ICC Women's World Twenty20, Final: Australia Women v England Women at Colombo (RPS), Oct 7, 2012
Australia Women won by 4 runs
Played at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo (neutral venue)
7 October 2012 (20-over match)

Hazell to Healy, 1 run, full driven down to mid off where there's a misfield so Healy off strike straight away, poor work that


Hazell to Healy, 2 runs, this is waited for and late cut behind backward point, well controlled and a couple more


Hazell to Healy, no run, tossed up further outside off, driven at, comes off an inside edge to square leg


Hazell to Healy, 1 run, little short and pulled out to deep midwicket, finds the fielder so just one

Australia Women 9/0   AJ Healy 4* (4b)

Brunt to Healy, 2 runs, too straight and flicked down to long leg, wide enough of the fielder for a couple


Brunt to Healy, no run, much better, full of length on off stump, pushed to extra cover


Brunt to Healy, no run, good again, this come off an inside edge playing trying to drive down the ground, to midwicket


Brunt to Healy, FOUR, back of a length and pulled through midwicket, nicely put away

Australia Women 26/0   AJ Healy 10* (8b 1x4)

Wyatt to Healy, no run, starts around the wicket and gets driven to extra cover from outside off


Wyatt to Healy, no run, length ball, played from the crease to extra cover


Wyatt to Healy, 3 wides, this turns a little but down leg side, Taylor can't gather


Wyatt to Healy, FOUR, oh shot, big stride out to drive and smashed through the covers, lovely that is


Wyatt to Healy, 1 wide, another wide down leg


Wyatt to Healy, no run, better, good length, middle and off, played to midwicket


Wyatt to Healy, no run, little short, cut to point, can only find the fielder


Wyatt to Healy, no run, down the wicket, didn't get right out to it and plays it to midwicket

Australia Women 40/0   AJ Healy 14* (14b 2x4)

Shrubsole to Healy, FOUR, little short again and this pair have tucked everything loose away, this is pulled again, behind square on the leg side, four more


Shrubsole to Healy, 1 run, better, length outside off, guided down to third man

Australia Women 46/0   AJ Healy 19* (16b 3x4)

Colvin to Healy, 1 run, chipped this time down the ground, no power in the stroke so it doesn't trouble the deep fielder


Colvin to Healy, 1 run, flighted up, again the batsman down the wicket and playing with a straight bat, finds long on this time

Australia Women 51/0   AJ Healy 21* (18b 3x4)

Marsh to Healy, no run, turn down the leg side and that might have been a stumping chance, the batsman did step out of her ground but with a very difficult take, Taylor couldn't gather


Marsh to Healy, 1 run, little short and pulled, in the air towards deep square leg, but it's just short of the fielder and Shrubsole in the end does well to parry it and save four

Australia Women 54/1   AJ Healy 22* (20b 3x4)

Colvin to Healy, 1 run, length ball just outside off, punched out to the cover fence


Colvin to Healy, no run, tossed up outside off, comes forward and extra cover fields the drive


Colvin to Healy, 1 run, that's nice again, good flight and the batsman was again unsure in playing forward, gets an edge towards point


Colvin to Healy, 2 runs, use of the feet again, nicely timed over the bowler's head, long off comes around, slides and pops the ball up to long on and together they keep them down to two

Australia Women 60/1   AJ Healy 26* (24b 3x4)

Hazell to Healy, OUT, length ball tried to be swung to leg, misses and is bowled so England pick up another important wicket and both openers are gone. Mis-read the length here, went to pull and it scuttled onto the stumps, ended up looking a little lucky, a shame because it was a fine knock

AJ Healy b Hazell 26 (25b 3x4 0x6) SR: 104.00

Australia Women 68/2   AJ Healy 26 (25b 3x4)





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