ICC World Twenty20, 4th Match, Group C: South Africa v Zimbabwe at Hambantota, Sep 20, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 4th match, Group C
South Africa won by 10 wickets (with 44 balls remaining)
20 September 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Out come the, er, reluctant, openers because Dale Steyn is going to open the bowling...

Anthems are being sung to a very sparse crowd, in stark contrast to the numbers we had in for Sri Lanka's opening game of the tournament.

"This could be as brief and one-sided as a duel at high noon between Billy the Kid and Orphan Annie. Let's hope that Zimbabwe can raise their game over recent performances." I think you could be right Mark, South Africa are a very strong side, so strong they've decided to randomly give Behardien a game - then again, that could be influenced by the stomach problems that affected the camp earlier in the week.

Here are the teams then...
South Africa Levi, Amla, Kallis, de Villiers, Duminy, Farhaan Behardien, Albie Morkel, Peterson, Botha, Steyn, Morne Morne
Farhaan Behardien is making his only his second T20 appearance, after making 20 not out against India in March

Zimbabwe Masakadza, Sibanda, Taylor, Ervine, Matsikenyeri, Chigumbura, Cremer, Utseya, Price, Jarvis, Vitori
Ray Price returns to the Zimbabwe XI for whom there is no Malcolm Waller.

7pm Now time for the toss...AB de Villiers sends up the coin, Brendan Taylor calls heads, it lands a tail and South Africa will bowl first Albie Morkel plays for them. Zimbabwe would also have bowled first, Taylor a little downcast about having to bat first.

6.55 We have had some rain earlier on around Hambantota, a very heavy shower for only about 15-20 minutes but that has cooled the atmosphere. The pitch has a little covering of grass upon it and that should give the seamers encouragement and South Africa in particular.

6.45pm Hello everyone and welcome to the fourth match of this World T20, an African derby in Hambantota, South Africa against Zimbabwe, with the Proteas having a chance to send their neighbours home tonight. South Africa will also be hoping to begin their campaign with a strong performance, they are the favourites for this tournament and have all the tools to win it. Firdose Moonda has provided the in-depth look at this match.


Steyn to Masakadza, no run, quick, on a length, just outside off, left alone but it zips through at almost 90mph, good carry to the keeper


Steyn to Masakadza, no run, similar line and length, left again

Despite the size of the crowd, there a problem behind the bowler's arm...


Steyn to Masakadza, no run, a little tighter to off stump, swinging away and left alone


Steyn to Masakadza, no run, left again just outside off, decent swing for Steyn

Has to be the first T20 in which the opening four balls have been left...you can't leave good balls all day in T20...


Steyn to Masakadza, 1 run, another decent delivery but a step down the wicket and block to cover brings a single


Steyn to Sibanda, no run, left alone outside off but this doesn't carry through to the keeper

Excellent start from Steyn...

End of over 1 (1 run) Zimbabwe 1/0 (RR: 1.00)

    • V Sibanda 0 (1b)
    • H Masakadza 1 (5b)
    • DW Steyn 1-0-1-0

"Its always sad to hear that the crowds are small. It seems the ticket prices are affordable. Why are the crowds not coming through?" Maybe all the locals are saving their money for SL matches and travel is expensive from the rest of the island? A complete guess Michael...Morne Morkel to also open up...


M Morkel to Masakadza, no run, forward around off stump, blocks to point, no run available


M Morkel to Masakadza, 1 run, a step across the stumps, tried to heave a back of a length ball to leg and gets it off the glove to long leg


M Morkel to Sibanda, no run, good length just outside off, good carry again after it was left alone


M Morkel to Sibanda, OUT, bowled him! An off drive misses and off-stump is flicked, a fuller ball enticing the drive and it nipped back through the gate, perfect delivery, hits where the text book tells you to

V Sibanda b M Morkel 0 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


M Morkel to Taylor, 1 run, similar delivery, a nervous forward prod onto off stump, comes off an inside edge down to long leg


M Morkel to Masakadza, no run, bumper and ducked

End of over 2 (2 runs) Zimbabwe 3/1 (RR: 1.50)

    • H Masakadza 2 (8b)
    • BRM Taylor 1 (1b)
    • M Morkel 1-0-2-1
    • DW Steyn 1-0-1-0

Zimbabwe haven't got a prayer judging by this start...


