ICC World Twenty20, 5th Match, Group D: Bangladesh v New Zealand at Pallekele, Sep 21, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 5th match, Group D
New Zealand won by 59 runs
Played at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium (neutral venue)
21 September 2012 - day/night match (20-over match)

Mills to Shakib Al Hasan, FOUR, back of a length outside off again and almost a second wicket, trying to cut again, it comes off a wild top edge that flies just over the outstretched right hand of slip and goes for four

Bangladesh 4/1   Shakib Al Hasan 4* (1b 1x4)   KD Mills 0.4-0-4-1

Mills to Mohammad Ashraful, FOUR, picked up off a length and smashed over midwicket, stand and deliver here, good timing, he was wacthing McCullum. Got this from outside off, one foot down the wicket and heaved into the on side

Bangladesh 9/1   Mohammad Ashraful 4* (1b 1x4)   KD Mills 1-0-9-1

Mills to Shakib Al Hasan, FOUR, this time gets it through taking a step down the wicket and slapping a full ball on an off stump line past extra cover, excellent timing

Bangladesh 19/1   Shakib Al Hasan 11* (7b 2x4)   KD Mills 1.4-0-14-1

Oram to Mohammad Ashraful, FOUR, shorter and pulled for four wide of deep square leg, well controlled and just helped on its way

Bangladesh 25/2   Mohammad Ashraful 12* (8b 2x4)   JDP Oram 0.4-0-6-0

Oram to Mohammad Ashraful, FOUR, low full toss and timed back past the bowler

Bangladesh 29/2   Mohammad Ashraful 16* (10b 3x4)   JDP Oram 1-0-10-0

Vettori to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, slapped across the line but it brings four past mid on, taken from outside off

Bangladesh 42/4   Nasir Hossain 4* (3b 1x4)   DL Vettori 0.5-0-5-0

Oram to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, just outside off, waited for and opened the face to third man, excellent stroke

Bangladesh 85/4   Nasir Hossain 30* (26b 2x4 1x6)   JDP Oram 2.3-0-24-0

Vettori to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, down the wicket, meets it on the full and gets it past extra cover for four, timed well that

Bangladesh 91/5   Nasir Hossain 36* (31b 3x4 1x6)   DL Vettori 3.2-0-25-0

Vettori to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, slugged down the ground, and gets it wide of long on for a one bounce four, well struck and wide enough of the fielder

Bangladesh 97/5   Nasir Hossain 41* (34b 4x4 1x6)   DL Vettori 4-0-31-0

Mills to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, short again and a boundary again, taken from outside off and gets it wide of deep midwicket, poor bowling this

Bangladesh 110/5   Nasir Hossain 45* (35b 5x4 1x6)   KD Mills 3.5-0-32-3

Southee to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, just outside off, stays in the crease and chops it very fine to third man

Bangladesh 115/5   Nasir Hossain 50* (37b 6x4 1x6)   TG Southee 2.1-1-9-1

Oram to Mashrafe Mortaza, FOUR, full ball and chipped back over the bowler's head for four, lovely little strike that, picked up very well

Bangladesh 123/6   Mashrafe Mortaza 5* (2b 1x4)   JDP Oram 3.1-0-29-0

Oram to Elias Sunny, FOUR, around the wicket, a top-edged pull goes over the keeper for four

Bangladesh 127/7   Elias Sunny 4* (1b 1x4)   JDP Oram 3.3-0-33-1





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