India v West Indies, Champions Trophy, Group B, The Oval June 11, 2013

Jadeja's punt, and Sammy's punch

Plays of the day from the sixth match of the Champions Trophy between India and West Indies

The punt
Ravindra Jadeja had bowled the delivery into the pads of Marlon Samuels, who responded with a bat-pad defence on the front foot. Although the Indian captain MS Dhoni had joined the chorus of appeals from the close-in fielders and the bowler, he was not entirely sure whether to opt for the one review given to each team. The doubt was whether it had hit bat or pad first. Once he got a firm nod from Jadeja, however, Dhoni signaled to Aleem Dar for the review. Jadeja's hunch proved correct as ball had just brushed the pad plumb in front before it hit the bat.

The stop
If you make Dhoni jog to you and shake your hand, you clearly must have done something special. The Indian captain is not a man for big gestures on the field, but today he was forced to acknowledge Rohit Sharma's agility at point. Against a short and wide ball from Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Darren Bravo moved swiftly into position to unleash a dashing square cut which was travelling fast towards the point boundary. However, Rohit was equally quick to move to his right and then dive to interrupt the passage of ball and convert a certain boundary into just a single.

The punch
As soon as he had charged Jadeja to slap a powerful inside-out six over cover to get to his half-century, an ecstatic Darren Sammy turned to the West Indies change room and punched his right hand, a gesture loaded with significance. Ahead of the Champions Trophy, Sammy had been replaced by Dwayne Bravo as the ODI captain, and was dropped in the first match against Pakistan. Bravo had said one reason for Sammy's exclusion was to strengthen the batting order. Sammy is no doubt a bowling allrounder, but on evidence so far he is a better batsman than at least Ramnaresh Sarwan, who has had a horrid tournament. So Sammy's excited celebration was clear in its message: don't you dare drop me next time. I am a good batsman too.

The drop
India's openers motored to 72 by the end of the 11th over, but when West Indies finally had an opportunity to break the stand, Kemar Roach allowed it to slip through his fingers. Spotting a Shikhar Dhawan top edge off Dwayne Bravo in the 12th over, Roach stepped off the boundary rope at fine leg and set himself for the catch, but misjudged the trajectory slightly, and had planted himself a foot short of where he needed to be. He could have still comfortably taken the catch falling forward, but perhaps put off by a raucous India crowd, could not get his hands around the ball, and the batsmen continued to progress swiftly.

The lazy fielder
Often at slip, Chris Gayle has one of the least taxing jobs in the field, but if there is any way someone else can do his work for him, Gayle will not pass up the opportunity. In the 28th over, Dinesh Karthik edged Marlon Samuels safely towards third man, and initially, it seemed as if Gayle, running back from slip, would haul the ball in. He caught up with it just before the 30-yard circle, but as he did, saw Ravi Rampaul also approaching from third man. Instead of bending down to pick up the ball, which had stopped no more than a foot away from his boot, Gayle gestured to Rampaul to collect it and throw it in himself. Amused, Rampaul obliged him, and Gayle returned to his position with a broad grin as the crowd cheered his lethargy.

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  • Mradul on June 13, 2013, 5:44 GMT

    @Sarangu Kumar: Ya, that was a funny moment as at the same time Pollard was giving some mouthful to Kohli from the silly mid on position. Gayle stood behind Kohli and gestured Rampaul to bowl on Kohli's head, Rampaul followed orders from the senior pro but was smashed to the boundary through a superb shot by Kohli.

  • Ashok on June 12, 2013, 13:31 GMT

    My plays of the day are: 1. Great bowling of Jadeja who bowled at the right spots consistently & led WI into chaos thru' undisciplined batting 2. Fine attacking innings of Dhawan who showed ability to curb his hitting with caution 3.Poor "Death" bowling by India which needs to be addrerssed & 4. Lack of disciplined batting by WI's power hitters like Gayle, Pollard & Bravo- also needs to be addressed.

  • Dummy4 on June 12, 2013, 13:26 GMT

    India should rest Ashwin for Pakistan game and try Vinaykumar to see who is the better seamer at death and in the power-plays.

