ICC Champions Trophy, 11th Match, Group A: England v New Zealand at Cardiff, Jun 16, 2013
ICC Champions Trophy - 11th match, Group A
England won by 10 runs
16 June 2013 (50-over match)

NL McCullum to Root, no run, a shimmy down the wicket and driven hard back to the bowler


NL McCullum to Root, 2 runs, another shimmy down, opens the face from a very full length and steers it past extra cover


NL McCullum to Root, 1 leg bye, back and a goes to pull, comes off the thigh pad to short long leg, they hurry through for a run


NL McCullum to Cook, 2 runs, Cook down the wicket and swings a stroke down the ground, gets an inside edge past leg stump, rather fortunate, the 45 goes back towards fine leg


NL McCullum to Cook, 1 run, swept hard from off stump to deep square leg


NL McCullum to Root, 1 run, back on his stumps, a quicker ball at 57mph, gets something on it to the 45 and they take a quick single

England 55/2   NL McCullum 1-0-6-0

NL McCullum to Root, no run, goes to force outside off, it skids through under the stroke outside off stump


NL McCullum to Root, 3 runs, shimmy down and meets it on the full, well struck but a superb diving save in front of the pavilion saves four, fine work from Taylor


NL McCullum to Cook, FOUR, down the wicket and helped up and over wide long on for a once-bounce four, bit of a heave but does the job


NL McCullum to Cook, 1 run, runs this to mid-on on the edge of the circle, easy single


NL McCullum to Root, no run, back and hit on the pad trying to play to leg, pitched well outside leg stump


NL McCullum to Root, 1 run, full ball, slog swept out to the deep midwicket

England 73/2   NL McCullum 2-0-15-0

NL McCullum to Cook, 1 run, down the wicket and slugged down the ground, fifty for Cook, just a single to long on off a thick inside edge really


NL McCullum to Morgan, 2 runs, steps back and cuts past extra cover, two wide of the sweeper, big areas square here


NL McCullum to Morgan, 1 run, reverse sweep, it was held back by McNath and it was tickled to short third man


NL McCullum to Cook, no run, Cook shimmies down and drives to short extra cover


NL McCullum to Cook, 1 run, full and Cook yorks himself, digs it out to short extra but just wide of him for a single


NL McCullum to Morgan, 1 run, started to come down, it was fired in to leg stump, Morgan adjusts and pushes through midwicket

England 119/3   NL McCullum 3-0-21-0

NL McCullum to Cook, 1 run, down the track, meets this on the full and plays out to deep cover


NL McCullum to Morgan, SIX, fetched from outside off and that's into the river, huge strike, nailed it way over long on, that was six anywhere, quite a flat delivery and hammered


NL McCullum to Morgan, 1 run, fetched again from outside off but slaps it to deep midwicket, not timed that at all


NL McCullum to Cook, OUT, down the wicket, Cook slaps it back to the bowler and this time McNath holds on, waits for the chance to give himself a wicket and finally, at the fourth time of asking, holds the catch at waist height, Cook didn't get to the pitch of the ball and slapped it back in the air and McCullum finally held a chance, top knock from Cook

AN Cook c & b NL McCullum 64 (82m 47b 4x4 2x6) SR: 136.17


NL McCullum to Buttler, 1 run, off stump delivery, waited for and pushed down to long off


NL McCullum to Morgan, no run, off stump, stays in the crease and carves to point

England 142/4   NL McCullum 4-0-30-1





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