ICC World Twenty20, 11th Match, Group B: Ireland v West Indies at Colombo (RPS), Sep 24, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 11th match, Group B
No result
Played at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo (neutral venue)
24 September 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Out comes William Porterfield to open with Paul Stirling. He was never going to duck the challenge. Fidel Edwards will take the new ball...

7.25pm: Still all clear in the Sri Lankan capital and the teams are out for the anthems. What sort of total will be defendable for Ireland, do we think?

"Matt is listening to The Cranberries but here in Pakistan we are listening to Bob Marley and hoping to see WI in next round," says Muhammad Zubair.

Freddy, meanwhile, thinks Ireland are prime candidates for an episode of Spin City (last seen with England in the starring role): "I am pretty baffled by West Indies decision to go with four fast bowlers. The pitch has wear and tear, Ireland don't play spin well, and have they not seen yesterday's match."

7.20pm: The musical equivalent of watching Chris Gayle bat.

7.10pm: Will William Porterfield try and hook the first ball today? Will he even open the batting? We'll find out soon. The Irish will need more than luck to go through tonight but they're the sort of side that makes their own... West Indies should be good enough but, then, I should have been able to tie my shoelaces this morning.

Here's BJ: "I'm rather torn on this match. On the one hand I'd LOVE to see the Irish get up and cause another boilover and thus sneak into the Super Eights, but at the same time I'd really love to see much more of the awesome Windies team in this tournament. The only thing I DON'T want to see is Mother Nature winning though. Pretty please?"

And Matt is supping a Guinness whilst listening to the Cranberries: "Perhaps the most important match Ireland have and will ever play, a win here (knocking out the tournament "favourites") will force people to accept that they are a good side who need further scheduling against top sides, and maybe even Test status. For the good of cricket and the hope of the other associate nations."

7pm: West Indies have won the toss and chosen to bowl, they've made two changes - Andre Russell in for the injured Dwayne Bravo and Darren Bravo replacing Dwayne Smith, so Johnson Charles will open. Darren Sammy's decision was influenced by the possibility of rain and D/L being a factor, though it will be the first time West Indies have bowled first in T20 internationals in more than a year.

Ireland have made one enforced change, with Boyd Rankin failing to recover from his dicky tummy and Max Sorensen coming into the side. The skies over the Premadasa actually look pretty clear, so let's hope the weather plays ball.

Ireland 1 William Porterfield (capt), 2 Paul Stirling, 3 Ed Joyce, 4 Niall O'Brien, 5 Kevin O'Brien, 6 Gary Wilson (wk), 7 Alex Cusack, 8 Trent Johnston, 9 Nigel Jones, 10 Max Sorensen, 11 George Dockrell

West Indies 1 Chris Gayle, 2 Johnson Charles, 3 Darren Bravo, 4 Marlon Samuels, 5 Kieron Pollard, 6, Andre Russell 7 Darren Sammy, 8 Dinesh Ramdin (wk), 9 Ravi Rampaul, 10 Sunil Narine, 11 Fidel Edwards

6.50pm: It's only taken ten games but we finally have a World T20 match with plenty riding on it. In your best Stuart Hall voice: "It's a Knockout". Yes, Ireland or West Indies, only one can go through. Unfortunately, with rain forecast, this match could descend into a slip-sliding farce - rather in the manner of the aforementioned BBC programme. A complete washout would condemn Ireland to the same frustrating fate as befell them at the 2010 World T20, but a reduced-overs slog might just even the playing field a little.

Anyway, I'm Alan Gardner and I'll be joined by Andrew McGlashan to bring you live, blow-by-blow coverage of today's sole group match. Only this and tomorrow's Bangladesh-Pakistan rumble before the Super Eights - let's hope they're better than the confusing film about aliens and home movies. We'll bring you news of the toss and teams from Colombo shortly - until then, here's our preview; Ireland's Trent Johnston calling out Bangladesh and Zimbabwe; and Jarrod Kimber's blog about the fish in a barrel.


