he remains defesive.

Also its domestic matches and many average and below average players keep scoring a lot whole year so he should not be Satisfied and Happy as he is an average player although a good sports man but not a capable player.

Posted by faizan_feroz on (April 2, 2013, 14:01 GMT)

its hard to say but the fact is that a new misbah was seen in the faysal bank t20 cup and the misbah which has already earned my respect

Posted by Saady1195 on (April 2, 2013, 13:22 GMT)

The so called 'Defensive Tag" seems very much legit to me.Mibah sometimes gets on his back foot a little too early(not talking about his batting at all).He should try to be a little more aggressive in his captaincy.Secondly,about his batting,you can't argue with the fact that he is aging.And with age comes wisdom and not courage.May be if he were a young lad,he would have tried to smash every ball out of the park(like Umar Akmal).And besides,if you look at the other top ranked teams,they all have batsmen who can hang around and stay on the wicket(J.Trott,Faf Du Plesis,Darren Bravo,R.Taylor,M.Jayawardene,R.Sharma are the prime examples). We need Misbah,to stay on the crease and let players from the other end to go big(especially when you have players like Jamshed,Hafeez,Kamran,Umer on your side)

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 12:50 GMT)

We must give credit to Misbah for his cool headed approach in handling team. Our media people has their favourite. They do not think before critising Misbah.If you see in almost every match Pakistan's top order failed against quality bowling and foreign countries. Situation in match at that time require stability not run rate.Most of the time top order batsmen failed because of wrong shot selection and repeat their mistake.If top order perform then Misbah has the freedom to play his shots. This is the reason he is defensive. Our bowlers are also erratic so he can not be aggressive in field placing. I found one big flow in his captainship is that he is not changing batting orders as per situation in match. Same is about his handling bowlers. I think he should consult Shoaib Malik instead of Hafiz in fields setting who has better knowledge about opposing batsman.

Posted by bouncer709 on (April 2, 2013, 12:26 GMT)

@Junaid Khan Alizai... If you need 30 runs in 15 balls , you block 12 balls and on last 3 balls you hit 3 sixes you will score 18 runs in 15 balls with strike rate 120 and you will go not out. Do the same thing in 3 matches your average will be 56+.

Posted by Sports4Youth on (April 2, 2013, 12:24 GMT)

It might annoy Misbah, but it is true.


Posted by bouncer709 on (April 2, 2013, 12:09 GMT)

Who agree that Misbah play according to the conditions of the match? When there is need to rotate the strike he block, when there is need to hit six, he just rotate by singles, and when there is no need to hit six, he try to hit six... When bowler is getting knocked he make him bowl ten overs, but if some bowler is doing well he will give him only 4 overs.. and Please don't compare him with Imran Khan, Imran khan was brave captain with vision he make Majid Khan to sit out side when he was not performing, but He did not kick out Inzimam in 1992 world cup even he was not performing, but at the end he won Semi Final for Pakistan Misbah even don't know his potential and not utilize it how would he judge the potential in young players.

Posted by Imad_K on (April 2, 2013, 11:16 GMT)

The fact is the Pakistani team nor their management or coaches seem to have a clue. Look at my comments that I have posted for years - it's the same story, nothing has changed. Look at the way the Pakistani team bat - match after match for the last 10/15 years they consistently give their wickets away playing stupid shots, trying to hit everything for a six, chasing wide balls etc. Time and again - look at the scorecards - regardless of the format they end up with scores such as 20/2, 30/3 etc. Then all the pressure is on the lower order batsmen - they can't play their attacking shots/natural game and whereas it was players like Haq/Yusuf before now it's people like Misbah who need to stand there and make sure they don't get out. Misbah should play in every format with the kind of batsmen Pakistan have - otherwise they won't even bat their overs out.

Posted by AdilKhans on (April 2, 2013, 9:53 GMT)

Misbah is pure test batsmen, he can't cope up with ODI's run rate which was evident in 2011 world cup in india, where he just bloked when he was required to slog & play aggressively.misbah was at his best in 2007 worldT20 where he took pak to finals.it's not that he can't be aggressive but he does'nt play accordin to required run rate & also fails to rotate the strike which pressurises the other batsman. Misbah is a compact player but his slow approach in ODI's isn't working in odi's at d moment.

