ICC Intercontinental Cup, Netherlands v Kenya at Deventer, Sep 7-10, 2011
Match abandoned without a ball bowled
7,8,9,10 September 2011 (4-day match)

Day 4 : 10.15am Blazing sunshine here in Deventer, but too little too late. The barn door is firmly shut but the horse has long bolted. The pitch is still sodden, the rain, aided by strong wind, having found its way under the covers. The remote possibility of a session's play after tea is not enough to temp anyone to hang around, and the umpires bow to the inevitable; Match Abandoned.

12.30 local time: It was during inspection that the pitch and the bowler's run-up area had a lot of work to be done. Keeping that in mind, the play has been called off for the day. Please do join us tomorrow at 10.30 am

11.10am Definite improvement here. The covers are coming off and the clouds breaking up. Things are looking up

11am The covers are back on in deference to an almost imperceptible drizzle, though the clouds seem to be slowly lifting. A patch of blue sky has even been spotted on the horizon. Hope spings eternal

Day 3: 10.30am Morning all, another delay is the word, sad to say. The good news is the covers are off and there's a slight breeze across the ground, so hopefully the state of the pitch will gradually improve. Lunch has been brought forward to 12.30pm and we'll have a pitch inspection at 12.15pm

12.30pm The umpires are done with the inspection and the news is no play today I'm afraid. Another washout then. Nothing but dark clouds on the horizon and the umpires have thrown in the towel for the day. More than metaphorical towels will be called for if we're to start on time tomorrow though I fear. I'd like to invite the optimists among you to join me at 10.30am local time tomorrow

Day 2: 10:20local time: Good morning everyone, from a damp and drizzly Deventer. No Play before lunch is the news I'm afraid. Pitch inspection to be held at 12.30

12.00pm Hello and welcome one and all, the covers are still on here in Deventer I'm afraid, but a pitch inspection is in progress

And as we talk, the pitch inspection has been interrupted by a sudden downpour. We will give you more information as soon as we have some

Now that it has started to rain, the umpires have decided to have an early lunch

13:50 local time: News coming in, is that the inspection has been scheduled at 15:00. Will give you more updates as soon as we can spot any

15:00 The umpires have gone out to inspect the pitch and we will have the update in a short while

15:10 Well the match has been called off for the day and it's Stumps. As is the case with rain delayed matches, tomorrow would be an early start. Join us at 10:30 local time for the live coverage






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Hours of play (local time) 11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00