Edwards to Porterfield, OUT, bowled him, Porterfield has gone first ball again! Just as against Australia, Ireland have lost their captain to the opening delivery of the match. Edwards pitched the ball up, it swung back through the gate, via the toe of the boot, and neatly splayed the stumps. When asked at the toss if he was going to hook the first ball, Porterfield said he was going to leave it ... which is pretty much what happened

WTS Porterfield b Edwards 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Ed Joyce out straight away, then


Edwards to Joyce, FOUR, full and slightly wide this time, Joyce drives and gets a thick edge past slip for four


Edwards to Joyce, no run, pushed through outside off stump, left alone in the corridor


Edwards to Joyce, no run, touch shorter, again angled across and no stroke from Joyce


Edwards to Joyce, FOUR, plays at this one, slightly short of a length, wide of off but not quite enough room to cut and Joyce gets a thick edge past the stumps that runs to the long leg boundary


Edwards to Joyce, no run, full and wide of the stumps, ducking away from Joyce as he throws the wrists but misses with an expansive attempted drive

End of over 1 (8 runs) Ireland 8/1 (RR: 8.00)

    • EC Joyce 8 (5b 2x4)
    • PR Stirling 0 (0b)
    • FH Edwards 1-0-8-1

From the other end it will be Ravi Rampaul


Rampaul to Stirling, 1 run, length ball on the stumps, dropped short towards mid-on, they take one, though there's a brief moment of hesitation from the pair


Rampaul to Joyce, no run, defended in front of the stumps


Rampaul to Joyce, no run, back of a length, on the line of off, blocked into the leg side


Rampaul to Joyce, 1 run, short ball, stays back and steers to third man


Rampaul to Stirling, no run, full and swinging away a touch, there's a sound as the ball went past the bat, possibly the toe hitting the ground, as Stirling pushed loosely forward


Rampaul to Stirling, no run, full length outside off, punched on the front foot to cover

"Porterfield was not going to 'duck out' from the challenge but he has managed to get 'out for a duck'," cackles Kashif Muneer. "Let the duck jokes start!"

End of over 2 (2 runs) Ireland 10/1 (RR: 5.00)

    • PR Stirling 1 (3b)
    • EC Joyce 9 (8b 2x4)
    • R Rampaul 1-0-2-0
    • FH Edwards 1-0-8-1

Edwards to Joyce, 1 run, on the stumps, touch short and turned through the leg side


Edwards to Stirling, FOUR, dug in, fiery bumper and Stirling takes it on, top-edging over the keeper for a misdirected four


Edwards to Stirling, no run, short again, possibly a slight change of pace as Stirling swipes across the line and misses this time


Edwards to Stirling, 2 runs, check drive and this booms off the bat and high over extra-cover, a lot of elevation but not quite the distance to get to the rope


Edwards to Stirling, no run, pitched up outside off and chopped towards point


Edwards to Stirling, no run, tries to get inside the line and hoick to leg, beaten for pace by a length ball and hit on the thigh pad

"Another quacking start from Ireland," hoots Nate

End of over 3 (7 runs) Ireland 17/1 (RR: 5.66)

    • PR Stirling 7 (8b 1x4)
    • EC Joyce 10 (9b 2x4)
    • FH Edwards 2-0-15-1
    • R Rampaul 1-0-2-0

Rampaul to Joyce, FOUR, short and wide and Joyce gets on top of it, rolls the wrists and cracks a cut shot through cover-point, very well timed and Russell bounds after it like his doggy namesake but can't quite reel it in


Rampaul to Joyce, no run, touch short again, steered to backward point this time


Rampaul to Joyce, no run, genuine bouncer this time, Joyce flashes hard but misses

First hint of rain in the air, sad to report. The groundstaff are getting ready with the covers


Rampaul to Joyce, 2 runs, steered to short third man and Johnson Charles misfields to give Joyce a second


Rampaul to Joyce, no run, back of a length, tight to the off stump, goes back and gets an inside edge on to his pads, the ball dropping in front of the stumps