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 9:38 GMT)

Only if he could rotate strike. I do not want to see him hitting sixes or try anything crazy like Afridi but I just ask him to rotate strike so the run rate is ticking at right pace. It is understandable that you block first two overs once you come to crease as your team is in danger but after that if you continue to block then you are just contributing to the problem. He does not even rotate bowlers that well, whenever you have a new batsmen you should not bring you out of form bowlers like afridi and wahab etc etc to get the overs done, You bring in your wicket taker bowlers and try giving a knocking blow to the opposing team. When you have 200 runs or less to defend you do not send your fielders outside the cricle to protect boundaries your priority should be blocking the singles and doubles and make the batsmen take the risk. You do not do this that is why you are defensive in all your approaches batting fielding and bowling.

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 9:07 GMT)

good to hear the name of yousaf gilani after a long period of time. i think this is to be analysed how many matches the team won/lost, when their president/pm was visiting with them!! start from zia upto gilani and chalk out the conclusions!!

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 8:47 GMT)

Misbah and his destruction is not just caused by his lower strike rate but also the fact that he eats away lots of balls in middle overs blocking the strike. This bogs down the whole tempo and builds the pressure. He tries to cover up at the end by lofty hitting but by then damage is already done.

Posted by Sandt on (April 2, 2013, 8:47 GMT)

He has brought stability to Pak team as captain.Remember how was Pak team when tokk over.Displinary problems,egoist players etc.He somehome managed to bring the players together and make them as a team.I think he should continue in ODI and Test as captain for another 2 years so that Pak can become a strong team with the current young players.Batting wise he is the only one who brings some stability to batting.See how other bat in Pak team.And you cannot always go for hitting in ODI and test, you need to be bat calmly to the situation

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 7:26 GMT)

There is much different in domestic and International matches. You (Mishbah) have been given chances and your performance was not good. You played well in domestic it doesn't mean you can perform same in International matches. Please give chance to youngsters, It is time to set in home and watch cricket not to play. And Mr. Misbah don't forget that Pakistan lost to India in semi final of world cup because of you.

Posted by True-Analyst on (April 2, 2013, 6:29 GMT)

I think Misbah need to seriously work on his batting plan. He heavily depends on his preemptive big shots. I expect to see him scoring 50 in 60 balls, without hitting any six or four. Thats how inning is built and a captain should play.

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 6:15 GMT)

Player Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave SR Mohammad Hafeez 115 115 4 3010 139* 27.11 69.14 Asad Shafiq 36 35 3 935 78* 29.21 69.46 Younis Khan 253 243 23 7014 144 31.88 75.36 Misbah-ul-Haq 114 103 25 3279 93* 42.03 73.96

Interesting Hafeez the attacking player strike rate 69.14 asad safiq the upcoming future strike rate 69.46 younis khan strike rate 75.96 misbah strike rate 73.96

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 6:11 GMT)

He choke when playing international t20 huh look at the bowling attack itz a...............................

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 5:27 GMT)

As for as Misbah's slow playing concerns. People must understand he is the only one staying at wicket look at the whole other team. He is the only captain who claim's England White Wash. What more we can expect from him. We know he has the ability to play long and big but we need to give him confidence by providing him so good players on the other side of the wicket.

Posted by m0se on (April 2, 2013, 4:46 GMT)

Misbah is too dependent on his big shots. He should develop his game where he has the capability to score a 50 without even hitting a single boundary.

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 4:45 GMT)

i always have firm belief in misbah as i have been watching him play since he started.He is technically very strong and has ability to not only defend but also to attack.So we should have faith in our players.We should never over react on a single bad performance.I wish Misbah to do very well in future as he will do inshalah.

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 4:42 GMT)

as far his individual game is concerned he is playing according the team requirement as Pakistan team has not settled a batting order. and the people who say that he is a defensive captain so with whom he should attack, there is only saeed ajmal who can provide you attacking options and than you have nothing. misbah provided stability to the team when you lost your bowling attack a settled opener and also with so many discipline issues. he has the temperament to deal with our so called super stars and can handle the team well on field. and we should not be bothered about his age until he stays fit.

