ICC World Twenty20, 1st Match, Group C: Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe at Hambantota, Sep 18, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 1st match, Group C
Sri Lanka won by 82 runs

Jarvis to Munaweera, FOUR, a gentle full toss first ball. Swinging away, but too full, and Munaweera opens the face to guide it past point, and with with the wind. So four off first ball in international cricket


Jarvis to Munaweera, no run, length ball now, outswinger, left alone


Jarvis to Munaweera, no run, bowls the inswinger this time, but starts to straight, and hits him on the pad when headed down leg


Jarvis to Munaweera, no run, outswinger. Nice shape, but starts going a little early. Munaweere watches it through to the keeper


Jarvis to Munaweera, no run, slower offcutter, 108ks, on a length outside off, and Muna defends watchfully


Jarvis to Munaweera, no run, wild swing and a miss. The dot balls showed here as he charged and backed away at the same time. Jarvis kept his line and bowled a full outswinger. Beats him just outside off

Sri Lanka 4/0   EMDY Munaweera 4* (6b 1x4)

Vitori to Munaweera, no run, full, inswinger, beats him, but hits him on the pad when headed down leg


Vitori to Munaweera, no run, short, on leg, tries to pull, but is beaten by the pace

Sri Lanka 10/0   EMDY Munaweera 4* (8b 1x4)

Jarvis to Munaweera, 1 wide, bouncer, outside off, but it is too high, and is called both a wide and one for the over


Jarvis to Munaweera, FOUR, full, on the pads, he has chipped this straight down the ground, almost bisecting mid-off and mid-on. Good timing takes it for four


Jarvis to Munaweera, no run, lovely outswinger. Just short of a driving length, just outside off, then beats his drive


Jarvis to Munaweera, 2 runs, Munaweera is a thumper, he is all right. Another length ball, and he goes for a hit into the orbit. Not well timed at all, but it clears a valiant effort from Malcolm Waller running back from mid-on


Jarvis to Munaweera, 1 run, backs away to hit, gets an inside edge onto the pad and DIlshan completes a quick single with a dive as the ball rolls towards point

Sri Lanka 19/0   EMDY Munaweera 11* (12b 2x4)

Vitori to Munaweera, no run, short, angling towards just outside off, and he pulls all over it


Vitori to Munaweera, 1 run, gets the pull right this time, gets a single to deep square leg

Sri Lanka 20/0   EMDY Munaweera 12* (14b 2x4)

Utseya to Munaweera, 1 wide, short delivery, turning down leg, a wide called


Utseya to Munaweera, 1 wide, length ball, pitches leg, turns further down, another wide


Utseya to Munaweera, no run, makes room this time, and is cramped on the shot. Had he not backed away, he might just have got another wide


Utseya to Munaweera, 1 leg bye, looks to sweep, misses, and gets a leg-bye to short fine leg

Sri Lanka 37/0   EMDY Munaweera 12* (16b 2x4)

Mpofu to Munaweera, 1 run, sitter dropped at deep midwicket by Malcolm Waller. That's one-and-a-half chances spilled by Waller now. Length ball, on the pads, flicked in the air, Waller at deep midwicket sets up for a low catch and spills it


Mpofu to Munaweera, FOUR, low full towss on the pads, and easily glanced fine of short fine leg

Sri Lanka 53/0   EMDY Munaweera 17* (18b 3x4)

Utseya to Munaweera, OUT, an action-filled delivery. Muna tries to sweep a full and straight delivery, and just about manages to get bat on it. He takes off despite hitting it straight to short fine leg. Dilshan sends him back, and he loses his bat while turning back. And not having the bat in his hand has cost him a bit of reach and also his wicket

EMDY Munaweera run out 17 (33m 19b 3x4 0x6) SR: 89.47

Sri Lanka 54/1   EMDY Munaweera 17 (19b 3x4)





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