Steyn to Taylor, 1 run, coming forward very nervously again, tucks it towards mid on and they charge through for a run


Steyn to Masakadza, no run, forward and blocked around off stump


Steyn to Masakadza, no run, fuller ball just outside off, a wild swing and miss, rather head in the air, missed by a distance


Steyn to Masakadza, no run, straighter and tucked to midwicket on the front foot, straight to the fielder


Steyn to Masakadza, no run, a step to leg now, Steyn goes shorter and they batsman ended up too far away from the ball so the cut stroke was a distance away from the ball


Steyn to Masakadza, no run, forward carefully on off stump playing to point again

End of over 3 (1 run) Zimbabwe 4/1 (RR: 1.33)

    • H Masakadza 2 (13b)
    • BRM Taylor 2 (2b)
    • DW Steyn 2-0-2-0
    • M Morkel 1-0-2-1

You simply can't afford this many dots if you're going to build a decent total, even this early they have wasted too many balls...


M Morkel to Taylor, 2 runs, length just outside off, a step to leg and reaching for it, carves down to third man


M Morkel to Taylor, OUT, pretty much the same stroke but this is edged behind and de Villiers takes it comfortably going to his right at around waist height, Taylor was reaching for it, not in control of the stroke and got a thin nick

BRM Taylor c †de Villiers b M Morkel 4 (7m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Two slips go in...


M Morkel to Ervine, no run, good first delivery, just outside off, angling across the left-hander, well left alone


M Morkel to Ervine, 1 run, fuller on a similar line, forward to drive comes Ervine and pushes it to mid off's left, a brief misfield but only a single


M Morkel to Masakadza, FOUR, that's more like it, thumped down the ground for four, just fuller of a good length, Masakadza launches into the drive and gets a good connection past the bowler


M Morkel to Masakadza, no run, good length, tried to be swung to leg, Masakadza misses and gets hit on the body

End of over 4 (7 runs) Zimbabwe 11/2 (RR: 2.75)

    • H Masakadza 6 (15b 1x4)
    • CR Ervine 1 (2b)
    • M Morkel 2-0-9-2
    • DW Steyn 2-0-2-0

A delightful band is playing in the stands, we could be in Paris watching the rugby...change of bowling and it's Albie Morkel replacing Steyn...


JA Morkel to Ervine, FOUR, too wide and cracked for four past point, good stroke from the crease


JA Morkel to Ervine, 1 run, much straighter now, worked down to long leg

No idea why Steyn isn't just given four overs on the spin to try and charge through this line up...


JA Morkel to Masakadza, no run, step to leg but Morkel followed him well and beats the stroke, hitting Masakadza on the body


JA Morkel to Masakadza, OUT, and now tries to go down the ground and puts it straight to mid on. Tried to lift a length ball over the top but got too much air on it and nowhere near enough length, chipping it to mid on for a simple catch

H Masakadza c Levi b JA Morkel 6 (23m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 35.29


JA Morkel to Ervine, 1 run, length ball around leg stump, worked to long leg


JA Morkel to Matsikenyeri, no run, full ball just outside off, defended forward into the covers

End of over 5 (6 runs) Zimbabwe 17/3 (RR: 3.40)

    • S Matsikenyeri 0 (1b)
    • CR Ervine 7 (5b 1x4)
    • JA Morkel 1-0-6-1
    • M Morkel 2-0-9-2

Disaster for Zimbabwe, this could be carnage...


