ICC Intercontinental Cup, Scotland v Canada at Uddingston, Jul 4-7, 2012
Match abandoned without a ball bowled
4,5,6,7 July 2012 (4-day match)

Day 4

9.40am - Play has been abandoned for the day.

This 4-day match has been a complete wash-out. You may have seen on the UK news last night that there has been torrential rain across the North of England that has caused flooding, and this seems to have started here. Large puddles on the outfield meant that the umpires didn't even have to make a decision this morning, as this was easily the worst weather we have seen over the four days.

Do join us on Monday, where the teams will be in Edinburgh for the first ODI and World Cup Qualifier, but if this weather is anything to go by, there won't be any cricket for the rest of the summer. It has been the wettest ever June on record for the UK, and July is heading that way too.

Thanks for tuning in, and sorry we didn't manage to get any cricket here over the last 4 days.

Day 3

11.40am - Play has been abandoned for the day.

The pitch is actually worse than it was first thing this morning. The umpires have concluded that there will be no play today, and we will try again tomorrow, there's still points on offer as detailed below, if either team can claim a first innings lead. Otherwise, we will be down here nice and early tomorrow morning to get a look on the conditions.

11.30am - The rain has stopped and the umpires are heading out for an inspection.

10.45am - The rain has started again, there's no wind out there and it looks like it will be hanging about for a while. This could prevent any play being played today unfortunately, but we will keep you updated.

10.20am - While we're all hanging about, share us on Facebook or Twitter using the buttons above. Tell us where your logging on from, and send any comments from the feedback button at the bottom. Entry is free here at Uddingston, if we do get any cricket today.

Richard emails us. "Hoping for some play today. Is there any chance they could have a one day game tomorrow? Hoping to get down to Uddingston at some stage tomorrow. Sat at my desk today and its dry in town but overcast."

Technically we can still play tomorrow, teams are awarded extra points for a first innings lead. Here's the full breakdown, including points for rain! The maximum number of points from any one game is 20.

Points for a win, tie or first innings lead

14 points for an outright win

7 points each for an outright tie

6 points for a lead on the first innings (retained irrespective of the outright result)

3 points each for a first innings tie

Points for abandoned, interrupted or drawn matches

If a match is abandoned without a ball being bowled, each side will be awarded 10 points.

In a match with more than 10 hours lost due to interruptions in play each side will be awarded 7 points for a draw, plus any points scored in the first innings.

In a match without interruption, or with 10 hours or less lost due to interruptions in play, each side will be awarded 3 points for the draw, plus any points scored in the first innings.

9.50am - Good morning everyone. It's overcast here at Uddingston, and the ground is still unfit for play. There will be an inspection at 11.30am. The umpires say that this is a look about, and it's likely to be a long wait, the players are not at the ground yet and the shutters on the pavilion are still down.

The forecast today is heavy showers over towards Edinburgh, which may or may not catch us here at Uddingston. We might be able to start play this afternoon if we miss the rain.

Elsewhere in associates cricket, there was some play at Clontarf yesterday where Ireland triumphed over Afghanistan by 59 runs. Scotland and Canada have two ODIs of their own planned for next week.

Day 2

Play has been abandoned for the day.

I'm afraid it's not good news. Heavy overnight rain hit the Glasgow area, and this had troubled the already wet outfield. The umpires took one look at the pitch this morning at 10.00am and after discussion with the groundsman decided that there was no chance of play today.

Everyone is confident that without rain today, we will get some cricket tomorrow. The weather is taking it's toll on cricket at the moment for the associates, Ireland are trying to play Afghanistan today at the fourth attempt for the 2nd ODI reserve day, and the 3rd ODI between Australia and England was washed out yesterday. The Scottish domestic cricket season is having one of it's worst weather wise, with about 1/3 games being rained off.

Do check back tomorrow where I will be down at the ground early to give a weather report and outlook on the pitch conditions from 9.30am onward.

Day 1

2.10pm - Play had been abandoned for the day.

2.03pm - Pitch inspection is underway. Umpires, captains and groundsman out in discussion in the middle. They have come to the conclusion that play has been abandoned for the day, with the earliest start being 10.30am tomorrow morning. The surrounds of the pitch are very wet, and may need a full 24 hours to dry out.

1.30pm - The rain has now cleared, but the sheets on the square are soaked and pinned down with tyres. After all the patience and hard work the groundsmen put in this morning, it seems to have been undone by a ten minute shower. It wasn't your usual Scottish rain, more of a tropical storm. The outfield is also saturated with water from last weeks rain.

1.00pm - Apologies for the lack of updates. The cricket club internet collapsed and left us cut off from the outside world. We have just had a sharp ten minute downpour which might kill off any chances of play happening today. The players are now taking lunch.

11.00am - It's the official start time, but the only people on the square are the groundsmen. The rain has started again, so while we are waiting why don't you get involved. You can now 'Like' this page and tweet about us using the shiny new buttons at the top of the page. Send us a message using the 'Send Commentary Feedback' button below and select the Scotland game. Get tweeting using #4daycricket. (or send us ideas or rain related hash-tags!) Latest news is that we will have a further inspection at 2.00pm.

10.17am - Well, the rain is off for the moment, but both ends of the wicket are green and damp. We won't be getting started this morning, and play will be unlikely today if there's any more heavy showers. Play was due to start at 11am.

There was also a no-result in yesterdays ODI World Cricket Cup Qualifier between Ireland and Afghanistan. They will trying to be play again today along with the 3rd ODI between England and Australia, so there's plenty of cricket around the British Isles, providing the rain doesn't spoil all the fun.

There's also the final day of the test match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan at Colombo.

10.04am - You may or may not know, that the Uddingston chief groudsman is Scotland legend Paul Hoffmann. Along with his gang of volunteers, he will be working his hardest to get this pitch going for the players.

9.56am - Several weather forecasts later, and several conversations between groundsman and umpires, have decided that Scottish weather is unpredictable, and that it may rain later today. Reports show a big band of rain over Central Glasgow, which may just pass by the Uddingston ground, located about 10 miles East of Glasgow city centre. For now it's dry, but a lot of work is needed to be done. Looks like the sheets are coming off the square.

Good morning and welcome to the four-day Intercontinental Cup match between Scotland and Canada held at Uddingston Cricket Club. I'm Callum Stewart, and the team at Cricinfo will be bringing you live ball-by-ball updates from every day of this game.

9.30am - Having just arrived at the ground, the covers are already on. There's been lots of heavy rain in Scotland over the past week like much of the UK, and this has seemed to take it's toll on the ground. The players and umpires have also just arrived, and are scrutinising the wicket and surrounds out on the square. Not sure whether we will be starting on time or not. The outlook is overcast with showers, although you rarely get four consecutive days in Scotland without rain so this is nothing new.

Both ends of the wicket look very damp and green, I doubt we will be starting on time.






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Hours of play (local time) 11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00