  • Ashok on June 12, 2013, 13:24 GMT

    With all respect to Darren Bravo, I must confess that he is No Brian Lara! He may have some of Lara's style & shots. But discipline, concentration & focus on the task ahead are hall marks of a great cricketer like Lara. Bravo is no where near it. As for the game between India & WI, the score of 233 is too low for a powerful Indian batting to chase,with average WI bowling. India was set to chase a total in the range of 340!. WI has strong openers. But the rest of the batting -especially the middle order- needs to contribute big scores not in 20's. But for a great swash buckling knock of Sammy, WI would have been out for 185. Thanks are in order for Sammy's great hitting. WI batting can be summed up in short- "Head nodded via Charles & the Tail wagged vigorously via Sammy, but the main Body crumpled". WI is a strong team with lot of talent but what is missing is "Discipline". They are capable of beating SA to qualify for the semi's with discipline, to maximize their great Batting!

  • Joshua on June 12, 2013, 9:44 GMT

    Delboy, we singing the same song. Dwayne Smith should have been included in the team, not only on his knowledge of English conditions, playing for Sussex, but also on his very good recent performance for Mumbai Indians in the IPL. Why the coach and selection committee keep missing these opportunities and making elementary mistakes is beyond me.

    To Greatest_Game: South Africa will be ousted from IC2013, Hamla, DeVilliers and JP Duminy apart, the SA team is a mediocre in all respect. Kallis, Steyn and Smith are the missing ingredients that provides the winning formula. Your stats are historical and is of no relevance here. West Indies will win but beyond such a victory, uncertainty awaits.

  • Dummy4 on June 12, 2013, 7:12 GMT

    Ravindra Jadeja &Rohit Sharma, the two names has faced highest critics than anybody. Full marks to MSD, as he only stood behind them and today we are watching some highclass quality cricket from both of them. Few years ago when Jadega was hit for 6 back to back sixes in T20World Cup, nobody was in favour of him except MSD. At the same time before Champions Trophy Rohit too was on wire. But today everybody is praising them for there performances. Today I am very pleased as just one year before India failed to one a single match on English soil. Lost Tests 4/0 as well as ODI series. Can anybody has imagined before CT, Indian openers scoring two back to back 100 runs partnerships on English tracks ? Definitely not and rightly so as we never comfortable at all playing pace bowling specially outside subcontinent. But after watching Dhavan and Rohit we can say now we are overcoming this traditional habit of problem of bouncy tracks. The way Rohit played specially against SA was a treat !!!

  • David on June 12, 2013, 5:27 GMT

    @ Werner Blomberg. Obviously you know little to nothing about the Champions Trophy. South Africa won the inaugural tournament in 1998. That means that SA HAVE won aN ICC ODI tournament. In the final they beat…..West Indies!!!

    I am not sure if Dwayne Bravo and the WI management will be reminding SA of anything, especially the fact that SA have won ¾ of all ODIs between them: SA & WI have played 25 tests. SA have won 16, WI won 3. SA's win/loss ratio is an incredible 5.33. In ODIs, out of 51 matches, SA have won 38, and WI won 12. SA's win/loss ratio is 3.16.

    SA are the ICC Test Championship Trophy holder - known as "The Mace." SA's rating is 128. WI rating is 92. In the ICC ODI Championship, SA's rating is 113. WI rating is 87, just ahead of Bangladesh! In 2013 Champions trophy, both teams have 4 points, but SA has a Net Run-Rate of +0.410. WI has a Net Run-Rate of -0.086.

    Not much reminding for Dwayne Bravo & WI management, except of their pathetic record against SA.

  • Dummy4 on June 12, 2013, 4:27 GMT

    West Indies quad for South Africa game should read Chris Gayle, Johnson Charles, Darren Bravo, Marlon Samuel, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Darren Sammy, Tino Best, Kemar Roach, Sunil Narine, Jason Holder.

  • Sharath on June 12, 2013, 3:29 GMT

    Bravo, from what ever I have seen him so far does not look like captaincy material.. cannot understand y Sammy was replaced, even while having him in the team of 15. If they thought Sammy was not good enough, then y have in the team? and if he istheer in team, I think he is the best person to lead as he has done reasonably well in the past and has an ICC T20 wc to show. I am wondering what happened to WI's best batsman Shic Chanderpaul. has he retired from ODI's ? He was playing in the BPL not long ago.. he wuld have defy done well in thee conditions and is a very good player of spin bowling.. could have gone with him instead of Sarwan.

  • Himanshu on June 12, 2013, 3:27 GMT

    No matter how much people critisise WI, I think they normally lift their game against the porteas, or at least they used to do it about a decade back. Now once again, they have got the batters and bowlers to do so. I feel SA will be kicked out of this competition in group stages, as they do not win the knock-out games in ICC events and next match for them is virtually a knock-out game too.