M Morkel to Ervine, no run, back of a length, hits the body as it's tried to be played to leg


M Morkel to Ervine, 1 leg bye, comes off the body this time for a leg bye into midwicket


M Morkel to Matsikenyeri, no run, solid forward defence towards cover

That looks good in any other form of cricket...


M Morkel to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, forward with a good stride again, turned in front of mid on and they can take a quick single


M Morkel to Ervine, 1 run, back of a length, bit of a lifter, angled down to third man, well played


M Morkel to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, stays in the crease and carves down to third man

End of over 6 (4 runs) Zimbabwe 21/3 (RR: 3.50)

    • S Matsikenyeri 2 (4b)
    • CR Ervine 8 (8b 1x4)
    • M Morkel 3-0-12-2
    • JA Morkel 1-0-6-1

"21 off of 6 overs....hmmmm, this is like watching Chipping Norton Under 10's bat against Saffers." It ain't great Joe, and now they have to try and get Johan Botha away...


Botha to Matsikenyeri, no run, floated up outside off, a lean and a miss outside off stump


Botha to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, floated up again, tighter to off stump, slapped down to long on


Botha to Ervine, no run, forward and edged to the 45 on the leg side, no run possible


Botha to Ervine, 2 runs, better played this, clipped to deep midwicket using the angle, good running brings two


Botha to Ervine, 1 run, tossed up just outside off, a nice push down to long off


Botha to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, back of a length, a step into the crease and back foot drive down to long on

Much better over for Zimbabwe, no turn on show there...

End of over 7 (5 runs) Zimbabwe 26/3 (RR: 3.71)

    • S Matsikenyeri 4 (7b)
    • CR Ervine 11 (11b 1x4)
    • J Botha 1-0-5-0
    • M Morkel 3-0-12-2

Double spin now with Robin Peterson...


Peterson to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, swept a little awkwardly, gets it to the 45, nearly missed it and it would have been close for lbw had he done


Peterson to Ervine, no run, floated up, down the wickets comes Ervine, tucked to midwicket


Peterson to Ervine, FOUR, reverse sweep and gets it from off stump past short third man and away for four, very well played


Peterson to Ervine, 1 run, floated up outside off, down the wicket and played to leg, wide of the bowler for a single


Peterson to Matsikenyeri, 2 runs, dragged down just a little, back foot drive between deep midwicket and long on


Peterson to Matsikenyeri, no run, length ball, tried to be driven into the off side, got it off an inside edge into the ground and it runs to the keeper

End of over 8 (8 runs) Zimbabwe 34/3 (RR: 4.25)

    • S Matsikenyeri 7 (10b)
    • CR Ervine 16 (14b 2x4)
    • RJ Peterson 1-0-8-0
    • J Botha 1-0-5-0

Botha to Ervine, FOUR, floated up onto off stump, Ervine gives himself a little room and this is timed well past extra cover, very nice shot


Botha to Ervine, 1 run, dropped to square leg for single


Botha to Matsikenyeri, 1 leg bye, swept and missed, big appeal for lbw, looks very good this, hit the batsman on the half-volley but umpire Davis says not out, assuming it was going down leg, runs into the leg side for a run


Botha to Ervine, no run, full ball, driven back to the bowler


Botha to Ervine, 1 leg bye, tucked behind square, off the pad in fact


Botha to Matsikenyeri, 2 runs, length ball, played through square leg and they'll get two here, more good running

The introduction of these spinners has just allowed things to settle down and a mini partnership to develop...

End of over 9 (9 runs) Zimbabwe 43/3 (RR: 4.77)

    • S Matsikenyeri 9 (12b)
    • CR Ervine 21 (18b 3x4)
    • J Botha 2-0-12-0
    • RJ Peterson 1-0-8-0

Back come the quicks and Albie Morkel returns...


