Pakistan v UAE, World Cup 2015, Group B, Napier March 3, 2015

Misbah hopes confidence can prop brittle top order


With Nasir Jamshed, Pakistan may need to take more of a leap of faith © AFP

"What can you do?" Misbah-ul-Haq asks, presumably rhetorically. "I mean, you have to just think positive."

Misbah could moan. He could moan about the schedule that sees his team play three games in three different cities in seven days. He could moan about the absence of his star bowler - Saeed Ajmal - and his right-hand man - Mohammad Hafeez. He could moan about the fact that his team never get to play at home or that, aged 40, he remains one of the best and fittest fielders in his side. And he could moan that his top order is so brittle that an opening partnership of 11 against India remains their best opening stand of the tournament to date.

He could moan, too, that his reputation ensures that for some, if Pakistan lose it is his fault and if they win it is despite him. To borrow a phrase from another cricketer who divides opinion: It's not easy being Misbah.

So Misbah probably would moan if he thought it would do any good. But he knows it won't, so instead he hopes to fill his misfiring batsmen with confidence - confidence that logic suggests they have little to possess at present - and trust that it inspires them. It's not a foolproof tactic but, as he says, what can you do?

"Sometimes you've got four, five poor innings and suddenly you just have a hundred," Misbah said when asked about his top order. "It's like that, and our batsmen are capable of that. Even in the top order they are capable of doing that."

The use of the word "even" is revealing. While most teams rely upon their top order, there is almost an expectation with Pakistan that the middle order will have to rebuild after early failures. And if it seems reasonable to expect Ahmed Shehzad - with 16 scores of 50 or more in 61 ODIs innings - to rediscover his form sooner or later, it may be necessary to take more of a leap of faith with Nasir Jamshed, who has scored two runs in three innings (including the warm-up game) since being called into the squad and certainly isn't compensating with his fielding.

But Misbah knows he must work with what he has. And he knows, at this late stage, that it is too late for technical adaptations or new recruits. Confidence is the only weapon left and he hopes, on what promises to be a fine batting surface, that his batsmen may yet find some fluency.

"We are looking forward to just giving them a lot of confidence," Misbah said. "And they are working hard in the nets. Let's see this pitch; they might be feeling a little bit more confident in playing here.

"These are the only things that you can just share with the guys and just give them confidence and just be positive all the time. It's a new innings, it's a new game."

Misbah has more grounds for confidence in his bowling resources. Having seen his bowling attack save Pakistan from defeat against Zimbabwe, he hopes they may prove similarly effective against UAE on a Napier surface on which 10 scores in excess of 290 have been recorded in ODIs in the last decade. New Zealand scored 369 here against Pakistan only a month ago.

Balancing the Pakistan side has been an issue for some time. If they go into a game with a full bowling attack, it weakens the batting to a worrying degree, but if they pick the extra batsman, it leaves Misbah struggling to fill all 50 overs. For now, though, it seems he has concluded that including five bowlers is preferential and believes that, in doing so, it renders Mohammad Irfan - who is conceding runs at a rate of only 4.40 per over in this World Cup despite bowling in the Powerplays - more effective.

"If you see that the pitch is more suitable to batting, you need to have five bowlers," Misbah said. "I haven't seen the pitch yet, but at least there is one thing that is working well in favour of us and we should stick to that strength: And that's bowling.

"Irfan has bowled really well. But in the first two games, the opposition knew they just had to see him off. They knew that after 10 or 15 overs, they wouldn't see him again until the Powerplay.

"But in the last game it was different. We had four frontline seamers and the opposition knew they had to score runs [against Irfan]. Now he knows he has the back-up bowlers, so he just went all out. That really helped."

The irony of Misbah's position is, however, that while he tries to inspire confidence within his team, he is continually attempting to dampen expectations of the team's supporters. While some seem to think Pakistan can go on the similar sort of run enjoyed by the 1992 side - who won five games in succession to lift the World Cup despite an uncertain start to the tournament - Misbah knows that such expectations could be unhelpful if the worst happens.

"It's a totally different scenario [to 1992]," he said. "Obviously we can take some of the motivation, but we can't just think that we did it in 1992, so we're going to do it again.

"We have to perform here. And then against South Africa. And then against Ireland. These are very important games for us. If we are unable to perform in one game, we could be out of this tournament. We have to do it. We have to if we want to go into the next round."

