ICC World Twenty20, 9th Match, Group D: New Zealand v Pakistan at Pallekele, Sep 23, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 9th match, Group D
Pakistan won by 13 runs
Played at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium (neutral venue)
23 September 2012 - day/night match (20-over match)

Oram to Imran Nazir, no run, played off the front foot towards cover


Oram to Imran Nazir, FOUR, Nazir steps down the pitch and slashes, aiming to whack the ball over the off side, he gets a thick edge that flies over where first slip would have been. The ball was short of a length and outside off stump


Oram to Imran Nazir, FOUR, this is a better shot, a short-arm pull that sends the short of a length ball racing to the backward square leg boundary


Oram to Imran Nazir, 1 run, Oram responds with a slower ball that is nudged towards midwicket


Oram to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR, full ball outside off stump, Hafeez moves forward and drives the ball in the air and over the in field at cover, Oram's first over is going terribly


Oram to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 leg bye, Hafeez misses the glance but gets hit on the pad for a leg bye behind square

Pakistan 42/0   JDP Oram 1-0-13-0

Oram to Nasir Jamshed, no run, good length and straight, Jamshed defends on the off side


Oram to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, full ball on the pads, dangerous line to bowl when the fine leg is in the circle, the batsman clips it to Vettori in that position


Oram to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, slower ball outside off stump, Hafeez waits and steers to third man


Oram to Nasir Jamshed, FOUR, this is surgical placement from Jamshed. He's flicked the ball to the right of the fielder at midwicket and to the left of the man at long-on. Terrific batting


Oram to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, pushed into the off side and that's his fifty, it's been magnificent to watch and he's put Pakistan on course for 200


Oram to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, short ball and Hafeez pulls towards deep square leg

Pakistan 118/1   JDP Oram 2-0-21-0

Oram to Nasir Jamshed, no run, he's smashed it back towards Oram who sticks out his right hand and stops the ball


Oram to Nasir Jamshed, 1 run, he moves towards the off side and pulls the ball in front of square leg


Oram to Kamran Akmal, 2 runs, Akmal pulls a short ball towards cow corner, giving Williamson a long chase from long-on. Williamson does will to get there, slide and tumble and make the save


Oram to Kamran Akmal, 1 wide, a short ball and it's been called a wide for height, that's a tough call. Akmal had let it go


Oram to Kamran Akmal, OUT, Akmal's hacked at the ball and carved it high in the air towards the fielder who is several yards in on the cover boundary, the catch is taken safely this time by Nicol

Kamran Akmal c Nicol b Oram 3 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Oram to Nasir Jamshed, 2 runs, flicked off the pads towards long on


Oram to Nasir Jamshed, no run, the slower ball outside off stump, Jamshed had moved outside leg and was beaten as he tried to reach for it

Pakistan 131/3   JDP Oram 3-0-27-1

Oram to Shoaib Malik, 1 run, Malik backs away outside leg stump and then dabs the ball from leg stump towards short third man. Oram followed the batsman as he tried to make room


Oram to Umar Akmal, FOUR, Akmal's got under a length ball, leaning towards the off side and lofting the ball into the gap between midwicket and long-on


Oram to Umar Akmal, SIX, Southee's good work is being frittered away, Akmal gives Oram the charge, getting under another length ball and carting it over the long off boundary


Oram to Umar Akmal, OUT, this time he's been caught at long on! Akmal tried to clear the straight boundary again but couldn't get the ball over Nathan McCullum

Umar Akmal c NL McCullum b Oram 23 (19m 15b 3x4 1x6) SR: 153.33


Oram to Shahid Afridi, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, Afridi cuts the ball between short third man and backward point and finds the boundary


Oram to Shahid Afridi, 2 runs, a full toss and Afridi was a bit late on the swing, hitting it towards long on

Pakistan 165/5   JDP Oram 4-0-44-2





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