ICC Champions Trophy, 3rd Match, Group A: England v Australia at Birmingham, Jun 8, 2013
ICC Champions Trophy - 3rd match, Group A
England won by 48 runs
8 June 2013 (50-over match)

Anderson to Warner, no run, full of length just outside off stump, left alone


Anderson to Warner, no run, a little further outside off and left again


Anderson to Warner, no run, much tighter to off stump and well left, decent judgement of the off stump


Anderson to Warner, no run, similar area, Warner leaves alone once again, reins himself in again


Anderson to Warner, 2 runs, plays at this and forces away in front of point from a foot outside off, a strong punch


Anderson to Warner, no run, fuller length and Warner comes forward just outside off and shoulders arms

Australia 2/0   DA Warner 2* (6b)

Anderson to Warner, 1 run, fails to adjust for the left-hander and bowls a leg stump ball on a length that is tucked down to long leg


Anderson to Warner, no run, full on the off stump, a hint of inswing, pushed to mid-on


Anderson to Warner, 1 leg bye, catches him on the pad and runs fine of square leg for a single, full delivery on leg stump that Warner missed trying to play into the on side

Australia 9/0   DA Warner 3* (9b)

Broad to Warner, FOUR, just back of a length and tucked away past square leg, goodness that is well timed and beats Trott at long leg, seemed like just a nudge but he flicked it away with enough power


Broad to Warner, no run, back of a length just outside off, punched to extra cover on the back foot


Broad to Warner, no run, a little straight and tucked to long leg whose up in the circle and dives and saves four, very good save


Broad to Warner, no run, tries to cut but it's a bit close to him and got a bit big on him too, finds backward point off an under-edge


Broad to Warner, 1 run, much fuller, ran from middle and leg wide of short long leg who runs back and to his right to save the second

Australia 14/0   DA Warner 8* (14b 1x4)

Anderson to Warner, no run, decent length just outside off, it gets a little big on Warner again as he looks to play square on the off side, gets it to point


Anderson to Warner, 1 run, middle and leg now and ran out through square leg to the fielder in the deep

Australia 17/0   DA Warner 9* (16b 1x4)

Broad to Warner, no run, and this is again tucking Warner up, off stump line on a length just blocked back to the bowler


Broad to Warner, no run, an inch wider but Warner plays the same stroke, runs it out to short cover point


Broad to Warner, no run, a touch fuller, driven on the front foot but not timed, gets it to mid-off


Broad to Warner, no run, a touch short in length and Warner stays back and tries to forces through the off side, only finds cover


Broad to Warner, OUT, fuller and driven at, edged to the keeper where Jos Buttler takes a fine catch to his left, no slip in place so that was an excellent grab diving with two hands. England have earned the wicket with their excellent start, a bit of width offered and Warner couldn't resist, flashing the hands at it without moving his feet and got a big nick that Buttler held superbly

DA Warner c †Buttler b Broad 9 (23m 21b 1x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

Australia 17/1   DA Warner 9 (21b 1x4)





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