JA Morkel to Ervine, no run, length ball around off stump, forward block to cover


JA Morkel to Ervine, 1 run, well-timed back foot drive but straight out to deep cover


JA Morkel to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, length ball around off, worked in front of square on the leg side


JA Morkel to Ervine, 1 wide, short ball on the line of leg stump, ducked


JA Morkel to Ervine, 1 wide, another short ball but this time further to leg and a wide, was pulled and missed but no touch


JA Morkel to Ervine, 2 runs, leg stumpish and worked down towards long leg, they charge back for the second and the return throw is horrendous, could have been an overthrow but Ervine overran


JA Morkel to Ervine, 1 run, leg stump again, worked out to deep midwicket


JA Morkel to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, a rush down the wicket and a tennis shot to mid off, direct hit but the batsman safely home

End of over 10 (8 runs) Zimbabwe 51/3 (RR: 5.10)

    • S Matsikenyeri 11 (14b)
    • CR Ervine 25 (22b 3x4)
    • JA Morkel 2-0-14-1
    • J Botha 2-0-12-0

They might make a hundred at this rate...Kallis into the attack...


Kallis to Matsikenyeri, no run, length ball around off stump, blocked back to the bowler


Kallis to Matsikenyeri, no run, shorter ball outside off, bounces a bit and the cut stroke misses


Kallis to Matsikenyeri, no run, tight to off stump again, angled to point from the crease


Kallis to Matsikenyeri, OUT, down the wicket and slapped straight to extra cover got it high on the bat and it went directly to the fielder at chest height where the catch was comfortably taken, can't blame the batsman for trying to force the pace but the execution again lacking

S Matsikenyeri c Peterson b Kallis 11 (25m 18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 61.11


Kallis to Chigumbura, OUT, full and straight and plumb lbw first ball the batsman was nowhere near it. Fired it at the pads, full onto middle and leg and Chigumbura was caught on the crease, his attempted defensive stroke was a few years too late

E Chigumbura lbw b Kallis 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Two slips go in, Kallis on a hat-trick...


Kallis to Cremer, no run, full around off stump and the batsman comes forward and nudges it up to mid on

End of over 11 (wicket maiden) Zimbabwe 51/5 (RR: 4.63)

    • AG Cremer 0 (1b)
    • CR Ervine 25 (22b 3x4)
    • JH Kallis 1-1-0-2
    • JA Morkel 2-0-14-1

JA Morkel to Ervine, 1 run, leg stump and clipped down to long leg


JA Morkel to Cremer, 2 runs, taken from off stump, a little across the line past mid on for a couple


JA Morkel to Cremer, no run, length ball, played across it again and nicks it onto his pad otherwise it was another good lbw shout, might have been a touch high


JA Morkel to Cremer, 1 run, back foot push wide of mid off for a sharp single


JA Morkel to Ervine, no run, step to leg, dabbed towards point, they turn down the single


JA Morkel to Ervine, 2 runs, slower ball, shorter and turned to long leg, again they run hard for two, the throw was good, de Villiers gets the bails off quickly, did the dive save Ervine? Yes it did, full length dive gets him home

End of over 12 (6 runs) Zimbabwe 57/5 (RR: 4.75)

    • CR Ervine 28 (25b 3x4)
    • AG Cremer 3 (4b)
    • JA Morkel 3-0-20-1
    • JH Kallis 1-1-0-2

Steyn returns...


Steyn to Cremer, no run, full and dabbed to mid on, direct hit, was the non-striker caught napping here? I think Ervine gets back by a frame, two tight calls in two balls but Ervine safe again, just


Steyn to Cremer, no run, full ball just outside off, nips away and goes past the outside edge of the drive


Steyn to Cremer, 1 run, length ball on the stumps, lifted slightly towards midwicket


Steyn to Ervine, no run, length ball just outside off, played from the crease towards point


Steyn to Ervine, no run, quicker short ball, step away to cut, misses


Steyn to Ervine, no run, and now floors him with a bumper, ducks beneath it and ends up on his backside

End of over 13 (1 run) Zimbabwe 58/5 (RR: 4.46)

    • CR Ervine 28 (28b 3x4)
    • AG Cremer 4 (7b)
    • DW Steyn 3-0-3-0
    • JA Morkel 3-0-20-1

"When you bowl a double wicket maiden, don't you usually get another over?" Yes Richard you do...so here's Kallis again...


