ICC Champions Trophy, 3rd Match, Group A: England v Australia at Birmingham, Jun 8, 2013
ICC Champions Trophy - 3rd match, Group A
England won by 48 runs
8 June 2013 (50-over match)

Starc to Cook, FOUR, overpitched on leg stump, nice juicy volley to begin with from Starc and Cook clumps it through backward square with relish, to raucous cheering from around the ground


Starc to Cook, no run, good length, in the channel outside off stump, much better line and Cook shoulders arms as it shapes away


Starc to Cook, 1 run, full and sliding on to the pads again, worked finer, towards long leg, Cook wants two but they decide against doing anything silly

England 5/0   AN Cook 5* (3b 1x4)

Johnson to Cook, no run, in the channel outside off, better first ball from this Mitch, Cook leaves


Johnson to Cook, no run, slightly overpitched, again a little leg side, shovelled towards backward square


Johnson to Cook, no run, fullish and shaping nicely around off stump, gets across and shows it the face in defence


Johnson to Cook, no run, full and holding its line on off stump, again Cook gets his bat down in time


Johnson to Cook, no run, lovely delivery from Johnson, angled in on a testing length and nipping away as Cook prods at it and is beaten


Johnson to Cook, 1 run, back of a length and wide, opens the arms and cracks a cut shot down to third man for a single to deny Mitch a maiden

England 6/0   AN Cook 6* (9b 1x4)

Starc to Cook, no run, on the pads, slightly full but Cook can't tuck it away this time


Starc to Cook, (no ball) 2 runs, confusion, appeals, overthrows, chaos! Starc oversteps to concede a no-ball and Cook then has to scramble back to just beat a direct hit from point, Bell had gone charging down the pitch anyway, the ball deflects through midwicket after clipping the bails and they pick up a couple anyway


Starc to Cook, 2 runs, pitched up, Cook goes for a heave straight out of the farmyard, so agricultural was it, more air than distance but it clears mid-off for a couple


Starc to Cook, 1 run, edged, Cook pushes with hard hands but gets enough bat on it to take it wide of second slip for a single to third man

England 12/0   AN Cook 11* (13b 1x4)

Johnson to Cook, no run, full and wide and beats Cook driving, it swung a touch though it was probably one to be leaving at this stage, even in one-day mode


Johnson to Cook, no run, cracked off the back foot towards point, plenty of power on the shot but David Warner makes a customarily smart stop


Johnson to Cook, 2 runs, Cook gets forward and clips firmly off his front pad through midwicket, touch too full and straight again from Johnson


Johnson to Cook, 1 run, pitched up a foot or so outside off, Cook chops down on it and the ball squirts through midwicket


Johnson to Cook, no run, pitched up outside the line of off, textbook front-foot drive from Cook but he picks mid-off

England 20/0   AN Cook 14* (18b 1x4)

Johnson to Cook, no run, back of a length, outside off and flayed off the back foot, picks out point though


Johnson to Cook, no run, tighter line and blocked into the leg side


Johnson to Cook, 2 runs, full, veering towards leg stump, glanced in front of square by Cook and the back on the boundary covers good ground to prevent a boundary


Johnson to Cook, 1 leg bye, again that low, slingy action sends the ball tailing towards leg, misses with a clip this time and it rolls away off the pad

England 30/0   AN Cook 16* (22b 1x4)

McKay to Cook, 1 run, full, drifting on to the pads, it's not swinging and another single is milked through square leg


McKay to Cook, no run, pitched up around off stump, played towards mid-off coming forward


McKay to Cook, FOUR, floated up outside off stump, "hit me, hit me, hit me!" screams the ball and Cook duly plays a prim and proper cover drive to the appropriate part of the ground


McKay to Cook, no run, full and straight again, this comes off somewhere nearer the toe of the bat and rolls to mid-off


McKay to Cook, no run, better length, around off stump, blocked back down the track

England 36/0   AN Cook 21* (27b 2x4)

Johnson to Cook, FOUR, Johnson gets the boundary treatment now, full and wide of the stumps, the ball isn't doing anything threatening through the air or off the pitch and Cook confidently punches another four through the covers


Johnson to Cook, 1 run, gets across and tucks one through square leg


Johnson to Cook, 2 runs, slung down around leg stump, Cook waits on it and squirrels another couple behind square on the leg side

England 45/0   AN Cook 28* (30b 3x4)

McKay to Cook, no run, pitched up around the line of off, punched back towards mid-off


McKay to Cook, no run, pushed across, again probably a touch full, Cook doesn't time his drive towards the man at extra cover


McKay to Cook, no run, length ball, angled across but offering Cook width, he scythes the bat through a meaty cut but Warner pulls off a terrific diving stop to take the ball on the bounce and save his side a boundary


McKay to Cook, no run, line and length outside off, stands tall and taps square

England 46/0   AN Cook 28* (34b 3x4)

Watson to Cook, 1 run, sliding across the left-hander from over the wicket, opens the face and steers one to third man

England 52/0   AN Cook 29* (35b 3x4)

McKay to Cook, 1 run, pitched up in the corridor (of absolute certainty today, it would appear), Cook drives and a thickish edge runs to third man


McKay to Cook, no run, full and straight, the bat turns in Cook's hands as he tries to push back down the wicket


McKay to Cook, no run, good, probing line, not too full and Cook is only half forward, gets an inside edge on to his pad


McKay to Cook, no run, maintains that diligent line around middle and off, again defended coming forward


McKay to Cook, no run, slightly wider, on a length and blocked into the covers

England 56/0   AN Cook 30* (40b 3x4)

Watson to Cook, no run, stays in the crease and plays towards point


Watson to Cook, OUT, he's done it, Watson makes the breakthrough, drawing Cook into a drive to be caught behind! Cook will feel he should have pinged that through the covers, it was a little wide, on a good length but they've not had any problems hitting on the up this morning - just a thin snick of bat and Cook trudges off having made another solid start but failed to go on

AN Cook c †Wade b Watson 30 (55m 42b 3x4 0x6) SR: 71.42

England 57/1   AN Cook 30 (42b 3x4)





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