ICC Champions Trophy, 12th Match, Group A: Australia v Sri Lanka at The Oval, Jun 17, 2013
ICC Champions Trophy - 12th match, Group A
Sri Lanka won by 20 runs
Played at Kennington Oval, London (neutral venue)
17 June 2013 - day/night match (50-over match)

Kulasekara to Faulkner, no run, fuller length delivery on off, the batsman defends it solidly off the front foot


Kulasekara to Faulkner, no run, he bowls a bouncer this time, quite pacy as well, Faulkner sways out of line just in time


Kulasekara to Faulkner, 1 run, now he follows it up with a slower delivery, the batsman dabs it towards gully for a single

Australia 129/6   JP Faulkner 1* (3b)

Malinga to Faulkner, no run, that is a good bouncer, right in front of the batsman's face. Faulkner does well to drop it down right in front of him, although he didn't know where it was for a brief moment


Malinga to Faulkner, 1 run, another short ball, this time the batsman dabs it to gully for a single

Australia 132/6   JP Faulkner 2* (5b)

Herath to Faulkner, FOUR, he sweeps it, and sweeps it fine in the gap at deep backward square leg. It was finer than where he was intending to hit that, but a good result for him


Herath to Faulkner, 1 run, full delivery on the leg stump line, the batsman crisply times it past the non-striker

Australia 146/6   JP Faulkner 7* (7b 1x4)

Mathews to Faulkner, no run, another slower delivery, this one is almost like a spinner's flighted one, it beats the bat as the batsman plays inside the line


Mathews to Faulkner, FOUR, another slower ball, but this time Faulkner created his own pace by jumping down the pitch and crashing that through extra cover for a boundary


Mathews to Faulkner, FOUR, here comes the ramp shot! It didn't have too much pace on it as it was a slower ball, but it was right in the gap between the keeper and short fine leg fielder


Mathews to Faulkner, 1 run, length delivery on off, the batsman pushes it to cover for a single

Australia 157/6   JP Faulkner 16* (11b 3x4)

Herath to Faulkner, no run, full delivery on the leg stump, the batsman drives it to midwicket where the fielder makes a good stop


Herath to Faulkner, 1 run, he swipes across the line to play that to deep midwicket


Herath to Faulkner, OUT, super catch by Sanga! It was tossed up on off, the batsman wanted to swipe it across the line, it turned and took the toe-end Sanga made it look easy

JP Faulkner c †Sangakkara b Herath 17 (20m 14b 3x4 0x6) SR: 121.42

Australia 163/7   JP Faulkner 17 (14b 3x4)





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