Posted by Zahidsaltin on (April 2, 2013, 3:08 GMT)

No one can question his potential when he is playing at par with any other top player of present time. His innings in WC semifinal is the bad spot on his career. I think, him and Yousef Gilani share that spot.

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 2:46 GMT)

It pisses me off, when people easily blame Misbah after losing. I believe they don't realize that this man is nearing 40 years of age and he is scoring runs and they are coming in quantities. He is a better batsmen than any Pakistan player at the moment and is the best captain Pakistan has had in a long long time. He scored a fighting half-century against India in semi-final, when your favorites Afridi, Akmals and Hafeez were dismissed by stupid shot selection. This man took you to the brink of victory against India in 2007 t20 world cup. Instead of criticizing him why not criticize the other players who can't perform. If anyone can win the champions trophy for Pakistan. Its MISBAH!

Posted by Big_Maxy_Walker on (April 2, 2013, 2:05 GMT)

misbah's comeback to the test team has been amazing, considering his age and the state of Pakistani cricket. He maybe defensive and slow at the crease, but that's good old fashioned test match batting

Posted by cricketeria on (April 2, 2013, 1:39 GMT)

Misbah is the Jonathan Trott of Pak. But because Eng have Kevin Pietersen, Trott's slow batting doesn't matter. Pakistan doesn't have a single good batsman, therefore we criticize the only steady one we have.

However, in tests Trott averages 50+ w/ 9 hundreds, Misbah only 43, with 3 hundreds. Both have played around 40 tests. Trott also averages 50 in ODIs. So really, Misbah should be giving us more runs with his approach, especially since Misbah can hit sixes but Trott never has. It comes down to strike rotation: sadly, Misbah is a limited batsman. But we'll wait for him to retire on his own, since he has the best (the only?) cricket brain in Pakistan.

Posted by xylo on (April 2, 2013, 0:44 GMT)

I am afraid Misbah brought this upon him. He did break into the international scene for being an almost calm head under pressure in the 2007 T20 WC. But, after that, he started playing anchor role in many a match. While it is necessary to play an anchor role, it is equally important to pinch singles. The sheer anchor role breed became extinct by 2005. That was predominantly what was held against him, as late as the 2011 WC semi-final. To add to the agony, when compared to the likes of Yousuf and Inzamam, his fitness was never a concern. Misbah could have been Pakistan's Hussey if he could have mastered the art of being busy. He is a valuable asset in the test side, and in the ODI side especially in pressure situations.

Posted by hailianpak on (April 2, 2013, 0:23 GMT)

Sometimes I do think that he is slowing down the run rate and Most of the times team requires him to bat slow bu with solidity. But overall, in my opinion, Misbah is the best thing that happened to Pak cricket in the past few years.

Posted by   on (April 2, 2013, 0:11 GMT)

Misbah ul Haq is the pride Ov Pakistan,he has always shOwn great character when needed fOr Our team...

Posted by asim229 on (April 1, 2013, 23:14 GMT)

I think misbah should be announced as captain till 2015 worldcup. Yes, PCB made a mistake after 2011 WC to apoint a defensive player like misbah and should have groomed a more aggresaive captain but by looking at him play in a last couple of months I think he has realised his mistakes and is playing much more aggressively so he should atleast be continued with till next WC.

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 23:09 GMT)

My favourite current Pakistani cricketer after Ajmal

Posted by t20cric on (April 1, 2013, 22:49 GMT)

Misbah is proving to be a good player through his recent performances but as everyone is saying if he could rotate strike better by taking 1s and 2s then he definitely would have made a few 100s by now but he hasn't done it yet. I think Misbah has atleast done enough recently to deserve to not have the tuk tuk tag associated with him. If he continues like this with the kind of form he has and if does some "aggressive" batting and captaining then Pakistan can win many matches.