Rampaul to Joyce, no run, stays back and taps a short ball into the off side

End of over 4 (6 runs) Ireland 23/1 (RR: 5.75)

    • EC Joyce 16 (15b 3x4)
    • PR Stirling 7 (8b 1x4)
    • R Rampaul 2-0-8-0
    • FH Edwards 2-0-15-1

Sounds like the rain may be easing off again. Darren Sammy brings himself into the attack


Sammy to Stirling, no run, keeper up to the stumps, length ball, dabbed into the leg side from the crease


Sammy to Stirling, FOUR, shot! Stirling gives himself room and cracks a slightly wide delivery through point for four


Sammy to Stirling, FOUR, and again, flayed over backward point this time! It wasn't a bad ball, on the stumps and a good length, but Stirling backed away and lashed it for another boundary


Sammy to Stirling, 1 run, angled in towards the stumps, not a clean connection but the ball dribbles towards point


Sammy to Joyce, 1 run, steps well outside leg stump, Sammy follows him and he jams it square for a single


Sammy to Stirling, no run, wide on the crease from Sammy, Stirling pre-meditates a lap shot but can't get it away towards fine leg as intended

8.44pm: I have a restart time: IT'S IN ONE MINUTE!

8.40pm: We've lost just a couple of overs, apparently, so 19 per side. That's not too bad. Hopefully we're not far away from getting going again...

Here's our Ireland correspondent, Ger Siggins, with a correction: "It's not Porterfield's third first-baller in a row against full members - he played v Bangladesh in Belfast since the Australia game. It IS his fifth in 18 innings for Ireland in 2012 however." Sorry, I blame my source (Twitter) coupled with an inability to read.

8.30pm: The covers are coming off again! No news on a restart time as yet but the outfield is currently being mopped and polished, primped and preened.

8.20pm: Right, we're now edging into shortened-game territory. The rain seemed to be falling pretty persistently on the TV pictures but we're told it may just be another "shower". This sounds like one of those euphemisms - the idiot you share a desk with at work is a "character"; your wife will just be "ten minutes" getting ready. Don't go planning your evening schedule just yet.

Anyway, this from Adam in Australia could be served crispy with soy sauce and pancakes: "Porterfield canardly believe that he got out for another golden duck..." That's actually the third first-baller Porterfield has received in a row against Full Member opposition (WI today, Australia last week and in their abandoned ODI during the summer), to go with Bangalore 2011 against England in the World Cup. He also made a golden duck in the final of the World T20 qualifier against Afghanistan earlier this year.

8.12pm: Blast - the overhead sprinkler has whirred back into action, and on comes the tarpaulin once again.

8.10pm: "It would be quite optimistic to expect two giant-killing nights in a row after yesterday's game!" If England are giants, Aabhas, then we are in a rum old place indeed.

8.05pm: There is half an hour slack built into the playing time, so we won't lose any overs for a little while still. And it looks like the covers are being peeled off as I type... Yep, the game will restart at 8.20pm, providing there is no more rain. Reckon we should still get the full overs, if they get back on in 15.

7.55pm: For those asking, West Indies will go through if this is a no-result, due to their better run-rate. Not looking like a giant-killing night, it has to be said.

Here's Bill Shirley, sticking his beak in: "Porterfield quacked up on the 1st ball. It was a fowl way to start. He was spitting feathers as he left the pitch. He may have to move down the pecking order..."

7.50pm: After an encouraging over for Ireland, the squall has worsened and the covers have been brought on. So, the forecast rain has arrived - time now to wait it out and see if the players can get back on to the pitch. The good news is that Ireland have faced enough overs for an 'innings'; the bad (for the neutral) is that West Indies might not be too worried about knocking that target off, even with the D/L adjustment.

