Bangladesh v India, Champions Trophy, 2nd semi-final, Edgbaston June 15, 2017

Jadhav teases Bangladesh into a trap

A cameo and shoddy fielding is all he had to show for his efforts coming into the semi-final. On Thursday, his slow, skiddy offspin triggered a Bangladesh slide

Star turn

Kedar Jadhav may have well been forgiven for believing this was a nice summer holiday in rainy England. He was supposed to be the finisher, being called upon to carve out crucial lower-order runs at crunch moments in a tournament where second chances are rare. But coming into Thursday's game, he had batted just once, all of 13 deliveries against Sri Lanka.

On the field, he hasn't quite been the example his captain would want to point to in team meetings. Even today, Kohli was ticking Jadhav, who was standing at cover, to be a bit more sturdy in the field.If there's a reason he's been persisted with, it's because his recent performances - he was the Player of the Series in India's previous ODI assignment, against England - showed he could deliver when needed.

India were definitely in a spot on Thursday, after Virat Kohli decided to bowl. Tamim Iqbal and Mushfiqur Rahim's fine counter-attack in excellent batting conditions meant they had added 111 in 19.1 overs. R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja didn't seem too much of a threat. Hardik Pandya wasn't spared either. Runs were flowing. Kohli had a fifth-bowler problem.

He could've turned to Yuvraj Singh, but he went to Jadhav, who came on with his slow, skiddy, not-turning offspin and ended up with wickets of both set batsmen in a spell of 6-0-22-2 to deliver a body blow to Bangladesh.

Jadhav later deconstructed Tamim's wicket. "I saw him once or twice he was looking for big shots so pushed two or three balls quicker," he said. "Then I knew he is waiting for the slower one, so I kept it slightly on a shorter side so he wouldn't be able to get it on the frontfoot. He also played it cross-batted, and missed it." As simple as that.

The wow moment

Four of his first 11 deliveries were long hops. But unlike many others who fire the ball in, Jadhav leaves the tough task of forcing the pace to the batsmen. Three of the long hops found a fielder. The fourth was stopped by Bhuvneshwar Kumar at cover point. Tamim was well set by now. But the frustration of not picking off friendly deliveries to the boundary got to him. He lined himself to slog one with the angle, but the ball didn't arrive. He was already through with the swing when the ball beat the bat to crash into the leg stump.

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Stats that matter

  • Jadhav conceded no boundaries off 17 balls to left-handers
  • Bangladesh's run rate dropped from 5.68 to 3.73 in the 10 overs after Jadhav came onto bowl
  • Jadhav has bowled all of 36 overs across 18 ODIs. He's picked up eight wickets, six of those have been left-handers.

What they said

"Hardik went for a few in his first three, so we wanted to give him a bit of a break and cover up overs through Kedar. And with one left-handed batting, we knew that he had the ability to get in two, three, dot balls to the left-hander every over. But (he) ended up changing the whole game for us." Virat Kohli on the rationale behind throwing the ball to Jadhav

"That is just a brilliant spell from @JadhavKedar. Always tricky to keep a part-timer going but he has justified Kohli's faith." Harsha Bhogle on twitter

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  • Prasath on June 16, 2017, 15:01 GMT

    aby_97 : on June 16, 2017, 12:40 GMT = If Ash is useless then what about Pandya? as you have just smartly not bringing on the scene. TheRipper: June 16, 2017, 12:03 GMT = There is no point Pandya solidity to the batting order because without him we already have 7 proven batsmen (Rohit, Dhawan,Kohli,Yuvaraj, Dhoni) plus smart batsmen Jadhav and Jadeja. If 7 batters can't win no point of having 8th batsmen Pandya. Whenever Pandya bowls it is always good for the oppositions not for India.

  • Abhijith on June 16, 2017, 12:40 GMT

    What we even seen on in the games so far, If the pitch is not helping Ash can't take wickets or neither he can contain runs.In the last 7 games Ashwin has played he has gone for above 60 runs in 5 of those.He has 1 4-fer and his economy rate is more than Bumrah and Bhuvi.Jadeja is atleast keeping it down apart from one game.India need to go with Yadav in place of Ash.Yadav took a 3 fer in the first match against Pakistan.