Posted by cricketeria on (April 1, 2013, 22:30 GMT)

Misbah is the Jonathan Trott of Pak. But because Eng have Kevin Pietersen, Trott's slow batting doesn't matter. Pakistan doesn't have a single good batsman, therefore we criticize the only steady one we have.

However, in tests Trott averages 50+ w/ 9 hundreds, Misbah only 43, with 3 hundreds. Both have played around 40 tests. Trott also averages 50 in ODIs. So really, Misbah should be giving us more runs with his approach, especially since Misbah can hit sixes but Trott never has. It comes down to strike rotation: sadly, Misbah is a limited batsman. But we'll wait for him to retire on his own, since he has the best (the only?) cricket brain in Pakistan.

Posted by Kumail_Asadi on (April 1, 2013, 21:05 GMT)

I want to Summrize all the things in one sentence. Misbah is the 2nd Imran Khan of Pak team :) InshAllah pak will win if he will lead next ODI WC.

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 20:16 GMT)

Misbah have the best cricketing brain in pakistan jeoff lawson said that he is the best leader pakistan have ever had after imran khan...keep playing well misbah my wishes is with u...

Posted by pull_shot on (April 1, 2013, 19:47 GMT)

@ NO i think u came atleast near to 2 WC because of him. some time people dont make sense recently afridi scored at brisk rate but didnt won the match still u praise afridi. i Remember in 2007 wc t20 final afridi just escaped by catch drop didnt play 5 balls also and throw his wicket away at crucial stage i mean is if he play for some time with wickets in hand onslaught would have started 2 overs before it was actually taken and in 2011 wc semi final every body crumbled under presure if u want bame anybody blame hafeez who was out for nothing shot after well settled,afridi for his inability to play atleast 10 balls.

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 19:36 GMT)

misbah very bad player bcoz he not try take a singal in evey 2or 3 balls. his main problem he played madns ovrers.

Posted by Virtual_Prince on (April 1, 2013, 19:30 GMT)

People want to see 66666.Misbah is way better than afridi as batsman..But..problem with misbah is that he cannot finish the game well..2007 t20 final against india.and a t20 against india are examples where he could not make 1 run in 3 balls and got out...He is a good batsman no doubt but his technique id not good..should look to rotate strike...if whole nation say him TUK TUK every one is not wrong...every one is named according to his performance and impact..BOOM BOOM is impact not a bought name....!!!! Misbah bro change your technique..you are best if u finish the match well...

Posted by dontlikecricket on (April 1, 2013, 19:26 GMT)

Comments by some so called "cricket fans" are very interesting. They show how much actual knowledge they have about cricket and current situation of Pak cricket. Misbah has provided stability after 2010 of Eng tour. Test performences have improved considerably. Forget SA test matches, PAK has never been successful on fast SA or AUS wickets even when players like Wasim,Waqar,Saqlain, Inzi,Yousuf,Saeed etc were playing. Now great players and legends like Zaheer Abbass, Amir Sohail, Waqar have said that PAK should keep Misbah as one day and test captian. PAK has a clear problem, there is no one in current team who can take over captaincy at this stage. I think Misbah should keep on playing and PAK should get rid of Kamran, Shoaib, Afridi etc and bring new players. One senior batsman and captain in Misbah should be enough until some one is established enough to take over.Younis can still play test but other than that PAK do not need any other senior player.

Posted by reason-galore on (April 1, 2013, 19:10 GMT)

we are a bad batting side in odis because we cannot take singles, which includes misbah... all the south african batsmen took singles at will... our best odi batsmen like yousuf, inzamam, miadad, moin khan etc were good because they knew how to pace their innings... get set by taking singles almost ever ball and hit boundaries at the end... players like misbah or anyone else in the team cannot take singles and hog the crease... the only batsmen are good in odis, who can take singles at will... we have not a single one of them... the bats have no flow to them, maybe they have forgotten how to use the wrists...

Posted by BBrianBlair on (April 1, 2013, 19:03 GMT)

He is just not a good fit for limited overs cricket. He threw two world cups away bcoz of his slow rate.

Posted by Rick777 on (April 1, 2013, 18:40 GMT)

Champions trophy should be his last assignment. But he has done a good job amidst hard times. Good luck MBUHQ.