End of over 5 (10 runs) Ireland 33/1 (RR: 6.60)

    • PR Stirling 16 (13b 3x4)
    • EC Joyce 17 (16b 3x4)
    • DJG Sammy 1-0-10-0
    • R Rampaul 2-0-8-0

We're back and Sunil Narine is straight into the attack


Narine to Joyce, no run, tossed up on leg stump and spins an offbreak sharply past the outside edge


Narine to Joyce, no run, touch shorter this time, again spinning away from the left-handed Joyce, who prods and misses


Narine to Joyce, OUT, bowled him round the legs, Narine strikes! Joyce had twice played and missed, this was further down the leg side and the batsman went to sweep, expecting turn again, the ball went straight on and clattered into leg stump

EC Joyce b Narine 17 (20m 19b 3x4 0x6) SR: 89.47

Niall O'Brien, in at No. 4, to face his first ball


Narine to NJ O'Brien, no run, floated up on middle and off, tries to turn to midwicket


Narine to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, tossed up on the stumps, worked towards wide mid-on and Narine goes to field off his own bowling


Narine to Stirling, 1 run, off break on off stump, Stirling loops the ball up wide of the bowler on the leg side, could have been a caught-and-bowled chance but Narine couldn't get past O'Brien, who stood his ground at the non-striker's end

End of over 6 (2 runs) Ireland 35/2 (RR: 5.83)

    • PR Stirling 17 (14b 3x4)
    • NJ O'Brien 1 (2b)
    • SP Narine 1-0-2-1
    • DJG Sammy 1-0-10-0

Sammy continues from the other end


Sammy to Stirling, 2 runs, touch short and wide, against Stirling carves through the off side but there's a man on the fence to prevent four


Sammy to Stirling, OUT, miscued pull and Ireland are three down! Stirling tried to cart the ball through the leg side, it bounced on him a little more than his expected and looped tamely to midwicket

PR Stirling c Gayle b Sammy 19 (26m 16b 3x4 0x6) SR: 118.75


Sammy to Wilson, no run, short of a length, pulled but comes off an edge on to the wicket via the pad


Sammy to Wilson, FOUR, bumper, the lack of speed surprises Wilson, who is through the hook shot early but manages to glove the ball over the keeper for four anyway


Sammy to Wilson, no run, length ball in the channel this time, beats Wilson's outside edge


Sammy to Wilson, 1 run, bit of width and squirted away through point for one

End of over 7 (7 runs) Ireland 42/3 (RR: 6.00)

    • GC Wilson 5 (4b 1x4)
    • NJ O'Brien 1 (2b)
    • DJG Sammy 2-0-17-1
    • SP Narine 1-0-2-1

Narine to Wilson, no run, wrong'un to begin with, on a length and turning away from Wilson, who pushes down the wrong line and is beaten


Narine to Wilson, no run, this one spins back in off and is blocked on the back foot


Narine to Wilson, no run, floated up outside off, gets forward and pushes to the man at point


Narine to Wilson, 1 run, full length, offbreak around the line of off, Wilson gets out and works a single towards mid-on


Narine to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, drags his length down a touch, spinning sharply from left to right, O'Brien goes back and flips towards midwicket for another scampered one


Narine to Wilson, no run, tossed up on the stumps and blocked watchfully

End of over 8 (2 runs) Ireland 44/3 (RR: 5.50)

    • GC Wilson 6 (9b 1x4)
    • NJ O'Brien 2 (3b)
    • SP Narine 2-0-4-1
    • DJG Sammy 2-0-17-1

Sammy to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, length ball on the stumps, stays a bit low and O'Brian tucks into the leg side


Sammy to Wilson, 1 run, short ball, at the man, Wilson swivels and hooks to deep-backward square leg


Sammy to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, slanted across, wide of the stumps, pushed into the covers


Sammy to Wilson, 1 run, short and down the leg side, turned round the corner for one behind square


Sammy to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, round the wicket, wide and a touch short, O'Brien springs up on his toes and uppercuts over point, the sweeper in the deep takes it on the bounce


Sammy to Wilson, 1 run, length ball outside off, dropped short of cover and they rotate the strike again

Here's Justin: "Nice little ploy by the Irish here. Give their first 3 wickets away for nothing - make the West Indies relax and think that the game will be a piece of cake then BAM the O'Brien brothers come in and smash the ball around causing total chaos!"

