ICC World Twenty20, 10th Match, Group A: England v India at Colombo (RPS), Sep 23, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 10th match, Group A
India won by 90 runs
Played at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo (neutral venue)
23 September 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Pathan to Hales, OUT, timber. Slogs at thin air. Pathan pitches it up, swings it just enough, and Hales has swung at it in an ungainly manner. No contact made, and the middle stump is flattened out

AD Hales b Pathan 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

England 2/1   C Kieswetter 1* (4b)   IK Pathan 1-0-2-1

Pathan to Wright, OUT, That doesn't look right. Just doesn't. Short ball, no swing, hits him high on the thigh, and he is given. Possibly pitched outside leg, possible edge onto it, possibly going over the stumps. That had too many doubts with it. It's a brave decision all right, and it is right too. Pitched just inside the line, stayed low, no edge, hitting the top of leg

LJ Wright lbw b Pathan 6 (7m 4b 0x4 1x6) SR: 150.00

England 18/2   C Kieswetter 11* (10b 1x4 1x6)   IK Pathan 1.4-0-8-2

Harbhajan Singh to Morgan, OUT, We've been expecting you, Mr Singh. And is he fired up? Bowls the quick arm ball, Morgan goes back to cut. Poor choice. Like patting a burning cat. That has squeezed under his bat to knock the middle stump out. Harbhajan is pumped

EJG Morgan b Harbhajan Singh 2 (12m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

England 39/3   C Kieswetter 30* (20b 4x4 2x6)   Harbhajan Singh 0.2-0-0-1

Chawla to Bairstow, OUT, poor batting. Doesn't read the googly, goes for the big slow sweep, leaves him a gate big enough for a train to squeeze through, and is bowled. Fair to stay Jonny is not quite as comfortable against spin as he is against pace

JM Bairstow b Chawla 1 (7m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.50

England 42/4   C Kieswetter 32* (22b 4x4 2x6)   PP Chawla 1-0-3-1

Chawla to Kieswetter, OUT, Oh England. They are coming apart against spin again. Chawla tosses up, gets a legbreak to turn for a change, Kieswetter drives on the up. He is nowhere close to the ball, and has allowed it enough time to turn away and take a thick edge. Sharp catch by Kohli at slip

C Kieswetter c Kohli b Chawla 35 (38m 25b 4x4 2x6) SR: 140.00

England 51/5   JC Buttler 6* (4b 1x4)   PP Chawla 1.1-0-3-2

Harbhajan Singh to Bresnan, OUT, England are falling apart faster than a cookie under Steve Waugh's book. Bresnan might well have read the Hindi scrip better than he has read spin tonight. Finally brings out the sweep, and limply top-edges it to deep square

TT Bresnan c Gambhir b Harbhajan Singh 1 (5m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.50

England 54/6   JC Buttler 8* (7b 1x4)   Harbhajan Singh 3-1-12-2

Harbhajan Singh to Buttler, OUT, not sure I have seen worse batting against spin ever. They are making up their mind what shot to play even before the bowler is starting to run towards the stumps. Buttler backs away early, Harbhajan stays on a length and just outside off, and then breaks through under the bat, which is playing a nothing shot

JC Buttler b Harbhajan Singh 11 (16m 12b 1x4 0x6) SR: 91.66

England 60/7   SCJ Broad 3* (2b)   Harbhajan Singh 3.1-1-12-3

Harbhajan Singh to Swann, OUT, oh what is happening here? A procession. They are batting as if wearing those glasses you get at 3d movies. No attempt to read spin, although you can't blame Swann when the top order has failed miserably. Dances down the wicket, walks past a doosra, and is stumped by a mile

GP Swann st †Dhoni b Harbhajan Singh 0 (2m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

England 60/8   SCJ Broad 3* (2b)   Harbhajan Singh 3.4-1-12-4

Dinda to Broad, OUT, Respite? What respite? Dinda bowls short, Broad pulls, and finds deep midwicket to perfection. He could have picked that fielder out had it been a nail in haystack

SCJ Broad c Gambhir b Dinda 3 (11m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

England 60/9   ST Finn 0* (2b)   AB Dinda 1.1-0-12-1

Yuvraj Singh to Finn, OUT, it's all over. No third umpire required. Finn comes down the track, gets an inside edge and charges off. Short fine leg fires in the throw to catch Dernbach short

JW Dernbach run out 12 (11m 7b 2x4 0x6) SR: 171.42

England 80/10   ST Finn 8* (10b 1x4)   Yuvraj Singh 0.4-0-2-0





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