Posted by Paracha420 on (April 1, 2013, 18:01 GMT)

Every one critizing Misbah he has the 2nd best avergae in chasing around 88 the problem is MIsbah every time Misbah win matches for Pakistan even then no one likes Misbah and always finding his 1 or 2 bad inngz i dnt no why???I think Misbah is no Afridi as he scores 88 in a losing cause even then every one says what an inngz and remember it for a long time......One of my friend mentioned 2007 final Misbah was the man who took Pakistan near to victory as every one was getting out if Misbah haven't scored we should have lost comprehensively although he played a silly shot when we were almost there...

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 17:22 GMT)

There is no doubt Misbah is a good player but just like Chanderpaul and Mohammed Yousuf in ODI cricket there are selfish and rather than risk their innings they expect others around them to take the risk while they will remain not out thus their averages look good. The fact he has played over 100 ODI's and still hasn't managed to make a 100 while someone like Afridi made 4 or 5 I think in ODI's shows that he lacks the ability to play a good innings.

Posted by palla.avinash on (April 1, 2013, 17:18 GMT)

Sorry one match doesn't make any difference u need to score consistently quick at conditions that's the only way to prove critics wrong keep trying we know u are a good batsmen but still pak need more from you.

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 17:14 GMT)

@smbhayi Totally agree with you. Misbah's problem is the ROTATION OF STRIKE. He plays an over like block block block four block block. He can make more score by rotating the strike.

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 17:11 GMT)

Yes I was there in the ground and misbah was awesome.

Posted by smbhayi on (April 1, 2013, 16:48 GMT)

The problem of Misbah is he is only know two way batting, TUK TUK or BOOM BOOM..... He can easily hit sixes and defend solidly but never tried rotate the strike..... Thats definitely cost Pakistan in a crunch game....

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 16:40 GMT)

@jb633, I truly and surely agree with you. I don't need to write anything here as if I wud have written, it wud've been ditto of yours.

Posted by bouncer709 on (April 1, 2013, 16:29 GMT)

Afridi and Misbah both are opposite in approach but same in thinking. both never accept that they are doing wrong... Afridi never change his habit and throw his wicket but still says that he will continue with style and no worry about criticism....... Misbah will never accept that he slow down the pace too much that it become impossible to win the match at the end...... Misbah can win match where target is less than 230, anything above 230, he will score fifty to make his average good but will make the match difficult to win.

Posted by Scrop on (April 1, 2013, 16:21 GMT)

If Misbah is the leading run scorer, then I seriously doubt the depth of batting talents in Pakistan.

Posted by Sinhaya on (April 1, 2013, 16:20 GMT)

Oh Misbah oh Misbah you are no doubt the best Pakistani batsman today. Please keep playing till you are even 45. You seem fit like a young one.

You are a cool guy.

Posted by sarang. on (April 1, 2013, 16:17 GMT)

please no one should criticize misbah, he is a big match player who always sees the team home.

well he has always made victory taste so sweet n has helped in maintaining the thrill through all formats t20, odis, tests.

he always sees pakistan through to a nail bitting losses. his slow and unreasonably terrific strike rate puts the team in bother and then when the match is out of grasp he hits a few sixes to take his strike rate to a respectable 70.... 1.example 1 t20.... ind vs pak final 24th sep 2007 (took pak to the brim while loosing the match eventually)

2.example 2 tests ind vs pak played brliiantly trying to manage a draw against india occupying crease for over 250 balls for his 82 against kumble and bhajan and gets runout while jumping in the air to evade the throw, resulting misbah well inside the crease but not in touch with the ground suspended mid air when the ball hits the stumps and india win eventually

3. ODIs ind vs pak 2011 world cup semis strike rate 50 rrr 9.5

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 16:13 GMT)

Misbah gives the Pakistan batting line-up stability and has the ability to play as per the situation. Good on you Captain Misbah! The only problem is that he does not have too many years to continue with the team and lead it to the next level of maturity. Hopefully, sense will prevail and the board will continue with him for another couple of years and look towards grooming a new captain for the test and ODI teams.