End of over 9 (6 runs) Ireland 50/3 (RR: 5.55)

    • GC Wilson 9 (12b 1x4)
    • NJ O'Brien 5 (6b)
    • DJG Sammy 3-0-23-1
    • SP Narine 2-0-4-1

Narine to Wilson, no run, pushed through wide of the stumps, goes straight on and Wilson tries to cut and misses


Narine to Wilson, 1 run, regulation offbreak, goes back and clips to deep square leg - they think about two but O'Brien is sent back by his partner


Narine to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, full and flighted on leg stump, gets forward and works through midwicket


Narine to Wilson, FOUR, nicely done by Wilson, gets down to sweep and guides it fine past the wicketkeeper for four - though it possibly came off the thigh pad rather than the bat


Narine to Wilson, no run, pushed through outside off stump, beats the bat as Wilson pokes uncertainly


Narine to Wilson, 1 run, gets outside the line of off stump and flips a doosra to long leg, runs hard but they still only get one

End of over 10 (7 runs) Ireland 57/3 (RR: 5.70)

    • GC Wilson 15 (17b 2x4)
    • NJ O'Brien 6 (7b)
    • SP Narine 3-0-11-1
    • DJG Sammy 3-0-23-1

Andre Russell replaces Sammy

"Ireland is looking good against quality spin, at least better than England, say," sniggers Navneet.


Russell to Wilson, no run, length ball on the stumps, pushed back to the bowler


Russell to Wilson, 1 run, dug in short, pulled from outside the line of off through square on the leg side


Russell to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, back of a length, angled across, tapped on the back foot to mid-off and they get one


Russell to Wilson, 1 run, short ball again, at the man, Wilson hooks busily along the ground to the man in the deep


Russell to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, slower ball on off stump, waits for it and nudges into the covers for another quick single


Russell to Wilson, FOUR, full and straight and bashed over extra-cover by Wilson, he skipped out of the crease, turning the ball into a half-volley and chipped a momentum-boosting four over the infield

End of over 11 (8 runs) Ireland 65/3 (RR: 5.90)

    • GC Wilson 21 (21b 3x4)
    • NJ O'Brien 8 (9b)
    • AD Russell 1-0-8-0
    • SP Narine 3-0-11-1

"Irish need to do a lot better than that to have any chance of evading the GAYLE FORCE!!" yelps Shahzad. Speaking of whom...


Gayle to NJ O'Brien, 2 runs, flat offbreak, angled across the left-handed O'Brien, who slashes through cover for a couple


Gayle to NJ O'Brien, 2 runs, round the wicket, tossed up outside off, squeezed through backward point this time


Gayle to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, speared in towards the stumps, worked towards midwicket


Gayle to Wilson, OUT, pushed through, arm ball and there's a little nick to the keeper! Wilson was trying to drive and the ball just skidded through and scraped the outside edge. Gayle pops his collar and busts a groove in celebration

GC Wilson c †Ramdin b Gayle 21 (18m 22b 3x4 0x6) SR: 95.45

Out comes the Biffer of Bangalore, Kevin O'Brien


Gayle to KJ O'Brien, no run, flighted around the line of off, pushed into the off side


Gayle to KJ O'Brien, no run, fired in full towards the stumps, worked to mid-on

End of over 12 (5 runs) Ireland 70/4 (RR: 5.83)

    • KJ O'Brien 0 (2b)
    • NJ O'Brien 13 (12b)
    • CH Gayle 1-0-5-1
    • AD Russell 1-0-8-0

Russell to NJ O'Brien, SIX, bounced him and BOING that's going all the way! O'Brien took it on, got a big top edge and the ball sailed into the stand at long leg


Russell to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, length ball, on the stumps, pulled flat through square this time


Russell to KJ O'Brien, 2 runs, pitched up on leg stump, clipped smartly off the pads behind square for a couple