Kallis to Cremer, no run, lovely delivery, length ball that leaves the batsman slightly and goes past the outside edge

Sawdust delay...


Kallis to Cremer, 2 runs, short and wide, cracked out to the point boundary, deep cover comes around to field


Kallis to Cremer, no run, aerial drive towards extra cover, bounced just before the fielder


Kallis to Cremer, OUT, short ball, hooked at and gloved to the keeper, a third wicket for Kallis and this is now his best return in T20Is. Simply too quick with the bumper that went through around a middle and leg line, a thin glove to de Villiers' at head height

AG Cremer c †de Villiers b Kallis 6 (16m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 54.54


Kallis to Utseya, 1 run, nervous prod forward, edged down to third man


Kallis to Ervine, no run, forward around off stump, angled to point

End of over 14 (3 runs) Zimbabwe 61/6 (RR: 4.35)

    • CR Ervine 28 (29b 3x4)
    • P Utseya 1 (1b)
    • JH Kallis 2-1-3-3
    • DW Steyn 3-0-3-0

Morne Morkel is back for his last over...


M Morkel to Utseya, 1 wide, length ball just outside off, left alone


M Morkel to Utseya, no run, similar line, tried to drive and gets a bottom edge to the keeper on the bounce


M Morkel to Utseya, 1 run, line again just outside off, pushed to third man


M Morkel to Ervine, no run, back of a length, flies over middle stump as Ervine misses backing away and trying to angle to third man


M Morkel to Ervine, no run, bumper around middle and leg, ducked


M Morkel to Ervine, 1 wide, leg side wide


M Morkel to Ervine, no run, just outside off, punched to cover, decent shot for none


M Morkel to Ervine, 1 run, too straight and turned to long leg

End of over 15 (4 runs) Zimbabwe 65/6 (RR: 4.33)

    • CR Ervine 29 (33b 3x4)
    • P Utseya 2 (3b)
    • M Morkel 4-0-16-2
    • JH Kallis 2-1-3-3

Little slow with the over rate here South Africa, although wickets have been tumbling...Botha comes back into the attack...


Botha to Ervine, 1 run, floated up just outside off, punched down to long off


Botha to Utseya, no run, floated up onto off stump, punched back to the bowler


Botha to Utseya, 1 run, full toss now, clipped to long on


Botha to Ervine, 1 run, down the wicket and clipped towards long on, the fielder comes round and prevents the second run


Botha to Utseya, no run, forward just outside off, played back towards the bowler


Botha to Utseya, 1 run, forward just outside off and blocked into the covers

End of over 16 (4 runs) Zimbabwe 69/6 (RR: 4.31)

    • P Utseya 4 (7b)
    • CR Ervine 31 (35b 3x4)
    • J Botha 3-0-16-0
    • M Morkel 4-0-16-2

Steyn's last over now...


Steyn to Utseya, 1 run, back of a length, angled down to third man


Steyn to Ervine, no run, middle stump line, kept out back to the bowler


Steyn to Ervine, FOUR, little wider and the open face produces an edge that flies past third slip, if he were there, and races towards the third man boundary


Steyn to Ervine, 1 run, knocked into the covers from just outside off, trying to come forward


Steyn to Utseya, OUT, short down the leg side, off the glove and a cracking diving catch from de Villiers going to his left, once again a Zimbabwean completely undone by pace and accuracy but what a catch from the keeper, superb take a full stretch

P Utseya c †de Villiers b Steyn 5 (14m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 55.55

Now Ray Price, can he use his experience to at least get Zimbabwe into three figures...