In my opinion, Hafeez does not merit a place in the test team. He neither has the technique nor the temperament of a test batsman.

Posted by loveupak on (April 1, 2013, 16:06 GMT)

@reason-galore not a good finisher? hain? he has the 2nd highest batting avg when it comes to successful chases, somewhere in the 80s, still not good? ok!

Posted by saadrasheedarain on (April 1, 2013, 16:01 GMT)

Misbah proof once more to be a best captian of Pakistan, not only performed well but his captaincy deeds are clearly visible during the final but most effectively in the semi final.and there is no camparision between Afridi and Misbah,despite the die hard fan of Afridi i think its time for him to retire from ODI format, and for Misbah after the hampions trophy, and just lead the test side.

Posted by fah4 on (April 1, 2013, 15:55 GMT)

Leading the run scoring chart and winning the local tournament doesn't prove you are good. People criticise you for international performances not local. Dear Misbah become leading run scorer and win champions trophy for Pakistan and then not just you but every one will accept that criticising you is wrong. Don't speak big by just doing well in local tournament as nobody critise you for local performances.

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 15:40 GMT)

What can you expect from a country that worships someone like Afridi who performs in 1 game out of 20 games. Is Misbah perfect, heck no, but does he get more then his fair share of flak, yes he sure does. Look at others in the team, Hafeez I am not sure if he is playing as a batting all arounder, or a bowling one. Jamshed had a decent time against India but was in doldrums in South Africa, Yunis Khan has crossed his best before date in ODIs, hopefully he proves me wrong, because he is a class act. Misbah tries his best to provide stability to the batting line up, how many time does he walk in when the team is in a spot of bother, then you have Kamran Akmal who is just a pinch hitter, Shoaib Malik is playing at the wrong spot as you need a hitter at that position and he is an accumulator, i.e, the Pakistan batting line up is messed up. What can you do, well for sure you can bring in Azhar Ali and Asid Shafiq, Umar Akmal should be told to work on his keeping.

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (April 1, 2013, 15:40 GMT)

i still believe that misbah should not be allowed to play T2020 international for Pakistan because he was damn slow and never won a big match on his own . He used to stay till the end to see we are losing so please don't return back to T2020 setup and stay where you are .

Posted by jb633 on (April 1, 2013, 15:37 GMT)

Speaking from an English background I can't understand the criticsm of this guy. He constantly performs when others don't and his strike rate is always dictated by the situation in which he finds himself. My only gripe with Misbah would be that he doesn't consistently get the big scores. As a captain I think in all formats he has done wonders for Pakistan. He took over a side after they were thumped by England and found themselves amidst the worst controversy in cricket and short their two best bowlers. He is having to make do with a good spin attack and mediocre seamers and yet he is still doing a great job. Those who go on about strike rate are probably the same people that think Afridi is God's gift. Misbah is a credit to Pakistan as a captain and as a player. He should be treated with respect by his own fans and not immature criticism. Pakistan have a lot to thank their skipper for if you ask me.

Posted by Stark62 on (April 1, 2013, 15:33 GMT)

Hey look, Misbah didn't revive the team, it was AFRIDI!!

He led the side in Eng and nearly got series victory in Eng, that too straight after the spot-fixing saga.

That series was the turn around because a heavy loss there and well, the dressing room would have fell apart.

Misbah did however, revive Pak's fortunes in the Test format but Afridi instigated the rise.

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 15:16 GMT)

Misbah should drop himself down the order by 1 or 2 places in ODI cricket to play with the tail, that is what he specializes in and bring in likes of Asad Shafiq, Umar Akmal, Umar Amin to play in the middle order.

Posted by reason-galore on (April 1, 2013, 15:09 GMT)

He is good captain, better than anyone available right now. But anyone would be a fool to think that he deserves a spot in the team as a batsman in the limited overs format. He is not a good finisher and he never has been. The best he does is get us close and leave the job undone. He is no dhoni in that aspect. Misbah has been single handedly resposible for losing us many ODIS due to his over defensive batting and not be able to accelerate when the situation demands it. He is the WORST batsman in the history of the game when it comes to taking singles. Any good player would take singles almost every ball in an ODI which misbah cannot do. That is also because of his limited batting capabilites and his technique. He cannot play a ball on the leg or the off side and can only play straight. That hinders in taking singles as you need to create gaps all around the wicket. Anyhow, he is too old and cannot play the next WC so he should be forcibly retired from ODIS as old people tend to cling.