Russell to KJ O'Brien, no run, length ball in the channel outside off, KOB swats across the line and misses


Russell to KJ O'Brien, no run, slower ball, on the stumps and sliding towards leg, O'Brien mistime his stroke and is hit on the pad


Russell to KJ O'Brien, 1 wide, down the leg side - that's a wide


Russell to KJ O'Brien, 1 run, low full toss, blocked down the ground to long-on

"This match puts me in a great dilemma," wails Pavan. "On one hand, I want Ireland to cause an upset but on the other I dont want to miss Gayle smashing the ball all over the park. Why O Why?"

End of over 13 (11 runs) Ireland 81/4 (RR: 6.23)

    • KJ O'Brien 3 (6b)
    • NJ O'Brien 20 (14b 1x6)
    • AD Russell 2-0-19-0
    • CH Gayle 1-0-5-1

Gayle to KJ O'Brien, 1 leg bye, tossed up on middle and leg, swept behind square


Gayle to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, pushed through on the stumps, turned through the leg side


Gayle to KJ O'Brien, 1 run, fired flat towards off stump, KOB can't get under it and drives low to long-on


Gayle to NJ O'Brien, 2 runs, full bunger outside off, slapped low through point for a couple


Gayle to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, skips out to this one and pushes one down the ground back past the bowler


Gayle to KJ O'Brien, 1 leg bye, speared down the leg side, steps away and tries to close the face, the ball rolls away off the back leg

A lot of you are messaging "Chicken dance". Eh? Is that what Gayle's little celebration shimmy is called?

End of over 14 (7 runs) Ireland 88/4 (RR: 6.28)

    • KJ O'Brien 4 (9b)
    • NJ O'Brien 24 (17b 1x6)
    • CH Gayle 2-0-10-1
    • AD Russell 2-0-19-0

Fidel Edwards back into the attack


Edwards to KJ O'Brien, 1 run, full length, big swing of the arms from KOB, bunts it down the ground to long-on


Edwards to NJ O'Brien, no run, back of a length, swatted straight to point


Edwards to NJ O'Brien, no run, full length, angled across, Niall makes rooms but hits his drive at extra-cover


Edwards to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, pitched up wide of off, again Niall leaves his crease, has to reach for the ball but manages to steer a single through mid-off


Edwards to KJ O'Brien, no run, KOB backs away, Edwards bumps him, following the batsman down the leg side, who misses out trying to hook


Edwards to KJ O'Brien, SIX, full and straight, right in the slot and O'Brien leans his not inconsiderable weight back to KABOOM six over long-off

End of over 15 (8 runs) Ireland 96/4 (RR: 6.40)

    • KJ O'Brien 11 (12b 1x6)
    • NJ O'Brien 25 (20b 1x6)
    • FH Edwards 3-0-23-1
    • CH Gayle 2-0-10-1

Gayle to NJ O'Brien, OUT, bowled him, sneaked one through! Gayle is doing the funky chicken again! He went round the wicket, fired in what was effectively a flat yorker, O'Brien didn't get his bat down in time and the off pole was rattled

NJ O'Brien b Gayle 25 (38m 21b 0x4 1x6) SR: 119.04

Trent Johnston comes to the crease


Gayle to Johnston, 1 run, pushed full down the leg side, swept to deep backward square leg


Gayle to KJ O'Brien, 1 run, on the stumps, turned fine on the leg side


Gayle to Johnston, 1 run, pitched up on leg stump, backs away and tries to get under it but can only get one to long-on


Gayle to KJ O'Brien, 1 wide, O'Brien misses trying to sweep but it was too far down the leg side


Gayle to KJ O'Brien, 1 run, full and straight, paddled round the corner on the leg side


Gayle to Johnston, SIX, he gets under this one, not quite the yorker Gayle was searching for and Johnston blams it high over wide long-on - Ireland will probably need a few more of those to make this interesting

End of over 16 (11 runs) Ireland 107/5 (RR: 6.68)

    • DT Johnston 8 (3b 1x6)
    • KJ O'Brien 13 (14b 1x6)
    • CH Gayle 3-0-21-2
    • FH Edwards 3-0-23-1

Rampaul comes on in place of Edwards...