Steyn to Price, no run, quick ball outside off, the cut stroke was several years behind the ball

End of over 17 (6 runs) Zimbabwe 75/7 (RR: 4.41)

    • RW Price 0 (1b)
    • CR Ervine 36 (38b 4x4)
    • DW Steyn 4-0-9-1
    • J Botha 3-0-16-0

Kallis back into the attack...


Kallis to Ervine, 1 run, full ball sliding across the left-hander who lays into a cover dive out to the fence


Kallis to Price, no run, step to leg and a huge swing and miss, the ball goes over the top of middle stump


Kallis to Price, 1 run, another shot clearing the front leg, gets this deep on the leg side for a single


Kallis to Ervine, OUT, a bit of extra bounce, takes the edge and de Villiers takes his fourth catch going comfortably to his left-hand side, another wicket for Kallis too! Remarkable performance from him, the ball got big on the batsman who tried to run it down to third man

CR Ervine c †de Villiers b Kallis 37 (71m 40b 4x4 0x6) SR: 92.50


Kallis to Jarvis, 2 runs, nice shot this, forward around leg stump, punching past the bowler for a couple, timing wasn't quite there


Kallis to Jarvis, 1 run, hint of width outside off, punched to deep cover

End of over 18 (5 runs) Zimbabwe 80/8 (RR: 4.44)

    • KM Jarvis 3 (2b)
    • RW Price 1 (3b)
    • JH Kallis 3-1-8-4
    • DW Steyn 4-0-9-1

84 is Zimbabwe's lowest T20 score so they need another five to avoid complete humiliation...Albie Morkel again...


JA Morkel to Jarvis, no run, back of a length, punched to mid on off the inner half of the bat


JA Morkel to Jarvis, 1 wide, beats the batsman outside off with a ball that lifted slightly


JA Morkel to Jarvis, no run, length ball around middle stump, angled to point


JA Morkel to Jarvis, 2 runs, step down the wicket, they attempt a single to mid off, a direct hit could bring a run out here, the batsman looked to get his bat down late but he did get it down in time, a slide in and he was well home, almost a very silly piece of cricket


JA Morkel to Jarvis, 1 run, step to leg and cracked to point


JA Morkel to Price, 2 runs, heaved into the leg side, comes high off the bat and over midwicket but short of the deep fielders, very lucky but a couple more avoids the low total


JA Morkel to Price, no run, misses with a pull

End of over 19 (6 runs) Zimbabwe 86/8 (RR: 4.52)

    • RW Price 3 (5b)
    • KM Jarvis 6 (6b)
    • JA Morkel 4-0-26-1
    • JH Kallis 3-1-8-4

Last over, can they find treble figures...Kallis again, could he gets five...


Kallis to Jarvis, no run, goes past the outside edge with a full ball just outside off...


Kallis to Jarvis, 2 runs, down the track and slapped over the covers, they take two as deep cover comes around, slides and saves


Kallis to Jarvis, no run, swing and a miss to a ball which goes over middle stump


Kallis to Jarvis, no run, full and follows the batsman who stepped to leg and goes past leg stump


Kallis to Jarvis, 1 run, slapped again after stepping down, gets it to extra cover


Kallis to Price, FOUR, aha! A boundary, another tennis shot to a length ball and finds the gap between mid off and extra cover

9.10pm So that ends a pretty miserable innings for Zimbabwe, their second-lowest T20 total. They were blown away with the pace and accuracy of the South African attack and this should now be a stroll in the park for the Proteas batsman, Siddarth will describe it for you...

End of over 20 (7 runs) Zimbabwe 93/8

    • RW Price 7 (6b 1x4)
    • KM Jarvis 9 (11b)
    • JH Kallis 4-1-15-4
    • JA Morkel 4-0-26-1





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