ICC Champions Trophy, 5th Match, Group B: Pakistan v South Africa at Birmingham, Jun 10, 2013
ICC Champions Trophy - 5th match, Group B
South Africa won by 67 runs
Played at Edgbaston, Birmingham (neutral venue)
10 June 2013 - day/night match (50-over match)

Shoaib Malik to Peterson, 2 runs, starts off with a neat cover drive to the sweeper


Shoaib Malik to Peterson, no run, tossed up and he comes forward and defends

South Africa 205/6   RJ Peterson 2* (2b)

Saeed Ajmal to Peterson, no run, keeps a touch low, manages to punch it down the track


Saeed Ajmal to Peterson, no run, softly pushes it down to point and still no single


Saeed Ajmal to Peterson, no run, worked with the angle down to short fine leg and he has to scamper back, another dot


Saeed Ajmal to Peterson, no run, four consecutive dots! The fruatration gets to Peterson as he shapes to slog, playing away from the body, beaten for turn


Saeed Ajmal to Peterson, 2 runs, good fielding by Junaid! Peterson went down the track and chipped it to deep extra cover, Junaid made a lot of ground from long-off and managed to parry the ball back inside the boundary

South Africa 208/6   RJ Peterson 4* (7b)

Wahab Riaz to Peterson, 1 wide, Wahab completely lost control of that one! That was a quick, scary full toss down the leg side, the batsman couldn't connect, Kamran did really well to save four wides


Wahab Riaz to Peterson, 1 run, he makes a bit of room and digs out a reverse swinging yorker to the on side


Wahab Riaz to Peterson, no run, Peterson in desperation tries the reverse paddle, good change of pace by Riaz, he fails to make contact

South Africa 216/6   RJ Peterson 5* (9b)

Junaid Khan to Peterson, FOUR, nobody moved, Junaid bowls a half volley wide outside off and with many fielders in the circle on the off side he was asking for trouble, Peterson crashed that past the covers


Junaid Khan to Peterson, 1 wide, varies his length by bowling the bouncer, Peterson ducks and the leg umpire calls it


Junaid Khan to Peterson, FOUR, not a bad over at all so far for SA! Junaid reverts to the yorker length, it's a low full toss, Peterson makes room and drives wide of mid-off, fielder gives up the chase


Junaid Khan to Peterson, 1 run, much better length, yorker length wide outside off and he digs it out to point

South Africa 227/6   RJ Peterson 14* (12b 2x4)

Wahab Riaz to Peterson, 2 runs, this was dragged short and he made room to flat-bat that to the on side, found the gap at midwicket, two fielders chase and relay


Wahab Riaz to Peterson, OUT, another direct hit and Morris has to go! Riaz fired that full on the stumps and Peterson made room, mistimed it back to the bowler, Morris was backing up too far and it was too late as Riaz hit the stumps, no need for the third umpire

CH Morris run out 1 (3m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00


Wahab Riaz to Peterson, no run, full outside the off stump and he makes room but fails to put bat on ball


Wahab Riaz to Peterson, OUT, another direct hit, Peterson shuffled across his stumps to scoop that to fine leg, didn't make contact, they try to pinch a bye, Akmal under-arms it to the stumps, Phangiso is a few inches short, the third umpire confirms it

AM Phangiso run out 0 (1m 0b 0x4 0x6) SR: -

South Africa 234/9   RJ Peterson 16* (16b 2x4)





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