ICC Champions Trophy, 6th Match, Group B: India v West Indies at The Oval, Jun 11, 2013
ICC Champions Trophy - 6th match, Group B
India won by 8 wickets (with 65 balls remaining)
Played at Kennington Oval, London (neutral venue)
11 June 2013 (50-over match)

Kumar to Gayle, no run, starts with a tight delivery just outside off, good leave from Gayle


Kumar to Gayle, no run, another leave just outside off


Kumar to Gayle, no run, this one comes in a touch and Gayle is struck just above the pad and below the thigh pad, he doesn't seem to be in too much pain


Kumar to Gayle, 1 run, strays on the pads, and that is tucked in front of square for the first run of the day

West Indies 1/0   CH Gayle 1* (4b)

Yadav to Gayle, no run, Umesh charges in, he has a leg slip in place for Gayle, this one is outside off and is chopped in the direction of point


Yadav to Gayle, 2 runs, this one is much fuller from Umesh, Gayle stays in the crease and opens the face to guide the ball past point. Charles has to sprint back for the second to beat the throw from Raina


Yadav to Gayle, no run, Gayle punches that towards extra cover


Yadav to Gayle, 1 wide, Umesh bowls this down the leg side, it was a short one as well, Umesh trying to trap Gayle with a catch at leg slip perhaps, too far down the leg side


Yadav to Gayle, FOUR, short again, and on the leg stump, that ball doesn't get up high enough to worry Gayle, it is midway behind his waist and chest and that is thumped away to the midwicket boundary for four


Yadav to Gayle, no run, not as short as the previous one, outside off this time, powered towards cover where Kohli cuts it off


Yadav to Gayle, FOUR, drops it short once more, and on the legstump, this time Gayle doesn't power the ball, concentrates more on getting his timing and placement right, lifts his front leg high as he pulls that away to the midwicket boundary

West Indies 12/0   CH Gayle 11* (10b 2x4)

Kumar to Gayle, no run, nearly an edge through to the keeper there, back of a length ball that swerves away late from Gayle, who throws his bat at it and misses


Kumar to Gayle, no run, a touch fuller, on middle and off, defended from the crease to the off side, another probing over from Bhuvneshwar

West Indies 13/0   CH Gayle 11* (12b 2x4)

I Sharma to Gayle, FOUR, Power. pitched up by Ishant and that is lashed down the ground by Gayle, between the bowler and mid-off, when Gayle hits them, no need to bother chasing, four more to Gayle, who has begun briskly

West Indies 18/0   CH Gayle 15* (13b 3x4)

Kumar to Gayle, no run, short of length ball on off stump, not giving Gayle any room at all, pushed towards mid-off


Kumar to Gayle, 2 runs, Gayle charges out and wants to try throw Bhuvneshwar off his tidy line and length, not something you see this often in a Gayle innings, a thick inside-edge sends the ball behind square leg


Kumar to Gayle, FOUR, no need for extravagance when you can hit like that, a length ball just outside off, Gayle waits deep in the crease and plays a lofted straight drive that sends the ball rocketing over Bhuvesnhwar's head for four


Kumar to Gayle, no run, cramps up Gayle with a ball on middle and leg, defended towards midwicket


Kumar to Gayle, OUT, there is the wicket, Bhuvneshwar has done it, MS Dhoni had talked a lot about the importance of Gayle's wicket, and they have him early, a short of length ball again from Bhuvneshwar, not enough width for Gayle to cut that, he goes for the cut anyway, a thick top edge results and the ball flies towards first slip, where Ashwin clings on to a sharp overhead chance, huge blow that

CH Gayle c Ashwin b Kumar 21 (19m 18b 4x4 0x6) SR: 116.66

West Indies 25/1   CH Gayle 21 (18b 4x4)





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