  • Vikraj on June 16, 2017, 12:17 GMT

    When a player is representing his country at big stages like World cup, WT20, Champions trophy and all, atleast they should not do the silly mistakes. When someone hits a bowler for 20 runs in an over doesn't hurts harder than when someone balls a no-ball at big stages. This is what Hardik Pandya did, not once even twice (WT20 2016 semis and CT 2017 Semis). And guess what, on both the cases he got the wicket on those deliveries. For me personally, balling a no ball is a crime and which actually hard to recover. If you can not control your foot while bowling, you should resign from your duties immediately. In game against Bangladesh in Semi final, that Pandya's poor over actual set the rhythm for them. But fortunately, India recovered it well in the form of Kedar Jhadav. Otherwise Bangladesh could have run away with this.

  • vikram on June 16, 2017, 12:03 GMT

    Ashwin should be dropped and Shami/Yadav should come in. Pandya gives solidity to the batting order which in turn gives confidence to the top order to play their shots. Plus he has a knack of picking up wickets if he can avoid overstepping.

  • RAJIV on June 16, 2017, 11:51 GMT

    Understand one thing.....Hardik Pandya is fifth bowling option and not front line bowler as of dont criticize him for the sake of it if he leaks runs in some fifth bowler if he on an average gives runds around 6 per over and gets a wicket...his job is well done.....even regular bowlers go for around 6 per over so dont expect him to be better than regular bowlers.....people expect him to be more economical and more wicket taking bowler and when it does not happen, they criticize him....better criticize your own self for not having clear thinking process....good to see Virat support pandya....

  • rrajg_1554086 on June 16, 2017, 10:33 GMT

    Umesh for Hardik and Shami for Aswin

  • Prasath on June 16, 2017, 9:06 GMT

    Continued... what a waste of having Pandya in the 11. Either Shami or Yadhav in ahead of Pandya

  • Prasath on June 16, 2017, 9:00 GMT

    Pandya has to go. People can say Ashwin or Jadeja should not be taken for the finals, but if we can see the pitches for this tournament it neither assisted greatly to any pace nor spin bowlers so for. But both of them bowled reasonably well and more importantly they are not brainless bowlers. Team India struggled to take wickets against Sri Lanka, against SA as well but SA gifted away to India with those 2 run outs that opened the flood gates. Same against Bangladesh when they were flying 150 for 2 the changing bowler Pandya was as usual leaking runs. Part timer Jadhav came to cover him up and it was Bangladesh batsmen blew it away. If Pandya has been picked as a genuine all rounder then his bowling figures so far in this tournament says 29 overs 180 runs 2 wickets (check his strike rate) of which he has completed his 10 overs only against SA. There are already 3 all-rounder in the 11 (Yuvi, Jadeja and Jadhav) Yuvi can easily bowl 3 -4 overs Kohli must use him so what a waste of

  •   Cricinfouser on June 16, 2017, 7:11 GMT

    Congratulations India and Jadhav. But now lets go for some reality check. India was lucky with two run outs against South Africa, and two wickets from Jadhav in this match. It may not happen all the matches. We have to solve the 5th bowler problem. Both these matches after the outstanding spell of opening bowlers, Pandya started to leak runs and release the pressure. We really need to bring Umesh or Shami instead of Pandya. All these matches include practice matches proven that Pandya's 'hit the deck' kind of bowling does not suit England conditions. We need a quick bowler who can reverse and skid through' like Ashar Ali. Umesh or Shami is perfectly fit for this role, then why we persisting with Pandya? he can wait for his chances. India does not need his batting abilities in this flat batting wickets. We need a proper 5th bowler, please. If i am instead of Kohli, i would play both Umesh and Shami instead of Ashwin and Pandya against Pakistan in the final.

  • CricMystique on June 16, 2017, 5:58 GMT

    @ HADESLOGIC ON JUNE 15, 2017, 18:04 GMT - good comments - yeah we need a good backup in case the main trio of seamers go for plenty....imho we need shami instead of jadhav....primarily, because his reverse swinging abilities will be useful....yes it would weaken the batting, but then we have jaddu, Kungfu Pandya, ashwin to do the late order hitting , i think we should go pace heavy against pak.....go indiaaaa.....cheers

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