ICC Champions Trophy, 6th Match, Group B: India v West Indies at The Oval, Jun 11, 2013
ICC Champions Trophy - 6th match, Group B
India won by 8 wickets (with 65 balls remaining)
Played at Kennington Oval, London (neutral venue)
11 June 2013 (50-over match)

Roach to RG Sharma, FOUR, lovely controlled cut from Rohit, shortish from Roach and he had some width as well, slapped over backward point for four

India 5/0   RG Sharma 4* (4b 1x4)   KAJ Roach 0.4-0-5-0

Rampaul to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan is in red-hot form, and he's showing it here, a pitched up delivery, Dhawan gets a stride in and thrashes that over point for four

India 19/0   S Dhawan 9* (7b 1x4)   R Rampaul 1.2-0-8-0

Roach to RG Sharma, FOUR, width on offer, powerfully slapped past point for four, for a second there I thought the ball was flying straight to backward point, but it was wide of the man there

India 27/0   RG Sharma 15* (18b 2x4)   KAJ Roach 2.3-0-16-0

Roach to Dhawan, FOUR, short of length ball on the pads, thrashed between mid-on and midwicket, Dhawan continues to enjoy his second coming in international cricket

India 32/0   S Dhawan 15* (11b 2x4)   KAJ Roach 3-0-21-0

Rampaul to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan is finding it real easy in the middle, this time he works the ball with the angle, slapped behind point for four, Dhawan seems to have loads of time to play even against some pacy bowlers

India 37/0   S Dhawan 19* (13b 3x4)   R Rampaul 2.3-0-16-0

Roach to RG Sharma, FOUR, beautiful stroke from Rohit, overpitched from Roach and that is driven through covers off the front foot for four, HotSpot shows that came right off the middle of the bat, and there was a huge gap between cover point and mid-off

India 41/0   RG Sharma 21* (22b 3x4)   KAJ Roach 3.2-0-25-0

Roach to RG Sharma, FOUR, Rohit continues to look in terrific touch, Roach offering more short and wide deliveries, Rohit cracks that past point, makes sure it is along the ground, top shot

India 47/0   RG Sharma 26* (24b 4x4)   KAJ Roach 3.5-0-31-0

Sammy to Dhawan, FOUR, again it is short and wide, at Sammy's pace (120kph) you really shouldn't be bowling there, Dhawan isn't going to miss out twice, smashed past point for four

India 58/0   S Dhawan 28* (21b 4x4)   DJG Sammy 0.3-0-6-0

Narine to Dhawan, FOUR, not too short from Narine, spinning away from Dhawan, who waits on the back foot and delicately sends that past the keeper and past short third man for four more

India 65/0   S Dhawan 35* (25b 5x4)   SP Narine 1.3-0-10-0

Sammy to Dhawan, FOUR, short and wide, steered behind point for a boundary to end the over, India motoring along here

India 72/0   S Dhawan 41* (30b 6x4)   DJG Sammy 2-0-13-0

DJ Bravo to RG Sharma, FOUR, short and wide, at 128kph, not a good idea, Rohit slaps that behind point for four more, all too easy that

India 85/0   RG Sharma 38* (44b 5x4)   DJ Bravo 1.1-0-9-0

DJ Bravo to RG Sharma, FOUR, another four for Rohit, India gallop along ot 91 for 0, waits for the ball to arrive and plays it late, uses the width to sends it well behind point and well wide of third man

India 91/0   RG Sharma 44* (48b 6x4)   DJ Bravo 1.5-0-15-0

Sammy to RG Sharma, FOUR, for the third time in two overs, Rohit punishes the bowler for giving him width, slapped behind point for four more, have to say this isn't the best bowling from West Indies

India 96/0   RG Sharma 49* (51b 7x4)   DJG Sammy 3.2-0-21-0

Narine to Kohli, FOUR, elegant way to get off the mark! Gives him a hint of width and Kohli makes room and improvises, opens the face of the bat and guides it wide of Gayle at slip