Rampaul to KJ O'Brien, OUT, shuffles across, looking to go big on the leg side ... and Rampaul knocks over his off stump! The batsman telegraphed his intention but Rampaul was good enough not to be flustered, just went full and straight and knocked over Ireland's King Louis, the big-swinging O'Brien

KJ O'Brien b Rampaul 13 (19m 15b 0x4 1x6) SR: 86.66


Rampaul to Jones, 2 runs, length ball on the stumps, turned fine and they get back for a second as Edwards fields on the boundary


Rampaul to Jones, no run, pitched up and driven into the covers


Rampaul to Jones, 1 run, short ball, at the batsman, gets on top of it and pulls through midwicket


Rampaul to Johnston, 1 run, fullish length ball outside off, Johnston slices aerially towards third man but it bounces a good few metres in front of the man on the rope


Rampaul to Jones, 1 run, pitched up outside off stump, jams a single through point

"Like all 'neutrals', I also usually support the weaker team; but of all the full members, West Indies is the only team I don't want to see an upset against," says Kamran. "It's been so long since we've seen a good West Indian team and I think they deserve to go further in the tournament."

End of over 17 (5 runs) Ireland 112/6 (RR: 6.58)

    • NG Jones 4 (4b)
    • DT Johnston 9 (4b 1x6)
    • R Rampaul 3-0-13-1
    • CH Gayle 3-0-21-2

Narine to bowl his final over, two to go and Ireland need to get a bounce on


Narine to Jones, no run, length ball, the doosra, Jones waits and pushes to cover


Narine to Jones, SIX, tossed up full outside off and this time Jones carts the ball over wide long-on, a big swing of the bat and that goes a long way


Narine to Jones, 1 run, pushed through and punched down the ground


Narine to Johnston, no run, tossed up outside off, spins away from Johnston, who is flummoxed and can't get anything on it


Narine to Johnston, 1 run, another wrong'un, leaves the crease and swipes down the ground, comes off the toe of the bat but falls short of long-off


Narine to Jones, 1 no ball, floated up on the stumps - but it's a no-ball

Free hit coming up then


Narine to Jones, 1 run, full and straight, Jones gets underneath it and lofts the ball straight to Kieron Pollard at long-on, who takes the catch and throws it in

End of over 18 (10 runs) Ireland 122/6 (RR: 6.77)

    • NG Jones 12 (9b 1x6)
    • DT Johnston 10 (6b 1x6)
    • SP Narine 4-0-21-1
    • R Rampaul 3-0-13-1

Rampaul to finish off


Rampaul to Jones, 1 run, full and straight and dug out down the ground


Rampaul to Johnston, 2 runs, pitched up wide of the stumps, Johnston gets a toe end on the ball, it runs fine and they pick up a second via a misfield


Rampaul to Johnston, no run, low full toss outside off stump, Johnston swings and misses


Rampaul to Johnston, 2 runs, full length and wide of the stumps again, drives through the covers with an angled bat, it's not straight at the man and they get back for two


Rampaul to Johnston, 1 run, pitched up in the corridor, chopped through point for a single


Rampaul to Jones, 1 run, full and wide, Jones slaps low through point, they won't be able to push for a second so that was a very good final over from Rampaul

A much-improved bowling performance from the first match against Australia and West Indies will be happy with chasing 130. No Ireland batsman was able to push on, though seven made it into double figures, and they will have to field like Celtic tigers if they're to pull off a major upset and reach the Super Eights. Gnasher will here to tell you if they can do it in about 10 minutes' time. Ta ra

End of over 19 (7 runs) Ireland 129/6

    • NG Jones 14 (11b 1x6)
    • DT Johnston 15 (10b 1x6)
    • R Rampaul 4-0-20-1
    • SP Narine 4-0-21-1





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