What can you do? You have to just think positive.

George Dobell is a senior correspondent at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Dummy4 on March 4, 2015, 14:50 GMT

    misbah where is sarfraz and where is attacking field dont miss him he is very talented then nasir

    we have very good bowling attack but our fielding is not attacking only defensive game we played

  • Saud on March 3, 2015, 22:28 GMT

    All this IK praise - seriously man , do you guys forghet IK STUCK with Salim malik in all matches despite the ducks he was getting ??? Now we are after Misbah (as if he has all the power like IK ?) over team selection. Having said that , 1. The team selection is not the best (PCB + Misbah responsible) with the available players 2.The batting order can be improved Misbah either come open and hold one end .. make it 0 runs in 10 over 0 out ... or bat lower - let haris / shoaib gather 1's/2's to build a base Akmal to follow ... and Afridi or Misbah to follow depending on how many overs are left - This leaves Misbah with potentially less partners to "save" an innings but this apporach gives players like Haris/Shoaib/Akmal to play to potential.

  • Dummy4 on March 3, 2015, 22:11 GMT

    Misbah and McCullum two contrasting captains both with mediocre teams and both producing contrasting results only due to captaincy. Do not expect misbah to evolve his defensive field positions ( he will not put a short cover nor a gully for even a number 10 batsman ) as a result this negative approach seeps into the pakistani batsman ideology (you will only see them getting out in the slips,gully and short cover ) where the other aggressive captains place their fielders when a new batsman come in.

  • Gopalakrishna on March 3, 2015, 21:22 GMT

    I give a chance to every team in this tournament, as no team is unbeatable like 1980's WI and late 90's and early 2000's Australia. So as many people stated, the 2 or 3 batsmen in good form should take the leading role and others should play around them . If Pakistan want to show some invention and want to throw surprise to other teams, then they should open with Shehzad and Akmal, one down should be Shoaib , in the middle order Misbaha along with Afiridi can be a potential threat to teams like SA, . With UAE and Irland, I think Pakistan should test this batting line up and play the same all along the world cup. They should play 5 bowlers. and should bring in specialist keeper . NJ seems completely out of form and is not supporting his team by dropping dolly of the catches. Hope Pakistan think tank reads this (though an Indian cricket fan have been a long admirer of Pakistan cricket and Mibaha, a true gentleman cricketer).

  • Dummy4 on March 3, 2015, 20:31 GMT

    Yes I agree with Misbah that he has to instill some drops of confidence in his team mates. He is leading from the front and he just needed a support from the players in all departments of the game. No one can relax at this juncture as one blemish on the part of the team will book their seats back home.

  • abdul on March 3, 2015, 20:16 GMT

    stick with the two openers a bowler can be dropped to accomodate sarfaraz ahamd

  • Cricinfouser on March 3, 2015, 20:13 GMT

    The team isnt bad at all. But the way they have been played in the team is ridicilous. Please bring Sarfraz so that he can hit around in the first 10 overs. If you can ask him to open then let Harris Sohail open with Shehzad. Nasir gets out anyways in the first or second over. So no big deal. Misbah should come at #3. Anchor the innning and let the others play around him. Akmal at 4, sohaib at 5, sarfraz at 6, afridi #7. Even after 7-8 overs any opener is out misbah should anchor the inning so that the middle order is not exposed so early. Play yasir shah give him match practice in this match so that he is prepared for the match against SA. SA doesnt play well against the spinners thats a fact. Rahat ali bowled well. Let him use the new ball with irfan. Wahab can come 1st change. Rest. Play hard and go match by match. Atleast in this match if we bat first we need to score more than 300 by any means.

  • umad987 on March 3, 2015, 20:09 GMT

    hopefully Pakistan will take out jamshed and younis for sarfraz Ahmed and yasir shah. also afridi should open the batting to increase the run rate.

  • Dummy4 on March 3, 2015, 20:04 GMT

    Misbah, I have said it again and i'm saying it again. If you're reading this. get Sarafaraz to open. Not only will he make runs but also be a handy wicket keeper and give U Akmal more room to breathe. Drop Nasir for now since he hasn't proved himself. See how sarfaraz does against UAE. It will be a good warm up for him

  • Amir on March 3, 2015, 19:58 GMT

    Including Sarfraz in the playing 11 and having him open with Ahmed Shehzad would improve the PK line up significantly.

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