ICC Champions Trophy, 11th Match, Group A: England v New Zealand at Cardiff, Jun 16, 2013
ICC Champions Trophy - 11th match, Group A
England won by 10 runs
16 June 2013 (50-over match)

Mills to Bell, 2 runs, full on leg stump, chipped over midwicket, not really timed and they just get a couple, no run from this outfield


Mills to Bell, FOUR, Bell steps to leg and forces away through extra cover, nicely timed that, very well timed in fact because it runs to the longest boundary even with this sluggish outfield


Mills to Bell, no run, wander towards the bowler a little and ends up defending a length ball back to the bowler


Mills to Bell, 2 runs, gives himself a little room again and off drives in the air, doesn't get it, back goes Franklin and he shells the chance he made the ground comfortably, tried to take it with two hands but spilled it over his right shoulder


Mills to Bell, 1 run, length ball just outside off, flicked through square leg


Mills to Cook, no run, full of length just outside off, Cook drives and finds short extra cover, good save

England 16/0   KD Mills 1-0-9-0

Mills to Cook, 1 run, short enough to chop away from just outside off stump, third man comes around and is able to save the second, I thought they should have got two there


Mills to Trott, OUT, full on the stumps, clipped straight to short midwicket and this time it's Nathan McCullum that's held the chance, this one far simpler than his sibling, taken with two hands around stomach height. It was in the slot for Trott to clip away thorough the on-side but he got across his stumps a little too much and couldn't keep the stroke down

IJL Trott c NL McCullum b Mills 8 (7m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33


Mills to Root, no run, stays back and plays from just outside off stump towards point


Mills to Root, FOUR, back on his stumps and gets a genuine nick from just outside off stump, it flies short and wide of Ross Taylor at slip and such are the short straight boundaries here that that's four


Mills to Root, no run, back on the off stump again, this time pushes in to the gully


Mills to Root, no run, cut but off the toe of the bat and Williamson fields at cover point

England 29/2   KD Mills 2-0-14-1

Mills to Root, 1 run, full on off stump, it swings a little as Root tries to play through the on side, he gets a big outside edge and it flies past gully to third man, very lucky


Mills to Cook, 1 run, back of a length on leg stump, clipped down to long leg


Mills to Root, no run, flicked at off the back foot outside off stump, played and missed, a hint of movement again away from the bat


Mills to Root, no run, driven at on the front foot a good few feet outside off, doesn't get it at all and it runs to cover


Mills to Root, 1 run, flashing driven outside off, gets it through the ring this time and just a single as the deep cover point comes in to field


Mills to Cook, 1 run, full delivery, blocked up the wicket, the bowler tumbles to his right but can't save and they take a quick run to the left of mid-on

England 37/2   KD Mills 3-0-18-1

Mills to Buttler, FOUR, poor ball, 66mph, leg stump, pulled past square leg, put away nicely, good start for England


Mills to Buttler, (no ball) 1 run, slower ball, yorker length, dug out through the covers, oh dear, overstepped


Mills to Bopara, 1 run, full outside off, swung to deep cover, catch taken but of course that doesn't count and they get a single


Mills to Buttler, OUT, length ball, slower, 69mph, slapped to long off, McNath again! And he holds on just inside the boundary, Buttler got it low on the bat and it was so badly mistimed, presented a simple chance for the fielder, tried to clear the front leg but just didn't get it at all right

JC Buttler c NL McCullum b Mills 14 (17m 9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 155.55


Mills to Bopara, no run, full ball on the stumps, blocked forward back to the bowler


Mills to Bopara, FOUR, shot, gives himself room and carves a length ball through cover, lovely timing


Mills to Bopara, 1 run, slower ball again, 71mph, just outside off stump, cut at and gets it low on the bat towards point for a single

England 164/6   KD Mills 4-0-30-2

Mills to Broad, no run, around the wicket, back of a length, Broad gets inside it and tries to hook but misses


Mills to Broad, OUT, another high fly ball and who else, Nathan McCullum taking the catch! It was a short ball, Broad was late on the hook, tried to slap it down the ground but put it straight up and another simple chance falls into the ring and McNath is the man today, three drops but four catches so now into the positive

SCJ Broad c NL McCullum b Mills 0 (6m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Mills to Tredwell, OUT, back of a length just outside off, guided down to third man and the fielder gets in quickly and takes a sliding catch a very smart grab that and England are all out. Tredwell just tried to use the pace and steer it down fine, made a good connection but these short boundaries mean third man is quite close and was able to rush in and take that catch

JC Tredwell c McClenaghan b Mills 0 (6m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

England 169/10   KD Mills 4.3-0-30-4





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