ICC World Cricket League Championship, 7th Match: Canada v Afghanistan at King City (NW), Aug 7, 2011
Afghanistan won by 2 wickets (with 11 balls remaining) (D/L method)
7 August 2011 (50-over match)

Mohammad Nabi to Gunasekera, OUT, caught at extra cover, trying to cut it

R Gunasekera c Nawroz Mangal b Mohammad Nabi 57 (40m 40b 5x4 3x6) SR: 142.50

Canada 75/1   H Patel 16* (17b 1x4)   Mohammad Nabi 1.2-0-6-1

Dawlat Zadran to Surkari, OUT, edged it to the keeper, Dawlat bowled it a touch straighter and gets the edge

ZE Surkari c †Mohammad Shahzad b Dawlat Zadran 5 (21m 14b 1x4 0x6) SR: 35.71

Canada 91/2   H Patel 26* (37b 1x4)   Dawlat Zadran 1.5-0-18-1

Mohammad Nabi to Hansra, OUT, chops it on, trying to late cut it bottom edge onto the stumps

AS Hansra b Mohammad Nabi 17 (28m 28b 2x4 0x6) SR: 60.71

Canada 124/3   H Patel 41* (55b 2x4)   Mohammad Nabi 2.3-1-6-2

Dawlat Zadran to Rizwan Cheema, OUT, bowled him ! Cheema went for a big swing, no connection and his furniture got disturbed

Rizwan Cheema b Dawlat Zadran 36 (32m 43b 2x4 3x6) SR: 83.72

Canada 181/4   H Patel 61* (82b 3x4)   Dawlat Zadran 5.1-0-32-2

Dawlat Zadran to Patel, OUT, edged and good take by the keeper, he tried to punch it of the backfoot

H Patel c †Mohammad Shahzad b Dawlat Zadran 62 (133m 85b 3x4 0x6) SR: 72.94

Canada 188/5   Usman Limbada 6* (9b 1x4)   Dawlat Zadran 6.1-0-36-3

Mirwais Ashraf to Usman Limbada, OUT, soft dismissal ! poor infact, just drove it uppishly to mid off

Usman Limbada c Karim Sadiq b Mirwais Ashraf 18 (22m 20b 3x4 0x6) SR: 90.00

Canada 208/6   Hamza Tariq 7* (10b)   Mirwais Ashraf 8.4-0-48-1

Mohammad Nabi to Junaid Siddiqui, OUT, gone ! steps out and gloves it down the leg side, he never looked like he could handle the heat

Junaid Siddiqui c †Mohammad Shahzad b Mohammad Nabi 0 (2m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Canada 209/7   Hamza Tariq 8* (12b)   Mohammad Nabi 7.3-2-24-3

Mohammad Nabi to Hamza Tariq, 1 wide, OUT, gone, trying to go down, Nabi saw him and pushed it down the leg

Hamza Tariq st †Mohammad Shahzad b Mohammad Nabi 14 (26m 19b 1x4 0x6) SR: 73.68

Canada 224/8   Khurram Chohan 7* (6b 1x4)   Mohammad Nabi 8.4-2-33-4

Hamid Hassan to Osinde, OUT, another one falls, edges it while trying to pull

H Osinde c †Mohammad Shahzad b Hamid Hassan 3 (5m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 60.00

Canada 229/9   Khurram Chohan 7* (7b 1x4)   Hamid Hassan 6.4-0-40-1

Mohammad Nabi to Desai, OUT

PA Desai run out 0 (4m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Canada 230/10   Khurram Chohan 8* (9b 1x4)   Mohammad Nabi 9.5-2-35-4





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Hours of play (local time) 10.00 start, First Session 10.00-13.30, Interval 13.30-14.15, Second Session 14.15-17.45

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