Australia v South Africa, ICC U-19 World Cup, 1st semi-final, Townsville August 21, 2012

Bancroft, Steketee take Australia to final


Australia Under-19 193 for 6 (Bancroft 66, Williams 3-40) beat South Africa Under-19 191 for 8 (Coetzee 50, Steketee 3-35) by four wickets
Scorecard and ball by ball details

Defending champions Australia moved within one more victory of retaining the Under-19 World Cup by beating South Africa in the first semi-final at Tony Ireland Stadium. Their bowlers made best use of winning the toss, keeping South Africa on a leash by striking regularly on an overcast morning, and their batsmen overcame a difficult start to complete the chase in the 49th over.

The decisive period in the game was the batting Powerplay in South Africa's innings, taken in the 36th over soon after the drinks break. They had reached 124 for 3, after Chad Bowes and Murray Coetzee had repaired the damage caused by three early wickets. With the field up, Bowes went down on one knee and tried to paddle Mark Steketee past short fine leg. He was smashed on the grille of his helmet and needed it changed. The next ball, he edged to the wicketkeeper. In the last over of the Powerplay, Shaylin Pillay spooned a catch to mid-off, also off Steketee, and two balls later Coetzee dropped his bat while trying to ground it and was run out. South Africa had lost 3 for 10 in five overs and were able to make only 191.

Australia also took their batting Powerplay in the 36th over and they too were 124 for 3, having repaired the damage of two early wickets. Cameron Bancroft and William Bosisto scored only 27 runs off those five overs but Australia lost no wickets and they didn't need too many more runs. There was a stumble in the 44th over, when Bancroft was run out and Travis Head bowled off the inside edge, but the immoveable object Bosisto and Ashton Turner took Australia very close, like they had in the quarterfinal against Bangladesh. Bosisto was run out for 40, minutes before the winning runs were hit, the first time he's been dismissed in five innings during this World Cup.

The South Africans had several chances in the field but didn't take them. Kurtis Patterson, who took the attack to South Africa and hit in the air a lot, was on 28 when he cut the ball high in the air towards deep cover point. Prenelan Subrayen covered good ground and dived but only got fingertips to it. Patterson was on 37 when he cut again, but a flatter, relatively easier chance was put down by Pillay at point. Both were tough chances, though, and Patterson eventually fell for 49. The chance Bancroft gave on 23 was much easier, an edge to slips that Theunis de Bruyn put down. Calvin Savage was the angry bowler all three times and he wore his disappointment on his sleeve.

Amid those chances, Patterson and Bancroft batted in contrasting styles. Patterson was counterattacking, successfully wresting the advantage from South Africa after Jimmy Peirson and Meyrick Buchanan made ducks, by lofting the ball over the infield. Bancroft was steady and happy to turn over the strike. Their 95-run partnership pushed South Africa to the brink of elimination, and Bosisto nudged them over it.

South Africa, however, were unlucky to lose the toss for the second time in two knockout matches and had to bat when the conditions were toughest. And for the second time, Quinton de Kock didn't last long, hooking a short ball from Steketee straight to Joel Paris at fine leg. Gihahn Cloete went edging a full ball from Paris that seamed away to second slip, where Turner caught it on the second attempt. South Africa were 4 for 2 after 2.2 overs and never really recovered.

George Binoy is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Manesh on August 23, 2012, 7:35 GMT

    Indian boys are on the way to the final! They were underdogs and now reached in the final. bravo!

  • Axe on August 22, 2012, 12:15 GMT

    If India wins, it would only be a miracle. - Indian Fan.

  • Dummy4 on August 22, 2012, 11:18 GMT

    @ Yash Ranade .you are right .No 1 ranking in test cricket is much more valuable than any tournament including world cup .Then why didn't SA win the 2007 world cup when they entered the tournament as no 1 ODI team and again in 2009 Champions Trophy which was held in their own backyard . They were thrashed by Australia in Feb 2009 in their own backyard after wresting the no 1 test ranking from them a month before . speaking of 2015 world cup which is 3 good years away , these guys have got the habit of choking at crucial moments and i would not be surprised if they surrender to Australia in the Quarters or in the semis . .Do they have an able replacement for Dale Steyn or Morkel should either of them get injured .What about for No1 allrounder in world cricket Jacque Kallis . They have to stay on top for 3-4 good years mate and shed the chokers tag consistently in all the major tournaments . never count the chickens before they hatch mate .cheers

  • Naresh on August 22, 2012, 9:26 GMT

    Australia are clear favorites to win. India has not clicked as a team yet. NZ showing guts to get to where they are. Chand and his team need to waken as they have got up to this point with sheer luck. The next one or two games cannot be played in the same vein as their past games.

  • Jeremy on August 22, 2012, 8:03 GMT

    Win, lose, or draw in the final, these youngsters have done us proud. It augurs well for the future of Australian cricket.

  • Sanjay on August 22, 2012, 7:42 GMT

    Australia must be praying for NZ to beat INDIA as they lost to this INDIAN side just 4 months ago in the same venue

  • Dummy4 on August 22, 2012, 7:42 GMT

    @Sanjay Chabbria... The No. 1 Test ranking is much more valuable than any World Cup. It will reflect on other forms of cricket like ODIs.. When Aussies ruled the Test roost, they won World Cups.. When India was No. 1, they won the World Cup.. If SA holds on to it till 2015, I won't be surprised if the SAFFERS hoist the cup at the MCG.. Test Cricket defines the depth and proper cricketing skills and mental preparation of a team... It will reflect in the shorter formats of the game

  • sunny on August 22, 2012, 7:19 GMT

    @SAnjay:Dont jump to conclusions yet.Either India or Australia will win the final.How come?India are yet to play the semis and by the look of things they are not the favourites.they havnt played anywhere like would be champions.My money is on australia....whoever the other finalist is.

  • Dummy4 on August 22, 2012, 5:47 GMT

    Carol don't blame Sharma Test no.1 spot is no way equivalent to SA failures in major tournaments especially world cup. SA team equals to Germany in Football (always loses despite being tournament favourites) Australia equals Brazil India equals Italy.

    This is the fact & truth.

    Most world cups won in football & Cricket

    Brazil - 5 Australia - 5 Italy - 4 India - 4 Germany- 2 SA - 0 (Germany most SF in football history still just 2)

    (Includes Under 19 & T20 WC in Cricket)

  • Dummy4 on August 22, 2012, 5:35 GMT

    such a good SA team lost again I thought this time World cup U19 is theirs for sure coz India & Oz weaker still One will win the Final.

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