ICC Women's World Twenty20, 2nd Semi-Final: Australia Women v West Indies Women at Colombo (RPS), Oct 5, 2012
Australia Women won by 28 runs
Played at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo (neutral venue)
5 October 2012 (20-over match)

Hunter to Aguilleira, 2 runs, nice outswinger, but equally nicely played, taken from off, flicked into the leg side


Hunter to Aguilleira, OUT, that's dead plumb. Anther lovely outswinger, starts on leg, and hits Aguilleira in front of middle. She hasn't helped her cause by playing straight across the line. One of the easier lbw decisions made this week

MR Aguilleira lbw b Hunter 2 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Hunter to Dottin, no run, short of a length, punched away nicely, well timed, but straight to cover


Hunter to Dottin, no run, full, swinging in this time, defended back to her


Hunter to Dottin, FOUR, that's a T20 shot. Agricultural, if you will. Short of a length, outside off, and flat-batted through mid-on


Hunter to Dottin, 1 run, inswinger now, Dottin stays in the crease, and helps it around the corner for one

West Indies Women 22/2   JL Hunter 1-0-7-1

Hunter to Nero, 1 leg bye, swinging in this time, concedes a leg-bye as she is too straight


Hunter to Daley, FOUR, nicely played. She too likes pace on. Length ball, angling away, she has room to swing her arms, and she punches it wide of point


Hunter to Daley, 1 wide, wide length ball, angling further, called a wide


Hunter to Daley, 1 wide, another big wide outside off


Hunter to Daley, no run, full, outside off, driven to point


Hunter to Daley, FOUR, nice shot. A wide half-volley from Hunter, and Daley is all over it, driving it past extra cover


Hunter to Daley, 1 run, angling in, length ball, driven to long-on


Hunter to Nero, no run, length ball, on off, no room, defended back to her

West Indies Women 66/4   JL Hunter 2-0-18-1

Hunter to Nero, OUT, and Hunter has made a superb comeback to the bowling crease. She bowls a length ball, Nero sweeps around it, and the leg stump is hit

JB Nero b Hunter 31 (45b 4x4 0x6) SR: 68.88


Hunter to Smartt, 1 run, swing again for Hunter after she had lost it in the second over. Gets a thick edge past slip


Hunter to King, OUT, another wicket for Hunter. Stacy-Ann King, the Gayle lookalike, especially when she is fielding with her shades on, sweeps this nicely, but finds deep midwicket to perfection. That's two wickets, a run-out and a catch for Perry now. And three wickets for Hunter. Australia doing it with the quicks

SACA King c Perry b Hunter 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00


Hunter to Quintyne, 1 run, outswinger, on off, pushed into the leg side


Hunter to Smartt, no run, short of a length, beats her push outside off


Hunter to Smartt, 2 runs, down the track, drives it to cover, a run-out is possible, but the throw lands on a half-volley and they end up conceding an overthrow

West Indies Women 82/7   JL Hunter 3-0-22-3

Hunter to Mohammed, OUT, another wicket, another good catch. Anisa charges at her, but all she manages to do is slice towards mid-off. Lanning runs back from mid-off and takes a safe catch

A Mohammed c Lanning b Hunter 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00


Hunter to Smartt, OUT, Smartt leaves the crease, drives it in the air, and long-on completes a simple enough catch

TD Smartt c Cameron b Hunter 5 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 83.33

West Indies Women 87/10   JL Hunter 3.2-0-22-5





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