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 15:08 GMT)

the way misbah has revived the team is exemplary! calm, cool and conservative, thats the way to go. Love you KING MISBAH!

Posted by SaudAlvi on (April 1, 2013, 15:00 GMT)

Misbah needs to rotate strike - he def. has the skills. when his plan does not work it looks ugly .. if he keeps rotating strike he would look good even on bad days. Still he is one of the best things to have happened to Pakistan team.

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 14:30 GMT)

@Dannymania... yeah u r so right... i mean what has misbah done? Apart from taking the captaincy at a time of turmoil, turning around a crisis struck team's fortunes, being the rock that holds the weak and fragile pak batting line together, being instrumental in giving pak the world's best bowler in saeed ajmal and winning pak games from situations that seemed improbable for him to do so... he has done nothing right? Yes he has been a bit defensive in his approach but there is always room for improvement. Its a tragedy that our nation fails to recognise its heroes, not just in cricket but in all fields

Posted by nathangonmad on (April 1, 2013, 14:28 GMT)

I don't get why people are always on Misbah's back. He took over at a time of crisis and molded a winning team out of it.

Posted by Sir.Ivor on (April 1, 2013, 14:28 GMT)

Misbah should have been brought into the Pakistan team along with Yousuf Yohanna and Younis Khan and he should have been captain for at least 10 years. He has the batting and fielding skills and most importantly has the look of a seasoned captain. He has the luck as well. It is possible that the latest loss in South Africa has turned many people against him. The kind of quiet dignity he has brought for Pakistan cricket is something I have not seen even during the times of Inzy, a man who was born to be respected not just because of his playing ability and his religious mien. Misbah should lead a younger group so that he can be more assertive. As long as he has so many grey beards to contend with the opinion about him will be divided. I wish Pakistan will induct more of the U 19 players. They certainly have some as we saw in the last WC. I believe the best of Misbah will come then.

Posted by Dannymania on (April 1, 2013, 14:04 GMT)

yeah Misbah,Everyone is wrong and u r right. I dont get it,why doesnt he just retire and take afridi,kamran akmal,malik and umar gul with him?! These players have wasted their talents and have lost pakistan more games than they've won pakistan..so they deserve to get the 'something' out of the team so we,the spectators,can enjoy something..such a shame having players like misbah captaining,players like afridi,malik,kamran akmal and umar gul still playing after they've done so bad.. we have to ask ourselves,is this what the pakistani talent is now a days? No sir,i refuse to believe that there's no more talent in pakistan.We have so many players like Inzi,yousuf,miandad and zaheer abbas,imran khan and wasim akram,waqar younis..we still have these kind of players.They just arent getting any opportunities because our captain,misbah,doesnt believe in giving players enough chances.He tried aizaz cheema,aizaz cheema did well,then he got out of the team.why?politics politics politics..misbah!

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 13:39 GMT)

Misbah is a KING, his strike rate in ODIS is better then Asad Shafiq, M hafeez, Azhar Ali, Imran Farhat and yet they still critise him. Plus look at his ODI batting avg. thats pretty outstanding considering pakistans current ODI batting line up is seriously bad.

Posted by Pathiyal on (April 1, 2013, 13:34 GMT)

nicely said by misbah. never doubted his capabilities in any form of the game. and he is still a fantastic captain!

Posted by   on (April 1, 2013, 13:22 GMT)

well this t20 and SA series has really boosted his stats and looks like misbah is getting into nice form. he has had a good SA odi series. top scorer from pakistan and stats above showed that. this t20 performance was also good.

for champion trophy, where no younas khan now , i would say misbah should play anchor role with hafeez in middle order and pack the team with youngsters inplace of younas/malik/afridi.

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