India 105/1   V Kohli 4* (1b 1x4)   SP Narine 2.4-0-18-1

Narine to Kohli, FOUR, sped off the bat, this was too full and Kohli merely pushed at it and it went off the meat of the bat past mid-off who dives in vain

India 113/1   V Kohli 10* (7b 2x4)   SP Narine 3.5-0-24-1

Rampaul to Kohli, FOUR, this was dragged too short and Kohli goes back and bludgeons it in front of square, down to wide long-on

India 118/1   V Kohli 14* (9b 3x4)   R Rampaul 4.2-0-23-0

Rampaul to Kohli, FOUR, misfield! Gayle signaled to Rampaul to target Kohli's helmet, he bowled it short as instructed and Kohli was equal to the task pulling in front of his helmet, the ball brushed past Pollard at short leg and the fielder at the boundary dived and made a mess of it

India 122/1   V Kohli 18* (13b 4x4)   R Rampaul 5-0-27-0

Narine to Dhawan, FOUR, lovely drive, the offspinner, lands too full and wide outside off and drives crisply past cover

India 136/2   S Dhawan 56* (51b 7x4)   SP Narine 5.3-0-33-2

Roach to Dhawan, FOUR, looked like clearing the rope initially! Roach is generous on the pads, he clips it high and it was in the air and one bounce four to deep square leg

India 143/2   S Dhawan 63* (55b 8x4)   KAJ Roach 4.1-0-36-0

Roach to Dhawan, FOUR, quite stylish! Roach drags it too short, Dhawan swivels and pulls behind square, beats fine leg

India 147/2   S Dhawan 67* (56b 9x4)   KAJ Roach 4.2-0-40-0

Samuels to Dhawan, FOUR, good adjustment, Samuels bowled it a bit short, nit much room but Dhawan managed to cut it away fiercely past point and short third man

India 156/2   S Dhawan 75* (60b 10x4)   MN Samuels 0.3-0-6-0

Roach to Karthik, FOUR, crisply driven, Roach bowls from wide of the crease and sprays a half volley on middle and leg, driven past mid-on who dives

India 160/2   KD Karthik 5* (13b 1x4)   KAJ Roach 6-0-47-0

Narine to Karthik, FOUR, the off break, he clips it away firmly down to fine leg iusing the pace of the ball, the fielder tried to mop up but couldn't stop it

India 173/2   KD Karthik 11* (24b 2x4)   SP Narine 7.4-0-42-2

Gayle to Karthik, FOUR, starts with a rank long hop, wide too, slapped to the sweeper cover boundary

India 186/2   KD Karthik 20* (31b 3x4)   CH Gayle 0.1-0-4-0

DJ Bravo to Karthik, FOUR, short and wide, chopped behind point for four more, the 200 comes up for India

India 203/2   KD Karthik 29* (41b 4x4)   DJ Bravo 3-0-22-0

Pollard to Karthik, FOUR, bowled from wide of the crease, clipped down to fine leg for four more

India 208/2   KD Karthik 33* (42b 5x4)   KA Pollard 1.2-0-7-0

DJ Bravo to Karthik, FOUR, full ball is driven to the right of the bowler and the left of mid-on for an effortless four

India 219/2   KD Karthik 42* (50b 6x4)   DJ Bravo 4-0-30-0

Pollard to Karthik, FOUR, Karthik has, as Sid Monga shouts, ramped it past Rampaul, bends his knee and plays that over the keeper and too fine for the third man fielder

India 224/2   KD Karthik 46* (51b 7x4)   KA Pollard 2.3-0-15-0

Pollard to Karthik, FOUR, it's over, India are through, Pakistan are out, WI v SA is a quarter-final, Karthik closes out the game with an emphatic lofted cover drive that also brings up his half-century, a dominant victory for India who have underlined their claims as one of the favourites for the title

India 236/2   KD Karthik 51* (54b 8x4)   KA Pollard 3.1-0-21-0





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