ICC Champions Trophy, 2nd Semi-Final: India v Sri Lanka at Cardiff, Jun 20, 2013
ICC Champions Trophy - 2nd semi final
India won by 8 wickets (with 90 balls remaining)
Played at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff (neutral venue)
20 June 2013 (50-over match)

Kulasekara to RG Sharma, FOUR, brilliant, Rohit showing why he has had so many backers even through his leanest phase, gets forward to a length ball and drives that in front of point for four, terrific stroke

India 4/0   RG Sharma 4* (4b 1x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 0.4-0-4-0

Malinga to Dhawan, FOUR, full ball and that is too full form Malinga, in this form Dhawan can easily put those away, and he does, eases it past cover for four, firmly struck by Dhawan

India 8/0   S Dhawan 4* (4b 1x4)   SL Malinga 0.4-0-4-0

Kulasekara to RG Sharma, FOUR, pitched up and outside off, Rohit looks to drive that one, ends up getting a thick outside edge, that is past the slips and down to the third man boundary

India 12/0   RG Sharma 8* (7b 2x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 1.1-0-8-0

Malinga to Dhawan, FOUR, an uppishly drive outside off, perfectly placed in the gap though, through the covers for four, Dhawan's high-risk batting paying off here, Hot Spot shows that came right off the middle of the bat

India 18/0   S Dhawan 8* (14b 2x4)   SL Malinga 1.5-0-9-0

NLTC Perera to Dhawan, FOUR, shot! Dhawan has been ruthless with these cut shots all tournament, when he decides to whack the ball, he gives it everything, slaps that shortish ball behind point for four

India 36/0   S Dhawan 18* (23b 3x4 1x6)   NLTC Perera 0.5-0-5-0

NLTC Perera to Dhawan, FOUR, sensational hit from Dhawan, a 131kph delivery on a length and just outside off, a perfect hit through cover for four, right off the middle of the bat

India 46/0   S Dhawan 23* (37b 4x4 1x6)   NLTC Perera 2.1-0-10-0

NLTC Perera to Dhawan, FOUR, streaky from Dhawan, if the previous boundary came right off the middle of the bat, this was off a thick edge, that could have crashed into the stumps but when you are in this sort of form, things go your way, the edge runs away for four to the fine leg boundary

India 50/0   S Dhawan 27* (40b 5x4 1x6)   NLTC Perera 2.4-0-14-0

Kulasekara to RG Sharma, FOUR, four more, for Rohit this time, Kulasekara drops it a touch short, Rohoit stays back and punches through cover for a boundary

India 54/0   RG Sharma 22* (31b 3x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 6.1-0-21-0

Kulasekara to RG Sharma, FOUR, shortish ball and that is thwacked for four by Rohit, sat up for him and he has pulled that away to the square leg boundary for four

India 61/0   RG Sharma 26* (33b 4x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 7-0-28-0

Kulasekara to Dhawan, FOUR, shortish ball on the leg stump, pulled away behind square leg for four more, yet another 50-plus score for Dhawan, the man is unstoppable this series

India 110/1   S Dhawan 52* (73b 6x4 1x6)   KMDN Kulasekara 8-0-33-0

Kulasekara to Kohli, FOUR, length ball and that is a superb hit, inside-out lofted hit over covers for a four, couple of bounces before reaching the rope

India 122/1   V Kohli 22* (42b 1x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 8.5-0-38-0

Mendis to Kohli, FOUR, full ball is hoicked for four, an agricultural shot but sends the ball to the midwicket boundary

India 133/1   V Kohli 27* (45b 2x4)   BMAJ Mendis 1-0-11-0

Malinga to Kohli, FOUR, short of length ball outside off, slices that behind point for four, Kohli continues to find it easy against Malinga

India 148/2   V Kohli 34* (50b 3x4)   SL Malinga 6.1-0-33-0

Malinga to Kohli, FOUR, short ball and that is hammered by Kohli, easily gets on top of the bounce and dispatches that to the midwicket boundary for four more

India 154/2   V Kohli 40* (54b 4x4)   SL Malinga 6.5-0-39-0

Malinga to Raina, FOUR, India are through to the final after a thoroughly dominant performance, a short ball from Malinga is helped along to fine leg for four to finish it off

India 182/2   SK Raina 7* (4b 1x4)   SL Malinga 8-0-54-0





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