England v India, Champions Trophy, final, Edgbaston June 23, 2013

Rain doesn't dampen Dhawan

George Dobell and Nagraj Gollapudi at Edgbaston
ESPNcricinfo presents the plays of the day from the final of the Champions Trophy

Shot of the day
Many players, resuming after a rain break, would nudge the ball off their hip or steal a single to the left hand of cover to get themselves back into the swing of things. But not Shikhar Dhawan. Facing the first ball after yet another break, Dhawan, with both feet off the ground, swatted a bouncer from Stuart Broad over third man for six. It was the stroke of the day from the batsman of the tournament.

Reception of the day
If England had hopes they may benefit from home support, they were dashed as soon as the public address listed the two teams. While each India name was greeted with cheers, the names of the England players were met with boos. The reaction was generally in good humour, but it did underline the dominance of Indian supporters inside Edgbaston. This may have been a home game for England in terms of geography and the conditions, but it could have been Mumbai or Kolkata for the character of the crowd.

Moment of the day
Alastair Cook was quoted - almost certainly incorrectly - by the ICC's transcription service of saying what a shame it would be if the weather rendered this game "a damp squid". But, despite all the stoppages and delays, the full house crowd sat through the rain and chilly winds admirably patiently and the ground remained all but full when the game reached its climax. Indeed, such was the crowd's enthusiasm, that perhaps the biggest roar of the day came when the groundstaff pulled off the covers. The groundstaff, supported by the "cricketeers" deserved the appreciation, too: they did a superb job in managing to get the pitch and outfield in any sort of condition to hold a game despite torrential rain.

Wicket of the day
MS Dhoni has earned a reputation as a player at his best in big matches and when his team are under pressure. So when he strode to the crease to join Virat Kohli with his side in some trouble, Indian hopes were still high. But when he uppercut his second delivery from the excellent Ravi Bopara directly to third man, the sighs of disappointment that reverberated around the ground told their own story. The dismissal completed a double-wicket maiden and reduced India to 66 for 5 at the end of the 13th over.

Drop of the day
The plan was evident. With less than three overs remaining and the score still below 100, Kohli had to look for boundaries. He was aware that Broad would bowl short on the off stump, so one of his options was to attempt the uppercut to take advantage of third man, Jonathan Trott, being up inside the circle. Even Trott anticipated the ball might come towards him so when Broad started to run in he took a couple of steps back. On cue, Kohli tried to carve the ball over third man, but failed to make full contact and sent the ball flying towards Trott just above head height. Perhaps surprised by the pace at which the ball reached him, Trott could only deflect the ball and Kohli took a single. Had the catch been taken, India would have been reduced to 98 for 6.

Opportunism of the day
It was in the ninth over. England had gone without a boundary for five overs. Ian Bell had been around from the beginning and appeared in circumspect mood, though he had also been denied much of the strike. Ravindra Jadeja was getting the ball to spin away. MS Dhoni added a short gully to the first slip to challenge Bell, one of the better English batsman of spin. Jadeja pitched on the off and middle. Bell had made up his mind as he took a forward step and reverse swept. There was enough power in the stroke to make it to the boundary.

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  • N on June 24, 2013, 17:07 GMT

    @F.Ephraime: Did you predict before the champions trophy that this was going to be easy for India? I bet your prediction was the opposite, something along the lines of India cannot win outside India. And now your prediction is India has a tough future ahead. As@Humdinger says, keep them coming! And btw, didn't NZ just beat Steyn, Morkel, Philander and co 2-1 in the recently concluded series? Times are a changing, my friend.

  • Dummy4 on June 24, 2013, 16:24 GMT

    Tim Bresnan cost England the match. His overthrow resulted in 4 runs and England lost by 5!

  • Rohan on June 24, 2013, 12:07 GMT

    Wasiq Hassan Khilji - That came from a true Cricket fan! I actually expected team to put more fight in the tournament. Yes Team India surprised me with the way they played throughout. Shikhar D had lady luck too on his side. All this has come through really good selections. Dinesh Karthik is an example. Cricket is a Form game. Out of form - out of team, In form - In team. Obviously talent also plays the part. Well done Selectors!

  • Fanele on June 24, 2013, 11:50 GMT

    I am not saying india don't deserve the trophy or anything for that matter,I'm just pointing it out that even if they win the next icc world cup or any icc trophy outside the sub-continent it won't be easy as it was in the champions trophy....and it will certainly not be easy for dhawan and co coming to sa in december facing steyn,phillander and morkel in our pitches as Rohit Sharma dismissal gave us a preview of indian batsman on lively pitches.

  • Fanele on June 24, 2013, 11:36 GMT

    I am not saying india don't deserve the trophy or anything for that matter,I'm just pointing it out that even they win the next icc world cup or any icc trophy outside the sub-continent it won't be easy as it was in the champions trophy....and it will certainly not be easy for dhawan and co coming to sa in december.

  • Vinod on June 24, 2013, 10:02 GMT

    That exotic shot...ah paradise...! At risk of sounding arrogant - I christen thee shot thy 'Shik-hit'! - Shot of the tournament ....for me....Hope many more of such to come! Now that shot is right up there in my air shots.....! Throw in the friendly swagger of the guy - and that mo.....what a package!

  • Andrew on June 24, 2013, 9:56 GMT

    India deserve the trophy as the only undefeated side in the tournament prior to the final ... India have the batsmen and the bowlers for English conditions ... Ravi Bopara surprised with the ball and reduced India to 66 for 5 but it was not enough ... I was hoping India would get to 132 ... Then England looked like they were on a Sunday picnic until Morgan and Bopara injected a bit of hope ... But then India prevailed ... Even though I am a South African, I could see India had the merit and deserved the trophy from when they beat us in the league stage ...

  • Dummy4 on June 24, 2013, 9:47 GMT

    Technique is not everything. If Dhawan worried about technique at that moment and didn't hit first ball after rain for 6 of broad, the result could have been different. Plus it's not easy as well to come from dressing room and straight away launch one over point boundary. Also what about death bowling. Yesterday England conceded 45 in last 5 overs, while India took 6 wickets for 16 runs. Remember the first match SA was cruising and then Indian fielders bowlers performed like tigers. JADEJA - What a crucial contribution with bat, ball and fielding. He really deserve to be called 'Sir Ravindra Jadeja', SALUTE from 2 billion Indian, you have made the nation proud and forced many experts (including Indians) eat a humble pie who didn't even gave you an iota of a chance.

  • Dummy4 on June 24, 2013, 9:22 GMT

    Well Played India..Congrats from Pakistani fan

  • Shane on June 24, 2013, 8:48 GMT

    @Sachidananda Bhat - so, to put that another way - India were one of 8 teams in the tournament that DIDN'T beat all 8 test playing nations?